Green Juicing Clinic: Detox, Cleanse, Feel Great
4.8 (8 ratings)
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Green Juicing Clinic: Detox, Cleanse, Feel Great

Get Lean, Detoxify Your Body & Lose Weight with Green Juicing in 21 Days
4.8 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
318 students enrolled
Created by Farnoosh Brock
Last updated 3/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will know how to lose weight and detoxify with juicing.
  • You will also have everything you need to know to do a safe juice fast.
  • You will feel comfortable making your very own juice recipes.
  • You will enjoy glowing skin, great digestion and healthy cravings.
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  • Need access to a juicer (not a blender).

Why Your Body Needs A Green Juice Now

Do you want to get the fat and the waste OUT of your body the natural way?

Do you want to feel ENERGIZED using raw, clean, green burning fuel?

Do you want to END the cycles of fatigue, indigestion, and malnutrition?

If you said YES to the above , then YOU can benefit from this juicing clinic.

Green juicing pumps essential nutrients directly INTO your body and gets OUT the fat and the toxic waste that your body has been storing for a long time.

The result is an Oh My Gosh! clean and new feeling. Or in more detail, you feel renewed, lose weight, and get filled with boundless energy.

You know the squeaky clean feeling after a nice long shower? Juicing does that for your insides. Imagine if you were to cleanse and rejuvenate the inside of your body the SAME way you do the outside!

Juicing works and I am here to tell you the REALLY good stuff that works miracles of goodness on your body. No other type of nutrition, diet, exercise program, or eating style even comes close to the direct and nearly immediate benefits of green juicing.

The best part: Juicing is the MOST natural way you can heal and reboot your body, lose weight and detoxify your organs for a fresh start.

Now the green juice clinic is right for YOU if you nod YES to any or all of the following.

  • You are sick and tired of “Diet of the Day”, pills and supplements and what have you!
  • You know something is missing in your daily foods but you don’t know what!
  • You are eating your veggies and fruits but your body is still starving for real nutrition!
  • You feel you are doing the right things for your health but you don’t see results yet!
  • You have had some recent “health issues” and want to take better care of yourself!
  • You want to return to holistic, natural way of taking care of your body!
  • You are a tad apprehensive about the whole “juicing” thing but wanna find out more!
  • You watched “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and don’t want that to happen to you!

Now be honest with yourself: Did you nod yes to any of list above?

What Exactly Do You Get in the Green Juicing Intensive Clinic?

You will learn how to build the habit of green juicing in your daily routine here. You will get lifetime access to 21 comprehensive juicing lessons, a ton of juice recipes and an amazingly supportive and fun juicing community.

Here’s the full scoop:

Lifetime Membership Access: You will have lifetime access to the 21 lessons, tons of juicing recipes, inspiring messages to keep you juicing, a copy of my Comprehensive Green Juicing book, a Juice Fast Guide, and the community support to keep you going strong.

Video Lessons: You will have 7 video lessons to watch and do homework for. Here, I show you my fun secrets, top tips and tricks on making green juices, my systems and tools in the kitchen, and we even go shopping together at the Farmer’s Market!

Audio Lessons: You will have 7 audio lessons to play on the go where I teach you more in-depth topics around green juicing and long-term commitment, and give you tools and systems to keep you going.

Text Lessons: You will have 7 blog-post format lessons with smart and creative Green Juicing recipes, ideas and ways to integrate it into your life, travels, work, etc, and so much more!

Access to Private Facebook Support Group: You will get access to the private Facebook group where we discuss juicing, and pair up with juicing buddies for fasting and detoxing. Plus we answer all your questions. It’s like a live 24x7 Juice Support Center.

Over 100 Juicing Recipes: The Juicing Recipes Corner with large number of recipes and I update this section with new recipes so you never have to try the same juice recipe twice!

Don't know if the clinic is worth it?

Well, let me ask you this: How much is your health worth to you? Forget the money for a minute, what about the time and effort it takes to take care of yourself even when you just get a cold? Do you know that the illnesses and discomforts are reduced drastically by those who juice regularly.

Do you know the hours and hours of time that you are going to save by NOT going to the doctor’s office, NOT going to the pharmacy to get cough medicine, NOT staying in bed because you will be getting healthier and stronger.

Then think about the money, the healthcare cost of going to a doctor for a visit, buying medicine, and maybe involving others to take care of you at their expense.

Now if skipping all of that pain and frustration and money lost – not to mention the euphoria you get from juicing – is not even worth $97 to you, then, you know what, the clinic may not be for you after all.

The juicing clinic is for you if you want to invest in your health and stay AND feel young and healthy as long as possible. That’s PRICELESS to me and those in the clinic. What is it worth to you? You decide!

Who is teaching the clinic?

Hi, my name is Farnoosh. I left a long corporate job to start my own company so I can live the lifestyle of freedom, health, healing and a lot of juicing! You can find out more about me at Prolific Living..

Today, I have the immense pleasure of writing books on juicing and offering you an invitation to the Green Juicing Intensive Clinic.

I had my first juice in 2007 and it changed my body (and my life!)

The transformations to my body, mind and general happiness: remarkable, so I kept doing it. Five years later, I am still juicing regularly, fasting a few times a year, writing books and doing interviews about green juicing and spending time learning together with our great juicing community here.

In January 2012, I wrote this little best-selling juicing book: Your Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide- to my surprise, it has already sold well over five thousand copies on Amazon – and you, my dear, get the entire guide FREE when you join the clinic.

And in March 2013 my latest book, the Healthy Juicer’s Bible, came out in bookstores across the country. The book sold out of its first printing in less than a month. The clinic is where we put the book to practical application in life, so join us!

Ready to get started? I will show you just about everything you need to know and make sure you have a grand time in your green juicing journey!

Still not sure?

I can only tell you that if you neglect your body, you will regret it. That’s all. Juicing has done miracles for me, for every single member in this juicing clinic and you are no different. Juicing will do miracles for you too. You decide what that’s worth to you.

But no worry if you are not ready for the clinic. My only warning is that you’re gonna miss out on this amazing price and the LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP deal if you don’t join now.


I know this is a tremendous step into for you to take, especially if you are brand new to green juicing. Don’t worry. You will be in good hands AND you will be part of a supportive loving community.

Your body will LOVE you even if you juice a few times and just soak up the lessons and the love.

Just in case you have reservations, I want you to know my husband, who used to swear he’d never drink a green juice for as long as he lives, is now begging me to make him a “Mean Green” in the mornings. Seriously, he’s a new person.

Give juicing a serious go! You won’t regret it.

This clinic is for the Juicing Enthusiast in You. I know it’s in there and I want to show you the same thing so you believe it too.

See you in the clinic!

Who is the target audience?
  • The clinic is perfect for you whether you are a total beginner to juicing or intermediate to advanced and either want some company or are in a total rut and need to get back on the juicing bandwagon, ideally with some friendly support!
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Curriculum For This Course
25 Lectures
Introduction and Welcome!
1 Lecture 00:38
Introduction and Welcome!
Let's Begin!
3 Lectures 34:11

Welcome to your Day 1 of the clinic!

Today we have our FIRST lesson, our kick-off lesson where I share with you all the juicy information on how to get ready for the clinic, and also what 2 intentions to set for yourself starting on this first day, to make this clinic a big huge success for you.

Then, we are going to dive in and start juicing.. I have a delicious recipe to share with you today and lots of tips and goodies to get you started on your journey, so go ahead and hit play. I’ll talk to you in the video!

Homework for Day 1: Your homework for today was in the video already, did you catch it? It’s simple and yet challenging. So it’s your two intentions: The first one is that you will commit to drinking a full glass of green juice every day of the clinic – more is bonus! And the second one is that you will do your daily lessons and the homework every day. Watch the video for more details and start by doing today’s homework by setting those intentions, in your heart, and on paper. I know you will stay true to your own intentions.

Preview 14:50

Day 2: Making a Juicing Date with Yourself on the Calendar
4 pages

Welcome to your Day 3 of the clinic! Today we have our THIRD lesson and where I share with you all the juicy information what goes with what in terms of your fruits and vegetables and how to smartly mix and match to get the best combinations. I give you both a foundational know-how and then guidelines with room to play.

Homework for Day 3: And what shall we do for your homework in Day 3? I was thinking of just having you PLAY with your recipes and experiment. Following recipes is a great way to learn and get some structure under your belt with green juicing but I want to you to give permission to yourself on Day 3 and beyond to get creative and to not be afraid of experimenting. I leave the interpretation of that up to you. If for you, an experiment means using pear instead of apple, that’s PERFECT or if you want to just try a new green, go for it. Be creative – albeit cautiously at first as you get started – in your juicing adventures!

Day 3: What Goes with What? A Mix of Creativity & General Know-How
Building the Foundation
3 Lectures 28:15

Welcome to your Day 4 of the clinic!

Today, we are going to get organized, baby! In this lesson, I share with you my storage and organization tips and lessons I have learned from not doing things right so I can save you headache. In this lesson, you also learn how to maximize the lifespan of all your precious fresh vegetables and the delicious juices that you make so take a seat, and enjoy the video and I see you there!

Homework for Day 4: My homework for you from Day 4 is just using the information here as you need it. You may already be doing a lot of these with your organization and storing of fruits and vegetables and juices, so if you pick up new tips here, I encourage you to use them. I especially want you to be very careful about the way that you store your green juice so the tight-lid glass jars are an essential item. Enjoy getting organized!

Day 4: The Art of Cleaning Vegetables and Storing Juices

Day 5: The Rules of the Game: To Juice or To Blend
5 pages

Welcome to your Day 6 of the clinic!

Today we have our SIXTH lesson and in this audio lesson, I share with you my top guidelines on all the ways to drink and not drink your green juices, plus a few more tips that you may find fun and enjoyable, so take a listen.

Homework for Day 6: My homework here for you, after listening to the audio, is to set new habits in place, especially if you are used to doing some of the things that I warned against such as the ways not to drink your juice. Just think about all of your already established habits, IF you are not new to green juicing and try to do your best to follow my guidelines here. If you are new to juicing, then I want you to start establishing the new habits right now! Sound easy enough? It’s a homework for the rest of your clinic again but one that I have no doubt you can do.

Day 6: How to Drink and Not to Drink Your Juice
Continuing Down the Green Juicing Path
3 Lectures 30:08

Welcome to your Day 7 of the clinic!

Today we have our SEVENTH lesson and believe it or not, we go shopping together. I take you with me first for a little intro to my balcony and then we are off to the local farmer’s market together to learn about vegetables. I am really excited about this video and can’t wait to have your reactions and all of your comments and questions to it, so enjoy!

Homework for Day 7: Your homework for today was to learn about all of your options when you go out to shop for your produce. For instance, you may realize that the same places that you regularly frequent may have the best vegetables that you are NOW interested in but before didn’t even need so you never noticed. Another option is to go to your local Farmer’s market and find some new vegetables, support the local farmer community and get more vegetables at a very decent price as well as possibly come across a new vegetables for juicing. In short, scope out all your options for getting your vegetables and fruits.

Day 7: Let’s Go Grocery Shopping Together

Day 8: Your Taste Buds are King
4 pages

Today we have our NINTH lesson and in this audio lesson, and here we check in with you. It’s been 9 days now, so it’s really important to do an overall check-in with how you are feeling, how this experience is working out for you and in how your body and your mind is reacting to it all so please take a listen with a deep sense of focus on yourself

Homework for Day 9: So in this lesson, I bring up a lot of concepts that I really believe in and that is how to keep track of your body and your mental state during a new change or a challenge and the importance of listening and honoring your body. If this is a new concept to you, please pay attention to it now and the rest of the clinic. Your homework is to be able to always be attuned to this amazing temple that houses your spirit, your beautiful body, and to learn to listen to it better than the chatter that goes on in your mind. As a stretch, I want you to also watch the Joe Cross Film, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” Fun homework to watch a film, no?

Day 9: Checking In with Yourself: How do you Feel?
Pushing Through the Resistance
3 Lectures 47:42

Welcome to your Day 10 of the clinic!

Today we have our TENTH lesson where I share with you how to fail-proof your efficient juicing system and ritual, and of course, we are going to talk in step-by-step details how to create a system in the first place. This is going to be a huge part of establishing a routine in your life and that’s our true intention with the clinic, if you remember from the very beginning.

So let’s dive in and see what I have in store for you. I wanted to make this both fun and creative. This is a longer video because I had *SO* much to share and didn’t want to skip any of it, so make a glass of juice (hint!) and get ready to watch your lesson. I’ll see you in the video!

Homework for Day 10: Well, if you took the time to watch the entire video, you’ve done the main part of your homework. Good work! I really just want you to think about the idea of a juicing system and ritual and then see which of the tips that I shared with you will work best for you and pick at least 3 of them to implement in your juicing system. It can be anything, from what knife and cutting board to use to how you set up your juicer and your containers to what other creative ways you establish your own efficient, fail-proof way of juicing day in and day out! Easy enough for homework?

Day 10: Fail-proof it baby! Building Your Efficient Juicing System and Ritual

Day 11: Why Keep a Juicing Journal
4 pages

Welcome to your Day 12 of the clinic! Today we have our TWELFTH lesson and we are going to talk about resistance. What is or may be getting in the way between you and your juicing! This is a very important topic during the development of habits and all of us experience some level of resistance sooner or later. If you have not had any such feelings, wonderful but I encourage you to listen in nonetheless. Remember we are building this habit for the long haul!

Homework for Day 12: I am so proud of you if you listened to this audio lesson, especially if you are just humming along – as I do hope that you are – on your journey into juicing…. because understanding resistance will go a long way for you. As for homework, just awareness. If the resistance comes up, your first homework is to do what I outline in the audio in dealing with it, and if it doesn’t, continue to move along and continue to build this habit from the inside out.

Day 12: What’s Getting in the Way? Understanding the Resistance
Hitting Your Juicing Stride
3 Lectures 29:42

Welcome to your Day 13 of the clinic!

Today we have our THIRTEENTH lesson where my hubby challenges me to make juice in a hurry and I sign up for the challenge, we time it and everything, baby! It is not out of the realm of possibility: What if you are in a big hurry, we think? What if you are already late and in a mad rush to get to work or anywhere else you need to be? Before you dismiss that glass of juice, let’s see just how much time it really takes to make it and then decide whether or not we have time!

This one was fun to do and of course, after my “green juice sprint”, I do a full recap for you, so hang around and watch the whole thing and I can’t wait to see you in the video!

Homework for Day 12: First of course, I want you to watch the video and believe that you always – always – have time to juice, that’s the biggest homework out of this lesson. Then I want you to challenge yourself by timing yourself from start to finish on a day when you are particularly rushed, and see just what miracles you can pull with making that glass of green juice in time and still be punctual to your day’s other commitments. In fact, share your results in the comments – I’d love to know if anyone can beat the 4min10 second time! ;)

Day 13: Your Green Juice Sprint

Day 14: Good Habits Push Out the Bad
4 pages

Welcome to your Day 15 of the clinic!

Today we have our FIFTEENTH lesson and we start talking about more intimate topics here such as our body’s reactions and what’s normal and what to watch out for and how to treat your body during any level of detox that you may be experiencing. I also give you some tips on fasting if that is of interest to you and some additional ideas about what else you could be doing to introduce more ways for your body to expedite the process of waste and toxin removal because when you do that, bliss and happiness follow. Plus a ton of energy

Homework for Day 15: One of my suggestions, which I also shared at the end of the audio, for your homework is for you to do additional detox and cleansing during the clinic so that you enjoy the benefits of green juicing ALONG with something else. Use any of the ideas in the audio and put them to practice. Share with us your results!

Day 15: Dealing with the Detox and Other Body Reactions
Getting Advanced (and Creative!)
3 Lectures 39:24

Welcome to your Day 16 of the clinic!

Today we have our SIXTEENTH lesson where I set up an entire experiment in the kitchen and compare the Breville juicer to the Omega juicer. I measure every single fruit and vegetable from the 2 identical recipes for us and show you how much each fruit and vegetable yields and how you can then get a good idea for other fruits and vegetables with the same densities. This video should also give you a good idea how to double or half a recipe in case you need to do that.

I really think that between the Breville and the Omega, I prefer the Omega any day of the week but it’s not always the most practical choice. As you know, the Breville is faster but wastes some juice and leaves the pulp rather wet, and the Omega is meticulous and works hard to give you the dryest pulp at the expense of a tiny chute and a slow process. Oh dear! Can’t we just have everything please in one machine? :) )

Well if you are ready, let’s start this experiment so I will see you in the video!

Homework for Day 16: Your homework, after watching the video, is to teach yourself to get better estimates as to (roughly) how much juice a certain combination of fruits and vegetables make. That way, you can be better at estimating how much to juice if you just want one serving versus several servings. Also, you can test yourself to see how well you can estimate how much vegetables and fruits to buy when you are out and about shopping for juicing produce. And last but not least, as a super stretch, I would like for you to get so good at this that you can take a look at a random fruit and vegetable and in your mind, determine how much juice you can squeeze out of it with your machine. Now that’s a goal worthy of achieving, don’t you think so?

Day 16: Measuring it Up in the Kitchen

Day 17: Restarting without a Fuss: Self-Love & Forgiveness
4 pages

Welcome to your Day 18 of the clinic!

Today we have our EIGHTEENTH lesson and I want to have a fun challenge for you today. I want to talk to you about juice fasting, a topic of intense interest and curiosity and also one of my favorites! We are nearly to the end of our fabulous clinic and I wanted to up the ante and give you a challenge of a half day or a full day of juice fast. So get ready for a fun lesson!

Homework for Day 18: So are you up for the fast challenge? Please be sure to listen to the lesson before going on a fast because I give you lots of guidelines and also point you to the Juice Fast Guide that is attached to this lesson. The ultimate homework here is to do a juice fast, and you decide the duration – either a half day or a full day. If you decide to go longer, be sure to check in with your doctor and take precautions but also go forth with faith and trust that your body will let you know what you need to know, and that you are stronger than you think.

Day 18: Pushing the Ante: A Half Day or Full Day Juice Fast
Moving into the Lifelong Habit
3 Lectures 35:18

Welcome to your Day 19 of the clinic!

Today we have our NINTEENTH lesson and I have a big task for you, and perhaps even the hardest task of all and that is how BEST to spread your love and passion for Green Juicing to people around you: friends, family, loved ones or strangers.

If you have been juicing for any period of time, you have no doubt raised a few eye brows and turned a few heads, and you may have even found yourself in the awkward situation of explaining what it is that you are doing exactly!! Maybe you felt you had to defend your green juicing habit or maybe you went on a preaching pedestal, because you could hardly contain your excitement.

Well, I’ve been there a lot and I know that it’s not easy to share this topic so I provide you a lot of guidelines and tips here in what to do in the face of those reactions and how to ease family and friends into possibly trying green juicing.

Well if you are ready for learning how to spread the LOVE of Green Juicing that we share oh so passionately, start the video and I will see you there!

Homework for Day 19: The ideal way to fulfill your homework on this lesson is to practice at least one of the tips in the video during a daily encounter when someone asks you about your green juicing or when you want to broach the subject with your friend or family and help ease them into green juicing. Practice being loving and not defensive. Practice teaching not preaching, and monitor and rate yourself on how well you do simply by how you feel about the whole encounters. Your feelings don’t lie!

Day 19: Spreading the Love of Green Juicing

Day 20: Why You Juice: Staying Motivated
5 pages

Welcome to your Day 21 of the clinic!

Today we have our TWENTY FIRST lesson and our last one. But don’t despair. This is the beginning of a beautiful journey and you have SO MUCH to look forward to. This lesson is about falling in love with your green juicing habit. It’s about loving this habit so much that you crave it and want to do it for a very long time! Oh yes!

Homework for Day 21: And so here we are, my dear juicing enthusiast. The very last homework – or rather, my parting wish for you – is to really do fall in love with your green juicing habit, and with yourself. Love and kindness combined with persistence will keep you going strong for a very long time and I must say that I have been truly honored to be a part of your journey. Thank you for your trust and for being an awesome juicing enthusiast, and such a hero to yourself. Now go celebrate with a big tall glass of green juice and stay healthy and vibrant!

Day 21: How to Fall In Love with Your Juicing
Bonus Resources
3 Lectures 35:49

The Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide is an ebook that goes a little deeper into specific recipes and modifications that will let you improvise and maintain a healthy and fulfilling green juicing journey.

The Comprehensive Green Juice Guide
68 pages

The Green Juicing Recipes Corner
32 pages

In February 2013, the clinic participants took on a challenge: A 10 Day Group Juice Fast. This is our call recording at the beginning of the juice fast. I cover a lot of tips on juicing here, plus we have a few laughs. Take a listen:

The 10-Day Juice Fast Group Challenge
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