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Reboot Your Singing Voice - Level 2 ... Beyond the Basics

Learn to apply vocal skills to singing a song
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Created by Beth Lawrence
Last updated 12/2014
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You've learned the basic foundations of the Lawrence Vocal System in 'Reboot Your Singing Voice - Level 1'. Now get excited about applying all the fantastic things you've learned! I'll show you exactly how to use what you've learned to turn technique into performance. Technique is no good unless it's applied to actually singing a song. And that's what we'll be doing, step by step.

You need to know how to take what you learned in a vocal exercise, and use that knowledge to make singing easy! At the end of this course you'll be able to identify your vocal problems, and know exactly how to solve them, no matter what style of music you sing. This is a 'how to' for sharing your voice.

It's one thing to do a vocal exercise -- but you need to know how to use that skill when you're singing a song in the real world! Here's to spiraling upwards on your Singer's journey! Cheers, Beth Lawrence

Who is the target audience?
  • Singers who want to go BEYOND THE BASICS of the Lawrence Vocal System
  • Those who have taken Reboot Your Singing Voice - Level 1
  • Singers who understand the basic concepts of Bel Canto singing
  • A singer who is wants a more reliable, powerful voice
  • Someone who wants to identify, and fix bad vocal habits
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What Will I Learn?
Move forward confidently on your heroic Singer's Journey
Use the Lawrence Vocal System technique while singing a song
Monitor how much breath you need to complete a phrase
Have ONE voice without any break
Apply singing technique to actually singing a song
Get rid of a nasal or breathy tone
Enjoy hitting high notes without strain
Have an open throat without any constriction
Free the jaw, tongue and lips that can cause tension
Sing with confidence and joy
Produce a big, powerful sound without any effort
Become aware of bad vocal habits that are keeping you from joyful singing
Keep the larynx in a lowered position
Learn how to support your tone with the body, not the throat
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  • Please take Reboot Your Singing Voice - Level 1 so that you understand the basics of The Lawrence Vocal System
  • Everything is provided for you - PDFs; video instruction; audio instruction; self-evaluation forms
  • It would be helpful to purchase my book, 'From Shower To Stage…7 Easy Steps for Singing Like A Pro!', but not necessary. fromshowertostage. com
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 50 Lectures Collapse All 50 Lectures 02:03:32
Getting Started
2 Lectures 03:26

Here's a Welcome message from Beth Lawrence that will get you excited about Reboot Your Singing Voice Level 2!

Preview 03:26

What you need to know before you start.

How to Navigate This Course
2 pages
Why You'll Get Results - My Reboot Story
1 Lecture 04:16

I was a mess with vocal challenges early in my career until I found the singing system that healed my voice and changed my whole life So I know that whatever is not 'right' with your voice can be fixed and healed, because it happened for me, and can happen for you, too.

Preview 04:16
Your Baseline Evaluation - Where You Are NOW
3 Lectures 00:00

Here's why doing this Baseline personal Evaluation will give you added benefits!

Your Baseline Evaluation - Why It's a Great Tool
1 page

You'll get much more out of this course by being able to chart your progress and see how much you're learning. Take a few moments to fill out your Evaluation form!

Your Baseline Self Evaluation Form
1 page

Here are the lyrics and explanation of why this is a great song to practice with throughout this course.

What You'll Be Singing - 'America The Beautiful'
1 page
Beyond "Breath"
10 Lectures 18:55

Step # 1 - The Lawrence Vocal System - Breath.

Breath Is Energy.

Introduction to "Beyond Breath"
1 page

It is vitally important that you understand the dynamics of Energy and how to allow the flow of Energy to permeate the entire physical, mental, and emotional act of singing. Once you've mastered this allowing, your voice will take on an ease of manifestation, along with an added dimension of power and confidence. You will come to rely on your breath as the means to support and sustain all aspects of your voice, your mind, and your ability to fully communicate your story. You will understand how to enthrall an audience!

Now read the Energy Breath explanation below while you're listening to the audio exercise.

The Energy Breath
2 pages

Using the "Energy of Breath" not only helps you engage your audience, but using that vital energy when singing a vocal improvisation, or "vocal turn" frees the voice and fills your vocal improv with emotional meaning. How's that possible if you're not singing words? You're about to learn a powerful lesson in vocal magic that will have your audience emotionally mesmerized by your voice!

Now read the Vocal Improvisation explanation below while you're listening to the audio exercise.

Vocal Improvisation Using the Energy Breath
1 page

This video shows you how to give your singing emotional impact using the Energy of Breath.

Preview 05:12

Learn why it's important to release and visualize energy in and energy out.

The Sigh - Releasing the Voice on the Breath
1 page

This video will show you how to allow the voice to 'release' creating a free and relaxed singing experience.

The Sigh continued

As a strong singer, your physical body needs to be filled with breath energy to fully support and sustain the voice!

Now read the Visualizing the Breath As Energy explanation below while you're listening to the audio exercise.

Visualizing the Breath As Energy
1 page

This video will show you how to visualize your Breath as a vital substance and enhance your ability to harness a subliminal power that all singers want - the 'IT' Factor.

Visualizing the Breath as Energy continued

Using the Breath as Energy means putting equal energy on the inhale and the exhale! We're going to experience the importance of the exhale in our flow of energy. It's important that you are not 'holding' the breath, that you are instead allowing the Energy of Breath to flow out without constriction.

Now read The Importance of the Exhale explanation.

The Importance of the Exhale
1 page

This video will show you how to release the voice without tension or holding your breath.

The Importance of the Exhale continued

Beyond "Breath"
4 questions
Beyond "Conscious Breathing"
8 Lectures 12:20

Step # 2 - The Lawrence Vocal System - Conscious Breathing

Conscious Breathing is the Engine that powers the Breath.

Introduction to Beyond "Conscious Breathing"
1 page

You're probably wondering why you need to have a soft belly for proper breathing. Here's why in simplistic terms: When your belly is held tight, your diaphragm can't frully 'drop down,' which then prevents your lungs from filling up fully with air. So it makes sense that a tight belly causes restriction of the breathing mechanism!

Now read the Soft Belly explanation below while you're listening to the audio exercise.

The Soft Belly
1 page

The Lawrence Vocal System is all about expansion; freedom; an open channel of Energy. Becoming aware of the ribs, and learning to have the feeling of rib expansion helps to give you a more solid support for the voice. The more supported the voice is, the easier it is to sing and stay on pitch.

Now read the Rib Expansion explanation while you're listening to the audio exercise.

Rib Expansion
1 page

This video will show you how to expand and add flexibility to the rib cage so that you can take in a fuller breath to support your voice.

Rib Expansion continued

This exercise is great for learning how to utilize a full breath without exhaling too much, or exhaling too little. Raising the arm also helps you take a fuller breath as you expand the chest. They key word in proper breath support is expansion. We want to expand the ribs, expand the lungs, expand the belly. The Lawrence Vocal System is all about opening up and relaxing into easy, effortless singing.

Now read the Lowered Arm explanation.

The Lowered Arm
1 page

This video will show you how to monitor how much breath you are taking in, and letting out so that you will always have enough breath to finish your phrase.

The Lowered Arm continued

As you do this exercise repeatedly, you should be able to make longer and longer 'aahhhh' phrases. Concentrate on the slow, deliberate movement of the arm rather than the sound of the voice. Remember that when doing any of the Reboot Your Singing Voice exercises, we're most concerned with releasing the natural voice, not with producing a perfect tone. Right now, we want to learn proper breathing in order to support the voice.

Now read the Lowered Arm with Sound document while you're listening to the audio.

The Lowered Arm with Sound
1 page

This video will show you how to apply the elements of Conscious Breathing to your singing so that you have a strong, firm foundation of breath control that allows your whole body to actively support your tone.

Conscious Breathing Synthesis

Let's see what you've learned about conscious breathing.

Beyond "Conscious Breathing"
4 questions
Beyond "Placement"
7 Lectures 13:45

Step # 3 - The Lawrence Vocal System - Placement

Body Placement is the Resonance Chamber that amplifies the Energy.

Introduction to "Beyond Placement"
1 page

In this exercise we're gong to see and feel what we DON'T want - a voice that is pinched, tight, and placed high in the head. This not only gives an unpleasant sound, but feels terrible, and over time will cause vocal strain and damage.

Now read the Head Placement explanation below while you're listening to the audio exercise.

Head placement
1 page

This video will show you why Head Placement can be uncomfortable, tight, and rob you of vocal power.

Head Placement continued

Dropping the sound into the chest takes concertration and relaxation. You've got to let go of manipulating the voice and just allow the sound to drop down naturally into the chest. Your voice will instantly sound smoother, and it will be much less work to produce a beautiful, powerful tone.

Now read the Chest Placement explanation below while you're listening to the audio exercise.

Chest placement
1 page

This video will show you how to relax the throat and drop your voice into the chest where you'll get more power and a warmer tone.

Chest Placement continued

Singing from the belly, or 'body,' allows you to finally free the natural voice without constrictions and manipulation. You'll come to rely on 'body placement' when you encounter any vocal challenges, or when you need more power to reach your audience.

Now read the Body Placement explanation while you're listening to the audio exercise.

Body Placement
1 page

This video will show you how to use Body Placement to hit high notes without effort; have a voice with NO break; get unlimited power; and a beautiful tone.

Body Placement continued

Let's see how much you've learned about placement.

Beyond "Placement"
4 questions
Beyond the "Open Throat"
6 Lectures 09:41

Step #4 - The Lawrence Vocal System - The Open Throat

The Open Throat is the Portal that directs and colors the Energy.

Introduction to Beyond the "Open Throat"
1 page

In almost all cases, when a singer complains of a 'tight throat' or inability to move through an entire range without strain, the larynx is at fault. Interestingly, the larynx is connected to the base of the tongue, so you can see that a tense tongue will cause the larynx to raise and be inflexible, while a high, raised larynx will cause the tongue to stiffen.

Now read The Yawn explanation while you're listening to the audio exercise.

The Yawn
1 page

We know that in order to have a warm, free sound without effort, it's important to have an open throat. If the throat is not open, it will cause scratchiness, hoarseness, discomfort, and a blocked or nasal tone.

How do you know if the throat is open? Is it possible to hear and feel when the throat is oepn? Can you learn to open the throat These quesitons will be answered with this next exercise.

Now read The Yawn with An Aahh explanation while you're listening to the audio exercise.

The Yawn with an 'Ahh'
1 page

This video will show you how to open the throat while releasing the voice for a rich, flowing sound that makes singing easy.

The Yawn with an Ahh continued

If you've never paid any attention to your larynx when singing, then it's time that you become aware of the position and movement of the larynx. Major vocal issues are caused by a larynx that is jammed up or out of position, and when this happens, a voice will suffer from too much compression on the vocal cords, a constricted upper register, and potential vocal damage.

Now read the Monitor The Larynx explanation while you're listening to the audio exercise.

Monitor The Larynx
1 page

This video will show you how to hit high notes with a free, open voice.

Monitor the Larynx continued

Let's see how much you've learned about the open threat.

Beyond the "Open Throat"
4 questions
Beyond the "Organs of Speech"
9 Lectures 21:02

Step #5 - The Lawrence Vocal System - The Organs of Speech

The Organs of Speech are the Articulators that form the sound.

Introduction to Beyond the "Organs of Speech"
1 page

As with most habitual patterns of 'holding' or constriction, clenching the jaw is something that we all must become aware of. Holding of tension anywhere in the body will reflect in the voice, and also become a subliminal distraction to our singing experience.

In order to create the awareness of various tensions in the body, we have to pinpoint them. Right now we're going to work on the jaw because without dropping the jaw, we can't open the mouth.

Now read the Drop the Jaw explanation while you're listening to the audio exercise.

Drop the Jaw
1 page

This video will show you the best, and easiest way to get instant volume and vocal power.

Drop The Jaw continued

If you ever saw the movie ‘Home Alone’ you may remember that Macauly Culkin would hold his hands on both sides of his face, opening his mouth in an ‘oh no!’ sort of pose. This exercise is going to help you relax and open the jaw.

Now read the Home Alone Pose explanation.

"Home Alone" Pose
1 page

This video will show you how to relax the jaw, keep it from habitual clenching, and sing with an open, relaxed tone.

Home Alone Pose continued

You never want to have 'phony-baloney' exaggerated mouth movements or over pronounce your words when singing. But not opening up your words enough to make space for them is a huge distraction for your audience as they try to understand what you're singing about.

You need to be understood or you won't connect emotionally with your audience. Learning to make space for your words inside the mouth will make a tremendous difference in your effectiveness as a great story teller and performer.

Now read the Make Space In The Mouth explanation.

Make Space in the Mouth
1 page

This video will show you how to open up your words in a natural way so that you can connect with your listener on an emotional level while being clearly understood.

Make Space In The Mouth continued

The tongue has to move when you are speaking and singing - that's how we articulate our words. But keeping the tongue relaxed and lowered in the mouth, without pulling back or blocking the sound in the back of the throat, is essential to a free and open sound. Checking the position of the tongue and keeping it 'out of the way' is what you'll learn in this exercise.

Now read the Position of the Tongue explanation while you're listening to the audio exercise.

Position of the Tongue
1 page

This video will show you how to release tension in the tongue while keeping the larynx lowered for hitting high notes with ease and a comfortable singing experience.

Position The Tongue continued

Let's see how much you've learned about the organs of speech.

Beyond the "Organs of Speech"
4 questions
Review and Demonstration
1 Lecture 07:07

Yay! You did it! You completed 'Reboot Your Singing Voice - Level 2', and you are zooming on your Singer's Path to having a powerful, dependable, healthy voice for life.

In this final video you'll sing 'America The Beautiful' while applying all the Lawrence Vocal System concepts you've learned in this course. You're going to love how your voice sounds, how easy it is to hit high notes, and overall, you'll find that singing is a joy!

Course Review - Congratulations!
Chart Your Final Progress
3 Lectures 00:00

You've completed 'Reboot Your Singing Voice - Level 2' and are really loving your new ease of singing. But, trust me, you've probably forgotten how far you've come on this singer's journey -- so take the time to fill out this Final Evaluation, then compare it to your Baseline Evaluation. You'll be amazed at how far you've come!!

Why this Final Evaluation
1 page

Take a few moments to fill out your Final Evaluation -- you'll be glad you did!

Final Self-Evaluation Form
1 page

Here are some encouraging words as you 'spiral upwards' to that confident, healthy singing voice you've always wanted!

Final Notes from Beth
1 page
About the Instructor
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Helping you have a Healthy Voice for Life

Beth Lawrence is the author of From Shower To Stage…7 Easy Steps for Singing Like A Pro!, a book about healthy singing for Life. Based on the concepts of Bel Canto Singing, the Lawrence Vocal System, developed by Beth Lawrence, takes a holistic approach to vocal rehabilitation and confident communicating skills. As a result of suffering from vocal nodules early in her career, Beth Lawrence found a lasting solution to her own vocal problems, and now helps others have a healthy voice for Life.

As a singer, music producer, and songwriter, Beth Lawrence has composed for Broadway, Film, the U.S. Olympic Committee, and has won awards from Billboard Magazine; The American Song Festival; Parents Magazine, the National Parenting Publications Gold Award; and L.A. Jazz Scene Magazine.

Beth Lawrence believes in the transformative power of music and loves developing the brilliance in others. Her own life was changed with the help of Giuseppe Balestrieri, the vocal mentor who saved her voice and singing career.

Offering private, group, and online programs for those seeking solutions to their vocal crisis, Beth Lawrence helps people communicate with confidence, clarity, and charisma.

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