IT Certification Roadmap & Career Planning Checklist 2017
4.3 (71 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
264 students enrolled
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IT Certification Roadmap & Career Planning Checklist 2017

Master the 8 strategies for guaranteed success in IT Cloud infrastructure and networking certification and career
4.3 (71 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
264 students enrolled
Last updated 12/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Define their Job Role and Career goals based on knowing themselves and the career details ahead of them
  • Plan a six figure $ career plan maximizing their potential outcomes and gains
  • Undestand and advocate career plans that takes into account the hottest skills on demand in networking
  • Understand why it is crucial to leave behind the dated career plans that do not maximize outcomes
  • Understand what it takes to reach the top of the networking career and how to maintain it
  • Know clearly how to stay updated to continue being amongst the best network resources available
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  • A self resolution to work hard and smart to reach the ultimate goal of six $ figures outcome from the IT networking career
  • A previous IT networking knowledge is nice to have but NOT required

Last Updated : Feb 14, 2017

Rated by Udemy among the top 10% courses on the platform.

Author Statement:

"This Course is not like any other certification and career planning courses, it has set the bar very high for any similar content on the internet today. I believe, a small investment like this NOW for your career, would be the best investment you will ever make, and will return 100s of thousands income delta in the few years to come. 

I am confident, once you enroll and take this course, this is going to be your navigation system that you will always use towards the best outcomes/goals. This course is key throughout your career journey, to achieve the best results. Please do not take my words for granted; go ahead and read the students' reviews to this course and how it impacted their career mindset and plans". 

A course that is unique in all aspects, its content, guidance, expertise behind every word said, based on 22+ years of experience from a 11+ years certified CCIE professional who has done it all, and reached the six figures income many years ago. 

This Course is a "MUST have" for everyone in the network and infrastructure domain, everyone aspiring a career in Cloud, Security, Data Center, Software Defined Networks, Network Function Virtualization to name a few. 

Take the biggest step towards your ultimate success in this career, build your perfect career Plan today and stop wasting time with classical certificates that do not hold the same value they used to few years ago. 

Get the inside scoop that no other course, school, college will teach you. Enroll Now!

Whether you are starting in the Networking field, or have been in this field for sometime, if you are fresh in the field or have achieved CCIE, this course will become your navigation system towards the Best outcomes in your IT Networking and Infrastructure career in 2017 and Beyond. Plan now and kick start 2017 with a solid plan to achieve the best results.

Information not found in one place anywhere else, the course also goes very deep into current skill/certification building mindsets, and why a shift to this mindset has to happen. The new trends and technologies such as Cloud, Software Defined Networks (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are completely changing how we approach network and IT infrastructures.

Learn the skills in extremely high demand, job responsibilities/descriptions, job role definitions, potential pay rates, how to tackle them, challenges and how to work around them, and much more!

On top of all this, the course will help you build the perfect career plan, with clear goals, target jobs, potential pay rates, time frame, financial investment, and target skills. Without a clear plan, that has clear goals with milestones, and time frame, it will be extremely difficult to cruise through this career and reach the best that you deserve out of it.

The course covers the following in details:

  1. Hot skills related to IT networking field today
  2. Lists the major changes happening to the field which impact  your career planning
  3. Explains the motive behind the changes
  4. Guides you through exercises to build/validate your career plan your self
  5. Guides you through the different career roles, and expected pay from each
  6. Gives you examples of career plans with the associated time and financial investments
  7. Warns you from common negative impacts to your career 
  8. Help you develop a detailed career plan with clear goal, time frame, investment, and potential outcomes!
  9. Teaches you the common strategies to work around foreseen challenges and setbacks
  10. Guides you through validating salary surveys, career certificate details and much more

This course explains in details the changes happening, the rationale behind them, how the changes will impact the current networking field  roles, responsibilities, skill sets in-demand, and pay rates. It will also show how these changes may force a lot of skills out of the game by rendering them obsolete or no longer in high demand, even some CCIE certificates may not become as valuable any longer in the near future.

Why wait longer? it is only a few hours investment,  Only few hours to ensure that you invested time, effort, and sweat into this field will result in the best outcomes for you.

Many of us started or are starting into this field, the IT networking field, and have many questions popping up every now and then such as:

  1.  I am stuck at where I am and can't move forward, what to do?
  2. The job responsibilities are not exactly what I was looking for, I feel it does not suit me, 
  3.  Job is turning into a boring routine, did I get myself into the right profession?
  4.  Economy situation is bad, I need to maintain a low profile to avoid the next layoff wave!
  5.  I am starting in this field (or changing careers) and will follow what others have done, since they were able to get a job into this field
  6.  I will not invest from my pocket on my education, let me wait until the company removes the spending freeze!
  7.  My company is NOT IT driven, and I do not feel appreciated as others outside the IT department.
  8.  What's next? what is my next step?

Does that sound somehow familiar to you, or someone you might know in this field?

If yes, then let's learn and see how this can be dealt with, basically, How to stay at the top and choose what you want to do, and change your role whenever you want!

Here are few tips that may come in handy, 

a. Avoid cruising in the Network Field without a proper and a validated career plan, 

b. Do not rely solely on your job/company to train you or get you to the best skills required in the market, 

c. Avoid depending on the job responsibilities alone to reach a point where you will feel secure and be in high demand, 

d. Work hard to acquire the hot networking skills and new trends faster than others, this will differentiate you big time, and ensure you are always paid well and your skills are in very high demand.

ENROLL NOW! Join this course and get the full story in details.

Course contents:

1) Current common trend and mindset towards IT Network certifications

2) Walks you through why CCNA/CCNP/CCIE R&S path, although still viable, is NOT the best outcome path to take as you sail through this field.

3) Explains the massive changes happening now in IT and how that impacts Network Infrastructures ( for instance Cloud, Software Defined Networks, Automation, Network Functions Virtualization), and consequently your current or prospective jobs.

4) It explains the impact of these changes on the required skills, the ones that employers are ready to pay TOP $$$ for.

5) Helps you understand the available, common, Network related Job Roles, their duties, and expectations from the professionals taking these roles.

6) Explains the potential pay rates for these roles

7) Guides you through the planning process for best outcome skills and certifications

8) Has practice exercises to walk you through defining your own goals, suitable jobs, and paths to take

9) Guides you through building a career plan with clear objectives, time and financial investments required

10) Lastly, servers as a motivational tool to help you along the way through your plan till reaching your maximum potential and best outcomes.

This comes from a Joint effort of knowledgeable Instructors, Including Eissa A Sharif, who has more than 22 years experience in the networking, cloud, Data Center and Security domains, a 11+ years CCIE, Certified Instructor, and creator of the Application Centric Infrastructure Introduction course on, which has more than 6400 students in few months with an average rating of 4.59. He also has done it, and climbed the ladder to the six figure$ career in IT networking for many years ago, so if we have done, IT IS YOUR TURN NOW!

Who should attend:

Network and infrastructure professionals, at any level 

Beginners in IT network infrastructure profession, 

and Network career aspirants

Pre-requisite knowledge:



Money back guarantee from Udemy, No questions asked

This course has a 30-day Money-back guarantee, but I am confident that you won't need to even consider it because of the tremendous value it offers and the right time to learn about IT networking career planning. 

ACT NOW, and Unleash your power and potential into the IT Networking Career.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is keen on the IT networking domain careers, that is ready to invest effort, time, and money to reach the best possible outcomes in the networking domain
  • Anyone who is not happy where his career life is, and is seriously considering IT networking as an alternative
  • Everyone who has the persistence, positive and hard work attitudes with BIG DREAM$$
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Curriculum For This Course
44 Lectures
Networking Certification - Career Planning checklist 2017
44 Lectures 08:47:45

An important start for the course, this lecture discusses what are the course pre-requisites, learning goals, who should attend and what the course IS NOT, very critical to help learners assess whether the course is for them or not before starting.

Preview 09:23

A good introduction explaining: Course pre-requisites, Who should attend, Course Goals, as well as what the course is NOT

Preview 11:14

To plan right for the career in IT networking, it is crucial to understand the current trends that are shifting the networking field to a whole new era, yet, changes how it is done 180 degrees! very critical to serve as an eye opener to all network career professionals

Preview 10:59

This lectures explains possible reasons to Join the IT Networking and Infrastructure field, and facts everyone in this field, or entering this field, needs to know about it,

Preview 11:04

The lecture discusses the changes to the field, new and evolving trends

Network Field is Changing - New and Evolving Trends

The lectures goes over classical approach to obtain certificates in this field, and why a full change is needed here.

Classical Plans for Career Certifications - A full makeover is needed

This lectures discusses the Current common, very old, certification mindset which Needs a major change

Current Common Certification Mindset - A change is a MUST!

This lecture discusses the current certification strategies that must be avoided

Certification Strategies that MUST be avoided

This lectures discusses the hot skills that must be sought and be primary goals in career plans

Hot Skills you Must Target

The lecture discusses whether one should go after Certificates, Knowledge, Both or what?

Preview 06:42

This lecture will list the Hot Skills that must be acquired and included as goals in the career plans

Preview 07:26

The lecture discusses potential job roles in the field, and what are the job requirements and expectations from the network and infrastructure professionals.

Potential field jobs roles and the respective requirements

This lecture reviews some information about market CCIE salaries to show that CCIE DC and Security are far better options for those who will include CCIE goals in their Career & Certification plans

Different CCIE specialization and expected Salaries

This lectures discusses the potential roles and their salaries in North America and Gulf Regions, which will help other learners from other Geographies try to relate to that and understand better the potential ahead of them with the Hot skills.

Job Roles and Expected Salaries in some Geographies

This lecture discusses 2017 potential salary outlook using Robert Half's 2017 Career Salary Survey

Robert Half technologies 2017 Career Salary Survey

This lectures discusses the fact that job search may take sometime once you have your certificates/knowledge of hot skills, but you may not have experience under your belt in those areas. Or the possibility that you may find the job but the pay is not as expected and explained in earlier lectures, WHAT to do?!

Found a Job but Pay is not as high as expected - what to expect!

This lecture discusses the 2016 Career Salary Survey conducted by Global Knowledge

Preview 14:13

This exercise is your first step towards writing your detailed and defined career and certification plan. why you want the field, what do you expect as a job, which job suits you better, and the expected pay...etc

Exercise one - Draft and Identify your goals, expectations from this field

This lectures discusses where exactly to start in this career

Preview 14:47

This lecture discusses an example career and certification plan and what time it would take, to share the time investment expectations with the learners

Time investment required - Plan example

This lecture discusses an example career and certification plan and what financial investment it would require, to share the time investment expectations with the learners

Financial Investment required - Example Plan

This lecture gives an example and a guideline for expected Return On Investment to encourage learners to realize what financial rewards are awaiting them and encourage them to work harder and take this very serious

It is absolutely worth it! a Return On Investment (ROI) discussion

This lecture discusses two very common certification strategies/plans nowadays, and why you Must avoid going down their road to achieve your certification or goals

Example of Career Certification Plans that you Must avoid

The lectures discusses two example plans to achieve the top $ salaries and hot skills, even when you do not have the budget at start to invest

Exams of Good Career Certification plans that can be followed

This lectures talk to potential challenges and setbacks along the way to glory and success in this field

Potential Challenges and Setbacks

Potential Challenges and Setbacks (coninued)

This lecture exposes another side of highly paid jobs that do not help you continuously develop your skill set

Be Careful of the Comfort Zone in Highly paid jobs

Sharing true success setback and Persistence stories always help one feel he/she is not alone, and others are also sharing the same challenges, and aiming at the same successes. This lecture shares some first hand success stories that were not easy to motivate the learners

Success Setback Persistence True Career Stories

This lecture is an exercise and it explains how to work on your career and certification plan drafting

Excercise Build your Draft Career and Certification Plan

The lectures discuss how to execute once the plan is drafted, and how to approach the daily routine while aiming at the documented goals.

Plan is set - How to execute

The lecture walks you through the Cisco CCIE R/S and how to navigate the certification website, then focuses on the two Hot Skills/certificates, Cisco CCNA/NP Cloud, and CCNA/NP/IE Data Center

Certification Info - Cisco and Arista

Discusses VMware's certified Data Center Virtualization, and Network Virtualization certificates, as well as, the Open SDN certification from the Open Networking Foundation.

Certification Info - VMware and Open Networking Foundation

Certification Info - AWS EC-Council Docker

This lectures describes the direction Cisco is taking during its major Transformation into a Cloud, Analytics, Security, Data Center, and Digital networks company.

Where is Cisco headed?

A recent advertisement on Cisco.Com front page, calls for automation end to end of clients' infrastructures, which confirms the who discussion line in this course. Listen to it, see where Cisco is headed and act now to be inline and not left behind on Classical career plans.

Preview 08:40

This lecture introduces a number of courses geared towards Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure mastery. ACI is Cisco's "HOT" and SDN-Based Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure solution.

Cisco ACI mastery program - Hottest Data Center and Cloud , SDN-solution

This lecture discusses how to stay updated on technology shifts and new trends, such that you maintain your value and skills

How to Stay updated

What is after reaching the set goals in the plan? How to think strategically for your career, and achieve more goals in your career.

Thinking Strategically - Career Next Steps

This lectures explains the connections influence in making the job hunt easier, as you would know an insider who promotes your resume (C.V), also it explains how you need to build good contacts and network as you grow in your career.

Connections and their role in job hunt

This lectures discusses how to re-prioritize your plan milestone to maximize your potential income and get to the high salary ranges quickly.

Quick Winning Career Plan - Think Smartly and find the right milestone Order

This lectures takes the same career plan and milestones list from the previous lecture, and shows how re-prioritizing milestones can yield much higher income in the same time frame and effort invested.

Quick Winning Plan - Reprioritize your Milestones and Maximize the outcomes

This lecture discusses the challenges with the first job after achieving certificates/milestones for the newbies into the field ( fresh or those changing from other careers into IT Infrastructure and networking domain).

First Job hunt challenges - What to do?

This lecture summarizes the key strategies discussed throughout the course, and lists them on one slide for easy printing and adding to the career and certification plan built at the end of the course. this will serve as a quick reminder of the course contents.

Summarized - the 8 strategies of Career and Certification Success

Insights, Feedback
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DolfinEd is established with a commitment to quality, simplified education, from the ground up, at the right price point. Education that caters for the entire spectrum of knowledge and experience levels from novice to to IT pros.

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