The Atlantean history of the crystal skulls

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The Atlantean history of the crystal skulls

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The Atlantean history of the crystal skulls in our time a skull has been used to depict something dark and death. Old Hallows Eve Or Halloween as it's become known is a time to dress up as a scary skeleton and frighten the children. Yet the true meaning of the skull symbol couldn't be further from its current depiction and its history goes way back in time to Atlantis. At the time of Atlantis which was our last true golden age on earth we were more etheric in nature and that means we weren't purely physical beings. We were able to travel and by locate using thought and intent and our nature was very heart based and pure. We understood the nature of elements and could control them to manifest what we needed to survive. We maintained ourselves energetically by connecting with the crystal grid of the earth which supported us and fed our energy bodies. We didn't need to eat physical food as our bodies weren't very physical. Our evolution at this time was part of a bigger universal plan to create the Earth as a universal healing station and over millions of years following the Big Bang. Our Earth evolved overseen by the watchers to sustain life volunteers and soul sparks were chosen to come to Earth to help create the new physical reality. None of them knew what to expect as a physical reality was not something that any of them had experienced before. The volunteers had experiences of other realities and the soul sparks were the pure sparks of divine consciousness that was sent out at the moment of the Big Bang who hadn't yet found an incarnation interestingly the words in the Bible Man was created in God's image resonates as truth for me in that we were and are all aspects of the divine consciousness that created reality. The Atlantans needed guidance as they made the transition from Spirit to human form and they had wisdom and guidance from beings from other realms. Some believe it was the Palladium is giving advice but personally I believe that guidance was given by whichever realms were needed to support the bigger plan which is where the crystal skulls come in I get a sense of time in Atlantis when Atlantis was a series of islands linking to the larger central island their HQ if you like stationed in every island as you will know if you've done my previous training was a crystal Temple each housing a master crystal with priests and priestesses tasked with looking after each of their master crystals. It is said that the central temple contained a non physical Crystal Skull called the master crystal skull which was a hologram of cosmic consciousness and that the priests and priestesses would receive and transmit knowledge and wisdom through this holographic Crystal Skull giving them if needed direct access to the Akashic Records and the akashic records for those of you that aren't sure are the spiritual equivalent of a Google search except without their knowing pop ups. They are a virtual library that holds the knowledge of everything that exists in the universe now past and future. It holds records on every being that has ever lived. Whether on Earth or anywhere in fact in each of the surrounding island temples. So that the priests and priestesses knew what was going on at HQ and could communicate themselves. There were also 12 holographic crystal skulls working a bit like computer network except your emails came from a skull that you connected with telepathically. Pretty cool huh. The more the authentic crystal skulls were worked with the more physical they became as they were grounding their energy into the earth. So as humanity became more physical so did these crystal skulls. It is said that eventually each Crystal Skull became not only a physical crystal skull but that a whole skeleton formed as well. I personally don't get a sense of this as all I as I feel the whole point of the crystal skulls and their use then and today was and is as an amplifier projector and receiver of consciousness itself. I don't feel that there would be any point to there being a rest of a skeleton manifesting as when we communicate with spirit. We are doing it through our minds and not our feet so they're exhausted. I believe in that time. One super master Crystal and 12 main crystal skulls that connected directly with it legend also backs this up with stories of the sinking of Atlantis and the journeying of the thirteen crystal skulls back into the authentic realms to be found at a time in the physical when the earth was ready. Native American Cherokee medicine man Harley swift deer Regan is quoted as saying the skulls after the sinking of Atlantis were kept inside and a fabric pyramid in a formation of tremendous power known as the Ark the ark was comprised of the 12 skulls from each of the sacred planets kept in a circle with the thirteenth skull the largest placed in the center of this formation. The thirteenth skull represents the collective consciousness of all the worlds. It connects up the knowledge of all the sacred planets. It's very interesting there are lots of stories in many sacred scripts and texts about sinking and what happens and very interesting that's nowhere in in the western Bible is the one that builds the ark to rescue all the animals he rescues. The DNA imprint the knowledge of life and puts it on board his ark. So very interesting. So that the time was forecast long ago when mankind would be ready to retrieve ancient knowledge that was hidden at time to protect our downfall. So this was known for centuries and the symbol of the skull was turned from one which represented wisdom knowledge and humility to one of evil and fear. When you make something a symbol of evil that is one sure quick way to make people not want to have anything to do with them. And you can see how that is nowadays. The priests and priestesses in the Mayan cultures Egyptian cultures pagan cultures all knew that the crystal skulls are an earthly representation that reality is a hologram of cosmic consciousness which we experience virtually. They fashioned and used crystal skulls to represent and connect with the lost consciousness of the Atlantean crystal skulls. They knew that they represented the eternal evolution and transference of awareness and storage of knowledge. These older crystal skulls were carved as the ancient crystal skulls had been they were carved in the form of a human skull as a receptacle of consciousness and as a means of connecting with the ancient crystal skulls until they were found again during our lifetimes and they were usually carved from clear quartz crystal and there have been many amazing finds of ancient crystal skulls some of which we will be working with. They have a lot to say and I would like you to view them as a chatty friend who has so much to say. You wonder if they spent their lives in a library. So while particularly the ages of these crystal skulls that we'll be working with may not be accurately measured because Crystal cannot be carbon dated it can be said that all crystals are ancient as they have taken thousands of years to grow in nature. Therefore no matter what the age of the Crystal Skull carving even a modern crystal skull that you'll be buying draws upon the ancient energy wisdom and consciousness of the earth and of the crystalline grid that connects all crystal skulls and all beings who resonate at the frequency of crystalline consciousness.