How to promote your course with Facebook ads

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How to promote your course with Facebook ads

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How does Facebook Ads work? How can you use Facebook ads to sell courses? In this video, I will show you how to do so! You will learn exactly how I sold courses via Facebook Ads & how you can do it as well! 

We will work with a daily budget of 5 USD.  

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In this video I would like to show you how to promote your courses through Facebook ads. Now the first thing that we need to do is we need to set up our Facebook ads manager. If you don't have Facebook ads manager yet just click up here on create and afterwards then on ad and then it's probably going to ask you to fill in a couple of information and then you can set up your own ads manager. Now first of all what do we see right here. Every single Facebook ad can be broken into three different parts of three different levels and these levels are called at level number one at level number two and at level number three on that level number one we define which kind of ad we want to create. So what is the objective of this. Do we want to raise awareness. Do we want people to consider whether to purchase our product or not. Or do we want to focus on conversion. These are the three kinds of ads that we can create as soon as we're done with that. We're going to move on to at level number two where we define who we want to target. So this is now all about the target group and then the third one the third level is ad level again. Number three which is basically all about the let's say the look of the ad. So is it gonna be a video. Is it going to be a photo. What is it going to be now. Let's first of all start with the objective. There are lots and lots of options that we have right here. There are so-called awareness ads. We got so-called brand awareness ads. These are ads that we should show to people that already know of our brand and we just want to subconsciously try to remind them that we are still there. For instance Coca-Cola or McDonald's or any of these brands could do that because again no one is really ordering Coca-Cola online. So probably it's all about just the subconscious is making sure that people see Coca-Cola see the logo have them that haven't been they had and when they go to let's say a store the next time that they hopefully will purchase a Coca-Cola instead of another brand and then down below we get the so-called reach and this is an ad where we try to target people that we haven't targeted before that don't know us and we tried to get as many people as possible to pay attention to us. Then we got the so-called conservation ads we got so-called traffic ads which just simply means that we tried to direct people from Facebook to our website. Then we got engagement ads which is all about generating more engagement. So like Sol for instance posed a commentary on for instance shares or for instance emotions on our Facebook posts. Then down below we got app installs. So we tried to get as many people as possible to install our apps. Then of course the video views. We try to get as many views as possible. Then of course lead generation we try to get leads for instance in order to target people then and then of course we got messages. And this is on Facebook messages so we try to get as many messages as possible in our messenger and then we get so-called conversion ads. These are ads where we try to for instance invest a hundred dollars and get at least one hundred dollars back then we get catalog sales which are sales and in your catalog on Facebook you can set up a catalog on Facebook and this basically is then an ad that directs to that catalog. And then of course we got the so-called store traffic ads and these are so-called also local business ads where we tried to get as many people as possible to come through our doors of an actual physical business. All right. So what I'm going to do with you here in this video is I'm going to create a traffic jam. So we try to get people to go from for instance Facebook to our Web site which Kurds for instance could be. All right Udemy lending page. So click right here on traffic and afterwards scroll down and we're just going to call this traffic number one and then we can set a daily budget of let's say 10 euros which is around let's say 13 dollars. Now I would personally give you us a recommendation to spend more. Again a lot of people ask me does it make sense to even promote your courses with Facebook ads like your Udemy courses. And in most cases I will tell you no if you don't use any coupons like for instance if you sell the course for forty nine ninety nine through coupon that you created that makes a lot of sentence like that probably will pay off. But if you're selling the course for 999 or something like that through Facebook ad then I don't think it's gonna pay off. But of course you can prove me wrong at any given time. All right. So ten bucks just per day. So I will recommend you to actually spend a bit more because ten dollars or 10 euros per day is not really a lot. I would rather give you as a recommendation to spend at least if you are you know running an ad like 40 50 bucks per day which is already quite quite low. All right. So then click on continue. And now we move on to at level number two. This is the space where we can define who we want to target over here to the right. We can see how many people we are potentially targeting 37 million people. And of course we can see the daily reach that we are going to generate and how many link clicks we're going to generate. As you can see right here we are directing people from Facebook to a Web site then down below we can set the actual audience. Let's for instance say you come from the United States and you want to target people from the United States. You want to sell your course to people from the United States. So so just type in United States. But let's for instance say you have already a lot of people that are enrolled in your course and you live in Minnesota. Let's for instance say all of these people all of your customers are from Minnesota. They know that you are in great that you're a great educator but you don't want to focus on them you rather want to expand. Then of course what you can do is you can exclude a certain state. You can for instance say well I'm going to exclude let's say the state of Minnesota for instance that was the place where I lived. And let's for instance say I would build a business there and everyone would know I mean everyone would know my courses. But I want to expand. Then of course I would exclude that location. But I think in our case falling course at courses doesn't really make a lot of sense. So we're just going to target the entirety of the United States including Alaska and also Hawaii. All right. So that was it. Then afterwards we scroll down. Let's for instance say we teach something that is rather for younger people let's say than we could say Let's target people from the age of 20 to the age of around let's say 38 and our courses are for both men and women. So we're going to select all and we can also add some detail targeting we can for instance target people that are interested in you to me courses and in the United States that is 840000 people that we could potentially reach and the reach per day is around 1200 to 3400 and link links around thirty seven to one hundred and eight which is pretty good. Then down below we can you know set for instance the placements we can say well let's let's let Facebook do all the work like they for instance put the ads wherever they want to or we can edit that and we can say well let's put the ads everywhere but an Instagram or let's put the ads everywhere. But in the audience network and so on and so on. This is basically what we can do right here afterwards then we just have to click on continue. Before we do that we can actually optimize towards certain things we can optimize this ad towards people that actually view the landing page or people that click on the link or people that see the ad or people that are at least reached by the AD. Now what is the best option here. To be honest you have to try it. You really have to try it now. I would recommend you to actually in this case take a link Alex because I don't think that link click and page views make a huge difference but I think in terms of pricing it does. I think any page views is the most expensive one and of course daily unique reach is the cheapest one. All right. So let's take link Alex and then click on continue. And now we can set the actual actual format for the ad. Before that we need to select one of our pages. Let's say I select my page business X Y and then we can select the kind of ad that we want to run. So my kids for instance I'm going to say well let's run that single image ad and I'm going to click right here and ad media ad image and I'm going to add one stock image to this I can add a stock image at any given time. So for instance I just go up here to stock and then I type in course and all of these are are basically photos from shadow stock that I can use for free at any given time. So I'm going to use this on right here because I like this photo and then I click on continue. And now this photo will be uploaded directly into the ad we're going to see it in just a couple of seconds and then we go the desktop news. And this is basically how it's going to look like. And then if we want we can add a primary text to this. So basically text that will show up above this one right here above the photo but under business X1 we could for instance say Would you like to enroll in our new online course for only forty nine ninety nine. Then click on the link below. For instance we could I think we should be a bit more specific here. Like would you like to enroll in our new digital marketing master class. Let's say master class for only nine nine forty nine ninety nine. Then click on the link below and then we got a headline and it says right here. Take this chance right now. And then we get a description. This offer won't last forever and this description is going to show up below the headline. So basically down here and then we can add a Web site for instance the website could be in this case let's say Udemy dot com slash. And then of course whatever you want. So this is basically where it would die rect to and then down below we can of course click right here. There we go. I think the arrow must probably be this year. All right. We are just directing to you to me. Let's say. All right. And as soon as we're done with that let's see is there anything else we need to do. I don't think so then. Right. We can confirm this at any given time. Just click right here and confirm. And then this ad will be sent out. Facebook is going to check it. And then as soon as they have done that it will be available on all platforms. And people will be able to click on it and then hopefully enroll in your course. Now just to make sure please put the put the actual put the actual euro L right here where you want to direct your traffic to. Anyway thank you so much for watching and I hope we can see each other in the next one.