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About This Course

Published 6/2014 English

Course Description

This course is an encyclopedic reference on marketing for the large and small business. The fifty video lectures include every marketing subject that will ever be needed, from opportunity identification, strategy development, execution and writing a marketing plan. Use the course as training for you and your employee or as a reference on marketing topics. The video lectures are accompanied by a complete set of lecture notes and a quiz following each key section.

What are the requirements?

  • The course is designed to take the student from knowing nothing about marketing to a complete understand of the marketing discipline. No pre-requisite is needed. The course is very comprehensive in nature.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • By the end of the course you and your employees will be able to develop and execute a professional marketing strategy.
  • You will also be able to write a professional marketing plan to present to employees or investors.
  • You will be able to develop a "marketing mindset", allowing you to recognize opporunities in the dynamic business and cultural environment.

Who is the target audience?

  • small and large business owners.
  • marketing students and professionals.

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

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Section 1: Introduction/Overview

This lecture explains what marketing is and its importance to the modern business. Learn why the father of modern management, Peter Drucker, calls marketing the "distinguishing characteristic" of any business.


This lecture explains how marketing has evolved along with the global marketplace. What is a customer need? How does it differ from a want? And how do you establish a value proposition?


This lecture explains that mass marketing is dead. The current marketing model involves careful selection of a target market (segmentation) and developing a unique value proposition that appeals to your target market. It also explains the importance of long term customer relationships to the marketing strategy.


This lecture describes how to select a target market from a broader category.

Lecture Notes for Section One
2 pages
10 questions

A ten question multiple choice quiz on the first section. (Optional)

Section 2: Spotting Marketing Opportunities

This introduces the concept of what I call "the marketing mindset". Learn how to see marketing opportunities in our chaotic, fast changing world.


The first step to understand marketing opportunity is to become an expert in your own category. See what things you should know and how to think about the category in which you compete.


How do you evaluate and assess your competition? (They will be doing it to you!) Know who to attack and who to avoid. Marketing is war....or at least vicious chess.


Additional aspects of competitive assessment are covered in part II.


What influences our decision to buy something? It's a lot more than you think. This first video describes a model to help put all the influences on a customer decision iton a framework, so you can better understand how YOU can use that to your advantage.


This is the second part of the all important consumer model of buying behavior.


Customer buying behavior varies depending on the type of purchase. Understand where you product falls into the four classifications of decisions and how the customer approaches that type of decision.


The economy stinks. There is opportunity there. The country is aging and diversifying, there are opportunities there. Understand how the "big picture" environment can present marketing opportunities if you understand it first.


The product/market expansion grid divides all growth strategies into four options. Understand which of these (of which combination of these) you should focus on to drive your business.


Sell more than one product line? The famous BCG model is described as a means to understand how to manage a portfolio of products. (This well known model gave us the term "cash cow").


The lecture describes some simple market research methods that will help identify marketing opportunities.

Lecture Notes for Section Two
6 pages
10 questions
Quiz Description
Section 3: Developing Your Marketing Strategy

How exactly do you develop a marketing strategy. This simple, five-step method will clarify your thinking once and for all.


This video goes into more detail about how a marketer analyzes a category and then uses segmentation to identify the most attractive part of the category.


This video describes how to select a target segment and then develop the all important positioning statement - the heart of the marketing strategy. Learn how one sentence is the key to all your marketing strategy and communication, if you do it right!

Section Three Lecture Notes
2 pages
10 questions
Quiz Description
Section 4: Executing the Marketing Strategy

This video shifts the discussion from strategy to execution - how to use the marketing mix elements to bring the marketing strategy to life. The following sections will be dividing into product, price, place and promotion, the key elements of the marketing mix.


This video discusses different types of products and how their marketing tactics differ. Are you a convenience product, a shopping good or a specialty purchase? Find out here.


This video describes key product decisions that have to be made when introducing your product: product attributes, design,packaging, brand name, warranty, technical support. The product definition includes all of these and more.


The video talks about what to do if your product happens to be an intangible service. Services require an entirely different approach, in the form of internal marketing as a prerequisite to external marketing.


This video covers the new product development process. Learn how to brainstorm for ideas, then evaluate those ideas from start to introduction and commercialization.


Like people, products are born, they grow, mature and even die. Learn how the stage of the product life cycle influences the marketing tactics you use.


This video covers the first major pricing strategy, value added pricing. This is the preferred method of pricing when utilizing the marketing concept, but it is harder than you think. Understand what sets the floor and the ceiling for your pricing decisions.


This video covers two additional pricing strategies - cost based and competitive parity. Learn how to blend the value added approach with the need to make a profit and stay competitive.


This lecture discusses other pricing considerations, including economic theory and legal restrictions on pricing. Pricing is one of the few marketing strategies that can land you in jail! Know the laws about pricing tactics.

Lecture Notes for Section Four - Product and Price
5 pages
10 questions
Quiz Description

This lecture gives an overview of the supply chain and the important "place" element of the marketing mix. Your supply chain is the key to efficient customer service and profitability.


This video describes the different ways to manage a supply chain, given the companies are usually independent from one another. How do you manage different companies that NEED to cooperate to deliver optimum service levels and costs?


This lecture discusses the key decisions a marketer must make when finalizing his supply chain tactics. Direct marketing, intermediaries or a mixture of the two? Supply chains must be as complex as you need to reach all your possible channels of distribution.


This video covers the logistics of moving product through the supply chain - warehousing, inventory and transportation.


Retailers are known as the "last mile" to the customer. This lecture covers the different types of retailers and their marketing strategies. Learn how to align your strategy with that of the all important retailer.


This lecture discusses the key role wholesalers play in the supply chain. The lecture also discusses some of the more important trends we are seeing with retailers and wholesalers.


This lecture covers the five different promotional tools a marketer can choose from. Advertising is the most well-known marketing tool, but not everyone can afford it. Learn how to use all five elements of the promotion mix to deliver your message to your target customer.


This video covers how to approach a promotion, beginning with the objectives. Once you understand exactly what you want to accomplish, your promotional strategy should flow from that.


This lecture covers budget alternatives for your promotional plan. Learn how to budget early in the game so you understand what types of promotional support are affordable for your business. Don't wast time going down avenues you cannot afford.


I hate it when, on television, the advertising executive comes up with a brilliant campaign on a bar napkin at the last minute. Bull feathers! Advertising is WAY too expensive to depend on anyone's gut instinct. It is a discipline, well-debated and well-researched decision. This lecture beings to describe how it is done.


This video continues the discussion of the total advertising process began in the last video.


Something for nothing......this video covers public relations and publicity tactics. Learn the key drawback to publicity, despite its lack of cost.


Is your business one that depends on personal selling as a primary promotion device. Learn some of the key decisions in selling anything. (Also, see Dan's entire course on Professional sales).


This video covers sales promotion tactics and how to generate short term volume.


This video covers the way to market directly to the consumer. It involves a lot more than the internet, everything from the home shopping network to kiosks. Understand ALL your direct marketing options.


This video is an overview of the online marketing process. This is a huge area of growth for everyone, and almost nobody does it as well as they should. Get an overview of the online marketing process.


This marketing continues the discussion of how to establish an internet marketing presence through four very specific steps.

Lecture Notes - Section Four - Place and Promotion
10 pages
10 questions

Quiz Description

Section 5: Execution and Marketing Plan

This lecture covers how to execute better than your competitors - a key aspect of marketing success.


A good marketing strategy is not much if you can't explain it to anyone. This strategy goes through a template for a complete marketing plan, that would be suitable for investors, employees, or just to have it on paper for your own records.


This video describes places to get data needed to develop your written marketing plan.


This video is Dan's closing thoughts on marketing, after thirty years in the business.

Lecture Notes - Section Five
2 pages

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Instructor Biography

Daniel McCarty, Ex-CEO offers Marketing Course for small and large business

Dan McCarty has worked his way up from entry level marketing assistant to President and CEO of multi-billion dollar companies and divisions of companies. Dan has managed America's best known brands including Del Monte, Quilted Northern, Underwood, Crystal, Dixie Cups and Plates, Brawny Paper Towels, Accent, Hain Health Foods and more.

Dan is also a MBA graduate from the prestigious Haas School of Business at the University of California in Berkeley.

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