How to Get Things Done & Enjoy Work More (with Lean & Agile)
4.1 (10 ratings)
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How to Get Things Done & Enjoy Work More (with Lean & Agile)

A game-changing introduction to confidently taking any idea from zero to hero - giving you more time, value & enjoyment
4.1 (10 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,250 students enrolled
Last updated 3/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • You’ll take any idea from zero to hero quickly
  • You’ll stop being busy and start being Amazing
  • You’ll squash your business fears and be confident in your success
  • Learn how to be productive with limited time
  • Learn how to make your cash flow quickly
  • Learn how to focus on value and be successful
  • Learn how to build quality in and feel inspired
  • Learn how to create faster and feel motivated
  • Over two decades of Lean and Agile experience at your disposal
  • Q&A with international trainer, coach, mentor & consultant Laura Waite and the rest of the Flowmotion team
  • Thought-provoking exercises and personal challenges throughout
  • Inspiring examples from all walks of life (home, work and international business)
  • No rush and frazzle here - learn at your own pace
  • Lifetime access to all the content
  • Quick refresher anytime with a short recap video
  • Grow your career with a certificate of completion
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Lean & Agile are decades-old, field-tested philosophies, which help you to move from the beginning of an idea to the successful completion of that idea, quickly - allowing you to relish in the fruits of your labour whether that’s making money rapidly, improving your ROI (return on investment), delivering on-time & on-budget or feeling more productive every single day. Learn why so many companies and individuals are applying this impactful thinking to their working environments, from single person start ups to the biggest organisations in the world - private, public and not-for-profit sectors alike.

Building from her experience delivering training on this subject for more than a dozen years, Laura cuts through the inconsequential details, straight to the root of how to make a difference in your working environment today. She explains in clear terms how to reap the powerful benefits that Lean & Agile philosophies provide. This is not an overview of complicated techniques or practices, but a hands-on exploration of the principles that will allow even those new to the concepts to apply them right away.

In an engaging and accessible manner, Laura will give you an overview of the simple building blocks you need to begin enjoying your work more - packed full of thought-provoking stories and intriguing examples - culminating with a personal challenge that will see you improving the way you work immediately. Regardless of your particular working environment, within just a few hours you’ll already have taken your first step.

Come on - let's get things done & enjoy your work more. Starting right now!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to be more successful
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business people
  • IT folks
  • Self-employed
  • Consultants
  • Anyone who wants to enjoy their work more
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Curriculum For This Course
28 Lectures
2 Lectures 11:27

So, what happens when a mouse, a donkey and an owl try to do some work in a bar? What do you mean that sounds like a rubbish joke? Really, there’s a great message to the story, and it’ll set the scene for the rest of course. Enjoy, and here’s hoping it makes you smile :)

Preview 05:39

Time to find out a little more about your instructor. Something that you can’t miss about Laura is her passion for this stuff. So we’ll let you hear a little about why! It’s over to Laura to let you in on her story and how she went from feeling frustrated to inspired with her own work :)

Preview 05:48
What you can do (the theory)
8 Lectures 53:37

Time to get into it. Laura starts with an exercise to get your grey matter working and start to think about how you currently approach your work. Prepare to be challenged :)

How to take your first step

So did you do the thinking? Hope so, it’ll help. Now Laura starts to show why your current thinking is perhaps holding you back. You’ll learn how to get from ‘concept to cash’ more quickly, by starting to use the Flow approach. Watch out, there are a few ‘Ah, I get it’ moments in this one. In fact, you might want to watch it over again. Your call :)

How to create faster & feel motivated

Time to take it to the next level. This time we look at how important it is to identify where the most value is in whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve. Sounds simple, and the general principles are simple, but this is such an important part of the process. Enjoy :)

How to focus on value & be successful

Creating things more quickly also leads to better quality. (Yes, you’re reading that correctly. It so does!) Here, we add the next element to your approach and start to understand how important it is to get feedback really early and build quality into your activity. It’s another very simple, but very effective, part of the approach.

How to build quality in & feel inspired

It’s a no-brainer! Why would you not adopt this approach if it leads to you enjoying your work more? Why should you spend your time feeling frustrated and unproductive? We hope that here we'll show you that you don’t have to!

How to enjoy your work more

If you’ve been wondering how you’ll go about starting to work with the concepts of Flow, then this will really challenge you to think how you’d go about this. There’s an exercise at the end, so please take a little pause and do the thinking :)

How it can be done (part I)

So, did you get it? How did your answer compare to Laura’s?

Let’s complete our thinking on how these concepts will work in reality. This approach will make a huge difference on the quality and enjoyment of your work, and you might be surprised to find that it can be done even within the traditional project life-cycle :)

How it can be done (part II)

Ah IT folks are so special that we’ve prepared a specific video just for you. If you’re in an IT environment, this’ll help show how Flow can work for ya. Enjoy :)

How it can be done in I.T. (bonus)
How you can do it (the exercises)
16 Lectures 01:20:53

Don't be fooled. These aren’t your typical exercises. They’re deeper explorations into the theory and how to apply it. You know the phrase : ‘practise makes perfect’? Well if we were to tell you that it takes around 3000 repetitions to ingrain a new behaviour, then you’ll kind of see that there’s a bit of effort required. So over to you then, see you in 3000 hours!

Just kidding ;) But these exercises will make you think both in the context given, and in your own situation - and then Laura will delve deeper into the theory with her solutions. Grab a cuppa and get ready to think and feel great about what you’re learning and how to put it into practice in your own situation...

Getting the most out of this section

Let’s start with a problem faced by many of us. So you have this ‘product idea’. It can be anything, but for this example, think about being a photographer who wants to sell their photography - that's the product idea. In essence it’s a simple product, isn’t it? Should be easy to get it to market quickly, right? Well let’s see, as Laura puts you in the role of deciding how to bring your product idea to life! Good luck :)

Bring your product idea to life (exercise)

So you’ve had time to think about what you would do in order to bring your photography idea to life, right? Great, let’s see how your ideas match up with Laura’s. Here goes … !

Bring your product idea to life (solution)

We thought that this might be a cool resource for you to challenge your thinking. So you’ve tackled the exercise and had a chance to reflect on your approach and how this compared to Laura’s thinking, yes? Great! Now have a think about your own activity or your own puzzle. Could you do with a re-think inline with the lean and agile principles that you’re starting to understand?

Don't forget, Laura and the rest of us here at Flowmotion are just a click away if you want to ask any questions or get a steer. We're always happy to help :)

Bring your product idea to life (challenge)
1 page

Time for another exercise. No pressure, but this time you’re responsible for bringing cash into your business - yikes! That’s a poignant topic for many of us, isn’t it? Keep to your lean & agile principles, and we’re sure that you’ll be surprised how simple your own thinking will be for this process. Have a listen and enjoy :)

Make your cash flow quickly (exercise)

Ok, have you had the time to gather your thoughts for this exercise? Let’s hear how your ideas compare to Laura’s suggestions for the quickest way to get cash flowing! Show me the money … :)

Make your cash flow quickly (solution)

As with the previous exercise, here’s an opportunity to challenge your own thinking! Think about what you do for a moment, are there examples of where you could apply this same logic? Probably. Are you up for the challenge?

Make your cash flow quickly (challenge)
1 page

Exercise time again and we really love this one! This time it’s a non-business situation, as you’ll be faced with the real-life nightmare of impending guest arrival and not enough time to do everything you wanted in preparation. We’ve all been there, right? Well, have fun with this exercise and we’ll see you soon for the solution. :)

Be productive with limited time (exercise)

So this exercise was all about too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Very very familiar, especially around the house! If you’ve had enough time to think through your solution to the exercise, let’s see how your thinking compares to Laura’s …!

Be productive with limited time (solution)

Another challenge for you, woohoo! This challenge has a little twist. How would you set about applying this thinking to any situation where you, or someone else, is pressed for time? What about children! Imagine the difference you could make if you helped the kids apply lean & agile thinking to their homework? Food for thought!

Be productive with limited time (challenge)
1 page

Time to scale it up a bit, but big or small, the thinking is the same, it really is! This exercise places you in the middle of a large project in the public sector. Let’s see where your new lean & agile thinking takes you - you might even surprise yourself.

Enjoy your successful project (exercise)

How did you find that exercise? We hope that you have had time to consider your solution and that maybe it was easier than you thought. It’ll probably not surprise you that this exercise is based on a real project. Let’s have a listen and see how you did … ?

Enjoy your successful project (solution)

Whew. That one really "pumped up the volume", now didn't it? Let's see if you can bring your thinking to a bigger stage in your own work and life. Bring on the challenge, I say. Bring on the challenge!

Enjoy your successful project (challenge)
1 page

This is the last exercise and it’s another biggie (in terms of scale) but this time in the private sector! We ask you to look at an example within a large-scale programme of work. Stick to the principles and work out how you would roll out a reusable process across many areas of your business. G' luck :)

Make your programme a big hit (exercise)

Time for the last solution now, and another chance to check your thinking alongside Laura’s. How good does it feel to see how the same lean & agile thinking can help you solve big and small problems across business and non-business situations?

You should now be feeling super confident that you’ve ‘got it’, and if not, just go back and check what you might have missed along the way. If you’re still not sure how this’ll work in your particular situation, just ask and we’re happy to help :) Or continue on to the next section and your personal challenge...

Make your programme a big hit (solution)

We're really reaching for the sky now. You may not be working in such a large-scale, programme context. But maybe you know someone who is? Pick their brains a bit and see if you can figure out how you'd apply lean and agile thinking to become a big hit.

Make your programme a big hit (challenge)
1 page
How you can keep doing it (the application)
2 Lectures 15:25

Before you leave us, we’d like to help you to find a personal context (a problem that’s bugging you perhaps?) and apply all that you’ve learned to make a huge difference in what you’re trying to achieve. So hunker down for one more ultimate challenge … you can dooooooo it!

We'd love to be in touch:

Take your first step (your personal challenge)

Time to check back in with Laura. Here’s a summary to help out after you’ve completed the course. If you’ve been trying to use your new thinking, you may just want to check back in and make sure that you’re still on track. Or you may have forgotten something. Or be struggling with something. Whatever the case, it’s no problem - that’s what this recap is for, and you can listen to it as often as you’d like!

If you have any little niggles you want to check with us, feel free to get in touch!

Congratulations on completing the course. May the flow be with you ;)

About the Instructor
Laura at Flowmotion
4.1 Average rating
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1,250 Students
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Business Improvement Coaching (Lean & Agile)

Laura is a Business Improvement Coach and principal at Flowmotion, an endeavour focused on making the working world a better place - one step at a time.

We have an energetic approach, full of humour and lots of high fives, emphasising humanity, active engagement and delivering value. Flowmotion's specialty lies in organisational transformation, helping groups of all sizes make lasting, effective change by applying a fusion of powerful techniques, such as Lean and Agile. We have amassed a great deal of experience in teaching people to work differently in private, public and non-profit organisations all around the world.

We are passionate about changing the business world, one step at a time, to a more positive and less complicated way of working.

We can be found by searching flowmotioncafe.