The Art of Content Marketing: Your Dynamic Strategy
4.4 (34 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,327 students enrolled
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The Art of Content Marketing: Your Dynamic Strategy

Learn the Essentials of Content Marketing Strategy Quickly and Effectively
4.4 (34 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,327 students enrolled
Created by Malcolm Dewey
Last updated 5/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Produce powerful marketing content
  • Use various media with confidence
  • Communicate to clients and peers through content
  • Understand pros and cons of various marketing media
  • Use various marketing platforms
  • Establish a marketing schedule
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  • Basic computing skills
  • A digital camera and video camera would be an advantage

How to Make a Great Living as a Creative?

If you are a creative such as an artist, writer, photographer, designer, for example, you may be asking yourself how do you make a living doing what you love. Tired of hearing about the starving artist? Me too!

Besides creating art, the number one thing that made my art business grow was content marketing. Without reaching people that want my art I cannot make a living right? Is content marketing just for business types? Not for artists, introverts and creatives! Wrong - content marketing is fantastic for your creative career.

What is the Key to Your Content Marketing Success? Strategy

Without a strategy your content marketing will be aimless. Consistent results require a plan so that content is aligned with your strategy.

This course help you to achieve the following:

  1. develop your content marketing strategy
  2. strategy based on visual content marketing
  3. use amazing resources - many of them for free
  4. manage your creative and marketing time
  5. run your marketing program effectively
  6. Produce quality over quantity
  7. How to make it fun for every creative soul

There is no doubt that creatives have a BIG advantage to produce excellent content. We have the creative skills, but we hate the idea of being salespeople. I will show how to to have fun making amazing content without losing your integrity as an artist. Even if you are an introvert (like me) you can learn these skills and thrive!

Bonus: Receive a free copy of my book The Art of Content Marketing

We do not have a choice anymore. Time to create content and shine.

Let's DO THIS!

Who is the target audience?
  • Any business person unsure about content marketing
  • Creatives and introverts who feel left behind by content marketing
  • Anyone starting a small business and wants to market confidently
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Curriculum For This Course
20 Lectures
2 Lectures 15:18


Why this artist had to get serious about content marketing?

Content Marketing is a massive opportunity for all creative people. Most of us work for ourselves or in small businesses, but this does not mean we cannot get the attention our businesses require to thrive. With content marketing your creative business can grow and prosper over the long haul.

I found out it was fun too!

Preview 07:32

The strategy process can be a little confusing at first. Strategy consists of a series of stages starting with:

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Planning

Then Planning reveals:

Goals. We will look at a series of important goals for your content system. Plus your editorial calendar and why it will help you fulfill your strategy over time.

Course Overview
Section 2: An Overview of Content Marketing
3 Lectures 19:57

What is content marketing anyway? Why should I worry about content? This overview shows you how content can be a major boost for your creative life and business.

An Overview of Content Marketing for Creatives

It is surprising to note that many artists and creatives have no content marketing plan.In fact many view content marketing as a waste of time and money. Others think it means sales and they hate the idea of selling. This lecture deals with 7 typical blocks to content marketing and provides answers to these issues.

Preview 08:11

There are many wild promises online about content marketing. Most of it designed to take your money. So let's have a look at how to avoid these scams so that we can focus on making great content.

Content Myths & Hype
7 Lectures 54:37

Vision is Everything. Without a vision of you and your business you will struggle to find a starting point. Plus which direction will you do? Will you get distracted along the way? 

Your Vision

Your written mission statement is critical to a successful content marketing program. Why is this? How does a mission statement differ from your strategy?

We will answer these questions in this lecture.

Craft the Mission Statement

No strategy no success with content marketing. That is the message we get from all serious marketers. We creative types easily neglect to plan our marketing strategy, because we want to focus on our art. But without a focus and direction with a marketing strategy our business remains in the dark. So let us look at making a real plan for our content marketing so that we ensure long term growth.

Introduction to Content Marketing Strategy

Using visuals is an essential part of this strategy. Want your content to grab attention, be read and increase engagement? Visuals is the answer. Let's see how you can use visuals better. This lesson looks at the statistics supporting a content strategy and how you can take advantage of this trend using a few free and easy to find tools. 

Why Visual Content?

Now you have a mission statement. It is time to strategise! What do you need to consider when making a strategy? What does a strategy look like?

We look at the BIG PICTURE strategy for your content marketing. It is then up to you to draft a strategic approach to fulfilling your content marketing objectives (mission)

Outline Your Strategy

When preparing your plan to carry out the mission statement you will note various goals that need attention. For example getting an email service started, preparing your first lead magnet, determining the ideal audience, where to find the audience, what social channels to focus on - these are all goals.

Writing down these goals, prioritising them and adding them to your calendar makes the difference between "maybe" and actually getting the job done.


Let us put all of these steps together for a sample business strategy. In this lesson we will see how Frieda's Fine Art goes about drawing up a written strategy.

Example: Outline Strategy for a Business
Your Audience
1 Lecture 11:45

How to find your audience? Who is your audience? Personas - are they too impersonal? This lecture takes a closer look at how you can research your audience, find a direction when creating content relevant to your audience and how best to reach them. 

This may be easier than you think. If you pay attention, ask questions and keep an open mind you will find your ideal audience members because you are doing what you love and doing it intentionally. It simply comes down to thinking strategically when you interact with people. 

Finding Your Awesome Audience
Your Story
2 Lectures 15:42

Your story is the single biggest thing that collectors and clients buy into. Unless people accept you as authentic, reliable and someone that adds value to their lives you will not build a business that is sustainable. In this lecture we look at the way stories run through our culture. Stories are everywhere and we need them to realte to other people.

What is Your Story?

Keep an overview of your story in mind when you carry out your strategy. This lecture takes a closer look at two elements of story that you should be using. First in each campaign or even each  blog post think on the three elements of:

  1. Setting a scenario
  2. The conflict or problem
  3. The resolution

Secondly how you present yourself to the world, what type of content you focus on and your overall message gives people a story that they can fit you into. It is up to you to make sure the story is aligned with your strategy.

Your Story: It is in the Details
Content Calendar
1 Lecture 06:38

A content calendar can do many useful things for you. It does not have to be a costly upgrade or another complication. Simply use an online calendar like Google Calendar until you are sure that you need a premium product. Most likely you will find the free calendar enough.

Use a calendar to:

  1. Plan content for the month ahead.
  2. Set reminders
  3. color code different content types and channels so that you can easily identify work coming up
  4. Add new ideas to your tasks
  5. Note types of content that performs well and can be re-purposed
  6. Hold yourself accountable
  7. Invite collaborators for tasks 
Content or Editorial Calendar
Social Media Channels
1 Lecture 04:23

What channels are relevant to your strategy? Why to focus on one channel and then have a few supportive channels will be more effective? We look at an overview of how social media should fit into your strategy.

Content Channels
Part 2: Building a Platform
2 Lectures 20:32

The basic foundation you need is a blog. A self hosted blog with your domain remains YOUR property. Your home base where you determine the content and how to nurture your leads. We will look at a few important principles to follow. There is so much out there about blogging that it can be confusing and overwhelming. So keep it simple.

Attached in resources is the 2016 Social Media Report from Social Media It provides important statistics about the state of social media and content. You will note that blogging still ranks in importance. Plus the importance of visual media, particularly video, has never been greater. Of course using your blog as the launch site for your visual content is ideal.

This confirms that we are on the right track with a focus on visual media.

Your Wordpress Blog Account

Wordpress is the leading blog platform. A self hosted blog from remains a great option. But it does have a bit more of a learning curve for absolute beginners. If you take it easy, learn from tons of resources out there and experiment you will get the hang of it. This lecture shows you the process of opening a hosting account and getting your Wordpress blog online.

Creating Your Wordpress Account for the First Time? Here's How!
1 Lecture 01:10

Now you see how important strategy is to your content marketing. It is not that hard to incorporate too. Most importantly you will now think about outcomes. Intentional marketing is effective marketing. This benefits your audience and your long term business. 

Here's to your success!

Thank you for taking this course. I do appreciate it.


Conclusion and Next Steps
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