Learning Autodesk AutoCAD - Crash Course

Autocad - Crash Course is for people looking to get a handle on this powerful software in a short amount of time.
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  • Video 3 Hours
  • Skill level all level
  • Languages English
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Course Description

Learning AutoCAD is a course I wrote for people looking to get a handle on this powerful software in a short amount of time.  By the end of the course, you'll be comfortable with how to work with drawing files, controlling the views, creating basic geometry, editing, and creating text to accompany your work.

*Over 3 hours of video lectures.

A great benefit of this course is the pause button; you're able to stop the video and try out the commands, continuing when you're ready.  Let your curiosity lead you through the course, and try to apply it to the type of work you're expecting to use the software for.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn drawing techniques
  • Create basic geometry
  • Edit object properties and manage layers
  • Create and work with blocks and text
  • Control model and paperspace


Section 1: Introduction

An introduction to AutoCAD's interface, for the complete beginner.

Section 2: View Navigation

Learn the ins & outs of navigating in modelspace.

138.17 KB

AutoCAD 2010 Format DWG file for following along with Lecture 2.

Lecture 2 - Assignment
69.43 KB
Section 3: Drawing Techniques

Get your hands dirty fast and dive into object creation, drawing different types of geometry.

63.34 KB

AutoCAD 2010 Format DWG file for following along with Lecture 3.

Lecture 3 - Assignment
66.59 KB
Section 4: Layers and Properties

You'll learn how to manage and control object properties and layers, colours, linetypes and lineweights.

101.23 KB

AutoCAD 2010 Format DWG file for following along with Lecture 4.

Lecture 4 - Assignment
67.68 KB
Section 5: Blocks and Text Objects

We will cover creation of blocks, attributes, single and multiline text, formatting, styles, manipulation of text objects, plotting and sharing considerations.

62.84 KB

AutoCAD 2010 Format DWG file for following along with Lecture 5.

Lecture 5 - Assignment
77.46 KB
Section 6: Editing Objects

Here we'll learn the most used editing tools, and obtain a foundation for future lessons.

66.59 KB

AutoCAD 2010 Format DWG file for following along with Lecture 6.

Lecture 6 - Assignment
88.21 KB

Instructor Biography

Andrew Schroeder , Senior Civil Designer, Instructor

Andrew is an award winning Designer and Instructor with over 17 years experience using AutoCAD.  Andrew's stong technical background in drafting and CAD has lead him to work in the fields of civil design, environmental, geospatial and architecture.  He currently teaches design and AutoCAD at the University of the Fraser Valley. Andrew has interests in woodworking, geospatial 3D, cartography and process optimization. 


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    • Gretchen L Winkler

    Review for Crash Course Acad12 by Andrew Schoeder

    Great crash course, but very difficult if you are using version 2015. I hope to see more 2015 courses. Instructor is very easy to understand and shows the steps he uses.

    • Tyler Orndorff

    No 3D modeling

    I got halfway through this course before I realized that it does not include anything about 3D modeling. Great 2D content, but no 3D.

    • Joseph Pollard

    Perfect beginners course

    I started this course having never opened AutoCAD before, and now after this course feel comfortable with simple tasks in AutoCAD such as drawing/editing text and shapes, and also navigation through the program. It was a great course for teaching me the basics and is strongly recommended for anyone looking to get started in AutoCAD.

    • You Dummy


    This is a fantastic course to learn the fundamentals of 2D drawing in AutoCAD.

    • Alexander Hajjar

    The Basics.

    Schroeder was generous in offering this course to teach the fundamentals of AutoCAD 2012 in such a way that anyone could learn. Descriptive, informative and detailed, Schroeder provided students with a great base for basic design and editing. I will be adding this to my linkedin and resume. Thanks Schroeder, keep up the good work.

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