The Art of Meaning: Make Your Life Matter
4.4 (32 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,661 students enrolled
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The Art of Meaning: Make Your Life Matter

Learn the 3 uncommon skills that turn a "Near Life Experience" into a Meaningful Life Experience
4.4 (32 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,661 students enrolled
Last updated 12/2013
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course you will be able to...
  • Make your work so fulfilling and inspiring that your spirit soars...or create work that is!
  • Fill the exsitential gap by discovering that visceral, passionate, significant "something" that's currently missing from your life.
  • Discover your true purpose in life.
  • Live a life that is true to yourself, not the life others expect of you.
  • In this course you will learn...
  • How to Notice that your incessant mental dialogue (or Program) is preventing you from experiencing the unbearable lightness of being (what the Mystic Poet Rumi calls "The Beloved") which will amplify this ecstatic experience in your everyday life.
  • How to be Feel the Presence of the Genius State of Mind (what poets call "The Muse") and consistently tap into this unending source of inspiration and creativity.
  • How to Make Meaningful (what Neuroscientists call "Reframing") the mundane, negative or even traumatic events of your life by exercising your fundamental and ONLY true human freedom.
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  • Minimum High School/6th Form level education (or basic Home Schooling)

I discovered I was having a Near Life Experience in 2001.

I had a well paying job, a wife and two kids, a nice house and a nice car. I was very lucky. I had nothing to complain about, yet I felt deeply unfulfilled. "There must be more to life that this." was the thought running through my head each morning as I commuted to work.

Why did I feel like this when I had all the things that people strive for in order to be happy?

According to nurses who work in Hospices, the number one regret of the dying is...

"I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself and not the life others expected of me."

That was my problem! I was living the life others expected of me, not a life that was true to myself. Trouble is, I had no clue what a life true to myself would look like!

Then I read a quote by Mark Twain...

"The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why."

And I realised that a life that was true to myself, was a life of purpose and meaning. So I decided I would do whatever it took to find my why.

A year later my life had fallen apart. DOH!

I no longer had my well paying job, or car, or house. My wife had left me and I wasn't in a position to be even a weekend dad to my teenage boys, because in a desperate attempt to find my why, I had given it all up to go and live under a tree in Battersea Park, Central London and sell the homeless persons magazine, The Big Issue.

It was the dumbest thing I ever did and the smartest thing I ever did.

Seven months later, not only had I found my why, but I'd discovered skills and abilities that I never dreamed I had.

Seven years later, I lost my leg in a diving accident in Mexico.

But instead of it being a tragedy it felt like a gift.

I experienced something called Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome and realised that in the years after my experience of living under a tree in a park for 7 months and discovering my life purpose, that I'd also developed a set of skills and perspectives that enabled me to turn tragedy into triumph and life's lemons into life's lemonade. (I tell my whole crazy story in the course videos)

So I did a bit of reverse engineering to classify those skills and perspectives and created a series of practices and exercises that became a workshop called The Art of Meaning, which proved to be extremely popular with participants.

After 4 years of running the workshop in the UK to 10-20 people at a time, I wanted to reach many more people and I wanted people from all over the world to be able to benefit from it. So I created the Udemy course you are looking at now.

This course will instruct you in 20 transformational practices that transform the Near Life Experience into a Meaningful Life Experience, so that you...

1. Find or create a lifestyle that is so inspiring and fulfilling that it makes you love getting up on a Monday morning to go do what you do for a living!

2. Finally fill that exsistential gap and it's seemingly unscratchable itch by finding that visceral, passionate, meaningful "something" that's missing from your life

3. Discover your true purpose in life

4. Live a life that is true to yourself, not the life others expect of you

In this course you will learn to:

Notice that your incessant mental dialogue (or Program) is preventing you from experiencing the unbearable lightness of being (what the Mystic Poet Rumi calls "The Beloved") which will amplify this ecstatic experience in your everyday life

Feel the Presence of the Genius State of Mind (what poets call "The Muse") and consistently tap into this unending source of inspiration and creativity

Experience what Neuroscientists call "Reframing" and transform the mundane, negative or even traumatic events of your life into inspiring, motivating and empowering turning points.

The Art of Meaning is a Multidimensional Multimedia course consisting of over 10 hours of Instruction. There are 5 sections with a total of 35 Lectures

    14 Video Lectures - containing Epic Tragicomic Poetic Tales/Case Studies of real world Art of Meaning Practice (where you learn from my mistakes)

    8 Powerpoint Lectures - containing 4 Assignments & 14 simple practices to ground & integrate the 3 uncommon skills into your daily life (tried & tested on yours truly)

    5 Audio Lectures - which elaborate the finer points of the Art and provide my 10 most powerful tips, tricks & tools for normalising & amplifying the unbearable lightness of being & the Genius State of Mind in your life (the shortcuts)

    7 Quizzes - which will test the depth & clarity of your understanding of the Art (reality checks)

    1 Couse Guide Document Lecture - which will help you stay clear and focused on exactly what to do, how to do it, when to do it and how often

    On Average each hour of Instruction should take 1-3 weeks to work through, so the course can be completed in as little as 13 weeks. However The Art of Meaning is designed to fit into your schedule, not the other way around, so you can start & stop it whenever you need to and you can take as long as you like to complete it. There is no danger of overwhelm with this course.

    Why would you take this course instead of one of the many other courses on Udemy?

    Well first there's Udemy's famous (30)-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

    And then there's what Art of Meaning Students have to say...


    This is the most inspirational course of all time! This course will change the world! Thank you so much Chris!

    Mark Keane

    Very thought provoking

    Honest, sincere, down-to-earth, and very profound. I really admire a person who is willing to lay it all down.

    Gary Williams

    Courage and meaning

    Have just embarked on Chris Pattersons' exploration of meaning - so far, it is truly memorable. I love his low key, totally accessible and disarming presentation style for dealing with the biggest and most intimate of questions.

    Chris - I hope your course is a big success for you - your courage in putting it out there is something I'm already grateful for.

    Thank you and go well

    Nigel Banks

    Makes Life Meaningful

    I recommend this course to anyone who wants to experience the world in a new and different way. It snaps you out of the fog and helps you to remember how amazing it is that we are alive and living on this planet.

    Suzanne Williams

    (((WOW EXTREME)))

    Talk about taking it to the extreme, a great person to listen to and learn from! This enables you to learn with out pushing it to the extreme unless of course you want to :-)


    Engaging style, gentle yet exciting!

    I like this course so far, I am probably 1/4 way through. Chris has an engaging, stimulating style; I enjoy following the course and am looking forward to the practical stuff.. with some slight trepidation! If you wish to begin the process of making some life changes you could deffo benefit from this material.


    Down to earth practice

    As an atheist and non woo type it can be difficult sifting through for the things which will be useful to me and discarding the gaff and nonsense. I didn't have to do much sifting here there's no "namaste" there's no "amen" just very practice well thought out ways of living life that brings philosophical meaning and joy. Without having to buy into or pretend too believe in woo of any kind.


    The Unbearable Lightness of Being

    Humour, Wisdom and Truth: this course is a beautiful combination of all three. I'm feeling grateful to be on this transformational journey. Thank you!

    Helen Clear

    Great combo of clear distinctions, wisdom and humour.

    Masterful stuff


    This is rather a step into the unknown for me

    but so far I'm finding the course very enjoyable. Chris Paradox is an engaging speaker and I'm keen to find out what else he has to say.


    More useful then a whole life time of education

    They should teach this stuff at school it would definatly speed up this whole shift in paradigm thing..

    Loving the course thanks a lot Chris it is keeping me sane in New York.

    Joanna Bevan

    Inner and outer space

    Chris Paradox has broken down a life time of seeking, experience and gnosis into a fun, palatable, step by step series of fascinating lectures, self revealing practices, and exciting (if at times eccentric) exercises, in an attempt to help one break through that dense wall of conditioned response and consensus reality that prevents so many of us living our lives in a truly fulfilling way!

    Andrew Stout

    And here's what people had to say about the original Art of Meaning Workshop

    "I went to one of Chris Paradox's Art of Meaning workshops in 2009 and it has had a deeply profound influence on how I've lived my life since, and how I now perceive the world and those around me. So much so that I dedicated a number of pages in my book "The Moneyless Man"to The Art of Meaning and it's subsequent impact on me."

    Mark Boyle - Author of The Moneyless Man" & Founder of Freeconomy: The world's largest online gift economy

    Chris is a brilliant and superbly creative writer, performer and workshop leader. If you're looking for an intelligent, articulate, inspirational and engaging've found it!""

    Bob Harris - Independent Consultant Psychotherapist

    "Chris is an exceptional human being with an extraordinary story. Chris is a poet, a philosopher, a messenger and a teacher with a great sense of purpose and belief in humanity. He is warm, gentle, fun, thoughtful, strong, determined, clear thinking, insightful and passionate about helping people to fulfill their human potential and live legendary lives. He believes that by raising people's consciousness and encouraging and helping them to be their own heroes, each person will make a positive impact upon the world.
    Chris touches everyone he meets and works with and you are never quite the same again - something shifts. Inspired by Victor Frankl, Chris is a real life example of someone who chose to respond to adversity as both the best thing that ever happened to him as well as the worst thing that ever happened to him, when he lost his leg in an accident whilst in a travelling circus in Mexico. Chris continues to embrace the paradoxity of life and has become known as Chris Paradox.
    Watch this man, or better still attend one of his workshops or sign up for some e-learning. You won't be disappointed! On a personal note I am glad to be able to count Chris as a dear friend and wish him all the best in his future adventures."
    Caroline Adair - Associate Account Director for MotivAction Group Plc
    "I highly recommend Chris. He has been on a fearless journey himself and this in itself is inspirational. He is very heart oriented and with a great deal of caring, love and humour encourages and facilitates others to do what they didn't think they could do. His workshops are an enjoyable and often very touching experience for all involved and he is a great appreciator of vulnerability and therefore strength both in himself and others."
    Trish Young - Independent Information Services Professional
    "Chris is a very inspiring teacher and performer. Whatever he choses to speak about is sure to make you think about and question your current position. He does this in an inclusive way, without making you think that you are wrong - but more that perhaps there are also other ways. I would highly recommend seeing him perform or going to his workshops."
    Dolly May - Voice & Dialect Coach at Masters Performing Arts College
    "Through Chris Paradox's workshop, I learnt that our true purpose does not come with a societal status or a financial reward attached, but that the rewards of bringing your true self to the world will certainly bring so much more richness and depth of being into all aspects of your life. I discovered that my own purpose was to experience and expand my capacity to love - I think I had always known this really, but it never seemed enough, so I had maybe thrown it to the side and waited for a different Earth changing mission. However on rediscovery at the workshop, I truly understood what this purpose meant to me and I knew I actually had the greatest purpose I could have ever wished for. There was just much to explore, to share, to bring to life and to experience.
    It is such a real blessing indeed to be able to hold and honour my own gifts. I truly hope that many more people can experience their own unique purpose and benefit from what Chris is offering to the world. He truly is the real deal, a crazy, poetic, angel magician and a very special soul purpose activator indeed . Thank you millions xxx"
    Shakti Tracy - Diamond Energy Practioner & Mother
    "I honestly wouldn't have ended up here without you. I was in a really bad way physically, mentally, spiritually, the symbols and insights you gave me became rungs on a ladder to climb out of that pit. Can't thank you enough. So excited to embark on this next stage. All the time during the last seven years I have been focussed on getting to this point... I never really thought about the "then what?". Thanks for, once again, turning up at the right time to nudge me in the right direction."
    Magnus Stokoe - Award winning Artist Jeweller @Magnus & Bell
    You deserve to live a life full of purpose and meaning. Your life does matter and you do make a difference.
    Take the Art of Meaning course today and discover what that FEELS like.
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone suffering from the Near Life Experience i.e. Unfulfilled & Uninspired by work or career; The sense that something vital is missing from your life; Lacking the motivation & passion to live fully and freely from your heart & soul.
Students Who Viewed This Course Also Viewed
Curriculum For This Course
34 Lectures
9 Lectures 01:38:18

In this Introduction Video we look at:

1. What the course is based on - i.e. radical personal experimentation

2. What type of radical personal experiements were conducted - i.e. Minimum Effective Requirements for Magical Meaningful Love Filled Living

3. What type of practices are included - i.e. Tried & Tested to be Independent of Luck & Circumstance

4. The Course Structure - i.e. Video; Powerpoint; Audio; Pdf document; Quizzes; Live Sessions

5. The format and of each Lecture type - i.e. Case Study; Theory & Practice; Finer points of Practice; Course Guide; Attention Check; Q&A and Coaching

6. Next Steps - How to start and the course - i.e. First 2 weeks going through Introduction Section plus all 'tragicomic' Video tales. Then do no more than One Section at a Time, completing any Assignments and starting all Practices before moving to the next Section and taking as long as needed to do so.
No Rush = No Overwhelm = No Quitting = No more Near Life Experience

Preview 07:24

Course Guide & Practice Schedule
15 pages

In this Powerpoint Lecture we look at:

1. Our Axioms the basis of the Philosophy of Meaning - i.e. "Life is what you make it" & "Life is the greatest gift"

2. We unpack both Axioms to see how they relate to the problem (The Near Life Experience) and the solution (The 3 uncommon skills)

3. We talk about out Greatest Gift and One true Freedom as Human Beings

4. As real world evidence for our Axioms we discuss the life and work of Vicktor Frankl Neurologist, Existential Pyschotherapist, Holocaust survivor & author of Man's Search for Meaning

Preview 15:01

In this powerpoint lecture we look at:

1. "Sunday Neurosis" & "The Existential Gap", the part they play in the Near Life Experience and how recognising our existential freedom and power and expressing it overcomes this

2. Attitude - "Who do I choose to be?" The most important question of all

3. Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome - and how this course offers you the growth without the trauma

4. Our Second Axiom - Life is the greatest gift therefore the context for all living experience is gratitude

5. How Consciousness is the context for all experience and so Consciousness itself is Grateful

6. Context & Content - how our Content obsession obscures the magic of Context which is actually the overwhelming majority of existence

7. How all 3 uncommon skills are based on letting go of our Content Obsession and Surfing, Swimming and Diving Deep into Context

Preview 15:01

In this Powerpoint Lecture we look at:

1. The nature of perception

2. The "gap" between stimulus & response

3. The mirror-like feedback loop of life

4. What it means that "Neurons that fire together, wire together"

5. Self Directed Neuroplasticity

6. Reframing to prevent hindbrain takeover

7. Reframing reduce negative emotional triggers

Preview 15:01

In this Lecure we look at:

The free Udemy course: The Neuroscience of Reframing and how to do it - by Anette Prehn

Preview 00:56

In this Lecture we look at:

1. The Context for the course - Philosophical: Psychological; Artistic: Mythic & Mystic

2. The Various forms of The Near Life Experience

3. The Art of Living

Preview 15:01

In this Lecture we look at:

1. The nomenclature of the course - Definitions of what I mean by:
The Program; The Unbearabe Lightness of being; The Genius State of Mind; & The WOW!

Preview 15:01

In this Lecture we look at:

1. The course learning objectives - Noticing; Presence & Making Meaningful. Both specifically and in general.

2. Combining the 3 uncommon skills to: Create your experience of an event ahead of that event; Shift your anxious thought patterns into the Genius State of Mind; Transform a Near Life Experience into a Meaningful Life Experience

3. The Course Methodology - Multimedia & Multidimensional; Case Studies both failures & successes; Assignments & Practices; Time & Space for reflection & integration

4. Course Structure - Introduction & Videos first. Then section by section. Then after consclusion repeat sections as and when necessary

5. Instructor credentials/experience/qulaifications

N.B. The Course Guide Document has been moved to Lecture 2 to aid clarity and so does not follow this Lecture as stated in the narration

Preview 14:53

7 questions
The Existential Dimension
5 Lectures 01:11:51

In this Lecture we look at:

1. Failing to notice our Self Misidentification via the Case Study of my disillusionment with my career/ambitions

2. How Self Misidentification is the main cause of the Near Life Experience

3. How this is a cultural issue due to the higher human values such as empathy, integrity, generosity and compassion being subordinate to profit in Modern Western Society

4. This cultural issue via the poem - The 10 o'clock bruise

Preview 18:51

In this Lecture we look at:

1. How we fail to notice our self misidentification in the area of love relationships via the Case Study of my failed marriage

2. How "falling in love" can cause this to happen if we're not careful (noticing) via the poem "Love Complex"

Preview 13:10

In this Lecture we look at:

1. How to use your identity to notice The Program & experience The Unbearable Lightness of Being

2. How to use your identity to create your experience of an event ahead of that event

3. Who am I? The holistic view both Subject & Object; both Context & Content etc.

4. How the "static noise" of The Program causes us to over identify with the Content & under identify with the Context

5. Choosing to be who you are by "getting lost" via Nature retreats/vision quests/meditation retreats

6. Awakening to the Universal self & your interconnectedness via the natural world

7. Getting some perspective on who you are and who you choose to be

8. The question of purpose via The Hero's Journey

Uncommon Skill Assignments

In this Lecture we look at:

1. The human journey through life via The Monomyth or Hero's Journey

2. Life as an adventure

3. The early 21st Century as a time of Legend - a choice point between evolution & extinction

4. Saving the world through fulfilling your potential by living a life that is true to you

5. The Primary Practice of the course - How grateful am I?

6. How Assignment 1 will clarify: What you really want; What's really important with you & What you're prepared to do about it.

7. Assignment 1 itself: Your Legendary Life; Your Fairy Tale Life; Your Poetic Mission Statement

8. Posting the Assignments in the question box to support and inspire the community of students taking The Art of Meaning

9. How Assignment 2 will help you measure the effectiveness of the course, improve your mood and give you extra perspective

10. Assignment 2 itself - Diary of Meaning; Happiness Diary; Dream Diary

Uncommon Skill Assignments part 2

In this Lecture we look at:

1. My lifelong Mediocrity

2. The gift & blessing of what I call "The Divine Babysitter"

3. The technique of Non Avoidance

4. The technique of Slow Motion

Mr Mediocre & The Divine Babysitter - Chapter 1

6 questions
The Physical Dimension
4 Lectures 01:22:19

In this Lecture we look at:

1. How failure to Notice and being stuck in our heads when we first feel the full presence of The Unbearable Lightness of Being can be catastrophic

2. Reframing the traditional meaning of the word 'God' and how words and belief and dogma shouldn't get in the way of you experiencing your birthright i.e. The Unbearable Lightness of Being & The Genius State of Mind

3. Rather than the traditional ideology that there is a supreme being called God, that created The Universe...this perspective is based on the experience that The Universe is so supremely magnificently mind blowingly transcendent that 'Oh My God' are the only words that come close to describing the experience of it.

4. Your existence being the proof that existence loves you like an unconditionally loving mother

5. The reframing of life as benevolent, loving and giving by people who might easily have framed it as cruel and unfair

6. The limitations of belief

Preview 36:39

In this Lecture we look at:

1. Noticing The Unbearable Lightness of Being in all beings

2. The Universal nature of The Unbearable Lightness of Being via the poem The Indestructible Matrix of Pure Space

Preview 16:07

In this Lecture we look at:

1. 6 ways to use your body to tune out of The Program and Notice The Unbearable Lightness of Being

2. The interconnectedness of Mind & Body

3. The epidemic of Talking Head syndrome

4. The goal "Centauric" Integration

5. The Fight of Flight response - how it's regularly triggered unnecessarily by modern city life and how it causes stress and consequently illness and disease (as well as a much louder more active Program)

6. 4 Healthy Hippocampus boosters (Monthly Practice)

7. The Spider Technique - using the body to change the mind (Weekly Practice)

8. Stress Hormone Metabolism exercises (Momentary Practice)

Uncommon Skill Practices 1

In this Lecture we look at:

1. The Soul Window Cleaning technique - a) looking with love & b) looking for the mystery

2. The Seeing the Perfection technique - Seeing the wholeness of every part

Mr Mediocre & The Divine Babysitter - Chapter 2

4 questions
The Psychological Dimension
5 Lectures 01:49:36

In this Lecture we look at:

1. Combining all 3 uncommon skills to create my experience of an event ahead of that event & "magically" manifest money

2. How everything we do is for the feeling...and the fact that we already have all feelings inside us

3. How gratitude is at the heart of all great feelings

4. Looking from your right mind i.e. the perception of abundance

5. Looking at our One True Freedom via the poem "Attitude Kings"

Preview 28:20

In this Lecture we look at:

1. How I first experienced the Genius State of mind (as a "non creative" person) through poetic inspiration at the age of 35

2. How my life purpose emerged from the prolonged presence of Thw Unbearable Lightness of Being leading to an intense experience of The Genius State of Mind

3. How the Genius State of Mind is most commonly expressed as the free spontaneous creative play of children and how it directly relates to our ability to consciously give meaning to life

4. Our constant Making Meaningful with language via the poem Alphabet Tickle

Preview 30:50

In this Lecture we look at:

1. How to use your mind to Notice The Program and change channel to The Unbearable Lightness of Being

2. How to use your mind to Be Present with The Genius State of Mind

3. The unbelievable amount of thoughts The Program shoves into our minds

4. The massive difference between absorption in The Program and absorption in something else.

5. Creative thinking and the Genius State of Mind and how obvious it is in small children - before it is "socialised" out of them/us

6. Ways of exercising the Genius State of Mind muscle

7. Divine Child/Inner Critic repositioning;

Uncommon Skill Practices 2

In this Lecture we look at:

1. Improv as a Genius State of Mind exercise

2. Musical Absorption as a Genius State of Mind exercise

3. Solving problems permanently through premise reflection

4. The Relaxation Technique & Mindfulness Meditation (Daily Practice)

5. Inner Map re-examination (Weekly Practice)

6. Assignment - Stream of Consciousness Poetics; Ipod entering; Improv Party

7. Futher Reading

Uncommon Skill Practices 2 - part 2

In this Lecture we look at:

1. The technique The Dance of Abundance

2. The technique The Sound of Silence

Mr Mediocre & The Divine Babysitter - Chapter 3

4 questions
The Emotional Dimension
4 Lectures 01:30:21

In this Lecture we look at:

1. How I learn much more about the 3 Uncommon skills during my first 40 day, water only fast

2. How emptiness enables fully feeling your feelings

3. How numbing, distracting ourselves, suppressing and indulging our emotions doesn't help

4. How the cultural conditioning of "boys don't cry" creates dangerous levels of emotional suppression and numbness is so many young men via the poem Babylon Man Dem

Preview 35:40

In this Lecture we look at:

1. How I failed to feel all my emotions and failed to reframe/Make Meaningful my experience of The Unbearable Lightness of Being & Genius State of Mind and the consequences of that

2. How the denial of difficult emotions and "the shadow" in the "counter culture" undermines it's efforts to create a better world via the poem "Tribsters"

Preview 08:49

In this Lecture we look at:

1. The difference between Emotions & Feelings

2. Dealing with negative emotions through reframing

3. How everything we do is for the feeling - no one and no thing can "give" us a feeling, they can only trigger a feeling which is already within us

3. Gratitude - The Mother of all Feeling - The Default state of Grace - At the heart of all ecstatic feelings

4. Gratitude = Growth

5. Gratitude transcends the scacity trap

6. Healthy Gratitude boosters

7. The Dickens Technique (Daily Practice)

8. Gratitude bath (Weekly Practice)

9. Identifying the Gift through Joy (Weekly Practice)

Uncommon Skill Practices 3

In this Lecture we look at:

1. The Invisibility technique

2. The "All Praise is due to Allah only the mistakes are mine" technique

Mr Mediocre & The Divine Babysitter - Chapter 4

4 questions
The Relational Dimension
5 Lectures 02:23:13

In this Lecture we look at:

1. Noticing how The Program creates an Agenda and how that Programmed Agenda inhibits magical meaningful love filled connections and experiences

2. Noticing the power of self sufficiency and "not needing" anything from people

3. A satire of Western "Hippies" travelling in India via the poem "Hippy Travellah"

Preview 13:57

In this Lecture we look at:

1. The Power of Vulnerability - Of surrendering control, being defenseless and helpless and needing everything from people

2. The Power of Friendships and the meaning they give life through our treasuring of them

3. The Power of Love & Purpose & Faith and their unmatched power to give meaning to life via the poem "The Colour of a Perfect Moment."

Preview 01:08:54

Uncommon Skill Practice 4

In this Lecture we look at:

1. Making things fun to get them done

2. Being the cause of your experience i.e. just because

3. The 6 stages of behavioural change

4. Be gentle with yourself & One day at a time

5. Finding balance through Purpose & Service

6. Eye of the beholder & Nothing but Angels (Momentary Practice)

7. Meaningful Meetings (Daily Practice)

8. Assignment - 10 Random acts of Kindness

Uncommon Skill Practice 4 - part 2

In this Lecture we look at:

1. Absorption and the scientific evidence for the Flow state and the "All praise is due..." technique

2. The "Need Nothing. Desire Everything. Choose what shows up." technique

3. Guerilla Wowfare

4. The Big Why that inspired this course

Mr Mediocre & The Divine Babysitter - Chapter 5

4 questions
2 Lectures 18:32

A poem about the paradox of pain - performed on 12.12.12 at the London Hilton Metropole

Preview 11:26

2 questions

Course wrap up & Closing poem - Awesome Epidemic

Preview 07:06
About the Instructor
Chris Paradox Patterson
4.4 Average rating
32 Reviews
2,661 Students
1 Course
Inspiration Engineer

Here's what my clients have to say about Inspiration Technology...

"I attended a workshop led by Chris Paradox expecting to be entertained and leave having spent a pleasant few hours with some nice folk and one of my favourite performance poets. I was mistaken. What I experienced on that day has proved to be one of the most profound, intimate, challenging and transformational experiences I have had.

Chris leads by example and his openness and love for life is infectious.... I felt safe at every stage to step into a new way of interpreting my story and drawing from it strengths and positives whilst being in touch with pain and sadness at the same time. He skilfully mixes practical exercises with broad and well-researched theory and all the time his unshakeable enthusiasm for people and his steadfast belief that we are all living a legendary life gave me complete confidence to embrace everything we were asked to do.

The culmination was to have my story witnessed and to witness the stories of the other participants.... it is something I will always treasure, the honesty and simplicity of that process.

I cannot recommend highly enough, if you get the chance, do some work with Chris Paradox. I wasn't healed or enlightened or ascended but definitely empowered, given some tangible tools to reframe tough times and use them as fuel for expansion and positive steps forward in my life."

Mark Fisher - Teacher & Musician

"Chris is a shining light, an amazing talent to be seen and experienced."

Deri Llewellyn-Davies - CEO and Founder of Business Growth International

"I have known Chris some ten years or more, and am still inspired by him every time I meet him or see him perform! If you meet him as Headmaster of Hero School, I'd recommend enrolling in any course or mode of self empowerment he is offering you...I look forward to working with him again and again and again!"

Gareth Strangemore-Jones - Founder & Group Editor Worldshift Media

"Chris Paradox is most definitely a living legend. With the presence of a warrior and the elegance of a jester king, he uses his sharpest of wits to slice through the veils separating humans, even spiritual ones, from the peace and joy that is our true nature. In courageous dedication to living his deeper purpose he helps those lucky enough to hear him listen a little more closely to the whisperings of their own soul."

Tallie Maughan -Social Entrepreneur Founder of Turning Earth Ceramics Members' Studio

"Chris has overcome enormous personal trauma in his life and puts his enormous creative abilities to use inspiring and helping us all to evolve. Chris is dedicated to improving his and our higher qualities, our enjoyment of life and connection to Spirit. A fun and friendly agent of personal growth. Good value ! All ages! He hasn't paid me to say this either!"

Mike Shreeve - Musician & Tai-chi teacher