Photography: These Companies Want Your Photos - Make Money

These companies want your everyday photos - photographs of cats, real life, views, people, etc. Photography makes money!
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Course Description


Anyone can do this! Take photos, sell your photos, travel locally or around the world for free with your camera ... this course tells all!

Here's what some students are doing.

1) They take their family out for the day. They take a few pictures in the simple way the course shows. They upload them to the websites shown in the course. They cash the checks. They've had a great day out - and made money!

2) They travel locally or internationally (all for free - details in the course), take photographs in the easy way the course shows ... yes, you've guessed it! They upload them and make money!

And in both cases, there are "repeat fees" - that means that you get paid month after month after month!

There has never been a greater demand for photographs.

Magazines, websites, TV stations, greetings card companies, big and small businesses, advertisers and many more are screaming out for your photographs.

Pictures of streets, beaches, families, trains, planes, buses, skies and offices.

Pictures of people, flowers, plants, animals, pets, cats, dogs, children, clocks and churches.

Pictures of hands, ears, shops, trees, bells and festive scenes.

Pictures of rivers, lakes, mountains and valleys.

As a direct consequence of this huge demand, specialist so-called "Microstock Agencies" have sprung up in recent years - and you can make a full time income from just a few photographs!

But how do you get into this very lucrative business?

  • How do you get started?
  • How do you ensure that you will be accepted?
  • And, crucially, what are the "simple to take / make money instantly" photographs?

In this Certificated Course, with a combination of video lectures and over 200 pages of extensive notes, world renowned photographer Alun Hill reveals all the inside secrets to making money form your photographs.

Taking a simple step-by-step approach with extensive "before and after" sample photos, he shows you how to easily and quickly choose the prefect pictures to get started - and how to take your future pictures for the largest pay checks.

All sales and billings etc are taken care of by the Agencies - you have no invoicing to do - and you get paid every month.

All ongoing help and support is provided free too, as are all future additional lectures and guides - there's never anything extra to pay.

Is this really possible? Absolutely! Join over 8,900 other students in this fun, guaranteed, action packed, simple learning course today!

Real opportunities like this, with no outlay, no invoicing, no paperwork and lots of fun are exceptionally rare.



Would you like to travel the world for free?

(Free flights, free hotels, free food, free theme park / museum / art gallery passes)

Your course tutor also shows you how to get a photographer's Press Card - and how to use your new-found camera skills to travel the world … for free.

You can then access a free fortnightly 25+ page magazine with all the latest travel for free trips and vacations.



See your photographs on television, too!

Make even more money with this all new bonus section.



A video interview with one of the world's top earning photographers, showing an exhibition of his most profitable pictures.


Every moment you delay enrolling is money last - enrol today - click top right!

And remember, I'm here to help you!

What are the requirements?

  • Any decent digital camera - not just DSLRs - but iPhones and iPads and their Android equivalents, too!
  • Absolutely no experience is required. The course shows you exactly what photographs to take and how to take them!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 41 lectures and 4.5 hours of content!
  • Get your pictures published - for fun ... and for money, of course!
  • Travel the world taking pictures - and getting very well paid ... with nothing to pay out, no airfares / hotel bills / admission fees.

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who loves taking photographs and wants to see them published .. and is considering making good money from their hobby.
  • No age restrictions, no limits


Section 1: Trailer

... and make good money!

Section 2: Get Your Pictures Published!

In this first part of the course, I show you exactly how easy it is to get started in getting your photo's published.

No need for invoicing and no worries about copyright.

I show you everything - and I make it all easy and simple for you!

Section 3: What Photographs Should I Take?


Yes, you really can make money from photo's of your cats - but there's a particular style of photo that sells - and I show you the good ... and the bad.

Do it the correct way and get your photo's published .. and it's easy to do!



Yes, again, you really can make money from photo's of your dog - but you need to spend a moment setting the scene for the highest sales.

I show you the before - and the after.


In this part of the course, I show how even a simple move of the camera to a different angle can make all the difference between a multi selling picture - and a rejected one.

Here, a boy sits on a staircase. 

Simple enough to set up.

However, look at the difference when we make sone very minor changes ...

A much better, much more saleable photograph!


Working with children can be fraught - but can be fun, too!

In this video, I show you the same girl - and explain why just a few seconds of work, a change of angle and a little thought can make the difference between a multi-thousand selling picture ... and one that will never sell. 

And all with the same girl, in the same setting!


Here, I show you how anyone can easily make slight changes to their lighting setup - at no cost - and totally transform a "snapshot" into a top selling picture.

Takes seconds to do, but it makes all the difference!


Still life pictures are, in theory, the easiest to set up  - and sell.

However, look at this before and after shot .. and copy the latter, please!

Fully explained and simple to do!


Working with non-professional models can be a nightmare - so I show you a before and after photo - the latter, of course, outsells the former many thousand fold.

Again, nothing complicated, nothing hard - and no expense. 

Just a simple few tweaks that you can do before you press that shutter.


Pictures of people at work always sell well - and they sell over and over again.

Here, a simple shot of a house painter at work has a few simple teaks, in posing, lighting and so on.

The result?

See for yourself - and use these techniques in your own photographs!

Section 4: Microstock Agencies Revealed

Everything you need to know about Microstock agencies, including how to get accepted, making money, copyright and licencing.


Here's what you need to do to get started - in easy, carefully explained stages.


The next simple stage in getting your photo's into the Microstock Agencies.


The next simple stage in getting your photo's into the Microstock Agencies.


The next simple stage in getting your photo's into the Microstock Agencies.


The next simple stage in getting your photo's into the Microstock Agencies.


The next simple stage in getting your photo's into the Microstock Agencies.


The next simple stage in getting your photo's into the Microstock Agencies.


The next simple stage in getting your photo's into the Microstock Agencies.

Section 5: Getting Your Photo's Accepted By The Big Agencies

The larger agencies, like Alamy and Getty Images, are notoriously hard to get accepted into.

I show you the best ways - and may just shock you with the royalties they pay!

Full details in the 2 lectures below.


Alamy are one of the world's largest photo agencies and are very strict about how you apply - and very difficult to get accepted into.

However, if you follow my advice, you should be accepted very quickly.

... and their payouts will amaze you, with fees of around $300 per picture quite common - and you can sell the same picture hundreds, even thousands of times!


Getty Images is the other big agency that you should consider applying to, allowing you access to a massive, well-paying marketplace.

However, I give a warning - and some really good news too!

Section 6: Getting Paid To Have Your Pictures Published
87 pages
This 87 page guide gives full contact details of dozens of companies which buy photographs, paying up to around $850 per picture. i show full details of each company, exactly what they want, who to approach - and what payment you can expect.
Section 7: Documents
2 pages
My top four recommended Microstock agencies.
5 pages
Many parts of the USA offer large grants to photographers. Here, I list them by area, with their website and contact details.
2 pages
Portfolio review events provide photographers the opportunity to show their work to a variety of photo buyers, including photo editors, publishers, art directors, gallery representatives, curators, and collectors. I list a selection of these, across the USA.
8 pages
A useful glossary of photography and stock photography terms.
5 pages
My suggested list of websites which cover photography.
Section 8: Bonus 1: Get A Press Photographers Card
3 pages

Having a press card allows you access to events / concerts / shows etc, allowing you to take ever better pictures.

It doesn't have to be  a "news" event - local fairs, events, shows, etc all welcome photographers and usually allow free admission.

You can then get these pictures published - a press photographers card is invaluable to take such shots without the visitors heads getting in the way!

You'll notice that many of my example stock shots were taken at such events ...

Section 9: Bonus 2 - Get Your Pictures On TV

Getting your pictures on television, particularly if they're shown around the world - and are added to the broadcasters website permanently - are not only exciting, but also open a lot of opportunities to you.

Here, I explain my favourite TV stations - and all are looking for photo's that you can supply!

Full details are included.


This US broadcaster is looking for your pictures 24/7.

They have a weekly online chat and offer lots of help.

Having your pictures on TV is great fun - and opens other doors to you, as I explain ...


This famous US TV station wants your photographs!

They have a whole section dedicated to this - here's the full details!


Yes, the BBC wants to broadcast and show your pictures!

Here's all the details!


I show you how to set up your own "channel" on National Geographics' site, adding your own travel and adventure pictures.

Pictures are often then chosen for their TV channels and for their assorted worldwide magazines and books.

Your personalised url is also very useful on your CV!


France's international news channel, which broadcasts in English, invites you to submit your photographs for possible broadcast world wide.

Full details and advice included.

Section 10: Bonus 3: Interview With Top Photographer With Getty Images
Interview And Photo Tour With Top Getty Photographer
Section 11: Bonus 4: Travel The World For Free - With Your Camera!
Travel The World For Free With Your Camera
Travel The World For Free - November Listings
23 pages
Travel The World For Free - October Listings
27 pages
Travel the World For Free - September Listings
26 pages
Travel The World For Free - August 2014 Listings
25 pages

Instructor Biography

Alun Hill , Small Business Expert, TV Broadcaster, Journalist, Writer

I love small, home run businesses!

As a journalist, I interview some of the world's most successful (and secretive!) business people - and I reveal all in my Udemy courses!

Learn from the experts!

Would you like to see how I make over $4,000 EVERY week with Udemy?

Would you like to partner with Amazon and see how to make $4,545 month after month?

Would you like to see how I average $2,000 a month from YouTube with no filming?

Would you like to know how to send very successful Press Releases? (my latest course, available now!)

Would you like to easily sell your everyday photographs for top money?

See my Udemy courses - you too can be doing all of this - and more!

(In January 2015, I moved to a new brand new 3 floor Duplex Penthouse in an old Fort on a tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea and can now spend more time relaxing after constantly zooming around the world as a travel and business journalist!).

My CV:

Business and Travel Writing and Broadcasting:

Business Journalism:

I write and film / photograph on business for a range of publications and websites, internationally as well as for CNN TV - with an emphasis on video, online business, social media and SEO. I also produce radio reports on travel, which are syndicated worldwide.

Online Marketing / SEO:

I have advised internationally companies of all sizes on their online presence, particularly with emphasis on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and video marketing on YouTube.

I have trained people and companies on SEO, Video Marketing, Online Marketing, the use of Press Releases, Twitter, Google Search and the correct usage of Google AdWords and AdSense.

Published Business Books include: "Internet Marketing - All You Need To Know", "Using LinkedIn Successfully - All You Need To Know", "Google And Its’ Products" and "Search Engine Optimization For Beginners".

I recently retired as the Technology Editor at Gadgets and Technology News - an Accredited Google News Source.

Travel Journalism:

I write and film on travel for CNN, National Geographic Adventure Channel, and the Sky TV Community Channel, as well as being a "Travel Expert" for AllExperts, which is part of the New York Times Group. I travel extensively, mostly around Europe, but with recent forays to the Far East and the Caribbean.

I have written over a dozen published travel books and guides and am currently writing 2 travel books, one a guide to cruising at lower cost as well as a full guide to North Korea (which may well be funny, but inaccurate in parts).


YouTube: I have over 21 million viewers on my main comedy/ satire channel and I have several other channels, which are commentary, training and travel related.

Twitter: @alunhill and @alunhillSEO

I currently have around 80,000 followers on these two Twitter accounts.


Retired: Chartered Institute of Journalists

I recently retired as Council Member, Chair of Pensions and International Members Division, Member of Pensions Committee and Professional Practices Board.

The Chartered Institute of Journalists is the oldest professional body for Journalists in the world. It was founded – as the National Association of Journalists – in 1884 and six years later was granted its Royal Charter by Queen Victoria, to protect and serve those employed in the field of journalism.

The Institute combines the role of professional society with that of a trade union.

Retired: British Association of Journalists

"Journalists are the watchdogs of the public. We do a superb job spreading truth and knowledge, defending justice, democracy and fair play, exposing wrong-doing and seeking to make the world a better place.

The Media Society

"We aim to provoke, inspire, surprise, educate and entertain. Come to one of our events to find out who we are and what we’re all about. We’re a charity, proud of our diverse membership and the work we do to help student journalists.

We play a leading role in the wider debate about a variety of media issues that matter both to our members and to society at large.

The Foreign Press Association

"The FPA was founded in 1888 and is the only association of its kind in the UK.

Politically non-aligned, the FPA is one of the oldest clubs for foreign correspondents in the world. The FPA is a member of the UK Press Card Authority and provides accreditation to more than 1500 journalists every year, representing all media from news agencies to print, broadcast and internet.

The Royal Commonwealth Society

"The Royal Commonwealth Society is an international education charity. With a remit to promote international understanding across the Commonwealth, especially among young people, the RCS has an impressive portfolio of charitable activities.

Our Young Commonwealth Competitions encourage thousands of young people to respond to global challenges through annual creative writing and photography.


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    • Phil Grierson

    Stock Photography Submissions

    I learned quite a bit about stock photography submissions and have already submitted test photos to istockphoto and am waiting to hear the results. The instructor offered a lot of good tips and the overall production was very good. I did feel like the instructor could have gone into more detail in some of the early lessons in particular. A lesson that lasted only 1 to 2 minutes didn't seem to offer enough info to me.

    • Gary B.

    Well Worth The Money

    Lectures were of the talking head style and were generally pretty short. Each lecture was jam packed with useful information. Not a lot of fluff here. The instructor was enthusiastic and his enthusiasm is infectious making it a pleasure to watch and learn. Best of all, I actually feel like I have enough information to get my photographs out into the marketplace. I would never have figured out the kind of photo's that sell the best without this course but now that I know, it makes perfect sense. And the resources and downloadables in this course are worth the price of the course alone. This is a GREAT course and while it's always nice to get any course on Udemy at a discount, this is one I would definitely pay the full price for - an enthusiastic 5 stars!

    • Michelle Monk

    Inspiring, realistic and well executed course, delivered in simple step video tutorials.

    I have read so many online articles on micro stock which can be conflicting and very confusing. Alun describes the steps and requirements in an easy to follow video sequence. He delivers the course with a positive but realistic attitude clearly defining all the steps. I couldn't be happier as I just got accepted as a contribtor with istock. Looking forward to making my first sale. Thank you Alun you are a star!

    • I.E. Manuel Echeverría

    Thank you Allun!

    As always, great work. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    • Dimitrios Matsoulis

    Great course

    I have the course to be informative and not too long. It does not explain anything on photography itself because logically someone that wants to sell photos should know already how to take and process decent photos.

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