Weight Loss For Shift Workers
4.5 (26 ratings)
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3,530 students enrolled
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Weight Loss For Shift Workers

Lose up to 4 pounds (2 kg) in 14 days as a night shift worker or shift worker.
4.5 (26 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,530 students enrolled
Created by Brad Newton
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Expect to safely lose up to 4 pounds (2 kilograms) by the end of the 14 day challenge
  • Eat the foods you enjoy the most on night shift and still lose weight
  • Learn principles that are used by fitness models that will guarantee weight loss
  • Get a complete understanding of the fundamentals rules that govern weight loss and apply them to real results
  • Create the internal leverage to take control of your life and begin your weight loss journey
  • Accurately track progress using photos and numbers, ensuring you will reach your goals
  • Estimate with relative accuracy what your body fat percentage is
  • Apply the practical strategies necessary to break through plateaus
  • Learn and apply basic weight training principles
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  • Please read the "Course Disclaimer" found within the video 'How To Use This Course'
  • A tape measure (craft store or Amazon.com or eBay.com)
  • Basic kitchen scales (to measure certain food choices)

Are you a nurse? A flight attendant? A pilot? A security guard? Work in hospitality? Or any graveyard job and feel miserable being out of shape because you've tried every diet and nothing seems to work?

This online weight loss course will show you the practical strategies for how you can lose weight while working a night shift roster, or variable roster hours.

This course is designed to teach you the mindset strategies, step-by-step weight loss solution, and an optional weight training section, to help you lose weight without quitting your night shift job.

Reasons why you need to enrol today:

+ Join over 3,000 students from over 112 countries currently studying my courses to get into the best shape of their lives.

+ Expect to lose up to 4 pounds (2 kilograms) by the end of the 14 day challenge, while eating your favourite foods.

+ Save hundreds not having to pay someone else to help you lose weight as a night shift worker.

+ World first program. There is no other weight loss program for night shift workers currently on the market.

+ Free one-on-one email coaching from an instructor that started off just like you and has maintained his results for 3 years (save $160 per hour)

+ Available with English Closed Captions

There are thousands of weight loss courses out there. Most of them over-promise and under-deliver. Most of them are written by authors that haven't achieved the results they preach in their books. Almost all of them are a waste of money. 

And what about shift workers?

You will not find a course, book, or podcast anywhere that tailors specific weight loss strategies that work, and are sustainable, to night shift workers.

What will this course give you?

·         Learn from an instructor that is currently a night shift worker (6.5 years) and has maintained his physique for 3 years (see instructor profile)

·         Learn how to manage your night shift colleagues that will distract you from your weight loss mission

·         The freedom to eat the foods you enjoy the most, on a frequency that suits you. You will never be enslaved by food choices ever again.

·         Saving hundreds of dollars never needing to pay someone to give you a cookie cutter meal plan, ever again.

·         Expect to lose up to 4 pounds (2 kilograms) by the end of the 14 day challenge, while eating your favourite foods, without starving yourself, without ruining your metabolism, while doing night shift.

·         Principles used by fitness models but adapted to night shift workers, backed in science, and they work!

·         Learn powerful anecdotes from an instructor that has struggled for years as a night shift worker to lose weight and get into shape. 

·         Lifetime student access.

·         And much more!

Join over 13,000 followers on Facebook (search SeekFitLife) to receive the latest free fitness coaching videos.

So what are you waiting for? The sooner you enroll in this course, the sooner you can join the army of thousands of students currently losing fat, building muscle, and feeling amazing confidence in their lives.

About the author:

Brad Newton is a current night shift worker (of 6.5 years) who started coaching in 2014 through SeekFitLife and most recently, as an video course creator, with a mission to impact as many people to greater health and fitness. In the period of 4 months as a video course creator, Brad's popular courses have accumulated almost 3,000 students from 112 countries. His courses have been featured on Amazon, SkillShare, and YouTube.

Who is the target audience?
  • All night shift workers and shift workers must take this course
  • The principles in this course apply specifically to shift workers, but anybody can apply them
  • Please do not enrol if you are not serious about transforming your body
Compare to Other Weight Loss Courses
Curriculum For This Course
35 Lectures
Welcome Mat
1 Lecture 05:35

In this video, I address the fear and skepticism you might have in starting this course. This course asks that you start with an open mind and a clean slate. 

My Personal Message To You
6 Lectures 42:13

In this coaching video, you will learn one of the most important traits in being successful in any body transformation—patience! And why most people fail in any dietary programme due to the lack of this trait.

The Power Of Patience

In this video, we get clear on what our precise outcome is for this course, distinguishing between weight loss and fat loss. I discuss the power of a vision and how it is essential to always keep your outcome in mind when undertaking a body transformation. I will show you how I created my own vision to hopefully inspire you to create your own vision for greatness.

Know Your Outcome

Knowing what to do and doing what you know create very different outcomes. In this video, I explain that leveraging yourself to take action to start a transformation begins with creating emotional fuel. I share my own personal experience that created the tipping point necessary for me to turn this area of my life around.

Starting The Fire

Fitness Courses To Help You

Peer group influences are one of the subconscious forces upon why we decide to pursue our aspirations, or why we ultimately fail. In this video, I will bring to your awareness how your colleagues (and peer groups) may negatively impact your desire to transform your body due to the tall poppy syndrome.

I discuss how people will usually start by asking you "why" questions during your transformation and "how" questions after your transformation.

Dealing With Colleagues

Anybody that has just started a night shift job and wanting to lose weight will be given a systematic approach to applying the strategies in this course.

Night Shift For Beginners
3 Lectures 43:11

In this video, you will learn the defining factor that influences all weight loss and weight gain. You will learn how you can still eat ice cream and lose weight. You will learn how a "calorie is a calorie" for achieving a specific goal and when a calorie is not a calorie. You will learn why food choices, food combining trickery, clean eating, avoiding "toxic" foods, meal frequency, and eating too many raw vegan cheesecakes will not guarantee weight loss.

Energy Balance

In this video, you will learn how Prof. Mark Haub lost 27 pounds over 2 months where most of his calories came from foods we are told not to eat to "lose weight."

The Twinkie Diet Professor

In this video, I use currency as an analogy to describe calories and how a night shift worker should consider their "currency allowance" (calories) in 24 hour blocks of time, especially if working across different time zones (pilots, flight attendants). I discuss the psychology of managing defeat on days where will power is low, and you feel compelled to go back to a "vending machine" diet. 

Calories Are A Currency
13 Lectures 01:24:38

If you don't measure it, you don't know it. In this video training session, I will teach you how you can track your progress using simple and cost-effective strategies during your weight loss journey as a night shift worker.

Progress By Numbers

It is essential that you start your journey by taking "before" photos. In this video, you will learn the mistakes I made and the importance of taking progress photos during your weight loss journey. After watching this coaching video, you will not make the same mistakes that I made by learning everything you need to know to take decent progress photos to ensure consistency and accurate recording of your journey.

Step 1. Progress Photo Guidelines

Progress Photo Guidelines Checklist

Would you like to know how many calories you need to safely lose weight while eating the foods you enjoy, without starving yourself or destroying your metabolism (or your sanity)?

In this video coaching lesson, you will learn the step-by-step process for calculating your target calories, or the amount of calories you need to eat (within 50-100 calories) in order to reach your goal as a night shift worker.

Step 2. Calculate Maintenance And Target Calories (Part 1)

Would you like to know how many calories you need to safely lose weight while eating the foods you enjoywithout starving yourself or destroying your metabolism (or your sanity)?

In this video coaching lesson, you will learn the step-by-step process for calculating your target calories, or the amount of calories you need to eat (within 50-100 calories) in order to reach your goal as a night shift worker.

Step 2. Calculate Maintenance And Target Calories (Part 2)

Body Fat Percentage Charts For Men & Women (PDF Download)

In this video coaching session, I am going to show you how you can select the foods you enjoy the most and still lose weight.

Step 3. Pick Your Favourite Foods

In this video session, you will learn simple strategies for creating your own weight loss spreadsheet, using the foods you enjoy the most, that will guarantee reaching your goals. You will learn how simple it is to use Calorie King or MyNetDiary to determine the calories of certain portion sizes, add them into your spreadsheet, follow it, and be patient for the results.

Step 4. Create A Spreadsheet

Please click on the link to access the free Sample Spreadsheet. You can use this template to create your own spreadsheet of foods to ensure you do not exceed your target calories.

The excel file will be found in the Downloads folder of your computer.

Sample Spreadsheet (Excel Spreadsheet Download)

What do you do if you apply the strategies in this course and after the first 1-2 weeks, you do your measurements and notice that nothing has changed?

By the end of this coaching video, I will teach you a foolproof way to identify and break through weight loss plateaus using a systematic set of strategies. It will ensure that you will no longer be frustrated by the feeling of "not making progress."

Monitoring And Adjusting

Silent Calorie Foods Checklist

The Cost Of "A Few Drinks" (Calorie Breakdown)

Smashing Plateaus Checklist
11 Lectures 52:50

Do you really need to get to the gym and do exercise as a night shift worker to lose weight? Are you doomed in your weight loss efforts if you can't make it to the gym because night shift is too tiring? 

In this video coaching session, you will learn what really matters when it comes to weight loss for a night shift worker. You will learn what I do and how you can structure an exercise or training session around your own night shift roster.

Do You Need To Exercise?

Exercise As A Night Shift Worker

It is essential that you begin any weight training session with several sets of dynamic warm-ups. This will reduce your risk of injury and psychologically prepare you for the up-and-coming working sets.

In this video coaching session, I will teach you a simple dynamic warm-up process that I have been using for years.

Dynamic Warm-Ups

Dynamic Warm-Up Cheat Sheet

Are you confused about how you should undertake your weight training session in the gym for maximum results? For years, I was confused until I finally studied the science, applied it, and achieved the results.

In this video, I introduce an optional set of weight training guidelines for night shift workers that are looking at incorporating weight training. This video introduces a summary of the basic weight training concepts I have been using for several years.

Weight Training Guidelines (Part 1)

Core Guidelines For Basic Weight Training

Do you want to learn what some of the most effective weight training exercises are for maximum results for the least amount of time in the gym? As a night shift worker, your time in the gym will be limited. So we need to make the most of it.

In this video session, I introduce a suggested list of exercises targeting each muscle group that, when applied against the core guidelines discussed in Part 1, will accelerate your muscle building results (combined with good nutrition).

Weight Training Guidelines (Part 2)

Weight Training Nutrition Considerations

What do you do if you are a pilot, flight attendant, or travelling professional, and you only have access to a gym in the hotel? Can you still achieve weight loss? Will it ruin your weight loss efforts?

In this video coaching session, you will learn how to use hotel gyms to your advantage to ensure you remain on track for weight loss. You will no longer despair as I will explain exactly what it means to your weight loss efforts if you only have access to hotel gyms (and not "traditional" gyms with all of the luxury choices).

Hotel Gyms

Do you use coffee to survive your night shift roster? Are you interested in how you can use caffeine strategically to improve your weight training sessions to allow you to build more muscle as a night shift worker?

In this video coaching session, I will teach you how caffeine can be used to boost your weight training sessions without exceeding your recommended daily intake of caffeine. You will learn how to use caffeine as a precursor to greater intensity in the gym, which translates to greater muscular breakdown and greater potential muscle growth.

Caffeine And Weight Training

How Do I Weight Train Around My Night Shift
Your Mission
1 Lecture 09:01

The moment you have been waiting for! This is where you will apply everything you have learned in this course for the next 14 days.

In this video, I will summarise everything we have discussed in this course. I will give you additional practical strategies that will address common concerns that you can apply as a night shift worker to accelerate your success in this programme. I will reinforce realistic expectations that you should experience by the end of 14 days.

14 Day Challenge
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