LinkedIn MasterPlan
3.7 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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LinkedIn MasterPlan

Learn How to use LinkedIn for Business and how to get the most out of all the features of LinkedIn in LinkedIn training
3.7 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
747 students enrolled
Created by Andrew McCauley
Last updated 7/2013
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of the Course, you will have been able to set up a profile that will rank you on the first page fo the LinkedIn search resuts
  • You will have learnt the power of groups and how to become the Authority in your Industry , ensuring people will track you down for your knowledge
  • You will learn special Networking Strategies that will enable you to connect to just about anybody on LinkedIn
  • How to create a Search Engine Ready Company Page and utilise that for growing your business
  • You will learn how to create a group and also grow your list of potential customers with one simple trick
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  • You will need to have access to the internet and a valid email address to sign up for a lInkedIn Account

This LinkedIn Training MasterPlan course is designed for anybody that wants to learn how to use LinkedIn to grow their Business. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, there are tips in every video from a marketing perspective and also a general user’s perspective.

The LinkedIn Training MasterPlan Course is made up of very short but concise videos showing the main points and covering them succinctly... there is no Fluff.  At the end of each section, there is a Quiz to test your knowledge and see what you have learnt.

This LinkedIn training course should take you about 2 weeks to complete if you were to implement everything that is in there.

The LinkedIn training course is structured around the Linkedin Platform and it has an easy to follow step by step guide to show you where you are in each section

If you are in Business, or your Job relies on you making new contacts and networking, then LinkedIn is the most Powerful way to do this... don't miss these tips and tricks that have taught thousands of people how to harness the power of LinkedIn

Take this LinkedIn Training now and learn how to LinkedIn use for your business to get most out of it.


Who is the target audience?
  • You do not need any special experience with LinkedIn for this course to be a benefit to you
  • If you want to know how the power networkers in the owrld seem to know all the right people, then this course will show you how they do it
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Curriculum For This Course
41 Lectures
LinkedIn Overview
17 Lectures 01:35:12

 My name is Andrew McCauley and I’m excited to be sharing all of this LinkedIn information with you.  This LinkedIn module is going to be quite large because there are so much stuff that we can cover with LinkedIn.  And I just want to just touch on this video about all of the possibilities that we can use LinkedIn for in our daily lives whether it’s for an entrepreneurial business, whether it’s for a larger business with a number of employees or whether it’s just for you looking to help yourself get a better job out there in the worldwide workforce.

Preview 03:38

I want to give you an overview of what you’re looking at as far as the Home Page is concerned on LinkedIn and how you can use each of these tabs as you grow your business.  Now one of the things I do want to mention is that we’re going to go deeper into each one of these later, I just want to give you the big picture overview so you can see where we’re heading and each video I’m going to give you certain little tips and tricks not only just how to use it on LinkedIn but also how to use it for your business and some of the tips and tricks that I’ve learned to maximize the results that you can get.

Preview 05:56

The profile that you create on LinkedIn is very, very important.  In fact it’s so important that LinkedIn think it’s necessary to show you exactly how much percent of the profile you are yet to complete in order for you to have 100% complete profile.  So I thought we may as well start from the very beginning and setup a brand new account and this video series, you’re going to see how we grow this particular account to be 100% complete and all of the other additions and benefits that we can do so that you can fire through and make sure that your account exactly how you needed to be setup.

Preview 11:22

 Here is a new profile and the layout of the new profile.  You can see LinkedIn are making it very picturesque so that there is a lot more images involved now with profiles than it ever was before. We go into how to make your profile special

Profile Creation Secrets- NEW PROFILE LAYOUT

Establishing your profile is one of the most important steps and I really can’t tell you enough how important it is to get this profile right.  So let’s move on and check out where we’re at with our profile.  

Profile Headings

We dive into the core reason why your keywords are so important and how to express your expertise in your profile. This is a very important video to watch
Adding Titles and your Roles

 Let’s start to look at a bit more of the profile and the aesthetic parts of the profile and how you can really enhance your images so that people are looking at your profile and getting a really good overview of who you are.  Now when you’re in the profile section underneath the View Profile,  LinkedIn will be asking you to improve your profile.  So you can click on the blue button, it’s going to offer suggestions of what you can improve.

Adding Photos and your own Websites

Two more little features that I really want to show you about your profile and that is the actual public URL that people can see or find you by.  Now by default, LinkedIn will give you a series of numbers at the end of to designate who you are.  Now you really want to make sure that you’re changing that to reflect your name. 

Adding a Personal URL and displaying your Visibility

The next part of your profile is pretty important and that’s called the summary part of your profile.  The summary gives a brief overview of exactly who you are and what you’ve done.  This is the fourth place that you want to make sure that you keywords are inserted in the summary.  

Why your Summary and Skills are very Important

Now as you move through and start to fill in these different sections of your profile, you’re going to notice that on the right-hand side, there is either a call to action for you to fill in specific part of your profile or you may have some recommended other bits and pieces that LinkedIn are asking you to do.  

Projects: The Secret Tool for Entrepreneurs and Contractors

A few more aspects of the profile that I just want to touch on and that’s the personal aspects of it. This is also part of the strategy of having your profile right

Twitter and Public Profiles

This part of the video is all about recommendations.  We discover what are recommendations and why are they important.  Recommendations are essentially people who either recommend you and your good work, so you can put that in your profile or people that you recommended who have done some good work.

The Importance of Recommendations

Adding connections is the cornerstone of linkedin. Its a social network for a reason. Now the important thing about connections is that you want to organize them in a way that you can control them easily and send messages to people.
Adding Connections

If you have the new Linkedin format, then this video will show you how to use contacts effectively. There are some great new features on the new format for contacts and connections.
Adding connection with the NEW Format

When looking for, filtering or just targeting connections, Linkedin now has a new interface and its pretty effective too. This video will explain these features in detail
New Contact Tabs

This new CRM style feature that LinkedIn has created is awesome. Its like having your own custom CRM system right inside LinkedIn.... a definite win for LinkedIn. Make sure you watch this video to harness this new feature
The LinkedIn Secret Weapon- its own CRM!

We show you how to use Associations for establishing connections in this brief but important video.
Using Associations for Contacts

This quiz looks at the features of your LinkedIn Account
Your LinkedIn Account
4 questions
LinkedIn Account Settings
4 Lectures 17:07

It’s quite important to make sure you get this right, because if you don’t get this right, You could be opening yourself to exposure that you may not want.  So let’s have a look at Privacy Settings and hwo to set them up properly.

Privacy Settings and what to Look for

Email Preferences. Now this is going to be important for you particularly as your network grows.  When you start getting a lot of connections you’re going to start getting a lot of emails and it can be overwhelming. 

Email Settings... dont get bombarded with emails

 In this section here we’re going to look at the third tab in the Settings area and that is the Groups companies and applications.  Selecting your Group Display Order, we’ll find out that you can actually join 50 groups in LinkedIn.

Group Settings

Account setting are one of the most vital settings that you should investigate in your profile settings. We will show you hy in this video
Account Settings

This quiz is all about aspects of the privacy settings
Section 2: Privacy Settings
4 questions
LinkedIn Groups- The Powerful Networking Way
13 Lectures 01:04:40

Groups is one of the most powerful aspects of LinkedIn, I really believe, and the thing about groups is that you want to start getting involved with groups but not just joining them and just sitting there as a spectator but really getting involved. Getting involved with the discussions that are out there, post some questions, answer some questions that people are posting about but really get yourself found as the authority in your industry and the thought leader that you.  These groups are where people that really make a difference hang out and they want to know who is moving and shaking in their industry and if you can really work out how to use groups properly, you will be amazed.  

Groups Overview

We show you the powerful ways to search for Groups and find the right groups for you
Group Search

In this Video, we dive into groups and see what they are comprised of. We share some strategies for your online growth
Inside a Group- Overview

 In this video we are looking at the components of a group and in this video it’s ‘discussions’.This is where the connections are made.

Discussion Tabs

This video shows you who the members are and how to connect with them
Members Tabs

Promotions Tab is a great pace to showcase your talents, your services and your products. The Promotions tab lets you conveniently showcase this without upsetting the owners of the group.
Promotions- There for a Reason

If you are in the market for a new job, or even a new contarct for work, then the Jobs tab is an awesome place to start.This is not to be confused with the Jobs section in LinkedIn Proper

Find a Job in a Group

In this final video about groups and the tabs inside groups we are going to look at the search tab.  Now, you expect what a search box would do, it would let you search the entire group for different discussions, members and promotions and so on and so on.  We take a closer look at how to use this for your benefit.

Search Function and Rules

Once you have worked on a group and you have been involved with a group for a number of weeks, then it’s probably time to start creating your own group and creating a group is one of the most powerful things you can do on LinkedIn

Creating a group

We show you the overview of a created group before we dive into creating one for yourself
Creating your own Group

There are many aspects to managing a Group and in this video, we go through all of them and offer strategies for you to follow to maximise your effectiveness.
Managing your Group

More details about the importance of group settings.. vital video if you manage a group
Group Settings... Get them Right

Creating a template is a key part of the strategy of managing a group. If you get these right, it will free up a mountain of your time
Group Templates

This quiz is all about the groups function
4 questions
Jobs, Company Pages and News
6 Lectures 31:45

Jobs are a good feature if you are a relatively large organization and you want to look for job applicants regularly or even if you have just got a role that you want filled, it’s an awesome way to find people who can fit that role. Lets have a look at that closely.

Jobs feature

LinkedIn Inbox is for messages that come through but it’s not only just messages that come through like an e-mail, It’s also for notifications as well. we dive into both of these features in this video

Your Internal Mailbox

The company pages are vital for any business owner. We show you how to create a page and what aspects you need to really capitalise on this
Company Page Overview

This Video shows you the overview and some strategies that can be used with Company pages
Company Page Setup

If you want to keep up with the thought leaders and industry leaders, then you need to know how to use the News section. we cover all aspects of this section and show you why its important to grasp this concept
News Section

This is an awesome feature of LinkedIn and it showcases the leaders in your industry and field  If you want to connect with the movers and shakers of your industry, then this video wil show you how to do that
Skills And Expertise

This quiz concentrates on Section 4

Section 4 Quiz: Jobs, Inbox and Company Pages
4 questions
1 Lecture 05:29
Well thats it for LinkedIn MasterPlan. We covered alot of aspects in this series and the biggest take away is to take action.
Summary of LinkedIn MasterPlan
About the Instructor
Andrew McCauley
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The Social Media Bloke

Andrew McCauley is The Social Media Bloke . He produces short fun videos and heaps of information that are focused on making social media activities easy to understand. As an entrepreneur who quickly built his own successful consulting business, he also helps other business owners keep up with the current emerging trends of marketing and business innovation; with his main focus on steering traditional Business Owners through the often confusing seas of Social Media. Andrew is a leading authority on using Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for business. As a Business Consultant specialising in Social Media, Andrew has built a loyal following by teaching businesses how to leverage Facebook, Youtube and Twitter to grow a raving fan base and sell products and services. Andrew travels the world imparting his wisdom and has shared his strategies in over 10 different countries. Andrew is widely known for helping businesses and professionals elevate their status in the online world by using video and social media techniques to maximize their marketing exposure.

He now runs a very successful Digital marketing and Publishing Agency called AutoPilot Your Business and they publish the #1 Internet Marketing Magazine in the Apple Newstand called Online FootPrint and also produce a very fun and informative Podcast on Itunes