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Download and Install NiFi. Run on Windows, MacOS X or Linux. Install as a Service

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Introduction to Apache NiFi | Cloudera DataFlow - HDF 2.0

Apache NiFi - An Introductory Course to Learn Installation, Basic Concepts and Efficient Streaming of Big Data Flows

01:51:49 of on-demand video • Updated November 2021

  • Install and configure Apache NiFi
  • Design Apache NiFi Architecture
  • Master core functionalities like FlowFile, FlowFile Processor, Connection, Flow Controller, Process Groups, etc.
  • Use NiFi to stream Data between different systems at scale
  • Monitor Apache NiFi
  • Integrate NiFi with Apache Kafka
  • Integration NiFi with MongoDB
English [Auto] Hi and welcome to this lecture, in this lecture, we'll install a party, Nephi, on your computer so we can get started and create your own floats and saying that Nephi is quite easy to do it. You just need to go to Google and type Apache. Nephi downloads. You take the first link. And here we go. So we are interested into the release one point, one point one, and more specifically, we're interested into the binaries. We either can take the tar jazy binaries or the zip binaries. We can just take the zip once. It's easier for most people. So once we click on it, you click on the first link is really the best. And it Sara Sidner, as you can see, the download is seven hundred and twenty six megabytes will take a bit of time. I'll resume the video, wants to download is over. OK, so then is finished and now I'm going to. It is I'm going to extract it. Excellent, it's here, it's extracted, and I'm just going to copy that folder over to my target folder right here. Here we go. So we have a fight right here and we can see the full folder's, there's been ducks in Libya. So what you should do now is open a terminal. So if you are. Windows user, you need to open a common line if you are a Mac or Linux in Japan, a term. So I open the terminal. I go to my five folder. Then it just created and as you can see, I have my been my cousins, my ducks in my live folder right here. Now, you enter the bin folder and we can see here we have six files. OK, any file that ends in Dot S.H. is intended for Linux and for Mac. Any file that ends in Battie is intended for Windows. So for Windows user, what you just do is run by the bats, and that's it. For Mac users and Linux users just like me, what you do is my father, S.H.. Then run. There you go. So you start seeing a lot of output's in the terminal and some folders have been created in the background. So usually it takes a bit of time, but. Sure, there you go, back to your browser. And you'd have an localhost at. Can't be reached. So right now, I don't know if I still bludging, therefore that website is not working. It can take a minute or two for it to boot. We're just going to wait. OK, so here we go. So if I look at me, I get a page, but it says, oh, you may have missed out. Did you mean when I say so, I go in and type in my. And objectifies loading. That's it, you've successfully installed and run UniFi. We're just going to stop it just to show you do it, you go back to the terminal right here and in Mac and Linux, you press control, see? This will basically say waiting for a better life to shut down. And after five seconds, it's shut down, as you can see, if I go back to my browser and I refresh it, it can't be reached. So this is how you download, install, start and stuff about UniFi.