Complete Salesforce Lightning Experience User Training
4.2 (90 ratings)
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Complete Salesforce Lightning Experience User Training

Learn the new Salesforce user interface: Lightning Experience - New and Experienced Salesforce User Transition Course
Best Seller
4.2 (90 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
849 students enrolled
Last updated 5/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Navigate Salesforce Lightning Experience
  • Close deals more effectively in Salesforce Lightning
  • Service accounts in Lightning Experience
  • Navigate the new Sales Path
  • Set up new reports and dashboards in the new user interface
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  • I will show you how to sign up for your own free Salesforce account and then enable Lightning Experience
  • A basic understanding of Salesforce will be helpful in order to understand and make the transition over to Lightning

Learn how to use the new Salesforce Lightning Experience user interface efficiently - you should select my courses because I have 6 Salesforce Certifications, which are the most of any instructor you will find on Udemy. I have also been featured in InfoWorld and have taught more students and received more 5 star reviews than any other Salesforce instructor on Udemy. I invite you to read the reviews of my courses.

This course introduces you to the new user interface for Salesforce - Lightning Experience. I walk you through each section and function of this new user interface to help you make the transition from the Salesforce Classic user interface. 

I have structured this course to cover the key UI components of Lightning Experience to make you productive quickly on this new interface. I cover all of the key Salesforce concepts and functions for:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Analytics

Reports and Dashboards have undergone a major transformation with this new user interface. I walk you through the highlights of new report types, as well as dashboard layouts of up to 7 columns (up from the old limit of 3).

We also walk through the new sales enablement and enhancement tool only found in Lightning Experience, called Sales Path. There are no other course on Udemy that cover Lightning Experience, and how to use it. So get up to speed Lightning fast with the Complete Salesforce Lightning Experience User Training Course!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone that is familiar with Salesforce Classic
  • Anyone wanting to learn the new Salesforce Lightning Experience Interface
  • Anyone who works in Marketing, Sales or Service in Salesforce, but is inexperienced with Lightning Experience
  • If you are brand new to Salesforce and have never used it, I recommend that you instead enroll in my Salesforce New User Training Course
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Curriculum For This Course
34 Lectures
Introduction and Getting Started
5 Lectures 28:32

We get started with an introduction, and I go over my background and certifications on the Salesforce Platform. In this lecture I give you a broad overview of what this course encompasses and the sequence we are going to go in.

Preview 01:36

In this lecture I walk you through signing up for your own free Salesforce account, which you can keep for life.

Preview 04:38

Now that you have signed up for your free Salesforce account, I show you how to log in and complete the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant.

Preview 10:05

A new feature that can be configured to drive better sales performance is called the Sales Path. This new functionality, only in Lightning Experience, is used to drive engagement of Sales Reps, providing guidance along each stage of an Opportunity, to encourage data completeness by focusing on key fields at certain steps along the sales path.

Switching from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience

In this lecture, we get oriented to the new Salesforce Lightning Experience user interface. I walk you through some of the core, universal features, such as Search, the Navigation Bar, and more.

Lightning Experience Interface Quick Tour
Marketing in Salesforce Lightning Experience
7 Lectures 42:57

In this lecture, I discuss the different areas we will be covering as it relates to Marketing in Lightning Experience.

Preview 01:06

This lecture introduces you to the new terminology of Collaboration, which is what Chatter is now called in Lightning Experience. We demonstrate the Collaboration features in Lightning Experience and how they differ from Salesforce Classic.

Qualifying Leads in Salesforce Lightning Experience

This lecture details what functionality will be missing or not supported in Lightning Experience if your Salesforce organization does not have Chatter enabled.

Preventing Duplicate Leads in Lightning Experience

The lead conversion process is covered in this lecture. Lightning Experience handles converting a lead somewhat differently than the classic interface, but in the end, you can create a Contact, Account and Opportunity whenever you are converting a lead.

Converting Leads in Salesforce Lightning Experience

In this lecture, I show you how to correspond with leads in Lightning Experience. I send an email to a lead, creating an email template with merge fields in the process. I also demonstrate how to preview an email template to be sure you are not emailing your leads as 'Dear Firstname'.

I also show you the past activity in the Chatter feed as it relates to lead correspondence. I also log a call. 

I walk you through logging into your own Twitter account and how to connect a lead record with their own corresponding Twitter account. Once you have done that, you can correspond with a lead via Twitter. You can also see any people you have in common with your lead on Twitter.

Corresponding with Leads in Salesforce Lightning Experience

In this lecture, I show you how to create a new campaign in Lightning Experience. I also show you the various list views available for Campaigns in Lightning.

I discuss budgeted vs. actual cost vs. expected revenue. We also look at Campaign Influence with Opportunities. We also look at Campaign Totals for leads, contacts and opportunities that derive from a Campaign.

I also demonstrate creating an event tied to a Campaign through Activity Management on a Campaign.

Creating Campaigns in Lightning Experience

In this lecture I show you how to collaborate on Leads in Chatter. We cover Chatter basics, such as @ mentioning users, creating topics via hashtags, the WYSIWYG editor and more.

I create a Chatter Poll, how to vote, and refresh. I also cover how to pose a Question in Chatter as well. 

I also highlight how Chatter does not provide collaborative features around Campaigns, and how to instead switch to Salesforce Classic.

Collaborating on Leads and Campaigns with Chatter in Lightning Experience
Sales in Salesforce Lightning Experience
12 Lectures 01:08:10

In this lecture, I discuss the different areas we will be covering as it relates to Sales in Lightning Experience.

Preview 03:45

I demonstrate how the Account page layout in Lightning is designed more from a reference than an action standpoint. I compare the Account page and how it differs from Opportunities and Leads - explaining why Activity Management appears in different locations across different objects.

I demonstrate the News widget and Activity Management on Accounts. I also show you the various related lists for Accounts, such as Contacts, Opportunities and Cases. I demonstrate how to perform actions from the related lists on Accounts.

I show how to edit account information in Lightning. I also cover logging calls and other Activity Management features. We also cover object-specific actions on Accounts in Lightning. I also demonstrate how to change ownership of an account, and the corresponding related records that can also be transferred during this process.

Account Management in Salesforce Lightning Experience

In this lecture, we discuss News, which was previously known as Account Insights. I cover how relevant News is pulled in by creating a new account. On that new account page the News items display dynamically related to the new account. I also discuss the various sources that this information is pulled in from, along with the various icons that these sources provide.

I show you how to share a News item to Chatter. I also cover how to flag an item as inappropriate in News.

Gaining Account Insights with News In Lightning Experience

Dupes. Dupes. Dupes. Duplicates have been a problem with Salesforce for quite some time. They have recently rolled out better duplicate prevention features. I show you how to prevent these duplicates in Lightning Experience.

I walk you through how to create a new duplicate account rule, a corresponding Account Matching Rule, and how to activate both. We then put the new rule to the test by cloning an account to see if it prevents the duplicate account.

I go more in depth with the Matching Rule to provide it greater control of finding and blocking duplicate accounts.

Preventing Duplicate Accounts in Lightning Experience

In this lecture I demonstrate how to create new contacts from an Account and from the Contacts tab. I also cover how to correspond with contacts via sending emails and logging calls in Lightning Experience.

Keeping in Contact & Corresponding With Contacts in Lightning

In this lecture I walk you through how to create a duplicate rule to prevent duplicate Contacts in Lightning Experience. We make a Contact Matching Rule and Duplicate Rule. We then activate them and put them to the test.

Preventing Duplicate Contacts in Lightning Experience

In this lecture I show you how to create a new opportunity from an account in Lightning Experience. I cover the amount, next steps, and other key fields for an opportunity. We cover the Opportunities related list on the Account and then we dive deep into the Opportunity page layout.

I also cover the new Sales Path, which displays the various stages that are available. I demonstrate how to change stages by clicking and confirming on the Sales Path, which is only available in Lightning Experience. I also show you how to view Stage History on an opportunity via the Sales Path on the opportunity.

We also review the Chatter feed, as well as following an opportunity. The Details tab is also covered, along with in-line editing of an opportunity. Change ownership is also covered.

I also demonstrate how to create a new case from within an opportunity in Lightning Experience. I also add an opportunity note. We create additional opportunities for similar deals via the clone process on opportunities in Lightning Experience.

I show how to edit opportunities from a list view and then give you a sneak peak at the Opportunity Board. I finish out the lecture by adding products to an opportunity from a price book, and demonstrate how that works in Lightning Experience.

Working and Closing Opportunities in Lightning Experience

I demonstrate the Sales Path in Lightning Experience. I cover the Key Fields and Guidance for Success that guide you in filling in the most important information on an opportunity as it travels through the different stages of your sales process.

I then show you how to configure and set up the Sales Path in your own Salesforce instance via Setup.

Increase Sales Productivity with the Sales Path in Lightning Experience

This is simply the most talked about, jaw dropping feature of Lightning Experience. You may have heard it called the Opportunity Board. Whatever you call it, it is cool and we are going to dive into the Opportunity Kan Ban. I'll show you how to set it up in your own Salesforce instance.

I demonstrate the dynamic nature of the board and how the totals update whenever you drag and drop opportunities into different stage columns.

Introducing the Crazy Cool Kanban Opportunity Board

In this lecture I show you how to adjust your page layout via the Lighting Page Editor to move the Contact Roles related list higher up on the opportunity page layout. I then show you how to add Contact Roles to Opportunities. Contract Roles help you signify who the Executive Sponsor, Decision Maker, etc. are on an opportunity.

Contact Roles on Opportunities - Decision Makers, Influencers Buyers

Influential Campaigns are not as robust and fully functional in Lightning Experience as they are in the classic interface. In this lecture I demonstrate some of the differences.

Identifying Influential Campaigns on Opportunities

Sales collaboration features with Chatter are covered in this lecture. I walk you through various Chatter features on Opportunities, Contacts and Accounts.

Collaborating on Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities with Chatter
Service in Salesforce Lightning Experience
4 Lectures 18:14

In this lecture, I discuss the different areas we will be covering as it relates to Service in Lightning Experience.

Preview 01:16

The Service Console is not available in Lightning Experience. I show you how to launch the Call Center app via the App Launcher in Lightning. I then walk you through how to find and work cases in Lightning Experience.

We discuss List View controls for Cases in Lightning, along with Case List View filters and the various fields that can be displayed. We briefly view Charts in Case List View. I also demonstrate how to create a new case and tie it to both a contact and an account in Lightning.

I also show how to change ownership of a case and display that in the Chatter feed for the case. I also cover viewing list views for Queues and assigning a case to a queue.

Case Management in Lightning Experience

In this lecture I cover the features as well as limitations found in Lightning Experience when trying to correspond on Cases via Activity Management. I show you different ways that you can log a call and send an email on a case from within Lightning. I also compare some of this functionality to the classic interface of Salesforce to help you see different ways you can do what you need to between the two systems.

Case Correspondence in Lightning Experience

In this lecture I cover the Case Collaboration functionality that Lightning Experience provides with Chatter.

Case Collaboration with Chatter in Lightning Experience
Analytics in Salesforce Lightning Experience
4 Lectures 28:34

In this lecture, I discuss the different areas we will be covering as it relates to Analytics in Lightning Experience.

Preview 01:45

In this lecture I show you how to install a few good applications off of the AppExchange. These apps contain good reports and dashboards that we will demonstrate and work with further in subsequent lectures. I provide links to these apps as well as additional ones from the Resources section of this lecture.

Installing Reports and Dashboards Apps in Lightning Experience

In this lecture, I show the new look of Reports in Lightning Experience. We visit some of the reports that are available from the different apps that I installed from the AppExchange in the previous lecture. I show you how to modify reports, adjust filters, add column and row groupings, and more.

Reports in Salesforce Lightning Experience

In this lecture, I show the new look of Dashboards in Lightning Experience. I show you the Chatter Graph from the App Exchange. We also go through how to customize the Home Page and editing the quarterly goals.

Dashboard Driven Decision Making in Lightning Experience
In Conclusion
2 Lectures 04:19

Final thoughts on next steps for you, as well as conveying my thanks for spending your valuable time with me.

Thank You and Next Steps

In this bonus lecture I provide you with information and promo codes to my other Salesforce courses.

Bonus Lecture - Promo Codes to my Salesforce Bootcamp Bundle and other courses
About the Instructor
Mike Wheeler
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Salesforce Trainer and Cloud Career Coach - 6 Certifications

I teach Salesforce user, certification and AI / Artificial Intelligence courses because I am passionate about the platform, and the awesome things you can build quickly on it - including your career! There is an extreme shortage of Salesforce talent in the job market, and I am creating Salesforce Certification and User courses, so that you can get a good paying job in the cloud.

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I have been building solutions on the Salesforce platform since 2008, and started my own certification journey in 2011. Before discovering Salesforce, I worked as a Technical Writer, Trainer, and built blogs using Wordpress. Once I found Salesforce, I saw it as the quickest path to building world-class web and mobile applications for businesses and consumers. I've attained 6 Salesforce Certifications along the way: Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Advanced Administrator, Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant, and Salesforce Platform App Builder.

I am the founder of Mike Wheeler Media, LLC, where my mission is to Inspire, Equip and Train the masses on the Salesforce Platform. Feel free to connect with me through the various social profile links on my profile here. 

Aaron Wheeler
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I use the Adobe Creative Cloud everyday, specifically working in Premiere Pro, After EffectsPhotoshop. I have obtained my Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certification in Premiere Pro CC and am currently working towards certifications in Photoshop CC & After Effects CC as well.

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I hope to soon create Adobe courses of my own & teach all that I have come to learn while working in the production industry.