Gmail and Google Chrome Productivity Essentials
4.5 (11 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Gmail and Google Chrome Productivity Essentials

Learn how to use Gmail and Google Chrome to increase your productivity and to get more done in less time.
4.5 (11 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
868 students enrolled
Created by Nathanael Murphy
Last updated 2/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course you will know how to fully utilize the most up-to-date version of Gmail and how to use Google Chrome to increase Productivity.
  • You will learn about the new updated Gmail User Interface.
  • You will learn how to customize and personalize your User Interface.
  • You will learn the ins and outs of sending messages and viewing conversations in Gmail.
  • You will learn how to organize Gmail with Visual Labels and Filters.
  • You will learn about archiving messages and the Google Search function.
  • You will learn how to use and organize your Gmail Contact List.
  • You will learn about Google Hangouts to Video and Text Chat.
  • You will learn about various Google Labs Features and Add-ons.
  • You will learn time saving keyboard shortcuts.
  • You will learn how to use Boomerang for Gmail and Rapportive for Gmail.
  • You will learn about productivity boosting extensions and applications in Google Chrome.
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  • A Gmail Account.

In this course I will teach you how to use the most up-to-date version of Gmail to increase your productivity and technical capabilities when dealing with email messaging and organization.

Furthermore I will show you time saving and productivity increasing extensions and apps to use in the Google Chrome Internet Browser.

The course is comprised of screen cast videos that can be completed at your own pace at any time. Most videos are between 3 and 6 minutes long and are therefore easy to digest and easy to again at a later time as a refresher.

The course is over 4 hours long and comprised of over 60 individual videos broken up into 15 Sections.

The only requirement for taking this course is a Gmail account, which is free and incredibly easy to set up. To complete the course you will also need to have Google Chrome downloaded, which is also free and very easy to set up.

If you use these time saving productivity boosting tips to save 30 minutes a day in wasted time you will end up saving over a month of 40 hour work weeks over the course of a year. To put that in perspective, you will only need to save less than 4 minutes per hour in a given 8 hour workday. Many people boost their productivity even more than that with the tips and knowledge in this course.

Hear what people are saying about this course:

  • "Great course. I am both a google chrome and gmail user. I didnt know how much both programs offered. Some awesome information"

  • "...The instructor was well spoken and efficient in the way he delivered lesson content."

  • "...The videos are short and to the point, no fluff, only usable information..."

  • "...I'm a freelance translator and use email all the time for work, the tips in this course have definitely increased my productivity while working. It truly is a mine of information."

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who uses Email or the Internet on a regular basis.
  • Anyone who uses Gmail.
  • Anyone who uses Google Chrome.
  • Business Owners.
  • Students.
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Curriculum For This Course
64 Lectures
Course Information and Introduction
1 Lecture 02:27

Welcome to Gmail and Google Chrome Productivity Essentials!

This course delivers over 4 hours of in depth content on how to master Gmail to boost productivity and organization. The course also takes a look at essential add-ons, labs, apps, and extensions for Gmail and the Google Chrome Web Browser.

All you will need to take this course is a Gmail account, which is free and easy to make: Gmail Sign Up

Furthermore, to finish the course you will need to run the Google Chrome Web Browser: Chrome Download Page

Preview 02:27
Introduction to Gmail and Google Chrome
4 Lectures 14:16

If you don't currently run Google Chrome I recommend you do so because it is one of the smoothest and fastest browsers currently available. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with Gmail. Follow the link below if you wish to download Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Download Page

Preview 01:27

Having a Gmail account is the only true requirement for this course. Gmail is often heralded as the best email client currently on the web. It is frequently updated and improved and integrates into a full Google account and comes with 15 Gb of memory. Best of all it is free and incredibly powerful whether you are a student, use email for work, a business owner, or use email in your everyday personal life. Follow the link below to sign up.

Sign Up for a Free Gmail Account

Preview 01:03

The Gmail User Interface, or UI, is where you as the user interact with Gmail. In this lecture you will learn how navigate the up to date UI and learn the basic functions of some of different aspects of the UI. Definitely don't skip this lecture if you are brand new to Gmail.

Preview 04:49

The focus of this lecture is how to customize and personalize the Gmail UI. This is especially useful if you have multiple email accounts or frequently use Gmail from a small screen such as your phone or tablet computer.

Preview 06:57
8 Lectures 24:24

In this lecture you will learn how to quickly send messages in Gmail. Although Gmail message sending is very intuitive, if you are brand new to Gmail you should not skip this lecture.

Sending Messages

Conversations is how Gmail organizes multiple messages between yourself and another person or group of people. Conversations greatly aid in reducing a cluttered inbox and allow you to quickly find information from earlier in the conversation thread.


In this lecture I show you have to mute conversations so that you can remove yourself from a group conversation unless a message is specifically addressed to you.

Muted Conversations

If you have ever wondered how to customize the formatting of your message in Gmail this lecture will teach you exactly how to do that. The formatting toolbar is not as in depth as full word processor, but it has enough options to suit the vast majority of people's email formatting needs.

Moreover, formatting is very helpful when copy and pasting information into Gmail from somewhere else on your computer or from the web.

Formatting Messages

Attachments allow you to send large files via email that the recipient can download and view directly on their own computer. Gmail uses attachments for smaller files, but uses Google Drive for files exceeding 25 megabytes. This lecture will show you how to send both.


Gmail automatically creates drafts of emails you create but don't send. This lecture will show you how to access those and take further steps such as sending a draft or deleting a draft.


This lecture will show you how to access messages you have already sent to a recipient.

Sent Messages

The spam and trash labels in Gmail can be confusing at first, but this lecture teaches you how to navigate between the different labels and how to interact within them.

Spam and Trash
Organizing Gmail
9 Lectures 34:00

Often we need to interact with multiple messages at once, this lecture will teach you how to do this. This is an essential skill to understand for quickly organizing your entire Gmail.

Selecting Multiple Messages

Gmails doesn't organize with folders like other email clients you may be familiar with. Instead Gmail uses labels which act like folders with some improved functionality. Labels, when used correctly, can greatly increase the organization of your Gmail.


As opposed to visual organization, physical organization is essential so that you can interact with Gmail in a way that makes sense to you and increases your personal productivity. This lecture will teach you about physically organizing your Gmail.

Physical Organization

Gmail allows you to archive emails you don't need immediate access to. You can choose to archive anything that you think you may need access to at a later date and therefore don't wish to permanently delete. The 15 gigs that Gmail gives you will allow for a huge archive of files and information you can quickly search for.

Archiving in Gmail

Stars are a great one-click visual organization tool built right into Gmail. This lecture will teach you how to customize your stars and how starred emails are treated by Gmail.


When combined with labels, filtering messages in Gmail can give you immediate power and control over incoming emails before you have even read them.

Filtering messages and labels, when used in conjunction, are perhaps the most powerful organizational tool currently available in Gmail. Furthermore, it often goes un-utilized by the majority of Gmail users.

Filtering Messages

You can manage label groups on their own without directly assigning a current email to a label. This lecture will show you how to manage your labels so that you can use the information from this video along with the earlier labels video and filtering messages video to become a master of Gmail organization.

Managing Labels

The Gmail Search function is an essential part of Gmail for anyone who deals with many incoming and outgoing emails a day. Learn how to search through Gmail to find exactly what you are looking for.

Gmail Search

Search Operators allow you to streamline your searches by establishing specific parameters for your specific search in Gmail. This lecture will show you some of the most used search operators.

Access the full list of operators with the following link:

Search Operators
Managing Your Gmail Account
4 Lectures 19:58

This lecture will teach you how to enable notifications in Gmail so that you can always know when you receive a new email.

Be aware, sometimes it can hurt our productivity to always be going back and forth to our email while we are trying to do other work. Use this if you must, but don't let it control your work flow.

Gmail Notifications

Nowadays, almost everyone has more than one email. This lecture will teach you how to add up to 5 email accounts so that you can use them within Gmail to receive and send messages even if the other emails are not Gmail accounts.

Adding emails to your Gmail Account

In this lecture I go over some of the account settings you have access to in Gmail.

Account Settings

This lecture deals with the general Gmail settings that you have access to from within Gmail. Learn how to customize your settings so that Gmail works the way you want it to.

General Settings
Gmail Contacts
5 Lectures 16:35

In this lecture you will learn how to access the Contacts Tab and how Gmail populates your contact list.

Introduction to Contacts

Adding and editing contact information is essential for anyone who messages many different people on a regular or semi-regular basis.

Adding and Editing Contacts

This lecture will teach you how to send group messages straight from within the Gmail contact's tab.

Group Messges

This lecture goes over how ti import contacts from another email client, how to export your current Gmail contact list to another email client or to send to someone else. It also shows you how to quickly restore your contact list from a previous date in time.

Importing, Exporting, and Restoring Contacts

In this lecture you will learn how to change some contact settings and how and when they are useful to use.

Extra Contact Settings
Google Hangouts
4 Lectures 15:03

Google Hangouts has replaced the older chat function. This lecture introduces you to Google Hangouts, which in my opinion, is much better than the older chat function.

Furthermore, Google Hangouts has functionality for use in your personal life, your work life, or your student life.

Introduction to Google Hangouts

In this video I go over the main components of the Google Hangouts and the video calls function specifically.

Hangouts Main

This lecture shows you how to restore the old Google chat function if you prefer this over Google Hangouts. I personally don't recommend doing this, but I show you how to restore if you wish to do so.

Restoring Google Chat

In this lecture I will show you how to enable snooze notifications so that you are not constantly bombarded by people trying to interact with you when you are in the middle of a productive work session.

Snooze Notifications
Google Labs, Add-ons, and Shortcuts
8 Lectures 31:47

This lecture will introduce you to the Google Labs add-ons. Google labs are non-permanent or unfinished add-ons that you can experiment with to further customize your Gmail experience.

Google Labs

Task Lists are a built in Gmail add-on. Use them to organize your day and daily tasks. This lecture also shows you how to create new task lists and share them with other people.

Task Lists

The Gmail Vacation Auto Responder is a great tool for anyone who wishes to insulate themselves from outside distractions for a set period of time. Tip: You don't have to be on vacation to make good use of the auto responder!

Vacation Auto Responder

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts can greatly increase productivity if you take the time to learn and master the ones you use the most. This lecture details some of the most common and most used navigation shortcuts.

Find the complete list here:

Keyboard Shortcuts

This lecture details even more keyboard shortcuts, specifically in-process messaging short cuts.

Find the complete list here:

Shortcuts Continued

This lecture teaches you how to create your own personalized shortcuts by using a Google labs add-on. Personally, I use Gmail's pre-established shortcut list, but if you wish to change any or all of the default shortcuts then this lecture will teach you how.

Personalize Shortcuts

Canned Responses is a great productivity boosting tool in Gmail. Use canned responses to create email templates to quickly send or respond to messages in Gmail.

Canned Responses

Quick Links
Boomerang for Gmail
4 Lectures 17:19

Link to Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail is a completely independent application add-on for Gmail. However, it integrates seamlessly with Gmail and is practically an essential download for professionals, managers, and business owners.

It has numerous benefits for personal use as well.

Introduction to Boomerang for Gmail

The two main functions of Boomerang for Gmail are the send later function and the reminders function. This lecture will teach you how to use both.

Boomerang Send Later and Reminders

This video lecture details the other functions of Boomerang for Gmail. However, you should watch the previous video "Boomerang Send Later and Reminders" before watching this video.

Boomerang Reocurring and Notes

This lecture shows you how to access and use the Boomerang Manager to easily track all your boomeranged messages so you can easily edit and manage them.

Boomerang Manager
Rapportive for Gmail
2 Lectures 04:39

Link to

Rapportive is a powerful tool to learn information about your contacts and the people you interact with in Gmail. It is a must have for anyone interested in networking or professionals who deal with many contacts via email.

Introduction to Rapportive

This video shows the basic workings of Rapportive. Be aware that different people have different amounts of information associated with their Rapportive profile, and in this way it can be limiting if the person you are communicating with has a very small web presence

Basics of Rapportive
5 More Sections
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