Paperli Productivity
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Paperli Productivity

Build Exposure, Grow Your Following and Drive Traffic By Leveraging Curated Content
4.9 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
89 students enrolled
Created by Carol Bremner
Last updated 11/2016
Price: $120
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 5.5 hours on-demand video
  • 7 Articles
  • 1 Supplemental Resource
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course, you'll feel comfortable using the platform.
  • You will be able to customize your paper to stand out from the crowd.
  • You will become known as an expert by curating other people's content and presenting it in a focused newspaper.
  • You will know the best ways to achieve your promotional goals for your paper.
  • You'll have the ability to easily send an attractive newsletter to your email list on a regular basis.
  • You'll have some ideas for monetizing your paper if you want to.
  • You’ll be able to send a regular newsletter to your email list faster than you can drink a cup of coffee!
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  • Basic knowledge of the Internet.
  • New videos added in April 2016
  • Over 54 lectures and 5.5 hours of content!
  • You will become known as an expert by curating other people's content and presenting it in a focused newspaper.
  • The instructor is available for daily help as needed.

In this course you will learn to create and implement your own newspaper using the Paperli platform. Why use Paperli? Every day, 250 million posts on the Internet are analyzed on their platform. You could never curate all of that content yourself!

The videos will take you through the beginning of getting set up on Paperli to the best ways of curating content and sending it out to your community.

In these short, recorded sessions, I will take you over each of the components of a custom, focused paper, with tips on saving the most time curating your content.


Awesome Course

This course covers ALL you need to know about setting up your PaperLi paper. Carol explains well and is easy to listen to. I highly recommend this course ♥ - Leanne Crisp


Each of the following topics will be covered, in a clear and easily understood manner:

Getting Started With Paperli:

  • What is Paperli?
  • Registering and Logging In
  • Decisions To Make
  • Differences Between Free and Paid
  • Adding Your Profile and Photo
  • Adding An Editor's Note

Adding Content:

  • Content Categories
  • Adding Content From Twitter
  • Adding Content From Facebook and Google+
  • Adding Youtube Channels and RSS Feeds
  • Positioning or Deleting Content Sources
  • Filtering Content Sources
  • Using the Paperli Tool to Add Content

Customizing Your Paper:

  • Changing Colors and Fonts
  • Adding a Background
  • Adding a Paper Thumbnail
  • Custom Banners
  • Custom Headers and Footers
  • Creating a Custom Domain
  • Adding a Favicon
  • CSS Capability
  • Other Paid Options: Privacy, Co-editors, Embedding

Layout and Ads:

  • The Twitter Widget
  • Email and Facebook Widgets
  • RSS Feed Option
  • Putting Ads in Your Paper
  • Adding Video and Other Content to the Sidebar
  • Using Google Analytics

Editing Your Paper:

  • Removing Content
  • Blacklisting Content Sources
  • Moving Content
  • Adding Content to Headlines
  • Re-positioning or Removing Headlines

Publishing Your Paper:

  • Customizing Your Social Media Announcements
  • Sending Out Notifications
  • Customizing an HTML Newsletter
  • Sending Your HTML Newsletter Out With a Third Party Email Service
  • Embedding Your HTML paper in a Facebook Page to be automatically updated

If you have been wanting to start curating focused content to build your authority as an expert, this course will help you do that.

Who is the target audience?
  • Businesses and individuals who want to promote themselves, their products, and their expertise by means of an online newspaper.
  • Anyone looking for a simple way to contact their email list on a regular basis.
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Curriculum For This Course
62 Lectures
3 Lectures 20:56

Thank you so much for joining my training. As a bonus, I've also set-up a private Facebook group where we can talk about our challenges and brainstorm solutions based on the types of business we have. You will find the link for that in the bonus lecture at the end of this course.

Also, please note that this course is constantly being updated and we welcome your feedback.

Preview 04:49 has a newsstand that shows the papers available for reading. You'll want to add a thumbnail image so your paper will show up properly. This video was originally created for my online TV show in case some of what I say seems out of context.

Preview 04:28

If you were already registered with before the spring of 2014, you may have the old version, which has a totally different look. This video will show you where everything is now.

Preview 11:39
Getting Started With
5 Lectures 28:41
Registering For and Logging In

The publishing schedule options include: update frequency (weekly, daily, or twice a day), day and time to publish, and timezone. These can be changed at any time by going to your Settings wheel, clicking Global Settings, and then Publishing Schedule.

A new feature was added in the fall of 2014 that allows you to publish whenever you like. So if you prefer once or twice a month, that's possible too. Although keep in mind that if too much time passes between editions, your readers may forget about you!

Decisions To Make About Your Paper

Please note than when your paper is viewed, it will not have the small icons beside each of the articles the way they look in this video. I forgot to get out of editing mode before I did this recording, so those symbols would only be seen by you as the publisher when you edit your paper.

Differences Between The Free And Paid Versions

Although the information in your profile is automatically added, if you decide you want a different text or photo, click the pencil icon beside your settings on the top right of your paper. This will open Edit mode and you will then see a pencil beside your profile title. Click that and make your changes.

Adding Your Profile and Photo

Adding An Editor's Note
Adding Content
7 Lectures 28:02

Paper sections available are: Photos, Videos, trending hashtags, Art and Entertainment, Business, Crime, Education, Environment, Health, Leisure, Politics, Science, Society, Sports, Stories, Technology, World, Adult.

Content can be pulled in from any of the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian.

Tip: Another way to find what you want in the settings area is by choosing one of the icons along the bottom of the menu. These are: Main menu (house), global settings (wheel), content (cloud with down arrow), layout and appearance (wand), promotion and emails (megaphone), stats (meter)

Preview 06:48

Note that you can also include your Twitter timeline links, tweeted links, favorites, and saved searches.

Adding More Content From Twitter

Adding More Content From Facebook and Google+

Here's a tip: If you belong to a blog network, pull in the RSS feeds of the member's blogs and you'll also be building relationships with those bloggers by featuring their content in your paper.

Adding Youtube Channels and RSS Feeds

Positioning Or Deleting Your Content Sources

No matter what the topic, you may find that some of your content sources will pull in content that you don't want in your paper. For instance, you may not want anything written by your direct competitors. With Paperli, you have the ability to filter your content sources and only allow the articles you want.

Filtering Your Content Sources

Think about how often you find content on the Internet that you would love to include in your paper. Using their toolbar bookmarket, you can do that with the click of a button.

Preview 05:58
Customizing Your Paper
5 Lectures 23:10
Changing Colors and Fonts

Changing your background color can be pretty picky. If you want to get it back to white, the color code is #FFFFF and then, even though you don't see a checkmark to the right of that code, click the area with your mouse anyway. That will select the color for you. Otherwise, it will revert back to the color it was before.

Adding a Background

Adding a Paper Thumbnail

You could just customize your banner by changing the font size and type. But it looks so much nicer when you add a custom banner. Do it yourself using a platform like Canva or PicMonkey, or hire a graphic designer. Then you can add your own images and colors to make your paper banner really stand out.

Adding a Custom Banner

Other Paid Options: Privacy, Co-editors, Embedding
Layout and Ads
7 Lectures 27:05

I was asked if we can add more than 1 twitter widget.  Since I've never tried to add more than one Twitter widget. I didn't think there was an area to add more than one, but after doing some research it seems it is possible. In fact, Paperli encourages their publishers to create Twitter lists to add since you are limited to 25 content sources. A quote from the Paperli blog says "Are most of your sources twitter users? If so, I suggest creating a twitter list of the twitter users you wish to pull into your paper. Then add that one twitter list as a source to replace the individual twitter users." It goes on to say "Publishers that have activated their Twitter account on their paper can choose how their Twitter account is added as a source in six different ways. 1.Your timeline links: pulls from all your tweets and retweets, plus tweets from everyone you follow.     2.Your tweeted links: pulls from your tweets and retweets. 3.Your Twitter lists: pulls from your curated Twitter list(s).  4.Your Private Twitter lists:  pulls from your private, curated Twitter list(s).     5.Your preferred / saved Twitter searches.    6.Your liked tweets: pulls from tweets you've liked." Notice that this help file mentions a list or lists, as well as the other Twitter possibilities.

The Twitter Widget

Email and Facebook Widgets

RSS Feed Options

Here are some notes about putting ads into your paper:

You can place your own ads in the following positions:

Headlines page positions 1, 2, and 3
Topic page position 1 -

With HTML, you can add a youtube video, an iframe, your own text, multiple images. A great sample of ad use can be found at:

Ad spots aren't just for ads. You can even insert YouTube videos there. Just click the 'Share' button on any Youtube video, and then select 'Embed.' Be sure to enter '300' as the video width in the 'Video Size' box, otherwise it will be too big for the right column. Copy and paste the code into any ad space Custom HTML editor, save your changes, and you're set. You can do this with a playlist as well.

Tip: If your paper doesn't show your all your ads, it's because there aren't enough categories. You need either 6 categories and one hashtag, or five categories and two hashtags in order for all four ads to show. If you want to show more ads, put the html code for more than one ad in the same slot, then it will show one under the other.

Adsense Ads:
If you decide to run adsense ads on your paper, these are the requirements according to

1. You need to be showing 6 topic sections for all three ads to appear on the front page.
2. In addition, AdSense will only allow three ads to show in total for a paper. They consider a topic section page in the same count as the front page, and only will allow a total of three ads per "page". So if you have three ads showing on your front page, your fourth (topic section) ad will not appear unless you refresh when you are on that page.

Ads will appear in your Pro paper under the following conditions:

The first ad (Headline) is linked to the sidebar and will be shown when the paper has content.
The second ad is published on the front page when the paper edition has enough content to display at least 2 topics below the "Headline Section".
The third ad will appear on the front page when the paper edition has enough content for 6 covered topics + 1 trending hashtag -or- 5 covered topics + 2 trending hashtags showing below the "Headline Section" on the first page.
The ad in topic page(s) is always added as long as a topic page is loaded.
If your paper only has a photo and / or media section, only the first ad will appear.

Putting Ads Into Your Paper

Adding Other Content To Your Sidebar

As you can see from the way I play around with the video width in this lecture, I would have been better off to change my width to 300, as I mentioned in Lecture 25. suggests 310 by 233 for the sidebar.

Adding a Video or Playlist to Your Sidebar
Editing Your Paper
7 Lectures 24:46

Depending on your topic, you may want to change the titles on your sections. Now you can. The original topic name will still show up if you hover your mouse. And you may need to experiment with naming the sections until you're satisfied. But it's a great new feature and will set your paper apart even more. Plus you can easily move content from one topic to another when you are in editing mode.

I've found that often the new topic name I've chosen doesn't show up in the titles options when I'm editing. To fix that, use your bookmarklet tool and choose an article earlier in the week. Then select one of your new topic titles as the area you would like that article to appear in your paper. That way, you'll be sure to have your new title listed as an option.

Preview 06:31

There are times the topic re-naming feature won't work properly for you. This is what I do to work my way around it.

Preview 05:21

Removing Content

Blacklisting Content Sources

If you want specific articles to be noticed first on your paper, or want to add them to a different topic area, you can easily move your content around during the editing phase.

Moving Content

Tip: Once you've gone through the other pages and added articles you'd like to see in the headlines, they might not be there when you go to edit your headlines page. Refresh the page first (use the right arrow symbol on the right of your Internet address bar). Then the updated headlines page, with all of your added content, should show.

Editing the Headlines
Publishing Your Paper
6 Lectures 27:56
How often do you want to send your newsletter? With Paperli, you have the ability to send it daily or weekly. If you want a different schedule than that, use the draft feature and you can publish whenever you like.
Changing Your Publishing Schedule

Tip: If your paper is set to Private, there will be lock icons beside the areas for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. To change that, go to the Global Settings area and change it to Public.

Customizing Your Announcement to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

On this video, when I mention that a notification is sent to your subscribers, these are people who subscribed to your paper, right there on your headline page. It does NOT send to people who have subscribed to an email list that you have with an email service provider. The next video will talk about that.

Preview 01:07

Although I use Aweber for my email list, other possibilities include MailChimp, GetResponse, and Constant Contact. Just make sure that the email provider you use has the capability to add straight HTML code, which would then become a formatted newsletter for you to send out.

Customizing An HTML Newsletter With Your Own Text And Links

When you add your HTML to an Aweber account, you won't see anything but the code at first. You will need to click 'Test' to preview how your paper will look when you send out your email.

Other email programs with probably have a similar way to preview your content.

And I always like to send a test email to myself first and make sure everything is right before I click the 'Send' button.

Sending Your HTML Version Out With a Third Party Email Service
07:43 Stats
Advanced Features
6 Lectures 08:09

If you want your paper to show on your website, that's possible using something called embedding. By simply copying and pasting a bit of code unto a page of your site, the paper will be shown right there. And as a new issue is published, the page on your site will automatically update. Told you it was easy!

Preview 04:32

Creating a Custom Domain For Your Paper

Adding a Favicon

Custom Headers and Footers

CSS Capability For Further Customization

Using Google Analytics With Your Paper
Embed Your Newspaper Into a Facebook Page
3 Lectures 08:14

It is possible to feed your newsletter to a Facebook page by pushing it out through your Notifications button as long as you've selected the page as one of your options

First Steps to Embed Your Newspaper Into Your Facebook Page

Finish Adding the HTML Code To Facebook

Change Your Facebook Tab Name
Bonuses and Niche Specific Examples For Using
12 Lectures 02:14:24

Using With Hootsuite - Part Two

This special report is no longer for sale and can only be accessed here inside the course area. The webinar it mentions has ended and is also available here with the bonuses, under Case Studies.

Special Report - 5 Ways to Make Money, Build Exposure, and Drive Traffic
20 pages

Please note that in this video I have added an image of a Facebook Like Box to my sidebar as one of the ad units. This was done only for the sake of time recording the video. The proper way to add it would be to go to Facebook and get the HTML code that is created for your specific Page. Then copy and paste that code into the ad area.

When done by copying the code rather than uploading an image, people will be able to Like your Facebook Page right from If you use an image and link instead, people will be sent to your Page, but then will have to take the extra action of Liking your page there.

If you can get a Like right from it saves a step and you won't risk it not being done.

Special Report Product Example

As I mentioned, these are all examples I created when testing the ability of They are not actual examples and other than the product example, which was my own, I DO NOT represent any of these people. They were chosen for test purposes only.

Preview 12:43

Please note that this is another example that I created for testing purposes and is not an actual paper, nor is Lynn Terry involved with the production of this. I have used her information because she is a well-known blogger and serves as a good example of what would be possible if she were to use

Preview 04:51

Here's a little extra information from regarding your Adsense ad placement:

Adsense Ads:
1. You need to be showing 6 topic sections for all three ads to appear on the front page.
2. In addition, AdSense will only allow three ads to show in total for a paper. They consider a topic section page in the same count as the front page, and only will allow a total of three ads per "page". So if you have three ads showing on your front page, your fourth (topic section) ad will not appear unless you refresh when you are on that page.

Special Report: Adsense Paper Example

Special Report: Real Estate Example

Special Report: Special Event Example

This was a live webinar that was held to show some of the ways people are using a customized for everything from real estate, to hobbies, to product sales.

Case Studies Webinar

Question and Answer Webinar
1 More Section
About the Instructor
Carol Bremner
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Carol Bremner is a social media and online marketing specialist, Internet trainer and consultant who has been working with groups and individuals since 2001. Carol knows what it feels like to be intimidated by technology and her goal is to teach technical concepts in a non-technical way - from confusion to clarity. Carol's passion for computer literacy and interest in all things related to marketing on the Internet have led to many opportunities in the past number of years. Her motto is "It's Never Too Late, You're Never Too Old, So Get Out of Your Comfort Zone".