Solutions Mastery: An Algorithm for Emotional Life Fitness
4.8 (3 ratings)
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Solutions Mastery: An Algorithm for Emotional Life Fitness

Revolutionize how you deal with life’s challenges, crisis and stress so you can get on with living... brilliantly!
4.8 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
148 students enrolled
Created by Karen Judd Smith
Last updated 11/2013
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What Will I Learn?
  • To transform the way you think about and deal with problems and stress.
  • Provide you with a simple, clear 3-step process for changing your future
  • Learn which 15 seconds that often slide right on by, can make the biggest difference in your life and your future
  • You will learn one key Principle of Solutions that turns the typical approach to problems on its head
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  • This is introductory and therefore the only requirement is curiosity and an interest in self-reflection for the purpose of self-improvement.
  • Having some awareness of the value of mindfulness is a plus but not required.

Revolutionize how you deal with life’s challenges, crisis, problems and stress so you can get on living fully!

This Algorithm for Emotional Fitness and Intentional Change provides the framework for leading an exciting and fulfilling life aligned with what you really want. It provides you with the knowledge and some of the tools needed to get you off the stress-treadmill and moving forward on your own terms again.

You will FEEL the potency of the simple ideas taught in this program because the Algorithm makes use of ground-breaking perspectives that alone, can turn your life around — but only if it needs it!

Life happens and it is not always pretty. During crises and in our ordinary lives, there are pivotal actions that have a far reaching impact. Learning where these are and how to utilize them builds our emotional fitness (and sanity!)

Develop Your Own "Personal Crisis Response Plan"

This course will show you the 5 - 15 seconds that you probably haven't paid much attention to in the past. This one lesson alone can make a massive difference to your life in the days and years to come!

What is taught is essentially very easy, but like most things, there are levels of skill. We can all swing a golf club, but swinging it like Tiger is something else all together! Still, even those who are not pros can enjoy the game immensely, our time outdoors, the relationships and many other side benefits.

Having simple, doable systems and steps to call upon whenever needed can make a massive difference to anyones' life, and when used, can save enormous amounts of grief, wasted time and stress.

This same formula can be used to initiate changes you wish to make in your life.

Radically New - Not Taught Anywhere Else

While this approach to personal problem solving and stress reduction is not taught anywhere else, it is based on more than twenty years of theoretical development, clinical practice and empirical research.

The few simple exercises that the training takes you through will allow you to see your life and your future with new eyes!

This course is preparatory for the "Solutions Mastery’s Advanced Training: The Revolution” and provides essential information, powerful insights and practical steps you can start using today.

Who is the target audience?
  • For those with challenging personal (or professional) relationships that are currently affecting their life, causing anxiety and stress
  • Those who know there are faster ways to improving their lives by drawing upon their own creativity, resources and resilience
  • Want to have a more constructive way to help loved one through their challenges and problems
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Curriculum For This Course
22 Lectures
The Promo Video-For Fun
3 Lectures 14:06

Just in case you didn't see this before you signed up... I had fun making it and hope you enjoy the preposterous epic drama!

Preview 02:44

This short welcome includes 3 learning strategies for this course. Given this includes very new information as well as steps and exercises, these will be helpful for you.

Preview 04:28

This video provides an overview of the Algorithm and its mains variables that make up our emotional life fitness.

With this “big picture” in mind, you will be able to see how the tips and tricks you learn in this course fit into the bigger picture.

This is great place to begin, and to come back to later to put it all together more clearly.

Preview 06:54
A Healthier Mindset: It's A Matter Of Choice
7 Lectures 26:27

Introducing the idea of a solutions mindset and beginning to explore what this might mean to us and how we might use it before getting into the "how to's."

Getting Started: Where to Look

The simple sense of having a plan rather than "winging it"... when what you choose to do REALLY matters.

Why This? Why Now? Why a "Personal Crisis Response Plan"?

This video tells you how much of a difference having a Solutions Focus made in one person's life.

What Having A Solutions Focus Can Do: A Recent Example

This lightly introduces 3 false assumptions (and there are others too) that usually make having a solutions mindset "unreasonable." But don't worry, because they assumptions are false, it means there is a huge opportunity for difference in your life!

How The Solutions Mindset Is Cursed

Considering the atypical as options for more effective living is part and parcel of Solutions Mastery. This short case study walks you though the dramatically different outcomes and trajectories that are "chosen" in those first 5 - 15 second when @#$% hits the wall.

The Power of the Small, 5 -15 Seconds & A Short Case Study

This explores a little of the math of being a "problem expert." It shows something of the scale of the problem with problems.

The Cost Of Being A Problem Expert & Focusing On Problems

Now you know where to pay particular attention, we get ready for an in-depth look at the main elements of a Personal CRP.

Plus the "diamonds in the rough" of our own lives are hinted at...

Section Wrap-up & A Hint Where The Gems of Change Lie
Taking Charge of Your Future
5 Lectures 23:17

This next section begins to look in more detail at "Solutions-Building Processes That Work," the part of the Algorithm that augments the Solutions Mindset by providing simple social technologies or "tools" that help move us forward while maintaining a solutions-focused mindset.

Processes that work are rooted in simple, clear principles and 3 of these are introduced here.

Tools For Our "Inner" Lives & 3 Principles of Change

These are the 3 things you need to do in any critical moment... or when you are making an intentional shift in your life even if a crisis is not happening. This section reviews your "Ready, Set, Go" steps.

The 3-Steps of Your Personal CRP

Understanding the difference between stress and tension is powerful, because it marks the beginning of a new way for you to benefit from tension and avoid stress.

Tension & Stress & Why Tension Is Our Friend

As you walk through this exercise, you are creating a new track for yourself to run on. You will be creating your own template for your CRP so that you will have a much better chance of responding to a crisis or difficult set of circumstances rather than reacting.

This puts you in the drivers seat of your own destiny. The DOING of this exercise is where you begin to build your capacity for Intentional Action, a key to mastery of solutions building skills.

An Exercise to Give You a Feel For Intentional Action

Adding some perspective of some other benefits to you... I want to urge you not just to watch this program but to TAKE ACTION :-)

Some of the Other Benefits of Taking These 3 Steps
Shifting From Problem Expert To Solutions Builder
5 Lectures 25:07

Getting ready for a closer look at the Solutions Matrix

The "Miracle Question" that we look at here was first introduced in the Solutions Focused Brief Therapy materials back in the 1980's.

Today, you can find quite a few books available dealing with Solutions Focusing, but they are often geared toward therapists rather than self-help materials.

One of the two main founders of this approach, Insoo K. Berg co-authored a self-help book for dealing with problem drinking:

Miller, Scott D, and Insoo K. Berg. The Miracle Method: A Radically New Approach to Problem Drinking. New York: W.W. Norton, 1995. Print.

Her partner in all this work authored other books including:

De, Shazer S. Keys to Solution in Brief Therapy. New York: W.W. Norton, 1985. Print.

The Miracle Question: The Heart of the Solutions Matrix

This lesson introduces you to a revolutionary perspective on dealing with problems that just may "freeze your brain." Encountering this one Principle of Solutions can have you completely changing the way you handle problems from here on in! Take a look.

Why This Is Revolutionary

Very simple. Very powerful. It's meant to be. But don't be fooled by thinking that grasping it mentally is the same as DOing it!

However, precisely because it is so simple in essence, the chances of you being able to DO it go up exponentially!

The Very Simple Essence of the Process

Being aware of our own tendencies is very helpful for us, as we know what to watch out for in ourselves. Having a baseline of how we frame "what we want" is also part of the first steps to answering simple key questions that can unlock our way forward.

Remember to DO the exercise and not just watch/listen!

Getting A Baseline For How You Frame Your Goals

This lesson zooms on in to look at one of the key components of the Solutions Matrix—the Miracle Question.

As we look at this pivotal question, we start the process of seeing, hearing and discovering how we can clarify our goals in ways that we can take small do-able steps toward, making our progress almost inevitable!

A Little More About The Solutions Matrix
Next Steps...
1 Lecture 00:28
Where to From Here?
1 Lecture 03:42

Chaplain Marilyn has seen and been involved in her fair share of traumas and tragedies as a hospital and hospice chaplain.

A Chaplain's Reflections
About the Instructor
Karen Judd Smith
4.8 Average rating
3 Reviews
148 Students
1 Course
Professor, Pansophic Change Leader

Dr. Karen Judd Smith - Professor, International Speaker, Social Activist, Personal Development Trainer, and moderate “Pansophic” (Pursuer of a wide range of scientific and philosophical studies) draws on the wisdom of the ages and the ongoing evolution in science and religion to unlock useful and practical approaches to dealing with challenges and changes!

Over the course of her professional life, she could not help but notice how ineffective it was, on every level of human interaction, to focus on problem solving alone. Her research led her to integrate several transformational concepts, one of which is Solutions Focused Brief Therapy, along with her foundations in physics and theology.

Turning many closely held assumptions on their head, she develops algorithms for various challenges. Whether pursuing advocacy at the United Nations or changes to some of our personal abusive behaviors, she brings deep insights, easy-to-use steps and systems... all with a signature twist of humor.

Professional and Personal Background

Dr. Karen Smith originates from Australia where she grew up on a dairy farm in the Hay plains of New South Wales. She graduated from Methodist Ladies College and earned a degree in Physics from The University of Melbourne. She furthered her exploration into the mysteries of the universe, earning both a master’s and ministry doctorate in Theology. Grounded in the practical realities of farm life, steeped in both “hard” and “soft” sciences, she has led a wonderfully varied life, spanning two continents and successful career choices that included a 17 year presence at the United Nations.

Her love of nature led her early on into ocean exploration where she garnered a captain’s license from the Coast Guard. She then spent several years developing ocean education for young and old alike, imbuing her programs with not only the science of ocean navigation, but also it’s deeper, more mysterious essence. Her students not only learned how to read maps and navigate boats, they were also made aware of the ocean’s ability to evoke contemplation and awe, whether scuba diving beneath its surface, sailing for pleasure upon it, or making a living by fishing from it.

From there, she ventured into a travel and tour a business, alongside her husband’s work as a hotelier in the New York area. It was here that she was eventually drawn into the dynamic promise of United Nation’s work. Per her abilities as an educator and trainer, she developed programs for UN Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) that helped staff and volunteer members connect to the formal structure and protocols of international Ambassadors and their offices.

This led to her to develop, “The Advocacy Algorithm for Global Citizens” an Online Training and Advanced Education Course with 36 teaching modules introducing the United Nation’s history, structure, protocols and critical “how-to’s” per creating a successful NGO office environment that can translate into meaningful interaction with key leaders in the UN environment.

In the “meantime,” she raised 3 children with her husband and, consistent with her love of beauty and movement, found the time and energy to continue a lifelong passion where she transformed ballet training as a youth into ballroom dance. She has often competed and won several medals in Pro-Am events (she was the amateur, but nonetheless, dancing with world class professionals and champions).

NOTE from Dr. Karen: “Thoughts on Life”

Life is not really so much about having things as it is about doing things. I firmly believe that real power is not in the positions and/or titles that one might gain, rather it resides in each person’s own heart and mind. Leadership is about taking charge of our daily choices, even when, perhaps especially when, we are confronted with daunting setbacks or traumatic experiences.

I have worked with people at the international level, some whose stories of the turmoil in their homeland would wrench your heart. And yet, many of them chose to rise above and move beyond. Their courage always inspired me and remains one of the well springs for my Solutions Mastery Training.

My lifelong work, and continuing passion is to help people effect change by activating and empowering what lies within each individual. I’ve seen it over and over again how we shape our lives by what we choose in the “small” moments of everyday life. But, these seemingly insignificant choices accumulate into changes that profoundly affect us, for the good or otherwise.

In Physics we learn that the “small is everything” for where would we be without all those little atoms that contain even smaller quarks and even smaller energy packets? What happens in the nearly invisible micro-realms also occur in similar manner in the macro-level of human life. I believe, rather I KNOW we are capable of making small accumulating changes that create pivotal moments in our lives through which we can then make seemingly surprising quantum leaps forward.

I’ve seen it in my own life, and in others, hundreds times over.

I’d love to see it in your life, too. So, let’s get on with it!

All the best,

Dr. Karen