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Complete Law of Attraction and Guided Meditation Course !

Powerful Meditation and Law of Attraction Practices to Become a Magnetic Attraction to Wealth, Success and Happiness !
4.2 (9 ratings)
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1,530 students enrolled
Created by Bhuwan Pant
Last updated 5/2014
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What Will I Learn?
To learn the techniques of applying Law of Attraction and Meditation in Daily Life.
In this course you will learn - All about your belief systems and how to change old age beliefs.
Powerful meditations will open gates for Wealth, Happiness and Healing.
You will understand about Brain Waves and Steps to Reprogram your Brain.
You will learn How to create your own affirmations and apply in your life for overall success .
Living a Perfect Lifestyle
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  • An Open Mind and Open Heart.
  • Basic Knowledge of Law of Attraction and meditation.
  • Daily Practice.
  • Commitment to live a perfect lifestyle!

Meditation, Law of Attraction and Lifestyle

One New Video Added - Root Chakra and Abundance Manifestation.


Personal Invitation To Wealth And Abundance Journey ...

How to Apply Law of Attraction and Meditation - To Transform Your Life Reality!

Discover the Science behind Law of Attraction and Meditation and UNLOCK a complete BLUE PRINT that magically turns your Deep desire into your Life Reality despite of WHATEVER is your present LIFE SITUATION.

THE REAL DECISION IS - Do you want to stick your toes in and see if the water's OK, or DIVE right in and Start swimming full -blast to the other side?

In this economic recession, people more than ever need the complete blueprint of Law of Attraction and Meditation techniques to Find a New Job, Earn More Money, to get Successful in Business, Overcome Relationship Problem, Attracting a Person of Desire and Perfect Health . More than that they need Stress Free Life for them and their Family.

The Main Objective of this course is to unlock the secret that is available to few selected Rich people of the world - These people know that richness and happiness are directly related to one's state of mind and his consciousness, that by improving your state of mind and consciousness you can change and recreate the reality of your life... that Only little practice and Understanding of the Universal law of attraction will benefit you for rest of your life.

The Law of Attraction and Meditation is one of the most popular topics in the area of self-help. At the same time, it is also one of the most misunderstood. Why is that? The main reason for that is there are hundreds of Law of Attraction books available, which are only giving theoretical knowledge. the majority of Law of Attraction books are either motivational and/or inspirational while lacking practicality.

Here You will discover the tools to unlock the awesome powers of your subconscious mind. You can improve your relationships, your finances, your physical well-being. Once you learn how to use this unbelievably powerful force there is nothing you will not be able to accomplish. Join the race of successful people who have already unlocked the power of their subconscious minds.

You will discover the tools to unlock the awesome powers of your subconscious mind. You can improve your relationships, your finances, your physical well-being. Once you learn how to use this unbelievably powerful force there is nothing you will not be able to accomplish. Join the race of successful people who have already unlocked the power of their subconscious minds.

I invite you to study this course and apply the techniques outlined therein, and as you do, I feel absolutely convinced that you will lay hold of a miracle-working power that will lift you up from confusion, misery, old beliefs, and failure, and guide you to your true place to solve your difficulties, sever you from emotional and physical bondage, and place you on the royal road to freedom, happiness, and peace of mind.

This course is a sum total of my 13years of spiritual journey and it includes my 5year teaching experience on Law of Attraction and Meditation.

The Law of Attraction and Meditation Coaching Program is designed to help you to apply Law of Attraction in an effective and efficient manner.

You will get simple and powerful methods to change your beliefs and create your destiny

As well in this course I will tell you the foundation steps for applying law of attraction. That 90% of people unknowingly miss.

I am also going to tell you the super powerful way to relax your mind body and your whole energy system.

In this you will also Find out the techniques to identify what’s wrong with your life and how to fix it you will be able to

  • Buy yourself an Abundant life.
  • Get a Strong powerful Mind which will become your best friend of Life.
  • Better control over your thoughts and actions.
  • Become more intuitive and creative in all your life assignments.
  • Identify your personality weaknesses and replace them with strength..
  • You will find solutions for How to step out off your Limited Beliefs of Abundance and Prosperity
  • How to Overcome Anger, Anxiety and Frustration from your life?
  • How to Eliminate Fears and Phobias that holds you back?
  • How to Release Your Energy Blocks from your body cells?
  • How to Make Universal Energy Flow into You Effortlessly and Consistently?
  • How to use Law of Attraction to Have Perfect Relationship?
  • How to Heal Your Body and Stay Healthy?
  • How to Kick Stress and Stay completely relaxed and focused throughout the day?

The subconscious mind trick the will give you the real breakthrough you needed

Manifesting your way to Unlimited Wealth

Manifesting your way to Unlimited Love

How to Attract Abundance and happiness in your life and much much more.

This course is broadly divide into 2 parts, the 1st part focuses on correctly understanding the law of attraction , Finding out your old age beliefs which are stopping your success and how to fix it and than applying universal principles of law of attraction for manifesting things into your life.

and in the 2nd part you will find powerful guided meditations and ancient technique to get desired results .

This course only required sitting with closed eyes and practicing Law of Attraction in your mind space. In this you will learn the magic of how changing your inner world can change your outer reality , you have to initially practice this to make it a part of your daily living - so join Applying law of attraction and meditation course with open heart so that you receiving maximum from this course .

Who is the target audience?
  • For anyone who has struggled to do get successful in areas of their life that are most important to them.
  • Who is interested in guided meditation?
  • Who want to learn meditation?
  • Who want to learn Law of Attraction?
  • Who want to change their Old Age Beliefs and Want to create a New Life?
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 26 Lectures Collapse All 26 Lectures 03:17:20
What is Law of Attraction?
5 Lectures 36:04

Finding Your core self- Checking the Inner Reality!

Law of Attraction principles - Communicating with Your Subconscious Mind

Meditating on Self - Changing Your Belief Script.
Understanding Your Brain Power
2 Lectures 11:29
Understanding Law of Attraction - Meet Your Brain Waves.

Unlock Your Brain’s Full Potential.
Meditation - Power of Concentration
4 Lectures 20:35
Meditation -What is concentration?

Why concentration is important for applying Law of Attraction?

How and Where to Concentrate?

Meditation - Powerful Exercises To Improve Concentration.
Law of Attraction and Meditation - The Journey begins !
5 Lectures 23:49
Entering into Mind Space.

Affirmation and Your subconscious mind

Steps of creating your own affirmations.

Change your life with powerful affirmations
11 pages
The Advance System- Perfect lifestyle
4 Lectures 32:08

Why to become a positive thinker?

How to manifest using positive thinking

Living a Positive Life.
Meditation Practices
5 Lectures 48:10
Guided meditation Part 1 - Emotional Healing

Guided Meditation Part 2 - Attracting Abundance!

Guided meditation Part 3 - Self Mastery!

Daily Routine for Law of Attraction and Meditation Practices.
2 pages

About the Instructor
4.2 Average rating
9 Reviews
1,530 Students
1 Course
Meditation ,Life Coach and Serial Entrepreneur !

I'm a serial entrepreneur, meditation and life coach and conscious speaker. I am passionate about learning how meditation, visualization, metaphysical and other similar techniques affect human experience.

My Journey of Life

My journey and quest for Spiritual life and Finding Inner piece started when I was 16 year old. I was always fascinated by Indian temples,gurus and Sadhus doing meditation. There I discovered inner power and lot of ancient meditation practices which helped me to find ways to live a successful life in every area of life be it Financial, Relationship, Spiritual and Health . I also took personal coaching and advices on What are the powerful universal forces which influence our life and how to attract success in life using these principles. I am a passionate follower of universal power. I try to find out the energy which kicks me from inside to visit powerful energy places and meet highly energetic people. That’s the power which always forces me to run from one place to another, and I learned a lot from each of my experiences. Whenever i visit those places, I get more uplifted and get more closer to my path, which helps me to find my purpose.

I was courageous enough to apply the techniques in my life without expecting results. My situation was really bad and I wondered why it is happening to me. But I never failed to be positive in every situation. These energies gave me power to fight with every worse situation and I keep following it every time. I was religiously thanking god day in day out to add more power into my life, to give me more signals of coming out of the worse situation.

At that time, I did lot of things consciously and unconscious, but with the passage of time I became more and more stronger. Later on, I connected to a spiritual guru who gave me the real practices to come out of worst situation. From there on, my inner journey started and I came across the inner reservoir of power. Gradually, I learned to transform these energies to all those who are in need of positivity and wellbeing. Later on, inner transformation happened and I entered in family life and there I learned to connect to child energies – a pure form of energy to connect.

My Corporate Life

In order to make my living, I was also living a different life in my corporate world and have worked with top multinationals of India. I had 13years of working experience with giant companies. During my corporate life I connected to lot of good souls and learned remarkably in terms of problems that people face.

Every Individual has a Different Journey

My aim is to help all those who are struggling to apply it, who does not know much, who does not know the missing piece. I thank god for giving me the opportunity to transform these energy to all those who are in need of it.

I want to become a real person; to transform people’s life; share with them experiences of my struggles and journey so that they learn and apply the techniques into their life.

My Services - If you are looking for SERIOUS AND DEEP LEVEL DISCUSSION than Drop me a note and let me know if I can support you in Your Life Journey by Deep Coaching Session (first session is free for Udemy students). CLICK HERE

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