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Pro Insight Weight Loss Interviews

Top advice on how anyone can lose weight, get fit and healthy from 7 highly respected weight loss experts.
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Created by Robert Davies
Last updated 4/2014
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Imagine sitting down and having a conversation with a weight loss expert that could tell you exactly how to slim down to the size you've been dreaming about. How to actually get that stubborn weight off once and for all and start living your life again.

What questions would you ask them? What exactly would you want to know?

This interview series will give you a unique insight into how 7 of the most dedicated personal trainers in the business help their overweight clients achieve life changing results.

Statistics show, your much more likely to achieve your goal weight and keep it off for good, with the help of an experienced personal trainer.

Someone that works everyday helping unfit and overweight people achieve real results. Someone to drive and inspire you, who knows exactly what exercises you should be doing and what foods you should be eating.

But the truth is, we can't all afford to hire a personal trainer to help.

This got me thinking...

I realized how valuable it would be to grab an interviews with one or more of these weight loss professionals and simply pick their brains.

But Obviously they would have to tick all the boxes.

As well as having expertize in all aspects of fitness and exercise, they would have to be big on nutrition, helping their clients overcome any dietary issues they may have. From breaking bad eating habits to coping with severe food cravings. Some even design specific diet plans for each individual, tailored for that clients situation.

So my plan was to extract as many tips and strategies from these experts as I could and find out the exact methods they use when helping their clients to get the weight off.

Well, I did just that, and I was left amazed by the amount of sheer gold I dug up.

Each interview is absolutely jam packed with so many powerful weight loss gems, you won't be able to wait to put these ideas into practice. Never before have you had access to so much incredible, first hand weight loss advice.

      Course Contents: Personal Trainer Interviews

      • John Preston (Length 00:47:47)
      • Jali Henry (Length 00:39:02)
      • Nick Aish (Length 00:39:15)
      • Anne Iarchy (Length 00:50:20)
      • John Cammish (Length 00:58:50)
      • Adam Sergeant (Length 00:32:52)
      • Sabrina Moore (Length 01:02:24)

      Bonus: Nutritionist Interview & Recipe Guide

      • Karina Clappison (Length 01:03:25)
      • Karina's Nutrition: 16 delicious recipes to get you back on track

I'm confident you'll love this, and that you'll write a review telling the would how much you enjoyed listening to these interviews, what you've learned and more importantly, what specific advice you took that led to your own weight loss.

Who is the target audience?
  • For anyone that has made the decision to lose weight and are ready to make some changes.
  • For that person that is tired of spending good money on diet books, workout DVDs and weight loss groups.
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What Will I Learn?
7 Interviews (plus bonus interview and recipe sheet) Over 6 hours of content!
The most effective workouts for burning fat and toning muscle.
What type of foods you should be avoiding.
You don't have to join a gym or fitness class to get started. Get active in your own way.
fantastic advice on how to get started even if your a newbie to exercise.
How to plan ahead and organize your diet and workout schedule.
How to stay focused, motivated and in control when things get tough.
The quickest and healthiest rout to your goal weight and how to stay that way.
How to speed up your metabolism even hours after your workout.
Inspirational case study examples of clients that have completely transformed their lives.
How to maintain a healthy weight once your down to the size your supposed to be.
How to fight food cravings, beat hunger and swap bad habits for good.
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  • A commitment to take action on the advice given in this course.
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7 Personal Trainer Interviews on how to lose weight and keep it off for good.
11 Lectures 05:32:08

With over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and an impressively long list of

qualifications, John takes his profession very seriously.

His mission in life is to help clients brake down mental barriers and achieve what they once thought to be impossible.

In this utterly compelling interview, John give's you everything you need to know. You'll hear straight forward, practical advise for getting slim, getting fit and staying in control.

"Well-known diets... If anything starts with 'the', has a word in the middle, and ends in 'diet', avoid it like the plague. Don't starve yourself, eat real food".

Preview 24:30

In part 2 John continues to share his experience and wisdom on how he helps his many overweight clients achieve amazing results.

You'll come away from this interview inspired and ready to take on the challenges ahead.

"Well-known diets... If anything starts with 'the', has a word in the middle, and ends in 'diet', avoid it like the plague. Don't starve yourself, eat real food".

John Preston Interview Part 2

Here's a lady with a massive appetite for health and fitness.

Jali is a former award-winning sports aerobics athlete turned personal trainer based in London. She has a wide range of expertise in many areas and a real passion for exercise and nutrition.

As well as training personal and group fitness sessions, Jali also teaches a legs, bums and tums class and frequently writes articles and blog posts in many related subjects.

This interview will amaze you. No doubt you will be blown away by Jali's knowledge and wisdom.

Best keep a note pad at hand with this interview.

"The people who I see succeeding most often, are the ones who have really made a determined decision to change... Something made them think, I've had enough, I want to change, I wanna get healthier. Their the ones that tend to be successful because they've made that determined, definite decision that they don't want to be that way anymore".

Jali Henry Interview

Now, maybe there's nobody more qualified to dish out weight loss advice than this individual.

Going back just a few years, Nick lived a totally different life to the one he leads today. Working long hours in a demanding corporate position, taking care of himself was the least of his priorities. As a result, Nick weighed in at over 22 stone. After seeing this holiday photo, he decided something has to be done.

These days, Nick runs marathons, competes in kickboxing events and helps many people in the same situation has he used to be in achieve the same results. The Nick Aish you see before you today is truly a different person. He is literally half the man he was.

In this incredible interview, he tells his amazing story and shares some of the most outstanding advice you'll ever hear on how to stop making excuses and get the ball rolling.

"Take responsibility for yourself. It's only really you that can make it happen. Others can help but it's down to you whether it happens or not, just go for it".

Nick Aish Interview

What separates Anne from almost ever other personal trainer in the industry is that she only takes on clients with weight issues.

Anne was once herself overweight and sought the help of a personal trainer to get the weight off. So you could say she has a unique perspective when it comes to understanding her clients mindset and the difficulties they face.

In this interview, Anne shares the changes she made to turn her life around and how she helps many other people do the same.

Anne Iarchy Interview Part 1

In part 2 of this interview Anne and I delve much deeper into exactly how she helps her clients to lose weight, get in shape and start looking great.

"By default we're harsh on our selves. I mean, we only talk about negative stuff and we feel very uncomfortable to talk about the positive things we do in life. We have to make that switch in our minds that if we're going to be successful at anything really, especially weight loss, we have to think of how far we've come and not how much is left to achieve".

Anne Iarchy Interview Part 2

Here's a weight loss and fitness professional that really knows his stuff.

John's one of the hardest working personal trainers in the business. Aside from guiding his clients through life changing transformations, John writes articles for various magazines, gives weight loss advice on local radio and has featured in the very popular TV show 'Fat: the fight of my life' which aired in 2013.

During our conversation john shared some amazing ideas on how to increase your metabolism and burn fat fast. He also tells some incredible client success stories and how to achieve the same results by following the same methods.

After listening to this recording you'll come away with an all new perspective on exercise and what needs to be done to get yourself on track and on your way to your goal weight.

"A wise man once said that "you should sweat once every day" If you just think yeah, I'll try and do that, everyday makes that habit a little bit stronger and you almost get to the point where its part of your life without even thinking".

John Cammish Interview Part1

In part 2 john shares more amazing weight loss tips and advice and encourages you to make a start and to take action today.

After listening to this recording you'll come away with an all new perspective on exercise and what needs to be done to get yourself on track and on your way to your goal weight.

"A wise man once said that "you should sweat once every day" If you just think yeah, I'll try and do that, everyday makes that habit a little bit stronger and you almost get to the point where its part of your life without even thinking".

John Cammish Interview Part 2

Here's an interview with a difference...

Sabrina specializes in many different areas including nutrition advice, pre-natal and post-natal exercise, Circuit Training, Gym Based Boxing and kick boxing. She's also a big advocate for exercise as a treatment for anxiety and depression, following her own experience.

Among all the juicy weight loss tips Sabrina pulls out of her sports bag, we discuss ideas about how to get back in shape after child birth and also depression, and how to over come it without medication.

Sabrina Moore Interview part1

In part 2 Sabrina dishes out lots more tips and advice on how to drop pounds and get yourself looking fantastic.

Aside from her personal training and fitness qualifications, Sabrina also has a degree in Chemistry and says...

"Having a degree in Chemistry really helps me understand the way our bodies work chemically and how much it relies on the types of food we put into it".

Sabrina Moore Interview Part 2

After serving 8 years in the British Parachute Regiment, Adam began setting his sites on the career he was made for.

He qualified as a personal trainer while studying sports science in Bangor university, and has since started his own business helping clients create change, and ultimately achieve their health and fitness goals.

Adam has competed in numerous sports such as cross country, Triathlon, Cycling, fencing and judo. You could say, his experience and qualifications certainly give him an excellent understanding of how the human body responds to food and exercise when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape.

"Always be ready for the next step. Identify potential problems early on and deal with them before they arise".

Adam Sergeant Interview
Bonus Nutritionist Interview and recipe guide
2 Lectures 01:03:57

As a Natural Nutritionist, Karina's focus is on helping her clients better understand the reasons for their ill health and weight gain, as well as educating them on how to reverse their situation by looking at habits, dietary behavior and lifestyle choices.

I think you'll agree, most people are confused about what foods are good for them and what foods they should stay clear of.

Karina offers a simple and easy to digest way of understanding what Fats, sugars and carbohydrates you should or shouldn't be eating.

This interview will educate, inspire and even shock you to start thinking about what you actually put in your body.

Nutritionist Karina Clappison Interview Part1

In part 2 of this content packed interview, Karina gets deeper into the work she does and offers lots more healthy eating advice.

"As a fully qualified Natural Nutritionist I specialize in supporting others who also want to better understand the root causes of ill health and use food that helps to support the immune system to deliver the best possible nutrition".

Nutritionist Karina Clappison Interview Part 2
About the Instructor
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Weight loss reseacher, article writer and blogger

First off, I should say that I'm not one of those weight loss gurus that has lost 90lbs in six months with fantastic before and after photos. Nor am I some tanned fitness fanatic with huge biceps and pearly white teeth.

What I can say is that I am someone with a real passion for helping people achieve their goal weight, as I realize that sometimes we all need a little help, a push in the right direction. That's why I do what I do.

Back in 2010 I was around 30lbs over weight. Now I know that's not a massive amount but as someone that has always been slim, I was quite alarmed how easy the weight crept on while I wasn't really paying attention. But as with lots of people, the weight I gained wasn't enough to make me do something about it.

Then in July of that year one of my best friends died from a brain aneurysm. My world was shattered as you can imagine. I needed something to focus on so one day at work I had the idea to raise money in his name by running ten miles on his birthday. I knew this would help his friends and family if they all got involved in the fundraiser. So that week I arranged the event and began running.

Over the next few months I studied hard. Learning techniques and strategies to help me take on such a huge challenge. Also as someone that loves cooking (and eating even more :-D), I wasn't willing to give up the foods I loved, so I got to work creating healthy variations. I began designing quick and tasty dishes by using my knowledge of spices, fresh herbs and simple cooking techniques.

This was a massive help I think, being able to still enjoy good food while training.

The funny thing is… Although I didn't set out to lose weight, within 8 weeks I had lost 28lbs. I was amazed! This revelation set me on the path I'm on now.

So my friends birthday finally came and I run the ten miles comfortably. We raised £800 for Headway (The British brain injury charity) and continue to run the same ten miles every year on that day as a mark of respect for a great guy that we all miss.

I really loved the fact that I had lost so much weight in such a short space of time without following any FADDY diet or any really hard training schedule. I wondered why the western world has such a weight problem when I had lost quite a lot without to much difficulty.

So that's pretty much it. I'm on a long journey. A mission to help has many people get the same results as I had by spreading the word and giving as much information as possible to whom ever needs it. A bit like a weight loss super hero (without the muscles )

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