Stress Turnaround: A 7-Week System for Work/Life Success

Ignite your work and life with a proven system to spin stress into success using the renowned Life Mapping process.
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About This Course

Published 5/2014 English

Course Description

Minimize stress and maximize your life in just 7 weeks!

The Stress Turnaround Program shatters the work/life balance myth and gives you a new way of thinking about your goals, stress management, personal growth and professional success.

Using the proven Life Mapping process that's been seen on national TV and in your instructor, Kristen Brown's, bestselling book, The Happy Hour Effect, you will uncover the elements of your life that cause you stress and discover those things that bring you the most joy. Once these aspects of your life are revealed, you can be more effective in prioritizing the moving pieces of your life to reach your dreams.

What Will You Get?

Your training includes 7 sessions of life-changing exercises, videos and motivational tools to help you be more productive, find more time, have more peaceful relationships and boost your health and happiness!

Other programs like this cost thousands of dollars. Therapists and coaches cost hundreds of dollars per session. This powerful and affordable program can get you started off on the right path in the privacy of your own home and give you the tools you need to make changes for yourself and your loved ones.

"Using all of the tools that Happy Hour Effect gives has helped me be less tense and actually a better parent and spouse because I’m less cranky about work and chores. Fantastic info that has really helped me figure out what works for me to be less stressed out. My kids and husband thank you!” ~A, MN

“Happy Hour Effect’s tips and techniques have helped me be so much more productive every day. I know what I need to do to be energized and what I need to do to reduce the stressful parts of my day-plus it’s fun!” ~C, MN

Course Notes:

  • It is recommended that you go through each session one week at a time. However, you can go at your own pace to fit your lifestyle and learning needs.
  • Each session includes video and PDF downloads so you can learn in the style that suits you best.
  • Each session includes interactive exercises and hands-on activities to keep you on-track and focused on progress.

What are the requirements?

  • Computer speakers
  • Recommended but not required: Printer to print weekly exercises and trackers

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Free up your schedule for more time so you can indulge in your favorite activities and have more quality time for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Learn to recognize and reduce your stress symptoms like headaches, upset stomach, low morale, irritability and anxiety so you feel better.
  • Learn how to shift your perspective on how stress impacts you so you are less anxious, irritable and flustered.
  • Have more energy so you can be more productive throughout the day.
  • Develop better sleep habits so you are more rested and energetic for your daily tasks.
  • Discover secrets to look and feel great at any age so you have more confidence in relationships and at work.
  • Create a more harmonized life that is filled with all of the things you love and less of the things you don't.
  • Lifetime access to 17 video lessons, 14 interactive exercises and bonus content.

Who is the target audience?

  • Busy executives striving for career AND personal success.
  • Entrepreneurs juggling business priorities and home life.
  • Working parents trying to fit everything into their lives.
  • Young professionals seeking more clarity on their goals.
  • High school and college students learning to balance independence with responsibility

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


1 page

Welcome to the Stress Turnaround program! I'm so glad you're here and can't wait to share with you the tools to spin stress into success! Some tips for navigating the course:

  • Each week includes a Primer video with supplementary materials to download including the transcripts of the video, an overview of the week, an exercise and a daily practice grid and tracker.
  • To download these materials, simply click on the "download" symbol in the upper right corner where the class dashboard is located.
  • Also be sure to read the lecture description that can be found in the same place.
  • Please don't hesitate to email me or start a discussion within the course.

Looking forward to meeting you virtually!


Kristen Brown

Section 1: Week 1 - Life Mapping: The Life Map, Stress Cues & Stress Cures

Week 1 Welcome

Hello!! Welcome to Stress Turnaround Week 1! Are you excited? Anxious? Fearful? Confused? Wondering what the heck you got yourself into? Rest assured that all of these are normal and perfectly okay!

Any time you have questions or concerns, just email me. Any time you feel emotional, just remember that it's all part of the journey. This program is designed to make you think and analyze your life in ways you have never considered before - and that can be really, really scary!

This week you are getting grounded and you'll be giving yourself a reality check. This involves a big-picture overview of the Life Map, explanation of your daily practices and much more. The goal this week is to just become aware of your habits, schedule and emotions as you go about your daily tasks. You will be identifying Stress Cues and Stress Cures and begin to think about all of the moving pieces of your life in new ways.

Start here:

  1. Review the Week 1 Overview, Week 1 Exercise and Week 1 Daily Practice Grid and Tracker.
  2. Schedule all of the daily practices into your calendar. (and make sure to DO them every day.)
  3. Watch the Week 1 Primer video.
  4. Do the Week 1 Exercise.
  5. Fill out your Daily Practice Grid.

It seems like a lot right now, but once you get going and get used to everything, it will all come naturally. It's all about becoming aware of your current reality, finding your motivation to change, committing to yourself and your loved ones and the willingness to experiment until you find YOUR right path through life. I will say it over and over that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for stress. But to figure out yours, you must have an open mind, be honest with yourself and stay motivated to reach your goals. This week we'll get you started on the right foot.

Thank you for being a part of the Stress Turnaround program! I look forward to guiding you and sharing your journey with you! And come and visit me on Facebook or the podcast for the latest inspiration!



Reality-Check Slave Driver and Committed Mentor

Happy Hour Effect LLC


A continuation of the Week 1 Primer to get you motivated and ready to turnaround your stress and elevate your life.

Week 1 - Life Mapping Primer #3
3 questions

Hi! Hopefully you have watched the Week 1 Primer video and been doing your Daily Practices. You're probably overwhelmed by so much to do. But it's all for a reason. I want you to experiment and try a lot of different, proven techniques for boosting happiness over time. (like meditation, gratitude, drinking water, sleep, etc.) These types of practices aren't instant miracles, but they are pretty darn close. So stick to them. It's like cleaning out a junk drawer or organizing a closet. It always has to get worse before it gets better while you sort through all the junk. That's what we're doing this week so unpack the junk and know that eventually it will fall back into place. And you'll get rid of a ton of useless crap too!

"Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful." ~Margaret J. Wheatley

Action Step: Listen to Change by Taylor Swift to get motivated to start making changes for yourself and your loved ones.

Keep on truckin'!


Kristen Brown

Chief Motivation Officer and Butt Kicker


Week 1 Wrap-Up

Hello! You made it through Stress Turnaround Week 1!! I'm proud of you for getting through it and taking the time out for yourself. Not only will it benefit you in the long run, but it will benefit your loved ones, co-workers, friends and everyone you come into contact with in the future too! You are going to be learning some very powerful ways to live differently. Those changes will become real in your life and everyone around you will notice. They'll be drawn to your positivity. They will respond to you with smiles. They will turn to you as their role model for living. Yes - it will happen! You will start putting out crazy amounts of energy as you start to change. You will become magnetic as others feel that energy! Kinda weird and wacky, but believe me, you need to be ready for it.

Before we move on to Week 2 tomorrow, I want to do a quick review of this week.

Action Step: Watch the Week 1 Wrap-Up video.

Get some sleep tonight and tomorrow check out your Week 2 Primer video and materials. We'll be focusing on big challenges and those annoying big roadblocks that constantly jump up to block our progress. I'm talking big stuff here like loss of a loved one, grudges, health problems, addictions, etc. (You know - those stressful things in life that make you a little bit crazy for awhile where you somehow find yourself in a dark room laying on a tear-stained pillow with an empty container of ice cream surrounded by snotty Kleenexes.) For many people this is one of the toughest weeks to face because it forces you to be honest with yourself when you may have been lying to yourself for many years. Stock up on tissues and get ready to do some serious soul-searching!

See you soon!


Kristen Brown

Puffy-Faced Crier and Fan of Haagen-Dazs

Section 2: Week 2 - Challenges: Identify & Overcome Your Roadblocks

Week 2 Welcome

Hello!! Welcome to Stress Turnaround Week 2! Remember any time you have questions or concerns, just email me at And come and visit me on Facebook or the podcast for the latest inspiration!

This week you will be diving deep into the scary challenges that continue to rear their ugly heads to take you down from time to time. These aren't the daily annoyances like traffic, bills or job stress. The stuff I'm talking about here are the things from our past that we just can't let go of like health challenges, loss of a loved one, relationship issues like divorce or addictions. You know - the big stuff that sends you into a downward spiral and sucks the energy out of your life for awhile - even years after it actually happens.

My goal this week is to give you a good reality-check to ground you - and then help you clear the air so the things you learn going forward have more room to take hold. You might not like me after this week, because it can be really hard to face reality - and when you go deep into past challenges, a lot of negative emotions can rise up and make you feel bad about yourself, your life or your choices. The key is to acknowledge those feelings, realize that the past isn't a definition of the present or future and then, finally, to let go of the negativity and start taking real action to overcome your past challenges for good.

It's not easy and it's not always fun to face up to and take responsibility for things that we may have always blamed others for or never admitted hurt us in the first place. But you won't do yourself any good by denying your feelings or passing blame off on someone else. So be honest with yourself this week. Think deeply and reflectively about your past. And know that by simply opening your mind and heart to making changes, you CAN regain control of those scary life experiences that no longer exist.

Start here:

  1. Review the Week 2 Overview and Exercise.
  2. Schedule all of the daily practices into your calendar. (and make sure to DO them every day.)
  3. Watch the Week 2 Primer video.
  4. Do the Week 2 Exercise.
  5. Fill out your Daily Practice Grid.

Let's make this week a great one! Another huge thank you for being a part of the Stress Turnaround program!




Week 2 - Challenges Primer #2
3 questions

Week 2 Mid-Week Motivation

Hi! This week is all about diving deep into your own drama. No one likes to admit that they may be responsible for the bad stuff in life, but we've all done it. We've whined and complained instead of finding a solution to our problems. We have slipped into moments (or years) of feeling sorry for ourselves which prevented us from moving forward. We've all been stuck in stress at one time or another. But we can move through it faster and more positively by taking responsibility for our own lives - and for our own mistakes. We are human and that means we WILL fail sometimes. Learn to own that and you will be much more resilient to change and better able to keep life going in a positive direction when challenges take you down.

"...a man may be free to do anything he pleases if only he will accept responsibility for whatever he does." ~Ellen Glasgow

Action Step: Listen to No More Drama by Mary J. Blige to get inspired to release pain caused by yourself or others.

Remember not to fall behind or you will lose your motivation! Keep on keepin' on!


Kristen Brown

No-Drama Queen


Week 2 Wrap-Up

Hello! Well - Stress Turnaround Week 2 is over and done!!

Before we move on to Week 3, watch the Week 2 Wrap-Up video where we will review the Exercise and Daily Tracker. I will pull it all together for you so you can begin to shift your reactions to big challenges in life - and make peace with your past.

Action Step: Watch the Week 2 Wrap-Up video.

Give yourself a big hug for a week well-done! (I'm not a hugger so I'm just going to awkwardly pat myself on the back!)

See you tomorrow!



Anti-Hugger and Awkward Good-byer

Section 3: Week 3 - Work & Money: Find Meaning in Your Work and Define Your Success

Week 3 Welcome

Hello!! Welcome to Stress Turnaround Week 3! Remember any time you have questions or concerns, just email me.

This week you will take a good, long, hard look at your work and money situation. The last few years have been tough on all of us. Even if you're financially secure or you love your job, the pressure and volatility of the job market, the stock market and everything in between has still impacted our ability to truly find peace in those areas of our lives. But this week, I will be sharing some of the best tips and insight I have gathered over the last few years from the best career experts and financial planners. I want you to squeeze every last bit of enjoyment out of your job even if it's not your ideal dream job right now. And I want you to feel more in control of your finances so the stress of the unknown doesn't bring you down. So get out your budgets and your job description and let's take a look!

Start here:

  1. Review the Week 3 Overview and Exercise.
  2. Schedule all of the daily practices into your calendar. (and make sure to DO them every day.
  3. Watch the Week 3 Primer video.
  4. Do the Week 3 Exercise.
  5. Fill out your Daily Practice Grid.

Every job is filled with headaches and every checkbook is filled with bills no matter who you are but we can work through it together! And come and visit me on Facebook or the podcast for the latest inspiration!

Thanks for being a part of the Stress Turnaround program!



Work-Stress Reliever

Week 3 - Work & Money Primer #2
3 questions

Week 3 Mid-Week Motivation

Hi! This week we are focusing on work and money stress. This is one tough subject because work and money factors top the list of stressors in most people's lives. But if you can shift your thinking to change your relationship to money so it doesn't define your happiness, it will set you free from much of the anxiety that goes along with work. At the same time, if you can re-connect with small moments of enjoyment throughout your work day, it can help you get through those stressful hours you spend at your workplace. And most importantly, you must harmonize the challenges you face at work with fun and happiness in your personal life. Keep working on these things and over time you will find a new appreciation for your work and less reliance on money for your happiness.

"Men for the sake of getting a living forget to live." ~Margaret Fuller

Action Step: Listen to Drink In My Hand by Eric Church and Something More by Sugarland for some work-time smiles.

Remember not to fall behind or you will lose your motivation and feel guilty for not following through on your commitments! See you soon!


Kristen Brown

Battler of Work Stress


Week 3 Wrap-Up

Hello! Doesn't 3 seem like a lucky number? And lucky for you Stress Turnaround Week 3 was a great one and got to the heart of the top stressor most people report in their lives. Work and money aren't easy subjects, but by analyzing your situation and gaining control over it, you are one step closer to a more harmonious life. Let's review this week.

Action Step: Watch the Week 3 Wrap-Up video.

Work stress can suck the life out of you, but this week we learned a ton of great tips to get them under control. Plus some good stuff to get your financial situation under control too. As always, be open to experimentation to find what works for your unique situation. Over time, you will find that the stress of work doesn't carry over into the rest of your life as often PLUS you won't be so reliant on money for happiness or as a measure of success.

See you soon for Week 4 when we will be talking about your Core Life - those things that are the center of your life like family, health and spirituality.



Coffeebreak Meditator

Section 4: Week 4 - Core Life: Energize the Most Important Parts of Your Life

Week 4 Welcome

Hello!! Welcome to Stress Turnaround Week 4! Remember any time you have questions or concerns, just email me. And come and visit me on Facebook or the podcast for the latest inspiration!

This week you will focus in on the big things that make up the core of your life like your partner, kids, health and spirituality. These are the things that make your life tick. They are the things that give you a reason to live. These are the things that give you the strength and will to get up and make the most out of every day. If any of these things are out of whack, you're in for some trouble not just in that particular area, but throughout all areas of your life because these Core Life pieces are so huge and important to your livelihood.

In this week's exercise you will identify the most important things in your life and in the daily tracker, you will work on prioritizing them. You may be asking why you would have to prioritize them if they are the most important. Well, unfortunately, the things that are closest to us are often the first to slip when the craziness of life sets in. Imagine a busy day at work when you're up to your eyeballs in projects and your boss is being a major pain in your you-know-what. On days like that, you may just feel like swinging through the closest fast food drive-through and lying on the couch all night instead of making healthy food and exercise choices. Or you may be crabby to your spouse or snap at your kids even though they are the most important people to you - much more important than that annoying co-worker. And yet - we often take advantage of our most important assets. This week I want to help you change that.

Start here:

  1. Review the Week 4 Overview and Exercise.
  2. Schedule all of the daily practices into your calendar. (and make sure to DO them every day.
  3. Watch the Week 4 Primer video.
  4. Do the Week 4 Exercise.
  5. Fill out your Daily Practice Grid.

Let's make this week amazing! Great work so far and thanks for being a part of the Stress Turnaround program!



Sometimes Crabby Mom (but feel bad about it)

Week 4 - Core Life Primer #2
Week 4 - Core Life Primer #3
3 questions

Week 4 Mid-Week Motivation

Hi! This week you're working on solidifying the core pieces of your life and helping them rise to the top of your priority list. Yes - they may theoretically be at the top already - but sometimes they slip when stress sets in. That's okay! It happens to everyone. But by learning to become aware of those triggers that prompt you to accidentally undervalue your loved ones, your health or your spiritual practices, you can take back control of them and prevent those triggers from causing a rift in your core life. Remember that nobody is perfect - including you. You won't be perfect at this either. But over time, you can get better at minimizing the small or silly stresses that pull your attention away from the awesomeness of your core life.

"A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life." ~James Allen

Be sure to work on improving your sleep habits to make your body stronger and more resilient to stress and aging. Try meditating just before going to bed.

Action Step: For some fun music inspiration, list to (Kissed You) Good Night by Gloriana to remind yourself to embrace every moment with your loved one. Try How You Live by Point of Grace to get inspired to enjoy the little things in life. And don't miss 100 Years by Five for Fighting. (Oh - and definitely listen toLullaby by Billy Joel for a great reminder to love your kids every moment!)

Remember not to fall behind!

Your core is the heart of your life so keep it strong!


Kristen Brown

Daily Affirmer of My Priorities


Week 4 Wrap-Up

Hello! Could Week 4 have been any more amazing? It's so exciting to hear about all the changes people are seeing and this is one area - your Core Life - that can have pretty drastic and immediate improvement simply by being aware of your habits and choices. But your work doesn't stop now that the week is over. Be sure that you take note of any big shifts you noticed or emotions you felt. Follow them and keep experimenting.

Action Step: Watch the Week 4 Wrap-Up video.

Great work this week! As always, rest up tonight and prepare for Week 5 when you’re ready. We will start to look at all the daily to-do tasks, calendar items and commitments that eat up our time every day - and of course how to get our schedules under control!

See you soon!



Avid (and borderline type-A) List-Maker

Section 5: Week 5 - Passions & Commitments: Streamline & Prioritize Everything You Juggle

Week 5 Welcome

Hello!! Welcome to Stress Turnaround Week 5! Be sure you visit me on Facebook or the podcast for the latest inspiration!

This week you will take a good, hard, in-depth look at your daily tasks and responsibilities. I call this the Passions and Commitments Life Map zone because it is all of those things that fill up your time every day like hobbies, chores, to-do list items and every other big and small thing that demands your time and attention. But you can take back control of your schedule and to-do list by shifting just a few simple things to make them easier, faster, more fun and even non-existent! We will take a look at the To-Do List Makeover, Morning Prep Checklist, self-pampering ideas, meditation and some ways to make the most common daily tasks simpler.

Fair warning: the exercise and daily tracker are pretty intense this week. The goal is to really get your daily tasks unpacked so you can see what you have. It's like cleaning out a closet or junk drawer. You have to get everything out on the table to figure out what to keep, purge, trade or sell - and your schedule and to-do lists are no different. You must get it all out so you can decide how to proceed to make life easier and less crazy. Did you notice I didn't say "not crazy" but "less crazy?" There will always be craziness and stress in life. But with some simple steps you can find peace amidst the craziness. Let's get started!

Start here:

  1. Review the Week 5 Overview and Exercise.
  2. Schedule all of the daily practices into your calendar. (and make sure to DO them every day.
  3. Watch the Week 5 Primer video.
  4. Do the Week 5 Exercise.
  5. Fill out your Daily Practice Grid.

Cheers to another great week ahead! Thanks for being a part of the Stress Turnaround program!



Juggling Wannabe Clown

Week 5 - Passions & Commitments Primer #2
Week 5 - Passions & Commitments Primer #3
3 questions

Week 5 Mid-Week Motivation

Hi! This week it's all about finding harmony amidst the craziness of life. And part of the craziness of this week is getting a little messy as you unpack all the STUFF you juggle every day. If you did the exercise already, you know how much you pack into 24 hours. (Like you really needed the exercise to know that!) But being aware of everything and seeing it visually laid out is a powerful tool to help you re-prioritize everything to better fit with your lifestyle, needs and wants. And remember that there will never be a perfectly peaceful day. There is always a little background noise even on your happiest days just like on your worst days there should always be a background buzz of happiness and peace.

"Harmony would lose its attractiveness if it did not have a background of discord." ~Tehyi Hsieh

Take a listen to Dance Everyday by Terrance Simien for a little burst of feel-good happiness and I'm Alive by Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews as a great reminder to embrace the good stuff in life. And remember not to fall behind or you will lose your motivation.

Remember that YOU are the conductor of your own life. Live by YOUR score and life will be a beautiful symphony! (How cheesy was that!! But true!)


Kristen Brown

Sappy Conductor and Terrible Dancer


Week 5 Wrap-Up

Hello! Week 5 was a big one because easily the biggest stress complaint I hear is all about time and to-do lists - and this week we tackled that head-on! I shared with you a lot of tips for streamlining your schedule and daily tasks to make them easier, faster, more fun or to even eliminate them completely by taking them off the list or delegating to other people. The exercise and daily tracker were designed to help you become more aware of your daily activities. And hopefully they helped you to pinpoint areas where you can shift things so you aren't so stressed and overwhelmed by your responsibilities and tasks. The goal is to find a level of consistent peace amidst the inevitable craziness of life.

Before we move on to Week 6, let's review this week.

Action Step: Watch the Week 5 Wrap-Up video.

Taking back control of your schedule and to-do lists can give you a better sense of contentment which leads to better relationships, elevated happiness and less stress. And as I reinforce all the time, less stress means better health, more energy and increased productivity! Congrats on working it this week. The exercises and tracker were a lot of work this week, but the purpose was to help you unpack all your tasks and put them back into place in a way that works more effectively with your lifestyle and needs. Great job!!

See you soon for Week 6 when we'll work on everyone's favorite subject - your own big, crazy dreams and how to make them come true!



Always Messier Before Cleaner

Section 6: Week 6 - Dreams: Set GOALS to Achieve Your Big & Small Dreams

Week 6 Welcome

Hello!! Welcome to Stress Turnaround Week 6!

Finally some fun stuff this week! We are talking all about dreams and goals - and how you can make them real instead of having them sit on the backburner and stressing you out over time. I will be sharing criteria for deciding which GOALS to pursue first and give you some inspiration to write the story of your life! You will also learn why it's so important to build fun and adventure into your life - and of course some suggestions to do just that every single day. I want you to really think big this week. Imagine your life how you truly envision it and all those things that could really add fire and excitement to it. At the end of your life, what will you want to have accomplished for yourself and your loved ones? Focus on that and your dream-fulfillment WILL happen! Let's do it!

Start here:

  1. Review the Week 6 Overview and Exercise.
  2. Schedule all of the daily practices into your calendar. (and make sure to DO them every day.
  3. Watch the Week 6 Primer video.
  4. Do the Week 6 Exercise.
  5. Fill out your Daily Practice Grid.

Remember to be bold and go crazy this week when envisioning your ultimate life. Now is your chance to get fired up and reach for the stars! (More corniness but really - reach for the stars!)

Thanks for sharing your dreams in this Stress Turnaround program! And come and visit me on Facebook or the podcast for the latest inspiration!



Corn Queen

Week 6 - Dreams Primer #2
3 questions

Week 6 Mid-Week Motivation

Hi! If you could do anything you wanted to do with your life with no worries about time, talent, money, support or responsibilities, what would you do?

This question is on your exercise sheet this week, but it should also be the driver of your forward momentum. If you can answer that question, you CAN set up a baby steps plan to get there. So what's your dream? How can you build small steps into your life today to make your goals for tomorrow a reality?

"Do you want to know what I most regret about my youth? That I didn't dream more boldly and demand of myself more impossible things...Oh to have dreamed harder!" ~Lewis Mumford

There are so many songs I listen to when I want to feel inspired, energized and motivated to go after big stuff. (or just to have a little dance party fun) Here are some faves:

  • Raise Your Glass by Pink
  • Big Star by Kenny Chesney
  • Yeah by Usher
  • Dream Big by Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband
  • Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield
  • My Wish by Rascal Flatts
  • Rockstar by Nickelback (I'll have the quesadillas.)
  • Better Life by Keith Urban
  • Remember not to fall behind or you will lose your motivation!

    Live your dreams every single day even in the very smallest of ways!


    Kristen Brown

    Big, Bad Dreamer and Adventure-Embracer


    Week 6 Wrap-Up

    Hello! Week 6 was fun and maybe also a little scary as you started to get a hold on your big crazy dreams and working to make them a reality. It won't happen overnight - especially the big stuff. But be patient with yourself and make sure you squeeze a little extra fun and adventure out of life every chance you get. The more you get used to feeling those moments of joy and fun, the more energy will begin flowing your way to make those big dreams real.

    Before we move on to Week 7, let's review this week.

    Action Step: Watch the Week 6 Wrap-Up video.

    Keep thinking big and being bold in your actions!

    See you soon!



    Boldly Going Where I Sometimes Fear to go

    Section 7: Week 7 - Bringing It All Together: Review Your Progress & Create an Action Plan

    Week 7 Welcome

    Hello!! Welcome to Stress Turnaround Week 7!

    It's time to wrap up all of our learning and bring it together so you can make it an ongoing part of your life. This week you will be taking all of your previous exercises and pulling them together on your Life Map. This will allow you to quickly see in an instant where the bulk of your energy comes from and where your stress originates. Once you are able to pinpoint these stressors and energizers, you can then begin to focus on the shifting the balance between them using the ideas and tips I have shared with you throughout the program. Be sure to spend at least 45 minutes working on your Life Map. I have spent multiple days helping people develop their maps so take them seriously and know that it will pay off if.

    Start here:

    1. Review the Week 7 Overview and Exercise.
    2. Schedule all of the daily practices into your calendar.
    3. Watch the Week 7 Primer video.
    4. Do the Week 7 Exercise.
    5. Fill out your Daily Practice Grid.

    Put some elbow grease into your exercises and Life Map this week so you have a strong finish to this whole process! See you in a couple of days! And come and visit me on Facebook or the podcast for the latest inspiration!



    Visual Prioritizer and Constant Shifter

    3 questions

    Week 7 Mid-Week Motivation

    Hi! We are almost to the end of our journey together, but that doesn't mean you should stop traveling down your path! This week is all about pulling together your Life Map and engaging others to join you on your path to less stress, better health and more happiness. So while life is YOUR journey, that doesn't mean it isn't easier and more fun when you can share it with others who are engaged with, enthusiastic about and energized by the same things you are. And having an inspiring group of people around you will only help you to think bigger about your dreams and fall more gently when challenges come along. YOU can motivate others to change their lives for the better and that will in turn make your life better too!

    "Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." ~Emerson

    Instead of giving you specific songs and meditations this week, I want you to instead pick your favorite ways of getting energized. Maybe it's your favorite song. Maybe you are energized by taking a run or gardening. Whatever it is for you, motivate yourself to finish the Stress Turnaround program with a bang!

    If you haven't yet watched the Week 7 Primer video, be sure to get on track. It's short this week (only about 5-6 minutes).

    Just a couple more days and you will be set free to chart your own course! I'm excited for you!!


    Kristen Brown

    Fireworks Expert and Group Leader


    Week 7 Wrap-Up

    Hello! Week 7 is done and so is the Stress Turnaround program! I can't believe it went so fast - and yet the amount of info that is crammed into this sucker - WOW!

    I'm confident that if you look back at your exercises and daily trackers, you were able to find at least two solid, immediate actions you can take in your life to better harmonize all of the moving pieces of your life. Hopefully you were able to find a heckuva lot more than that! Now the key is to keep up with your favorite practices. Schedule me-time onto your calendar. Make time to do your favorite hobbies and energizers. Start taking steps to making your big dreams and goals a reality. And most importantly, begin to shift the balance away from the stressful areas of your life. Remember that YOU are in control of how you spend your time, energy, resources and money. Make sure your choices are wise ones and that you are investing your energy into areas that make sense. The Life Map can help you stay on track and identify where shifts need to occur. So be sure that you re-visit your Life Map regularly and modify it as your life circumstances change. And remember you can always go back and fine-tune any time you need to make changes. You have the power!!

    Action Step: Watch the Week 7 Wrap-Up video.

    Well - I guess it's time to say good-bye! It has been my pleasure and honor to lead you through this process. I am passionate about helping people find their best lives. If you're ready to take the next step, please contact me for one-on-one coaching. I can help you stay on track over time by giving you the structure, support and inspiration you need to make your Life Map a powerful force in your life. Good luck and I look forward to hearing your updates and success stories as you continue on your journey! I will check in periodically to see how you are doing so don't think you're rid of me now! :)

    Congratulations on a huge step forward in your life! Now go share your success with others and pour yourself your favorite drink to celebrate! See you soon!



    Cheers-Giver, Life Mapper and Occasional Future Pest

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