How to Memorize Names and Faces

Using the Magnetic Memory Method
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About This Course

Published 11/2013 English

Course Description

If you’ve ever wanted to improve your ability to memorize names and faces by as much as 100%, 200%, even 300% (or more) … using simple memory techniques that you can master in one hour (or less), then this may be the most important video course you will ever attend.

Believe it or not, it doesn't matter if you think you have a good memory or not.

The information in this course will teach you:

• Why memory is like a bicycle everyone can ride (with some minor personal adjustments).

• The real reason why no one should ever be squeamish about memorization techniques or memorizing names and faces.

• Why and how some of the most famous memory skills are applicable to learning and memorizing any name.

• How to use memory techniques for storing and recalling any name you wish.

• Examples of how to turn boring names into exciting and unforgettable images. (Learn how to do this and you'll be able to memorize ANYTHING).

• Unique memorization techniques that will have you literally “tuning in” on new people that you meet. (Believe it or not, your mind wants you to greet people this way).

• The weakest, the middling and the most potent ways of memorizing names and faces.

• Simple memorization technique examples that walk you through the process.

• Two secret ways to use relaxation to aid the memorization process so that you memorize and recall names naturally and with ease. These two methods alone are worth the price of this course because they will literally eliminate stress from your body as you memorize new names the instant you hear them.

• And much, much more …

These memorization techniques have been used by thousands of people, most of whom previously considered themselves owners of a “bad memory” to make real strides in memorizing names and faces.

Don’t worry! None of these memorization techniques are rocket science.

Frankly, if you can memorize a short email address or the name of a movie, then you can use this system to memorize anyone’s name that you wish.

But there’s really no time to lose.

Every day that you are not using this simple memorization technique, you are literally stealing from yourself the joy of memorizing and recalling the names of the important new people you meet as you easily expand the natural abilities of your mind.

What are the requirements?

  • An interest in self-development.
  • A willingess to experiment with strange, bizarre and very fun mental techniques that will delight and amaze you, your family, your friends and everyone you will ever meet.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • You'll learn how to memorize the names of new people you meet in the way that your brain wants you to memorize them.
  • You'll discover how to prepare for learning and memorizing new names using little-known strategies that go beyond the typical social memorization strategies you've heard of before (and that have likely failed you)..
  • You'll learn how to practice memorizing names and faces inside of your comfort zone before taking your new skills into new social situations (i.e. the heat of the battle).
  • You'll master stealth strategies for memorizing names without looking like you're not paying attention to the conversation (this rare technique is worth the price of the course alone).
  • You'll receive dozens of examples and exercises that will guide you through the process of easily, effectively and eternally memorizing names and faces so that you can recall them at will for as long as you want to retain this unique ability.
  • ... and much, much more.

Who is the target audience?

  • People interested in memorizing the important names of the people they meet.
  • People interested in social success.
  • Teachers.
  • Actors.
  • World-class musicians.
  • Sales and business professionals.
  • Networkers.
  • Agents and artists.
  • Journalists.
  • Professional hotel and restaurant staff.

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
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Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction
Welcome To The Course!

In this lecture you'll learn:

* The top reasons why you should learn to memorize names and faces.

* Why no one has a "bad memory" (and you don't either).

* The barriers that stand in the way of improving your memory skills - and how to overcome them.

Why Do You Want To Memorize Names And Faces?
All The Motivation You Need To Complete This Course
Section 2: A Common Method

Although this method is not the strongest, it's great to know about and try. You'll learn:

* How to quickly rhyme a name.

* The best ways to rhyme names so that they stick in your mind.

* Simple strategies for using non-rhyming concepts to memorize names.

2 pages

This quick exercise will help you build speed when rhyming names with concrete images, nonsense syllables and concepts.

How Will You Use The Weakest Method?
Section 3: The Standard Method

In this lecture you will learn the standard methods for memorizing names, including:

* How to instantly create imagery powerful imagery that will build a nearly unbreakable bond between your memory and the name of the person you've just met.

* How to exaggerate images and actions in order to make names and faces memorable.

All of this is explained with an unforgettable example that uses Tom Cruise, a cruise ship and a host of cats playing tom toms.

3 pages

This exercise will help you develop images that you can associate to names with escalating levels of difficulty as you approach name memorization mastery.

The Classic Method Is Now In Your Hands - What Next?
Section 4: Let's Get Magnetic

Following a brief review, in this lecture you will learn:

* The history of Memory Palaces so that you know the origins of this technique and why it applies specifically to names and faces.

* How to identify the most suitable locations in your personal life for building Memory Palaces.

* How to find lots of them so that you never run out out.


In this lecture you'll learn:

* How to structure a journey through your Memory Palace.

* The importance of moving in a linear fashion so that you can easily recall large numbers of names at will.

* How to practice using trivial facts before proceeding to memorizing names and faces in real life situations.


In this lecture you'll discover:

* The best way to ensure that you have a "natural" journey through your Memory Palaces.

* How to determine that your Memory Palaces are functioning properly.

* How to make sure that you can always add new stations to your Memory Palace.

* How and why to avoid trying to build Memory Palaces "on the fly."


In this video, I give an extended example of using a Memory Palace to store a large number of names. You'll learn:

* How the Memory Palace was built.

* Why it was effective.

* How two names were placed into the Memory Palace in real time.

* Why and how the associative imagery I created was effective.

Names and Faces Worksheets
10 pages
The Most Ambitious Way To Memorize Long Lists Of Names
Section 5: Exactly How to Memorize How Faces Look

In this lecture you'll learn three simple methods for creating a permanent image in your mind of how people look. These methods are the:

* Two-shape Approach

* The Artist Approach

* The Tactile Approach

Memorizing Faces Skill-Building Exercise
Section 6: Practing in Isolation and in Real-Time

In this lecture you'll learn:

* How to practice memorizing names in isolation in a completely stress free way.

* How to gradually introduce pressure by practicing in a commonly experienced social environment.

* How to crank up the pressure even more, but still in a non-threatening way that will let you explore the practice without breaking a sweat.


In this lecture you will learn:

* How to create a Memory Palace "on the fly."

* How to remember where and when you met the person.

* How to transfer the information to a more permanent Memory Palace later.

Creating Impromptu Memory Palaces Exercise
Section 7: Relaxation and Memorizing Names and Faces

In this lecture, you'll learn two easy and fun strategies for relaxation so that you can:

* Enjoy the memorization process.

* Be more creative.

* Be more relaxed when memorizing names and faces in real life situations and recall them with ease.

Be sure to read the attached document for a full relaxation program to follow.

Relaxation Exercise
Section 8: Course Conclusion

In this concluding lecture I wrap up the key points of the course. You can also download over 600 pages of tips that will help you use Memory Palaces, mnemonics and general memory techniques to improve your life.

Before You Go
Section 9: Bonus: How to Memorize and Recite the Alphabet Backwards
The Alphabet Memory Trick
Section 10: Bonus: This Course As An Easy To Read Ebook!
61 pages

Supplement your understanding of the principles taught in the course by reading the book version! As ever, please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything more I can do for you.

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Instructor Biography

Anthony Metivier, Bestselling Memory Improvement Author

Anthony Metivier is the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary, dreams, names, music, poetry in ways that are easy, elegant, effective and fun.

An author of over 10 bestselling books, Metivier holds a PhD in Humanities from York University, an MA in Media and Communications from the European Graduate School, and an MA and BA in English Literature from York University. 

He has created many bestselling courses, including How to Learn and Memorize the Vocabulary of any Language, How to Learn and Memorize Poetry, How to Memorize Names and Faces, and How to Remember Your Dreams.

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