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Learn how to live a happy, healthy, and prosperous life by using the law of attractions. Awesome law of attraction tips
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About This Course

Published 6/2012 English

Course Description

Anyone who has begun to explore the idea that thoughts mold reality inevitably are introduced to the Law of Attraction. Using the law of attraction makes sense since this concept holds that your life experience reflects back to you whatever it is you’ve been thinking. Unfortunately, getting beyond that point and truly understanding what it means to create your own reality can be… well, overwhelming and confusing.

What exactly is the Law of Attraction?

Why is it that my thoughts affect my reality?

How can I find my soulmate?

How can I get the body I prefer?

How does death fit into the Law of Attraction?

The aim of this course is to provide you with a foundational understanding of the Law of Attraction and using the Law of Attraction so that the answers to these questions and others become clearer to you. By following this course you will learn Law of Attraction tips and you will be shown that the solutions to life’s problems are not as unattainable as they might seem.

Embedded within the principle of the Law of Attraction is the knowledge that you are figuratively and literally the center of the universe. This course attempts to show you that this is true as well as how to use that understanding to achieve the life of your dreams by using the Law of Attractions - because you deserve it.


Intended Audience: This course will benefit anyone seeking a general understanding of the Law of Attraction and using the Law of Attraction to a wide range of subjects.

Requirements: 1 Pencil and Paper. 



  • 21 Videos covering various subjects and Law of Attraction tips
  • 3 Exercises (1 perception exercise, 1 expectation exercise, 1 activity exercise)
  • 16 Affirmations
  • Media Recommendation List (books, documentaries, audio ressources).

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Section 1: Lesson 1 - LOA Lexicon

*Please read the lecture's Welcome letter before beginning.*


What is the nature of of existence? An understanding of your environment will lead to a greater ability to create. Discover the vibrational universe.

  • Scales of Existence
  • Potentiality
  • Energy as Fundamental
  • Resistance
  • Contrast and Duality
  • Perception and Senses



What is the nature of self?  Self is tied to the idea of duality. As a physical representation of your broader self, it is important to consider the true definition of self.

  • Energy Being
  • Consciousness and Patterns of Thought
  • Physical Self and Broader Self
  • Evolution of Being
  • Experience

What is the nature of emotion? Emotional states are vibratory states of being. Positive and negative emotions are indicators relating to your state of being. Explore the meaning of vibrational proximity.

  • Vibrational Patterning
  • Proximity
  • Beliefs and Interpretation

What is the nature of expansion? Learn about the evolution of all creation. The universe is not static. There is a continuation to its existence the strongly relates to you.

  • Fractals and Infinity
  • Expanding Awareness
  • Evolution,  Patterns and Consciousness
  • Preferences
  • Becoming

What is the nature of definitions? As an energy translator, you interpret the energy of your environment. Your reality is entirely defined by your perspective.

  • Translation
  • Habits and Beliefs
  • Expectation

What is the nature of appreciation? Your orientation determines how you perceive what you perceive. In all things, there are pros and cons. Your focus allows you to determine how you view your world.

  • Spectrums and Degrees
  • Wanted and Unwanted
  • Focus and Will
  • Positive Orientation
Section 2: Lesson 2 - Your Perfect Body

How does the Law of Attraction relate to health? Physical well-being resulting from vibrational alignment is core principle of this system of belief.

  • Distortion and Harmony
  • Natural State of Well-Being

How does the Law of Attraction relate to weight issues? An understanding of the Law of Attraction can lead you to a managed weight situation. Your body is a physical representation of the patterns you hold.

  • Energy Body
  • States of Being

How does the Law of Attraction relate to exercise? Explore a new approach to exercise that is both efficient and energizing.

  • Advantages of Exercise
  • Beings in Motion
  • Exercise as Meditation

How does the Law of Attraction relate to aging? Our physical self is designed to repair itself. Decline is a physical representation of what is happening vibrationally.

  • Resistant Physical World
  • Staying Up-To-Date

How does the Law of Attraction relate to living forever? The feasibility of eternal life is limited by our expectation. Physical reality is the product of our system of beliefs.

  • Freshness of Life
  • Wanting to Live Forever
  • Living in the Moment

How does the Law of Attraction relate to death? The undulating nature of reality demands the juxtaposition of two states of being.

  • Self-Awareness
  • Undulating Reality
  • Awakening
  • Redeath and Rebirth
Section 3: Lesson 3 - The Joys of Money

Wealth and poverty are states of beings that match a particular balance of thoughts and beliefs, as well as a measure of focus.  These are influenced by the same.

  • Energy Potential
  • Vibrational Leverage
  • Persistence

Careers are interests we pursue professionally. The development of your interest and skill, and the spectrum of opportunity available to you are influenced by the intensity of your will.

  • Interests and Hobbies
  • Talent and Skill
  • Coincidences
  • Will

Debt is the financial representation of a vibrational state of being. It is a consequence of vibrational proximity to thoughts of lack.

  • Money vs Energy
  • Spiraling Thought
Section 4: Lesson 4 - Loving Love

Ah, love! If you’re like most people, the Law of Attraction is likely to completely redefine your notion of love. What does love look like through the lens of this magnetic principle?

  • Frequencies & Harmony
  • Why Sweet is Sweet
  • Integration

Ah, marriage! If you’re like most people, the Law of Attraction is likely to completely redefine your notion of marriage. What does marriage look like through the lens of this magnetic principle?

  • Choosing Marriage
  • Make No Oaths
  • Staying Up-To-Date

Ah, heartbreak! If you’re like most people, the Law of Attraction is likely to completely redefine your notion of heartbreak. What does heartbreak look like through the lens of this magnetic principle?

  • Perception & Loss
  • Allowing Resistance
  • Conflict & Growth

Ah, soulmates! If you’re like most people, the Law of Attraction is likely to completely redefine your notion of soulmates. What does a soulmate look like through the lens of this magnetic principle?

  • Who You Are
  • Reunited
  • Soul Expansion

Ah, happily ever after! If you’re like most people, the Law of Attraction is likely to completely redefine your notion of happily ever after. What does a happily ever after look like through the lens of this magnetic principle?

  • Roller Coaster Ride
  • Setting The Dial
  • The Big Picture
Section 5: Handouts
The Law Of Attraction Lecture Series   Welcome! This course will introduce you to a variety of topics and how they relate to the Law of Attraction. The videos can be watched in any order and at your leisure. We would like to encourage you, if possible, to watch all the videos in sequential order in…
2 pages

Here, you will find a compiled list of tv series, documentaries, books and audio ressources that will help you to understand the Law of Attraction.

Though these selections don’t address the Law of Attraction directly, the understanding they provide applies wholeheartedly.

We encourage you to at least explore them all. If you don’t want to read the book, look up videos of the author online.

Have fun!

1 page

Perception Exercise:

Complete this exercise if you would like to experience what it means to filter your reality.

1 page

Expectation Exercise:

Complete this exercise if you would like to affect what you expect on a daily basis.

1 page

Activity Exercise:

Complete this exercise if you would like a hands-on approach to feeling better.

1 page

How to:


An affirmation is a declarative statement meant to aid in focusing your mind. For best results, scan the document briefly and take note of the ones that stand out. Use your internal voice to recite the affirmations. Discard the ones that don’t stir you.



  • Pay attention to what you are saying. (Remember: mindless repeating will not help much.

  • Speak these affirmations in moments when you are feeling GOOD! (Remember: make your declarations when feeling confident)

Section 6: Audio Lecture Section
Peter describes who you are including your physical and non-physical environment. Are you aware of what you’re made of and what surrounds you?
Peter explains the creation process. Are you trying to create something that already exists?
Peter details a process of understanding: Your state of being gives birth to your actions which gives birth to your circumstances. Are you focused on what to do, or how to feel?
Peter presents our #1 process. The Real Life Process is intended to transform your attitude toward your daily activities. Can you carry an attitude of appreciation throughout your day?
Peter provides a strategy in order to change your sour mood. Are you familiar with the neutrality of boredom?
Peter answers our most asked question. Are you aware of the easiest way to transform your life?
Peter dolls out guidance on what to focus on. If there anything in your life that you enjoy? Can you focus on that more?
Peter lays out what it means to desire as well as its purpose. Do you know your desires keep you alive?
Peter redefines success. How much better would you feel if you redefined “trying” as success?
Peter asks the group to choose what they’d like to believe. Do you actively choose what you believe?
Peter points the group in the right direction. Can you make your regular life more exciting?
Peter gets into what it means to believe. What is true?
Peter expands the idea of “the present”. Are you bringing your past baggage to your present?
Peter puts the onus back on you. Are you focusing deliberately?
Peter unwraps the mystery of energy and consciousness. Do you know what these fundamentals are?
Peter reminds us what memories are. Do you remember accurately?
Peter satisfies our need to remember by replacing it with selective recall. Are you discriminating enough when it comes to what you choose to remember?
Peter puts to rest our need to make an effort. Do you expect life to be effortless or effortful?
Peter attempts to flip your world view. Are you willing to try something different?
Peter talks about life becoming a mess after the Law of Attraction. Are you experiencing this crumbling effect?
Peter encourages the group to believe they can for no reason at all. Do you need a reason to believe you can?
Peter speaks about happiness as well as what it means to have a “negative” experience. Do you understand what it means to be negatively oriented?
Peter allows experience to be the teacher. Are you willing to believe before you have reason to?
Peter puts the group back in the driver’s seat by making it known that negative creations are successful creations. Are you negating your success?
Thank you for listening! Come and talk to us some more!
Tom presents his perspective on the subject of Meditation. This event took place April 7th, 2012 at the Atwater Library Auditorium in Montreal.
Peter presents his perspective on the subject of Meditation. This event took place April 7th, 2012 at the Atwater Library Auditorium in Montreal.

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Instructor Biography

Hartman Twins, Law of Attraction Specialists

For as long as they could remember Tom and Peter Hartman have been interested in learning not only how the experience of reality is generated but why. Hungry for knowledge and infatuated with information, these brothers have a knack for taking abstract, sometimes complex concepts and distilling them for easier understanding. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada the Hartman Twins have very different interpretations of the same facts allowing for varying perspectives that are, however divergent they may seem, always complimentary. For both of them, their satisfaction comes from the posing of questions and the answering of them, whether their students are the askers or they are.

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