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Practical Copywriting Workshop

Learn To Write A Very Effective Sales Page In Just Four Hours
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Last updated 4/2014
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Practical Copywriting Workshop: Learn How To Write A Very Effective Sales Page In Just Four Hours

How Could I Convince You To Enroll In This Course?
What if I were to tell you that this copywriting course includes:

◆ Over 20 Lessons Covering Everything You Need To Know
◆ 13 Worksheets
◆ More than 2 Hours of Content!

Would you enroll? No?

How about if I were to tell you that this course includes:

◆ All the information you need to write your first, very effective, sales copy web page

◆ An integrated set of easy-to-follow exercises and a wealth of examples to guide you through the writing process from start to finish

Ears perking up?

Well, then let me tell you a little bit more about the course. Here are the basics — and just so we start learning right away, this is your first lesson on features and benefits. These are known as course Features:

◆ Over 20 lessons and 13 Worksheets that will take you from zero to done on your first sales page. You will learn how to:
⁃ Write effective Headlines, Subheadings, and Post Scripts
⁃ Develop the body of your copy
⁃ Use bullet points to deconstruct bulky paragraphs
⁃ Learn how to ask for (and get) testimonials
⁃ Craft a win-win guarantee
⁃ Go for the close
◆ Udemy's no fuss money back guarantee

But what does this really mean? Here are your Benefits:
◆ You will not waste time reading mountains of information about copywriting and then trying to figure out how to get started. All the information plus the practical know-how you need is right here, in this course.
◆ In just about four hours, you will put together a truly effective sales page, the elements of which can be styled to fit any selling platform
◆ The copy you produce through this course will significantly increase your sales

How can I be so confident?

Because I know that the number one mistake that people new to selling online will make is thinking that, if they have a great product, content, or service, the sales will automatically follow. This is just not the case because there is way too much competition online now. But if you put some strategic thought into how to put your product or service out there, your sales can’t help but increase.

So If You Are Wondering Why Your Sales Are Not Terrific, Even Though Your Product Is...
Know that the single most important thing you can do after you create some great content or a great service is learn how to write good copy to accompany it on it’s journey out into the the big world wide web. I can teach you how to master the eight elements necessary for writing compelling copy, and will also show you how to put it together effectively.

Join The Ranks Of Successful Independent Educators, Authors, and Artists
The internet is revolutionizing publishing, education, and art worlds. Professionals who have never thought of striking it out on their own as purveyors of knowledge and education now have an unprecedented opportunity to make it as an independent agents. This course is for those who are embarking on this exciting journey. Bon voyage!

Information Is Not Knowledge
You could spend a lot of time reading books and blogs on the topic of copywriting, but even if you were to read everything out there on copywriting, this does not mean you will be able to write effective copy. This course is the opposite of reading books about copywriting, at the end of which you are left wondering how to get started, and whether it is really worth all the effort. I’m not simply offering information here, you see, but offering you the experience of putting the knowledge you'll gain here to good, strategic use.

Dr. Alfonso, Practical Business Workshops

P.S. Don’t waste your valuable time reading into mountains of materials about copywriting. Write great copy this afternoon and get your sales going right away!

P.S.S. Enroll today to take advantage of the special offer extended to the first 20 students - written feedback on a final draft of the sales copy they write during this workshop!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone wishing to increase traffic and conversion on their website or blog
  • Anyone with an information product to sell on an educational platform like Udemy
  • Anyone with a product to sell on selling platform like eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, etc.
  • Anyone with a creative product to sell on an arts and crafts platform like Etsy.
  • Anyone with an ebook needing to find the right audience
  • Anyone wanting to explore a career as a freelance copywriter
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What Will I Learn?
Identify and understand who are your ideal customers
Describe your product in great detail
Distinguish your product's features from the benefits it offers your customers
Master the eight elements of a traditional sales page
Assemble the eight elements above into a very effective sales page
Start reaching new customers
Increase your sales!
View Curriculum
  • A product to sell
  • Pen/pencil and paper
  • About four hours of time
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 27 Lectures Collapse All 27 Lectures 02:50:27
2 Lectures 02:11
5 Lectures 12:00

This lesson takes you through a thought experiment to identify your ideal customer.

Use the worksheet included with this lesson to perform the exercise.

Preview 03:41

Using the descriptions generated in the previous lesson, this lesson asks you to create a composite of your ideal customer that includes all their most important characteristics.

Use the worksheet included with this lesson to perform the exercise.

Create A Composite of Your Ideal Customer

This lesson prompts you to describe your product in great detail.

Use the worksheet included with this lesson to perform the exercise.

Describe Your Product

This important lesson guides you through the process of turning your product description into a list of product features and benefits.

Use the worksheet included with this lesson to perform the exercise.

To better help you understand the important distinction between features and benefits, I have included a link to a lecture on Features and Benefits by John Carlton, a master copywriter.

Identify Your Product's Features and Benefits

Mastering the Eight Elements of Successful Copy
9 Lectures 23:22

The lecture offers an overview of the eight elements of a traditional sales page.

Preview 01:56

This lesson contains prompts to create the top six kinds of headline types.

Use the worksheet included with this lesson to perform the exercise.

The All Important Headline

In this lesson, you will create subheadings based on your product's benefits.

Use the worksheet included with this lesson to perform the exercise.

Generating Subheadings

Using the headlines you generated in the previous exercise, this lesson asks you to elaborate on your top headlines to begin to create what will become the body of your sales page.

Use the worksheet included with this lesson to perform the exercise.

The Body

Learn to unpack heavy headline and subheading descriptions into bullet point form in this lesson.

Use the worksheet included with this lesson to perform the exercise.

Using Bullet Points

How will you approach getting testimonials for your products? This lesson will help you think through this question.

Use the worksheet included with this lesson to perform the exercise.

Getting Great Testimonials

Craft at least three kinds of guarantees in this lesson.

Use the worksheet included with this lesson to perform the exercise.

Crafting A Win-Win Guarantee

Perhaps the hardest part of writing a sales web page is asking for the sale. This lesson will help you think through how best to approach this difficult task.

Use the worksheet included with this lesson to perform the exercise.

The Close (Asking for the Sale)

The second most important part of your sales page are postscript messages, and in this lesson you will be prompted to write at least three.

Use the worksheet included with this lesson to perform the exercise.

Postscript Messages
Putting It All Together
6 Lectures 17:14

In this lesson, you will be asked to put all of the above elements together into a first (very rough) draft, and then to revise this into a final draft.

Use the worksheet included with this lesson to perform the exercise.

Below, you'll find full two examples to guide you: the first is the completed sales page for the vegan cheese cookbook that we've been using as a chief example throughout this course. The second full example is the sales copy page crafted for this course, including the work I did to write it.

Use these examples as you complete your sales copy page drafts.

Putting Together Your First and Second Drafts

This lesson reviews the sales page for the vegan cheese cookbook that has served as our chief example for this workshop, and includes the work done to develop and assemble the sales page. This is the first of two full examples provided with this Practical Copywriting Workshop.

Below you will find the text to which this lesson refers, as a supplement for this lesson.

Example 1 - The Vegan Cheese Cookbook Sales Copy Page Elements

This lesson reviews the sales page for this Practical Copywriting Workshop, the second of two full examples to guide you as you put together your first sales page drafts. (Lesson 21 below continues with the work done to arrive at this sales page.)

Attached here is also the text to which this lesson refers, as a supplement for this lesson.

Preview 03:55

Continuing with the second example, here is the work that was done to come up with the sales page for this Practical Copywriting Workshop.

The text used in this lesson is found with the previous lesson's supplement.

Example 2b - The Work Done - Practical Copywriting Workshop Sales Page

Time to make any finishing touches and begin putting your sales page to use!

Finishing Touches

Thank Your and Goodbye!
Additional Course Materials
2 Lectures 00:00

All of the course worksheets collected into .pdf document. Download and print out these worksheet exercises before you begin the course.

These are also available individually with each lesson, if this proves more convenient.

Collected Workshop Excercises
25 pages

The ebook version of this course, in case you want to read along or brush up on your knowledge! An updated version will be available Feb.25th, 2014.

The Practical Copywriting Workshop eBook
88 pages
More Resources
3 Lectures 02:10
Ted Nicholas Interview – Master Copywriter Reveals His Billion Dollar Secrets

A brief review of Marcia Yudkin's Top Ten Ways to Get Your Copywriting Business Off the Ground.

Top Ten Ways to Get Your Copywriting Business Off the Ground by Marcia Yudkin

The table of contents of, and a link to, the classic business writing style guide, Write to the Point.

Write to the Point by Salvatore J. Iacone
About the Instructor
4.6 Average rating
4 Reviews
86 Students
1 Course
Hands-On Workshops For Business and Marketing

Practical Business Workshops offers hands-on business and marketing workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs. The series includes courses on traditional business planning and marketing, online marketing systems (e.g., SEO [Search Engine Optimization] strategies, keyword research, platforming, etc.), and automated business practices.


Dr. Alfonso has launched and runs several other micro businesses, including thinkPhilosophy (philosophical adventures into questions of truth, goodness, and beauty);Alfonso Photography (architectural and landscape photography); and Planteaterbooks (publishing materials that sustain and celebrate the vegan lifestyle). She has a Ph.D. in Philosophy and taught for ten years before leaving academia to pursue her dream of becoming an independent business owner. Combining her teaching experience and business savvy, she here offers practical business and marketing workshops under the Practical Business Workshops banner.

"I consider myself very lucky because, when I was considering leaving academia to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams, I quickly found an excellent business incubator program where I first began to learn how to write a business plan. This community also gave me the support I needed to get my passion project off the ground, and thinkPhilosophy was born and became self-sustaining.

From the start, I had imagined thinkPhilosophy as a two year project exploring how to bring philosophy out of academic cloisters, and the project now lives on in the hearts of those who participated, and as a course on how to run the philosophy salons that I ran under that name.

After a couple of years, I was ready to start my next venture, which was Alfonso Photography, a more traditional, service based business. But I soon ran into the problem that many service providers run into, namely that (being human), one is limited in how many clients one can take on by time. This is when I began rethinking things.... Planteaterbooks was born of a desire to build a business that was a passion project, scalable, and that could be automated.

I have now successfully gotten three kinds of businesses off the ground -- a nonprofit, a service based business, and an automated, information based business -- and have learned a lot along the way! Practical Business Workshops is my way of passing on what I have learned to others beginning their entrepreneurial adventures.

Whatever their project, I hope the aspiring entrepreneur will find these workshops provide the tools and inspiration they need to realize their entrepreneurial dreams."

-Dr. Alfonso, Practical Business Workshops

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