How To Overcome Fears
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How To Overcome Fears

Learn to manage your fears and achieve your goals in life with Positive Attitude, Self-Steem and Motivation.
4.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
41 students enrolled
Created by Mr. Manuel Mata
Last updated 7/2013
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn to manage fears
  • Change limiting beliefs
  • Improve Self-Esteem
  • Motivation
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, anguish, etc.
  • Learn to develop a Positive Attitude
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  • Wishes to explore new paths
  • Positive thinking
  • Passion for personal growth

This course is good for: Positive Attitude, Self-Steem, Motivation, Purpose in life, Awareness, Limiting beliefs, Goals, etc.

Based on his book "Overcome your fears and reach your dreams", Manuel Mata exposes through several videos the techniques that can be put into practise everyday to manage fears and overcome them, so they will not already dominate our life. 

It is a course to acquire greater self confidence in order to develop your ability to deal with the events and vicissitudes of life. Being resilients, we prevent that fear obstructs the achievement of what we want and prevent not living a full and happy life, due to weakness or lack of character by excess of fears.

Regarding fears, we find concerned all the passions and problems that people have. It is therefore a capital issue, so what difference to people who have success from the rest is in how they handled their fears. 

Who is the target audience?
  • Everyone who wants to learn some techniques and tips to overcome their fears
  • Who needs to find inspiration and motivation to change his/her life
  • Everyone who needs to be more confident
  • Who wants to be focused in creating the life he/she wants
  • Who wants also to get my book "Overcome your fears and reach your dreams"
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Regarding fears, we find concerned all the passions and problems that people have. It is therefore a capital issue, so what difference to people who have success from the rest is in how they handled their fears. 

Through several videos Manuel Mata exposes the techniques that can be put into practise everyday to manage fears and overcome them, so they will not already dominate our life. 

It is a course to acquire greater self confidence in order to develop your ability to deal with the events and vicissitudes of life. Being resilients, we prevent that fear obstructs the achievement of what we want and prevent not living a full and happy life, due to weakness or lack of character by excess of fears.

This course is good for: Positive Attitude, Self-Steem, Motivation, Purpose in life, Awareness, Limiting beliefs, Goals, etc.

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 1. Fear of Poverty

It eliminates all trust in oneself, prevents enthusiasm, destroys creativity and ambition, produces unhappiness, doubt, insomnia, concern, etc.

When we are focused on poverty, because we are afraid of it, we will probably live with misery in our lives. We need to believe in future to innovate, to develop our abilities, invest in our project, etc. Our attitude to poverty can be definitive to get what we want or the contrary.

2. Fear of Criticism

This fear prevents personal achievent, discourage imagination and destroys any iniciative. People affected by this fear shows shyness, difficulty to express their opinions, lack of iniciative, extravagancies, lack of ambition,etc.

Fear to what other people would think if... is very usual in our society and it is responsible for the loss of authenticity and honesty.

3. Fear of Ill Health

It is a fear to what death might mean and the economic burden it can imply.

This fear is strongly related to fear of old age and death.

4. Fear of loss of someone's love

This fear can be very painful and destructive. Love is a gift and it is voluntary, not mandatory, so we can't force someone to love to us. It depends on many things, and of course, our attitude, behavieur, attention...towards him or her are essential to keep someone's love, so don't feel the fear and focuse your attention in taking care of your loved ones.

5. Old Age

We tend to associate old age with the decrease in revenues, physical deterioration, loss of vitality, discouragement or lack of enthusiasm, loss of vitality or lack of desire to do things, etc. For this reason, most people fear growing.

If we start to see old age as a later stage in our lives, where we can do other things and have projects that motivate us, we will learn to feel safer and less fearful of the inevitable passage of time.

6. Death

The last fear is the fear of death. Death is inevitable, so we can't do anything to avoid it as much as we'd like to. Just accept it and live with this security, one of the very few there are in life. It is precisely this security that many people feel has changed their lives when they have been so close to death as a result of illness or accident, which has made them understand that life is temporar, so we must live the fullest.

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Being authentic is not an easy task because we need to face our strong fear to criticism. If your life is determined by the opinions of others, like your partner, mother, friend, or other person, then you can't be authentic, because you are not free to decide. 

People who are eager to please everybody can be a victim of them. Why? Because they had given their power to those people. It is not strange then that dishonest people take profit of the lack of personality or courage of the weaker people. Yes, weak people are those that do not dare to defy the orders and rules of others, accepting them to avoid conflicts. 

Workers that are desperate to keep their jobs sometimes don't dare to put limits to their boss and accept everything. That can be done for a moment, maybe in a certain stage, when they are in training, etc. However, it it is always the same, the worker won't be authentic in his or her job. Is that a problem? Well, when we are so many hours in our jobs, not being authentics there, it means that we spend most of our lifetime being dehumanized, we loose our humanity and act as machines, and that's why we finally get treated like this by others.

Only one who is faithful to their own essence can be authentic and unique. Each person is different and each one has its own needs and passions. So we always can choose: staying faithful to our convictions or  betting on earn everyone's approval to get things or feeling fine with ourselves. The problem is that when we decide to give the protagonism of our lives to others, we actually don't get what we want from them and besides we just feel bad, angry and frustrated.

Of course, we need to learn when to enforce our rights, wishes, needs or opinions, being assertive, and when it is suitable to yield in this concrete case to avoid really unnecessary conflicts really or because we bet for giving to our loved ones.

Do you know what the author of "Rich dad, poor Dad" said? Robert T. Kiyosaki made it clear that: "the fear to be different prevents that many people look for new ways to solve their problems." Therefore, when obstacles, difficulties or problems arise, if we allow ourselves to be overcome by the fear of what people will say about us, criticisms or even giving us aside, they will achieve what they want in the background: that is that we are like them, people with empty lives who are unable to fight for their dreams. As you may understand, those who have the courage to live their dreams, suppose a threat for these people, because they don't share their way of understanding life, neither their behavieur. But, do you know one thing? They are in fact also we, we before now, with the lifestyle that we had, and there is something that somehow is part of us. It is best to accept it rather than fight it and be able to accept others, but don't need to share their point of view or do what they want.

Overcoming our fears by accepting the challenge to be authentic is an important step to pursue our goals and get happy. 

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“Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our usual attitude to failure is defined by only one word: Frustration. We actually feel dissapointed when things don't come out the way we wanted. It's hard to accept that we wanted to achieve some results and we didn't get them. Our dreams are not always realized whenever we want or the way we would wish. However, we can learn from past experiences, and we can take advantage of them to find what we can do then to achieve our goals. Lots of people that had triumphed, had first failed one ore more times. 

So, does it mean that we shouldn't let our dreams go away when we experience failure? Exactly! This is the idea! We must be perseverant and patients if we want to find a way to succeed.

One of the most important events in one's life is being fired. Losing our jobs made feel some people anxius and even depressed. When we feel this situation as a personal failure, we can get sad. We need to change the focus. How? First of all, reprogramming our mind in order to not feel frustrated and with low self-steem. Moreover, we need to change our mind, it is to say, that we would rather consider the event as something necessary to start a new stage in our life, to reinvent us and maybe an opportunity to find a better job, more suitable for us, taking into account our professional profile.

Fear of Failure

Our problem with uncertainty is that it makes us feel insecure because we usually fear the worst will happen. Furthermore, if we are not sure we will be able to face what will happen, then it's normal that we fear future. Fear comes the moment that the idea of something bad occurring in the future due to our lack of self-confidence to handle it.

Somehow fear to the unknown is a defense mechanism, a preparation to what might come. We prepare ourselves, our mind, for the possible negative outcome we would have to face. However, it's likely that the worst predictions will never occur. And even if they did, fear wouldn't help at all lessen the consequences either.

Once certain truth is that we can't know for certain what will happen in the future. Of course, we can plan things, like events or holidays, for example, but we can't be sure that everything will happen as we planned before.

Moreover, we can't know for certain if what happens today may be really positive or not, in relation with future events. For example, losing a job may seem as a negative thing in our life, but, on the other hand,  it could be a trigger to have a professional positive change. We even might finish for working in a better job position later. Our professional growth sometimes occurs when we are forced to get out of our "comfort zone" and try new things that makes us take conscience of our talents and abilities. In this way we can develop our skills or new ones in order to achieve our new professional goals. 

Uncertainty is thus also a challenge to create our future, not already determined exclusively by our destiny, but by our power to change things and make things move. For all this, it's suitable to embrace uncertainty with an open, curious and optimistic mentality

Fear to Uncertainty and Future

 The toxic people in your life are those that never get support, they get happy when you do poorly, and it seems that they make you feel bad when you are with them.

You will instantly recognize them if you take awareness of how you feel when you are with them and then after. If you are feeling of malaise, stress, nervousness, anxiety, low self-esteem, sadness, anger, etc. , i'm sure you've been near a toxic person. Toxic people are energy vampires because they steal the energy and enthusiasm. The best thing one can do in this case is to move away as much as possible from these people. Put distance and limits to your relationship with this kind of people. Do it by yourself or in the long run this situation can bring to you large emotional problems and all kinds of conflicts, unless you put remedy in advance. 

We can find different types of toxic people: manipulative, the ones that critizises you constantly, the intimidating people, victims, and the too demanding and absorbent people.

Toxic People

1st Section Quiz

Recognize fears and toxic people
3 questions
4 Lectures 15:56

 How could one have confidence to overcome fears and pursue one's goals if one doesn't accept to confront its fears? Better being aware of them in order to manage them and overcome them.

Without any doubt, it is essential to be aware of whether we are acting dominated by fear or not. When we act dominated by it, that implies not to live as we would like. On the other hand, one could act despite the fear, not ignoring it but putting some distance. If we are not aware of how the fear is limiting us, then we will live dominated by it, so we will not be able to do anything to prevent it. Furthermore, it is important to take conscience of fear to discover our limiting beliefs, so we could change them for our convenience.

Awareness is necessary to face fears because from that awareness depends that we could control our fears with the aim of they don't be an impediment to fulfill our dreams.  

    We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” Plato
    Why being aware of fears i so important?

     Why so few reach their goals? Basically because they lack confidence. The reasons are two:

    1. You are in a professional project that is not for us because we do not believe in it 100%. If you discover that this project is not suitable for you, you've already taken a big step to seek another career goal more suitable to your personality or professional profile.

    2. The problem is not the project itself but you, because you don't believe 100% in yourself. The lack of self-confidence plays a decisive role in the success of many. If you believe in what you're doing, will end up succeeding! Sooner or later! But I am sure that you will get it!

    Most people don't succeed because they don't want to do the work of self-development and self-knowledge needed to progress in life and to prepare themselves for a successful career. And why? Because they feel fear, yes fear! Fear of what they could discover about themselves, fear of change, fear to disappoint others if they change, fear of being wrong, etc.  

    Why so few people reach their goals?

    If we have the belief that we are useless, worthless, that we aren’t sufficiently good, then it’s normal to fear uncertainty and the future because we lack confidence in ourselves and in our ability to face life’s circumstances.

    Louse L. Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life, affirms:

    “Approving and accepting yourself right now is the first step towards a positive change in all aspects of life.”

    In this sense, when one loves and accepts oneself just the way one is, not criticizing oneself, one starts to reach one’s goals, improve personal relationships, look for a new job position, improve physical appearance, etc.

    Love opposes fear, and that is why love is a fantastic antidote against fear. Besides, when we feel fear we can’t feel at the same time love in all its fullness because our life is under stress, anxiety and anguish due to concerns that seize our identity and prevent us from living in love and harmony.

    By loving ourselves we experience well-being and certainty that facilitate contact with others. Love brings us close to others, while fear separates us from people. Fear creates cruelty, vanity, arrogance, abuse, humiliation, etc. On the other hand, love propitiates understanding, collaboration and respect. Those who hate and don’t value themselves can hurt others because they feel bad about themselves, and transport that discomfort into their relationships.

    The point is to assimilate the idea that we are beings in a growth process, with the right to make mistakes and learn. Thus, let’s not criticize ourselves because, as a kid when learning to walk, what we need most is encouragement and love to improve. Our potential can’t be free when facing fear and guilt. However, in an environment of encouragement, motivation and affection, we feel confident and certain to explore new territories and grow personally. 

    According to Louise L. Hay, there are ten ways to love yourself:

    1. Stop criticizing yourself

    2. Stop scaring yourself

    3. Be gentle and kind and patient with yourself (overcome perfectionism)

    4. Learn to be kind to your mind (stop blaming yourself and relax your mind)

    5. Praise yourself

    6. Loving yourself means supporting yourself

    7. Love your negatives

    8. Take care of your body

    9. Mirror work in order to find out the cause of an issue that keeps us from loving ourselves (looking in the mirror and say positive things to yourself and truly believe them) 

    10. Finally, love yourself now

    Self-Steem and Fear

    How To Overcome Your Fears
    7 pages

    2nd Section Quiz
    Be Aware of Fears and Overcome them
    3 questions
    3 Lectures 10:31

    Stress, nervousness, concerns, anxiety... they all damage our immune system and weaken us. By being tense we loose our capability to enjoy life. 

    Concentrating on the present has a great advantage: we can place all of our attention on what we can do in this moment. If we are concentrated on today's task, then we can be more creative and productive, since we are not distracted by fears and concerns. This is why living the present stop our fears. Being focused on what we can do today helps us take the necessary steps toward where we want to be. As Louise L. Hay said, “The point of power is always in the present moment”

    One of the most efficient ways to live the present is taking care of our relaxation, which is the opposite of stress. In the state of relaxation, our concerns are reduced. Relaxation and disconnecting oneself from the outside helps people regain their inner balance. Few people do it usually. Some only get disconnected on vacations. Please, pay attention to how you feel in this moment and how you could be more calm and relaxed.

    Live the Present

    Resentment makes us relive over and over again emotions of anger and pain that are related to a situation in which we felt unjustly treated, devalued, hurt, etc.

    If we want to regain control of our lives there is no remedy but to renounce resentment, rancor and suffering. When we are hooked to experiences that negatively vibrate inside of us, it is hard to have the positive attitude needed to face new challenges and to progress. We are also not leaving room for something better when we are filled with pain and resentment, and we can’t attract love, peace and happiness.

    Behind resentment, we can find the fear of that situation repeating itself – whether it is with the same person or with a different one.Often times, holding on to resentment is like saying “this way it won’t happen again…” It’s like wearing a protection, being defensive to avoid pain. This posture is extremely harmful because if we don’t open up to new experiences and to new people for fear of being hurt again, we will miss living life wholly and thus, renouncing our happiness.

    Author Catherine Ponder proposes an alternative to resentment:

    “When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.”

    Forgiveness is not easy when someone has done us harm but we can be sure that if we don’t forgive, the only one suffering is oneself, not the other person. We may have to face pain, cry and free ourselves from resentment. It’s better to think and say to ourselves:

    “Today I forgive you and forget you. I understand that what you did was the only thing you could do because you have your own limitations that bring you suffering. You are no longer part of my life.”

    Renounce Resentment

    The more attached we are to something, the less margin we have to exercise our freedom. If we learn not to depend too much on an attachment to something or someone, then we can make choices based on what is most beneficial to us on any time – even if it endangers that particular thing’s possession or the relationship with that person.

    Actually attachment develops whenever there is fear to lose something we consider ours – our property. In that moment, we don’t want to find out everything we have is only temporary and that life could snatch it from us any time. Sometimes we relate ourselves to something or someone so much that losing it would seem like losing a part of us. Without any doubt this is a mistake, because our essence cannot be bound to anything material. As soon as we realize that everything we are is inside us and nothing or nobody can take that away from us – at least not until we die, then we may feel more calm and less concern about losing things or people.

    By being conscious that our walk in this life is only temporary and nothing is eternal, we can come to accept that everything is also temporary, so there’s no choice but to assimilate that we will lose things: youth, someone’s love, a friendship, money… and finally, life.

    Life is change, which implies that everything in it may change, transform and get different in any time. We can resist and grieve, facing reality and destroying ourselves, or we can accept it, be flexible to adapt to the new situation and know how to find opportunities which might come from change. Flexibility is an essential quality in times of much change and uncertainty. If we are able to adapt ourselves to the new things quickly, we will regain sooner our inner peace, which will allow us to move forward through life enjoying well-being and happiness.

    So you should opt for learning instead of persisting on what has gone.

    Don't be too attached to things or people

    3st Section Quiz

    Important keys to overcome fear
    3 questions
    3 Lectures 15:48

    1. You must not be attached to fear and better be focused in your dreams, and when you feel the fear starts to control you, use your inner dialogue to motivate yourself and be positive.

    2. Trust more your ability to handle what might occur. If things do not happen as you expect, you already will know manage the situation one way or another, because of everything one comes out or one learns to do it. That is why, I also encourage you to focus more on what one can do for their future that not let almost everything depending on the social, political and economic context of the time. That is the background, which of course influences us, but you are the protagonist of your life, not politicians, others or the economy, unless you do not be empowered.

    3. Consider that there is no failure, but new experiences and learnings. And instead of thinking about decisions or wrong decisions, he opts for the perspective of alternative decisions. In this way, you'll have fewer fears and doubts when making decisions in life.

    4. Use physical relaxation techniques: applying the diaphragmatic breathing, yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, massage, do physical exercise... all these techniques promote relaxation, the physical state of calm and the Elimination of tensions, which makes it possible to eliminate fears and prevent that they proliferate new.

    5. Build you a simple and quiet life: fear not coexist well with the tranquility and relaxation, and for this reason I firmly believe and every day I reaffirm that to live a full life without fear, what we need is to move away from agitation, emergencies and stress. Making our life easier, valuing what we have, it is vital not to live with fears, as it is sometimes convenient to be less demanding with ourselves and with others, in the sense not to expect so much. It is not to abandon our goals and dreams, not at all! But that I am referring to accept how things are coming.Your health, everyone, will greatly improve if you follow these guidelines. Completely so, and we see the results cadia in many people.

    6. Pay Attention to the words. I refer now to Neuro-linguistic programming. What does it mean? It means that the language we use affects the biochemistry of our bodies. For example, if we receive a compliment, that makes us blush, and if we receive a pejorative criticism we get angry. And for what? Because the words in addition create a mental program, produce us emotional reactions. So watch what you say aloud or to yourself about what you think about life, money, your power to change things, etc.

    6 Tips To Manage Fear

    Keep yourself busy

    A big part of distrust is caused by past experiences which were painful and disappointing because we trusted in someone we shouldn’t have, or someone who didn’t deserve our trust. We should learn, and there’s nothing better to learn than practicing. We can be cautious, it is even appropriate to be cautious, but it is essential to give at least some of ourselves. I can even say we require a bit of madness in order to dare to trust others, because it would rationally seem daring and risky – and it certainly is.

    Fearful people have a hard time giving. How could they, if they are constantly looking out only for their needs? They wonder whether others will leave them, look after them, stop loving them… It’s a perpetual feeling of insecurity that prevents them from being free and from giving to others. They feel their needs are endangered and they need to struggle over everything and everyone to protect those needs, because they believe there’s not enough for all. It’s such a shame there are so many people who think this way. Instead of sharing, seeing the abundance in this world and believing it’s possible to give and share, these frightened people can only think for themselves. Extreme fear can lead to selfishness.

    Betting on love does not mean we should stop being who we are for love. It’s very important to be clear that it means we should give and share from our very core, which is the opposite of giving in exchange for love and approval. When we repress who we are and our inner potential to find love or others’ approval, we are preventing ourselves from developing our abilities for success. Therefore we feel frustrated and unsuccessful, and we don’t value or love ourselves, which causes us to lose our ability to receive love from others.

    Love and Trust to overcome fears

    4th Section Quiz
    What can we do to manage fear?
    5 questions
    4 Lectures 13:18

    Why we spend energy on trying to change people or situations which we can’t change with just our will? It would be smarter to go after achievable goals and implement changes we can do to improve our lives.

    In her book Make Your Wishes Come True Once and for All, Barbara Berckhan points out the waste of energy involved when we obsess with changing something we cannot change:

    “Anything that makes you upset or nervous is like a sign that reads: what do you wish for? Anger and nerves are pure energy. Potential energy to change something. But that energy is wasted if your efforts are directed towards something which can’t be changed. Again and again, your anger stumbles upon something which stubbornly remains as it is.”

    We need to accept the inevitable, rather than being stuck in useless complaints and suffering.

    Accepting that which we can’t avoid or change, at least for a while, is a good strategy to avoid suffering.

    Moreover, the acceptance of what already happened or acceptance of things as they are, is the first step to free ourselves and change what is in our hands.

    Read more about this issue on my book if you want. 

    Accept that you cannot change

    My personal experience with fear

    “Optimism is the most important human trait, because it allows us to evolve our ideas, to improve our situation, and to hope for a better tomorrow.” Seth Godin

    We refer to positive attitude not only to positive thinking, something exclusively mental, but rather a more important matter: make things happen, and to get this, we need not only think in a positive way, because we must also act positively. What does it mean? It means that we need to take actions according to our goals, making plans and defining strategies. 

    Regarding the part of positive thinking, we don't say to shut our eyes to reality, but, what's wrong  with hoping for the best instead of the worst? We will surely be much better off with an enthusiastic and positive thinking, which will help make things run as smooth as possible.

    My best advise here is to be concentrated on that thing you wish to get or become in life, so focus is the key to succeed. That's why so many people that take coaching sessions succeed, because they get focus on their goals and besides they made more that they would made alone, without the help of a coach, that follows the process and secures the action and motivation of the coachee.

    If we accept that our happiness depends largely on how we interpret experiences and events, then we must give more importance to the inside of each one of us, rather than to what happens in the outside.

    Therefore, we say that being positive does not mean to be unrealistic, but rather it is the best and most efficient way to build our reality, as we want it to be. Better choose to be positive for a good living and extraordinary results.

    Positive Attitude

    “Facing your fears robs them of their power” Mark Burnett

    In fact, if we knew that there is nothing to fear, because whatever happens we will be able to face it, what we would stop us to fight for our dreams? Do we renounce then to what we really want in life? Obviously, not.  In fact, there is only one safe thing that we can do nothing at all: death.  One way to overcome fear is thinking we're going to die. Why? Because it relativizes the consequences of what happens to us and also puts us on alert that we have to act because our lifetime is limited.

    Fear is evident when we have doubts and insecurities which make it difficult for us to make decisions. It is not to do what you don't want to do, but not do it because you really don't want it. It is also you do what you have to do despite the fear, doubt and inseguidades that you mislead. Thinks that after doing so, there will be no nothing: neither fear, nor doubts or insecurities. Thus, and only thus we manage to gain self-esteem and believe in ourselves. When you get internal security, it helps you a lot to cope with uncertainties, insecurities and ups and downs of the outside world, which are on the other hand very common at present, with so many continuous changes.

    Make things happen and dare to explore new paths. If what you're doing does not work,  it is possible that you have to change something. Think what Albert Einstein said: "Insanity is always doing the same thing and expecting a different result". If you want to change the result, you have to get out of your "comfort zone" and try new things. Get out of your known map and then you would opt for success.

    Face your fears and they will disappear

    5th Section Quiz
    The power of acceptance and positive thinking
    4 questions
    3 Lectures 05:18

    Genius is largely the result of hard work, rather than an inspired flash of insight. This is the main reason that we need to try things and explore new paths in life. Thus we would find the way to succeed.

    You have the potential to become more than you ever dreamed, but you must be confident. You can choose being only one of the best. However, the only way to achieve your full potential is to be the best you can be.

    Take control of your life. Don't let fear dominate it. Take the reins of your own life and take the path, take your chances, explore and reach your dreams. Never stop believing in you and in your dreams because of fear or doubt. Don't renounce to your power to make things happen and neither give this power to other people, because you and only you must decide the best for your life.

    The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude to me is more important than facts.... We cannot change our past, neither we can change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the string we have, and that is our attitude. That is more than positive thinking, as we have seen as this course. It is more a matter of feeling the fear and do it anyway! Be aware of your fears, but never let them be an obstacle to get what you want in life.

    Final Conclusions

    The Monster in The Closet
    Let me tell you a story

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