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About This Course

Published 3/2013 English

Course Description

Sociable Video is a training course dedicated to making you awesome at leveraging the conversion power of marketing with video. Focusing on the creation of highly shareable creative content that empowers interaction and action.

I will show you step by step how to get started and succeed in the world of video marketing. From overcoming your fear of being on camera, to what types of content people share, how to trigger them to share it, the technical aspects of production, equipment for any budget, video search engine optimization, setting up your YouTube channel, leveraging influencers, seeding your videos, interacting with your viewers and so much more!

Video connects with your followers and customers in a more powerful way than any other marketing method. Most businesses and brands are still doing it wrong. I will show you how to do it right so your followers will deeply connect with you and your business. Paving the way for more sales and life long customers.

"I'm impressed! This is the must have course for anyone interested in learning the ins & outs of content marketing and social media. Wayne has created an actionable training series based on his real world experience and has successfully connected the dots on the key elements any business needs to succeed in digital marketing."
- Craig Bland / Digital Strategist

Some of what you will learn...

  • What people are triggered to share. Learn what types of video content your business can create that are more likely be shared by your viewers.
  • The right way to use YouTube. The best practices to get your video to stand out from the masses and grow your subscribers quickly. As well how to get viewers back over to your own website.
  • Find video topics your customers are searching for. Easily find hundreds of video content ideas for any market that people are already looking to know more about.
  • Turn viewers into action takers. You want people to do something that will benefit your business after watching your video! I will show you many ways to make this happen.
  • Video Search Engine Optimization. The proper use of meta-tags and brainstorming creative keywords to target is vital to the success of a video. I'll show you how to do right from the get go!
  • Get social influencers to post your videos. Learn how to effectively encourage high trafficked blogs and social account holders to post your content.
  • Export settings for all devices. Your videos need to be high quality and play quickly on all desktops, tablets and other mobile devices. Use the settings in this course for a happy viewing experience every time.
  • The right equipment for any budget. From zero dollars to thousands of dollars, I will show how to squeeze the most out of your production budget with exact equipment recommendations.
  • Create eye-catching thumbnails. Learn what elements to include and how to make custom thumbnail images with my Photoshop screencast tutorial.
  • Juice your videos with paid views. I'll show you how to jumpstart your video campaign and get more organic (free) views by using Google Adwords for Video.
  • 27+ engaging video format ideas. Present your information in a way that people want to watch! Steal from the four episodes of concept and show ideas.
  • My color correction secrets. My special technique for improving the brightness, tone and overall look of pretty much any video, even if you didn't light very well.
  • Leverage different types of talent. Having different types of knowledgeable experts and personalities (even celebrities!) in your videos can add value to your content. I'll show you how to do it!
  • Read & exploit your video statistics. Analytics can be confusing at first glance but I will show you how to turn them into a back story of your video and then use that knowledge to do more with what is working.
  • Build relationships with your followers. Their are several strategies you can implement for continual and effective connection with your viewers. Involving your followers will turn them into fans for life!
  • Collaborations & Joint Ventures. Find ways to work with and swap resources with someone else for a mutually beneficial outcome. These are some powerful strategies especially when you are just starting out.

What are the requirements?

  • To produce some of the types of video content discussed in this course you will need some type of video camera (options for all budgets are discussed) and at least basic editing software.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Five-In-One Online Training Series
  • Includes Downloadable .MP3 Audio Version
  • "Bite-Sized" Easy To Understand Learning
  • Industry Professional Best Practices
  • Learn How To Create Engaging Video
  • Learn The Truth About YouTube
  • Learn How To Leverage Influencers
  • Learn Proven Video SEO Tactics
  • Steal from 27 Video Format Ideas
  • Learn How To Exploit Video Analytics
  • Learn How To Convert Viewers to Sales
  • This is a 'living course.' I will be updating & returning to answer questions!

Who is the target audience?

  • Micro / Small / Medium Business Owners
  • Start-ups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Marketers
  • Artists
  • Personalities
  • Ninjas

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Social Video Content Marketing: The Critical Information

In Section 1 I will lay the foundation for leveraging the power of video content marketing and remove some the roadblocks stopping you from implementing video. I will also dispel some of the myths surrounding YouTube and teach you what types of video content people are mentally triggered to share.

This section is only the beginning, in future episodes we will dive deeper into these topics with how-tos, tutorials and screencasts.

Learn how to soak up this course like a sponge! As well as an explanation of different sections used throughout the course. Please note that Episode numbers mentioned within videos and ebook do not coincide with Lecture numbers. For example Episode 3 is Lectures 4 & 5.

120 pages
The entire Sociable Video course in ebook form! We all learn in different ways and having this ebook as a guide can help with your understanding of the material.
Learn how to create a video marketing strategy that works for you business. Set some short term and long term goals.
The continuation of Lecture 4.
Learn how to integrate your video marketing initiatives in with your other social and blogging platforms. 
Learn how to make YouTube work for your business as an audience building tool that you can later convert to customers.
Having a video go 'viral' is harder then ever. Learn better ways to measure a video's success.
People buy from people. Becoming the face of your brand and using video is a powerful trust builder and marketing tool.
Most people have a strong aversion to being on camera. Learn how to condition yourself to overcome this fear fairly easily.
Learn what types of content people are mentally and emotionally triggered to share. 
Part 2 - Learn what types of content people are mentally and emotionally triggered to share. 
Learn how to prompt your viewers to take action during or after watching your video using creative calls to action.
Section 2: Creating Creative Content With Social Motivators

In Section 2 I focus on the most important elements of content creation and connecting the dots to create engaging videos. I will go over how to find topics for your videos your customers are searching for now, how to leverage different types of talent pools in your videos and several ways to structure your videos to facilitate the communication of your message. I wrap up this series with some very helpful tips on being more effective on camera and interviewing talent.

Learn how to find topics for you videos that your customers are already searching for online. Therefore they want to learn more and most likely share your video as well.
Search terms for pop culture and calendar events spike during certain times of the year. Learn how to leverage that search traffic for your videos.
Learn two ways you can leverage our celebrity obsessed culture to get traffic to your videos.
Enhance your content by learning how to integrate experts into your videos.
Funny videos have a much higher sharing rate so it can really pay off to solicit the help of a comedian to write or star in your videos.
Learn how to get access to red carpet and other high profile events and cover them for your own traffic pulling video content.
Learn how to structure your videos in a way that makes them engaging, fun and informative! Steal any of these 25+ ideas and customize them to your video topics. 
PART 2 - Learn how to structure your videos in a way that makes them engaging, fun and informative! Steal any of these 25+ ideas and customize them to your video topics. 
PART 3 - Learn how to structure your videos in a way that makes them engaging, fun and informative! Steal any of these 25+ ideas and customize them to your video topics. 
PART 4 - Learn how to structure your videos in a way that makes them engaging, fun and informative! Steal any of these 25+ ideas and customize them to your video topics. 
Learn several key on camera techniques that will help you become more at ease and really let your personality shine through.
Section 3: The Right Equipment & Effective Production Techniques

Section 3 is all about the right equipment for any budget or lack there of! You’d be surprised at the quality you can squeeze out of very little cash. 

I also go over some crucial pre-production planning, set design ideas (and why you might want to avoid that overused green screen!) and editing techniques to hold a viewers attention. Plus you will learn how to screencast like a professional, so you can create video content even if you don’t have a video camera!

More production equipment recommendations for any budget.
More production equipment recommendations for any budget.
In this episode we talk about computer requirements as well as the best editing software options.
In this episode we go over some affordable ideas for a simple set design and what looks best on camera.
I believe green screen is very overused in the world of internet marketing. Learn when it makes sense to use and how to do it properly.
Learn important planning techniques that will save you a ton of headaches and time later in the editing stage of production.
Learn basic lighting techniques (indoors and outdoors) and what it took for me to really understand what works.
Learn editing techniques that will help hold your audiences attention and keep them watching. Keep in mind that watch time is a factor in YouTube's ranking algorithm.
Learn how to use screen-casting to create engaging tutorials, how-tos or other videos that may not require you to shoot any footage at all. If you don't yet have video equipment screen-casting is a great way to get started.
A screen-cast on screen-casting!
Section 4: Publishing, Promotion And Tracking Your Success

Section 4 is all about what needs to be done once the production of a video is finished. I will first cover how to export your videos so they can be seen by all devices (including mobile and tablets) and what hosting service makes the most sense for you. Next I will teach you how to optimize the meta-tags on your videos and how to get the most of your videos on your own site. I will also cover how to encourage interaction around your videos, how to get other people to post your videos, how to exploit your video analytics and how to pay for views to give your videos an initial boost.

For images of export settings please reference the Guidebook.

In this episode I take a look at some of the best video hosts and players available to you.

Helping search engines like Google find, and rank your videos (ideally very high!) is a key strategy that is often overlooked or done sort of lackluster by many businesses. Don’t be in a rush to throw up a video and see what happens. Be sure to follow your plan that includes making sure all Search Engine Optimization elements are in place. 


In this episode I go over some optimal placement and usage strategies for video on your own web site. 

Example Opengraph code:


Now that you have your video posted on your site on YouTube or both, and it is properly optimized for SEO, you need to actively promote your video to bring in viewers. You may gain some viewers naturally through search and visitors to your website, but unless your site or youtube channel is already a success you need to do more legwork to get eyeballs to your video. 

This is done a few different ways, and in this episode I will go over some best practices for contacting and requesting your video be posted on blogs that are targeted and very influential to your followers. 


In this episode I will discuss some best practices for posting the video yourself on your own growing social accounts and other video sharing sites. 

Part 2 - In this episode I will discuss some best practices for posting the video yourself on your own growing social accounts and other video sharing sites. 
In this episode you will learn tips and strategies for effective viewer interaction.

Video analytics help explain a story of how, why and when your videos are viewed. Learn how to mine insight out of analytics and then turn that insight into actionable strategies to gain more views and subscribers.

Learn how to use paid video placement to give your videos a boost that can help jumpstart organic (free) views.
Screencast of how to use Google Adwords for Video.
Section 5: Conquering And Leveraging The Youtube Beast

Series Five is designed to not only get you setup on YouTube but also to take full advantage of the features it offers. I’ll show you how to create your channel, upload your videos with correct SEO, create unique thumbnails, create effective end cards and correctly utilize annotations. As well as how to get your video to show up multiple times in subscribers feed and several options for collaborating with other YouTube creators.

The focus is on integrating YouTube into your overall strategy and using it as a tool in your marketing arsenal while maintaining your core business strategies as the main goal.

Learn how to setup your YouTube channel and get the most out of the new One Channel Layout


Remember Youtube is a search engine, in fact it’s the 2nd largest search engine, so when you upload your videos you need to inform YouTube’s secret algorithm how to index your video for search and placement in other locations around the site. You do this mainly through the use of metadata and also a few additional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods. 

These same SEO efforts will also benefit your videos in Google and all other search engines as well. 

Screencast of uploading and publishing a video to YouTube.
In this episode I will show you step by step how to create really eye catching thumbnail graphic for YouTube or other site.
In this episode we take a look at several different ways you can utilize YouTube's annotation feature to encourage interaction and engagement.
Learn how to create a video bumper that you can add to the end of your videos on YouTube and annotate to encourage subscription or other social action.
Learn how to use YouTube's other interaction features to gain more exposure to your video.
Learn how to get people off of your YouTube channel and over to your own website where you can turn them into followers of your other work and into customers.
Collaboration on YouTube is one of the best ways to gain new subscribers. In this episode I will teach a few different ways you can format your collaboration and how to properly reach out to other content creators.
You are awesome! Go create awesome videos! Thank you for taking this course!

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I've been a producer & director of video content for seven years and previously worked in search marketing. I've worked on sponsored campaigns for Ford, Puma, XBox, Coke, Macys, LG, htc, Fuze and more. As well as produced hundreds of editorial content pieces distributed on some of the most popular pop culture sites and YouTube channels on the web.

For the full story please check out my LinkedIn profile , and for samples of my work.

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I am a freelance writer and social media marketer with over six years experience delivering high-quality content in a fast-paced, result-driven environment as a professional blogger. After spending several years in the corporate world, I transitioned to offering copywriting, blogging and social media services on a freelance basis. My areas of writing expertise include consumer goods, entertainment, health care, nonprofit and web design.

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