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How to Have Financial Security and Live Debt Free

No more sleepless nights worrying about money issues. Learn how to manage, keep, save, and invest money.
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Published 8/2012
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In Personal Finance Course you will learn how Sharman and her husband got a vision to pay off all their debt, including their mortgage, in five years. At 36, after accomplishing that monumental goal, she was inspired to reach out and help others with Personal Financial Planning who are struggling financially and living paycheck to paycheck. 

Sharman Lawson lets you know that financial freedom isn't based on who you know, how much money you make, or your education. It is a result of a change in your thoughts and habits regarding your hard-earned money.  This course is taught by Sharman Lawson a certified coach and human behavior consultant. Sharman teaches people how to change habits, behavior, and spending when it comes to money in order to create financial freedom and live debt free.

Living debt free is a lifestyle and philosophy that anyone can choose to implement in his or her current situation using his or her current income. This Personal Finance Course will give you relevant principles, concepts, information, and tips that you can immediately start applying in order to obtain financial freedom and live debt free. 

After taking this Personal Financial Planning Training  you will:

- Walk away with a financial vision for your own life and future
- Have clarity and more confidence regarding your finances
- Be able to take the information and immediately start applying it
- Be able to develop a strategic plan to eliminate debt
- Be able to develop a strategic plan to start saving and investing
- Have a different perspective on personal finances and money
- See how to create financial security and a debt free lifestyle are doable
- Have a passion and motivation to experience financial freedom

Who is the target audience?
  • Men and Women over 18 years old
  • Singles
  • Married Couples
  • Divorced Individuals
  • Dating and Engaged
  • Anywhere in the world
  • Any social and economic level
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What Will I Learn?
Develop a personal financial vision
Transform mindset, habits, and behavior with money
Start tracking incoming and outgoing money
Prioritize needs vs wants
Incorporate lifestyle using cash not credit
Develop a spending plan that works (budget)
Develop a waste elimination plan
Understand basic investing tools and concepts
Learn the 10 steps to financial freedom
Find your passion through debt free living
View Curriculum
  • A desire to learn about personal finances
  • A desire to live a debt free lifestyle
  • A desire to control money instead of money controlling you
  • A passion to create financial freedom
  • Serious about changing old spending habits and behaviors
  • Willing to do the work to transform finances
  • Motivated and excited about financial security and debt free living
  • Tired of old financial results desire new results
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 18 Lectures Collapse All 18 Lectures 05:09:46
2 Lectures 28:46

This outline is the presentation that goes with each lecture on "How to Have Financial Security and Live Debt Free." During the lectures, if you follow along with the slides, you will know each talking point and will be able to know where the instructor is and where she is heading throughout the course.

How To Have Financial Security and Live Debt Free
12 pages

Do you lay in bed at night dreaming about what your life would look like if you were debt free? Do you believe living debt free is for other people but not you? Does financial security seem like an impossible reality for you? It isn't. Throughout this course you will learn basic steps to transform your mindset, habits, and spending with money. You will learn how to stop creating a lifestyle where you are drowning in debt, mismanaging money, living above your means, and living paycheck to paycheck. You will discover and create a financial vision for yourself. Then learn how to implement it and walk it out on a daily basis. This course is for individuals or couples that want financial freedom and change. If you want a debt free lifestyle and seek financial freedom, you need this course. (Presentation slides two, three, and four cover the introduction for this course.)

Preview 28:46
Birthing a Vision
2 Lectures 15:57

One of the most important aspects of living debt free is seeing yourself debt free. A vision is the dream or plan that rules your life. In order to be debt free, living debt free has to be your vision. In this lecture you will learn the process of a vision, what stops you from fulfilling your vision, how to birth a vision, get strategic direction, and how to stop financial bondage in order to live a purpose driven vision filled life.

Birth of a Vision

You have a vision!  It may be a vision for your life, career, family, business, education, finances, or purpose for living. But, you do have a vision. In order to create financial freedom you need a financial vision. This workshet is a vision journal sheet. Looking towards the future write down what your life looks like 15 years from now. Put in as much detail as possible. Maybe you're married. You have kids in college. You are traveling the world, and you are mortgage free. Okay, so how is that going to happen? This course is the steps lived-out to make your vision journal or financial vision a reality instead of a fantasy. 


Vision Journal Sheet
1 page
Self Evaluation
4 Lectures 48:48

Identifying your needs seem easy. However, for many people it is really hard. The world system has been set up to make you think your wants are actually your needs.  In this lecture you will learn what are "real" needs vs. wants in spending. How to take care of your most important priorities, your needs.  Additionally, you will learn how to still be able to have your wants while going through the process of debt free living.

Evaluate Needs vs Wants

In order to manage money and eliminate debt you must track what is coming in and going out. If you do not want to live in the "land of lack" you need to know what you are doing with your hard-earned money. This lecture will give you specific steps to implement into your daily activities in order to track your money. Using these proven money tracking steps you will walk away from this lecture with confidence and clarity that you will immediately be able to start tracking your money towards your goal of financial freedom.

Track Money: It's Easy

In order to know where your money is going, you must track your incoming and outgoing spending. This tracking sheet is a simple tool to use to keep you on track and focused with money. It's easy to use and document the information. Steps to track money: a) get all receipts, b) put receipts in envelope, c) write on sheet item, cost, and date of transaction, d) add up all expenditures in appropriate category, and e) put expenditure amount on budget sheet.

Expense Tracking Sheet
1 page

This audio will expose areas people waste their hard-earned money without knowing they are wasting their money. There is always extra money that can be found in a budget. However, it's about identifying and discovering where money is being loss on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Then taking that extra money to pay off debt, save, invest, and give.
20 Ways People Waste Their Money
Live With the Future in Mind
5 Lectures 34:46

A budget is a written guide for spending. Also called a spending plan, it is a preliminary blueprint for how you will spend your money. Like any blueprint, it may need revisions and changes. A spending plan is always a work in progress. In this lecture you will get a greater understanding on how to develop a spending plan and what should be included. This lecture will make it easy for you to understand how to develop and create a budget. How to make your budget realistic and relevant. Also, how to create a budget that will help you meet your financial goals for now and the future. (see budget worksheet under materials)

A Plan to Spend Money

This budget sheet should be used each month to track your monthly expenses. Make a copy. Use one sheet for each month. When the month is complete file the sheet for future reference.
Budget Worksheet
1 page

Wasting money is easy and doesn't take a lot of thought or work. Using money wisely means changing your money habits and planning. In this lecture you will learn hundreds of ways you can change the way you spend and use your money. In order to find extra money in your existing budget you have to uncover existing that is wasted daily. This lecture will help you see money that you waste daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly that can help pay off debt, save, invest, or given away. Then you will come up with a strategy to find extra money to reach your financial goals.

Waste Elimination Plan

There are hundreds and possibly thousands of ways to change the way you spend money on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Go through the list in the book "12 Steps to Eliminate Debt Forever" on page 22.  Decide the amount of extra money you want to find in your budget. Then decide what categories you will cutback, eliminate, or find an alternative way to do things. The waste eliminate worksheet will help you work through the process.

Waste Elimination Worksheet
1 page

One of the best techniques to use in the process to attain financial freedom and debt free living is the envelope system. In this lecture you will learn how the envelope system is designed to help you change your money habits. How eliminating the use of credit cards, debits, ATM's, and charge cards from your miscellaneous spending sets you up for financial success. How using a cash not credit lifestyle transforms your thinking, behavior, and spending towards your goal of financial freedom.

Use Cash not Credit
A Purpose Driven Life
1 Lecture 34:43
What is your God-given purpose for living? In this incredible audio you will discover what steps you need to take to discover your purpose, what stops you from fulfilling your purpose, how to break the chains that block your vision, and how to birth your vision and purpose.
Find Your Purpose Through Debt Free Living
Invest in Yourself: It's Priceless!
1 Lecture 07:05

Saving and building wealth like anything else in life is a formed habit. In this lecture you will learn how to develop a plan and strategy to save and invest. How to determine your goals for investing. What rules you need as you go through the process of saving and building wealth. Finally, you will learn investing tools in a simple and straight forward way that anyone can understand to help you get started.

Investing Anyone Can Understand
Financial Freedom is Attainable
2 Lectures 40:41
This audio will change your outlook and behavior regarding debt and money. The information helps you grab hold of the vision and lifestyle of debt free living. You will learn specific steps and processes to start eliminating debt, stop wasteful spending, and 10 steps you must do to get financially free.
10 Steps To Financial Freedom

This lecture is one of encouragement. You will be motivated and reminded throughout this lecture of the steps to realize your financial vision. No one said the road would be easy because accomplishing goals can be challenging. However, you will get energized, excited, and encouraged knowing if Sharman Lawson accomplished her financial goals, you can do it too.

Financial Freedom Can Happen
12 Steps to Eliminate Debt Forever - Reading Homework
1 Lecture 00:00

In this e-book you will learn that financial freedom isn't based on who we know or how much money we make. It is a result of a change in your thoughts and habits regarding your hard-earned money. Living debt free is a lifestyle and philosophy that anyone can choose to implement in his or her current situation using his or her current income. This book will give you principles, concepts, information, homework, and tips you can immediately apply in order to obtain financial freedom.


E-Book - 12 Steps To Eliminate Debt Forever
83 pages
About the Instructor
4.0 Average rating
8 Reviews
47 Students
1 Course

Sharman G. Lawson is a business owner, coach, speaker, and author of the book 12 Steps to Eliminate Debt Forever!  

Sharman has over 14 years in training and development, and has owned and operated a business since 2000.  Sharman's experience includes training and developing youth and adults in the areas of personal finance, personal growth, and small business development.

Transforming people's lives and money is what Sharman is good at.  Sharman G. Lawson is a certified coach and human behavior consultant. Sharman has appeared in Money Magazine for Women, The Oregonian, Atlanta Alive, Good Day Northwest, Michigan Chronicles, and many other media forums.

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Sharman has resided in Atlanta, Georgia since 1986. Sharman is married and has a teenage daughter.  Visit her website at

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