Mastering Keynote Presentations
4.0 (17 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Mastering Keynote Presentations

A complete guide to help you create beautiful and effective presentations using Apple's Keynote software.
4.0 (17 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
712 students enrolled
Created by Chet Davis
Last updated 9/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will learn suggestions and ideas to succesfully plan your Keynote presentations.
  • You can learn the fundamental functions in Chet's Keynote Quick Guide lessons
  • You'll become familiar with the layout and menus used in the Keynote software - from the Toolbar and Format Bar to the use of the powerful Inspector
  • Benefit from the quick use of the 44 developer created templates or themes as you start your own Keynote presentations.
  • You will follow along and learn as Chet creates several small Keynote presentations from scratch - applying the knowledge to your own designs.
  • Learn the many options for formatting and adding style to your titles/text
  • You'll learn how to import and add photos, images, and graphics to your Keynote slides... and how to embellish them with frames, shadows, etc.
  • Put to use the powerful Instant Alpha to make image backgrounds transparent (creating Alpha Channel images)
  • Learn why and how to mask photos/images to display just the part you need for your presentation.
  • Add your own shapes and graphics that can even be used to create easy but helpful animated slides.
  • You will learn how to add and use tables to share data
  • Create rich 2D and 3D charts to help your audience makse sense of financials, studies and more.
  • Learn to easily add audio files and videos to your Keynote presentations. Chet teachers you the compatible files and show you how to incorporate just the section or part you need to show.
  • Chet teaches you how to easily add transitions to and between your slides for a smooth presentation.
  • Master the amazingly creative Action Builds and the Apple Magic Move functions to wow your audiences.
  • Learn with Chet the built-in modes to rehearse your Presentation, complete with timer and presenter notes.
  • Understand what's required to display your completed Keynote on external monitors and projectors.
  • Ensure your Keynote presentation is compatible for display on an IPad, understanding which Themes, Transitions, Fonts and sizes are iPad 'friendly'.
  • Create a self-contained Keynote presentation, complete with your voice-over narration and even music that you can email to your audience or post on YouTube!
  • You will learn the many options for sharing a finished Keynote presentation... from a Windows compatible PowerPoint file, to a PDF document, even a self-contained webpage.
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  • Apple/Mac desktop or laptop computer with Keynote software installed. NOTE: Chet demonstrates Keynote 09 in these lessons.

 In this class you will learn how to use the Keynote software on your Apple desktop or laptop computer to create compelling, creative, visually rich presentations.

Your Keynotes will enrich and enhance your speeches, lectures, and even short talks - but can also 'stand on their own' as self-contained presentations, complete with your narration and even music and video.

The course is structured so you can learn step by step as we work our way through the menus towards a completed presentation.  But for those who are on deadline, jump right into the Keynote Quick Guides to learn key functions in less than 3-minutes!

You will learn while viewing the short video lessons as Chet points out not only software functions but also tips to make your presentation smoothly and creatively.  There are several PDF documents you can download and print out for reference as you construct your own awesome Keynotes.

From learners in Chet's other Udemy classes:

"His teaching is focused, clear ,straightforward and concise with the visual and audio accompaniment. He is an excellent teacher who also is a computer expert. That is a winning combination. Most techs lose me because they know the material yet they cannot get it across in everyday language." Pat K.

"The lectures are quite detailed and Chet Davis has a very comfortable teaching style that makes learning entertaining."  Lisa A.

NOTE: While you can display or share your completed Keynote presentations on Windows computers, you can only create Keynote using an Apple computer.  This course requires an installed copy of the Apple Keynote software (part of iLife 09 or available by itself in the App store). 

Who is the target audience?
  • Though it helps if you are familiar with your Mac/Apple computer, Chet takes you carefully through the course to help you really understand the Keynote software. Anyone who needs or wants to present to an audience - big or small - will benefit from the course by learning to create more powerful presentations.
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Curriculum For This Course
55 Lectures
Welcome to the classroom!
3 Lectures 19:06
In this video your teacher, Chet Davis provides an introduction to course.
Preview 06:03

In this 4-minute video Chet Davis introduces you to some of the special features of the Udemy platform to help ensure your learning progress - like the Questions, Notes options and how to contact Udemy Tech Support.  NOTE: There is brief reference to one of my other Udemy Courses (iPhone Photography Secrets) but know that the information pertains to this course as well as any other on Udemy.
Learning Features in the Udemy Platform

If you have or use an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) you should download the FREE Udemy App.  This free app allows you to access your Udemy classes at your convenience – and even provides a solution for those who will be away from WiFi, with the ability to download your selected Udemy class lessons before travel, so you can view while riding a bus or subway, or even  an airplane or overseas without an internet connection!
You'll find the free Udemy App here: Udemy App for iOS
Preview 11:00
Planning Your Presentation
2 Lectures 10:56
In this lesson Chet shares a simple but thorough suggested process for helping you plan your Keynote presentations.  In the video Chet mentions a page listing 10 free Mind Mapping solutions, you will find that page here: Ten Totally Free Mind-Mapping Software Tools .  Also Chet shows two samples using the Mind Node software.
Before You Open the Software - Plan Your Presentation

Additional Suggestions for Creating Awesome Presentations
Keynote Quick Guides
6 Lectures 16:26
The Keynote Quick Guides are intentionally short and less detailed.  In this first lesson you will learn to quickly build a single Keynote slide with text and play/display that slide.
Super Simple Single Slide Presentation

The Keynote Quick Guides are intentionally short and less detailed.  In this 2nd lesson you will learn to quickly add an image/photo to your slide, understanding the three different methods for inserting an image.
Adding a Photo/image to a Slide

The Keynote Quick Guides are intentionally short and less detailed.  In this 3rd lesson you will learn to quickly embellish your text (titles) using different fonts, colors, and the drop shadow.
Fancying Your Font (Adding Style to Your Slide Titles)

The Keynote Quick Guides are intentionally short and less detailed.  In this 4th lesson you will learn to quickly embellish (pretty-up) your images/photos using lines and picture frames.  Chet also shows you how to quickly add the drop-shadow effect and the very cool reflection effect.
Fancying Your Photos (Adding Style to Your Slide Images)

The Keynote Quick Guides are intentionally short and less detailed.  In this 5th lesson you will learn to quickly add a video/movie to your Keynote presentation - with the ability to select the 'Poster Frame' (thumbnail image) for your video.
Adding Movies/Videos To Your Keynote Slide

The Keynote Quick Guides are intentionally short and less detailed.  In this 6th lesson you will learn to quickly add additional slides, duplicate a critical slide, and add transitions between slides.  Then Chet shows you a few keyboard commands to use when presenting your Keynote show.
Adding Additional Slides & Transitions Between Them
Keynote Intensive - First Steps
5 Lectures 44:55
In this lesson we focus on the Keynote Theme Chooser where you select the overall theme and look for your presentation. Chet shares the specific options of the Theme Chooser menu and shows the 5 different screen sizes (resolutions) and tips why you may want to select a specific size.  NOTE: If you are preparing a Keynote presentation that will be played/displayed on an iPad - please see the iPad specific lesson in Section #xx later in this classroom.
Theme Chooser

This 1-page PDF document provides you with a clear view of the Themes available in the Keynote application. This simply provides a one-page reference to help plan or decide which theme you would like to use for your upcoming presentations.
Keynote Themes
1 page

As we begin to learn the View options from the Top Menu in Keynote, Chet teaches you about the 4 different optoins for layout view: Navigator, Outline, Slide Only, and Light Table.  Next we learn how to Show/Hide Rulers & Guides and how they correspond to the options under the Preferences menu .
Top Menu: View (1 of 2)

As we continue to learn the View options from the Top Menu in Keynote, Chet teaches you about Presenter Notes, Master Slides, Sticky Notes (Comments), and Format Bar. Chet shows how to turn on and adjust the sub-menus: Colors, Adjust Image, Media Browser, and Document Warnings. We learn how to customize the Toolbar. 
Top Menu: View (2 of 2)

Continuing in our intensive lessons, Chet begins building the presentation - launching a Theme and then duplicating six slides. We begin to learn the options for copying text from another document and pasting it into our Keynote presentation.

Beginning our Presentation - pasting text into slides
Keynote Intensive - Text & Titles
4 Lectures 45:45
Text & Font Tools and Options in Format Bar (Top Menu)

You will learn the menu options for formatting and aligning text on your Keynote slides from the Text Inspector.
Text Inspector: Part 1 Text Formatting

Learn the options for creating a Keynote slide with multiple columns and how to adjust the width of both the columns and the gutter. Then Chet shows you how to add bullet points to your text or lists. There are several options for adding built-in bullet graphics - and even the option for importing your own image/graphic to use as Bullet Points.

Text Inspector Part 2: Columns and Bullets REV

In this lesson Chet covers the functions found on the Graphics Inspector menu: Color Fill, Gradient Fill, Advanced Gradient Fill, Image Fill (with it's 5 size options), and Shaded Image Fill.  You'll also learn the options for adding a Line around your text boxes and how to adjust object shadows.  Lastly Chet provides a glimpse at the 'Stroke' or frame options.
Graphics Inspector: Text Boxes
Keynote Intensive - Graphics, Images, and Shapes
7 Lectures 49:10
Learn the three common methods for importing images/photos into your Keynote presentation slides.
Importing Images

Embellishing Photos Using Graphics Inspector

In this lesson you will learn the information about your images/objects available in the Metrics Inspector as well as how to adjust objects and images by resizing and changing the object angle position.
Adjusting Images Using Metrics Inspector

Fine-Tune Images Using Instant Alpha and Image Masking

If any of the photos you add to your Keynote slides would benefit from some minor retouching, you can do that with the 'Adjust Image' menu.
Fine-Tune Images Using the Image Adjustment Menu

Learn how to add, manipulate, and fine tune pre-drawn shapes for your Keynote slides.  These shapes can be used to highlight your slides and to even create meaningful diagrams.  You'll learn how to edit every parameter of the Keynote shapes.
Adding and Working With Shapes

Learn to use the Arrange, Group, and Lock functions to perfectly arrange the objects on your Keynote slides.
Arranging & Grouping Objects and Images
Keynote Intensive - Tables and Charts
3 Lectures 29:33
In this first lesson on Keynote Tables, you will learn how to create/add a new table to your Keynote slide and how to adjust the rows and columns.  You can even insert a formula into the Keynote tables for automatic calculation.
Adding Tables to your Keynote Slides

In this 2nd lesson on Keynote Tables, you will learn how to customize the tables' rows and columns, modifying the colors and even images that fill your table cells.

Embellishing and Modifying Your Keynote Tables

In this lesson you'll learn how to add and modify charts to your Keynote slides to help your audience better understand data.
Adding Charts to your Keynote Slides
Keynote Intensive - Hyperlinks, Audio, and Video
3 Lectures 28:35
Learn how to enable an object on your Keynote Slide/s to become an interactive Hyperlink. This allows you to program a word/sentence, an image, a shape or any other object to launch one of four actions: Go to a specific slide in your current Keynote presentation,  Open a specific website/webpage, Launch a separate or different Keynote presentation, or Launch/prepare an Email Message.
Enabling and Using Hyperlinks in Keynote

In this lesson we'll add an audio file to a Keynote slide - this can be one of several compatible file formats which might be music, dialog, interviews, etc.  Chet shows how you can set up the file to playback only and portion of a longer audio file and how you can play once or loop the audio file.
Adding Audio Files to your Keynote Slide/s

In this lesson we'll learn how to add videos/movies to your Keynote slide.  There are several functions that allow us to customize our Keynote movie/s in the Quicktime Inspector and Chet shows you all those.  Plus you'll learn how to reduce the file size, which is especially valuable if you are only choosing to include a portion of a longer video -- and you'll learn how easy it is to 'pretty up' your video object using the Graphic Inspector.
Adding Videos/Movies to your Keynote Presentation/s.
Keynote Intensive - Transitions and Builds
8 Lectures 47:25

You'll receive an introduction or overview to the options available to us for adding movement between slides and objects in the Keynote program, from 2D and 3D slide transitions to builds - then in the subsequent lessons Chet will teach the specifics of each type of transition movement. 

Overview: Slide Transitions and Object Builds

Chet shows you the four (4) different Object Effects that are best used to transition between two slides with objects such as images/photos and shapes: Object Push,Object Zoom , Perspective, and Revolve.
  At the end of the short lesson, you will view each of the four effects full-screen so you can see which you want to use on your own presentations.
Trasitions: Object Effects

In this lesson Chet teaches you how to add 2D and 3D slide transition effects with some suggestions given to selecting transitions for segments or portions of your presentation. Chet also shows how to select and add transition effects to either the whole presentation at once or by grouped slides.
Transitions: 3D and 2D Slide Effects

Chet shows you the four (4) different Text Effects that are best used to transition between two slides with modest text content: Anagram, Shimmer, Sparkle, and Swing.
  At the end of the short lesson, you will view each of the four effects full-screen so you can see which you want to use on your own presentations.
Transitions: Text Effects

Chet teaches you about the options to create object builds, with movement in and/or out of a slide. You can use any of the 17 different build in/out effects to add visual interest to your presentation. Chet demonstrates how you can do this with graphics in the first example, then shows suggestions and options for using the movements for introducing text - which works particularly well on text bullets.
Build In/Out

Chet teachers how to create Keynote slides with animated objects using the Action Build feature - you can select from one of four options: Move, Opacity, Rotate, and Scale to create graphic moves that are not only visually captivating but may help your audience better understand content in your presentation.
Build Actions

As you learn with Chet in this lesson, you'll soon see why this effect is one of his favorite object transitions.  The Smart Build is so easy to create and provides some great audience impact!  Select from one of the 11 Smart Build effects options and create some visual magic!
Smart Builds

The Magic Move effect is an easy way to create some visually powerful effects to transition between slides with at least one image or graphic in common.  Chet shows you two examples in this lesson that can really accentuate your visual slides in your next Keynote presentation.
Magic Moves
Slideshow Settings
3 Lectures 17:01
In this lesson Chet walks you through the various options for Saving your Keynote presentation and before that shares the value (and how to) embed info as part of your Keynote save to more easily find it on your computer using Apple Spotlight tools.
Save Options and Spotlight Options

Learn how and when to use both the Keynote Comments option and the Keynote Presenter Notes.  One is for use during a presentation to help prompt the presenter with important information, the other is to be used by an individual or team when creating the Keynote presentation.
Comments and Presenter Notes

In this lesson you will learn suggestions for rehearsing your Keynote presentation - from simply advancing through your slides to using the 'official' Keynote rehearsal mode.
Rehearsing Your Keynote Presentation
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Chet 'cut' his teacher teeth with 17 years in the classroom as teacher of a high school Video Technology program in California. He's made presentations at National and Regional Conferences and led hands-on workshops for in 41 US States, 3 Canadian provinces and in Europe (European Schools Program). Chet is listed in two volumes of Who’s Who in American Education and has testified before a Congressional Sub-Committee on the importance of Technology in Education.

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