Get hired as a video game artist

Advice from an award-winning video game studio with over 2,000,000 games sold
2 reviews
  • Paul Fraser Marketing Manager at Ironclad Games

    Paul Fraser is a marketing manager at the award-winning studio Ironclad Games. Ironclad has won over 50 awards from major video game magazines, including some of the most prestigious awards in the video game industry such as IGN's Game of the Year and PC Gamer's Strategy Game of the Year. Paul works with his brothers, Blair (President) and Craig (Creative Director).

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Get hired as a video game artist

Advice from an award-winning video game studio with over 2,000,000 games sold
2 reviews


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Art school costs tens of thousands of dollars. For just $49, I'm going to give you first-hand information on how we select artists to hire. I'm going to teach you exactly what you need to do to get noticed, get an interview, and get hired.

Our studio has won over 50 awards from major video game publications, including IGN's PC Game of the Year and PC Gamer's Strategy Game of the Year. Over the years, we've hired around 30 artists and receive about 1 resume per day from aspiring video game artists. We have sold over 2,000,000 copies of our games.

This practical course teaches you how to get hired in the video industry -- from an industry-insider perspective.

    • Art aptitude
    • Over 17 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
    • Get you a job in the video game industry
    • Dispel myths about the video game job market
    • Correct misleading propaganda from schools
    • Artists
    • Creatives
    • Highschool/college students
    • Career changers
    • Art school graduates


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    This course teaches you how to get hired in the video industry. It's going to dispel common myths about the video game industry and reveal the most common mistakes job applicants make. Learn first-hand from an award-winning game development studio.

  • SECTION 1:
    Before you apply for a job
  • 2
    What school (if any) should you go to?

    There are thousands of art schools aggressively marketing their programs to aspiring video game artists. Do video game companies consider some schools over others? Do we care what school you went to? How do you choose what school to go to (if any). I'll give you industry-insider information on how we view art education. I'll also talk about the educational backgrounds of some people working at our studio.

  • 3
    Get to know the company you're applying to and the people working there

    The second biggest factor in landing a job in the video game industry is knowing people at the company. Here I detail how you go about this strategically.

  • 4
    Websites you should be visiting

    These are some of the most important websites visited by artists at your company. Visiting them will help you land a job as a video game artist.

  • 5
    The single most important thing
  • SECTION 2:
    The video game job application
  • 6
    Why you shouldn't tell us your story

    I explain why giving a biography of yourself is often a deterrent to landing a job in the video game industry.

  • 7
    How to apply for a job

    Why waste your time on things the video game industry doesn't care about? In this lecture, I tell you the job application process we want aritsts to follow. I'll tell you what NOT to do, including sending your portfolio by physical mail.

  • 8
    Customize your resume/application

    This lecture walks you through how you need to customize your application to each company you apply to. You cannot simply send a mass email to all potential employers. This spectrum approach is doomed to fail from the get-go.

  • 9
    We don't want to hear about all your skills

    This lectures talks about how being a jack-of-all-trades is a poor strategy for landing a job in the video game industry.

  • 10
    Respect the power relationship in your application

    Things to avoid in your initial contacts with a video game company.

  • 11
    Analysis of a job application

    I analyze a real job application and critique it from the perspective of a video game company.

  • 12
    The perfect application

    I analyze another real job application and provide an outline of the ideal application. I also explain what to do after the application is sent.

  • 13
    Test projects: be willing to do them before you get hired
  • SECTION 3:
    The video game interview
  • 14
    The interview - 1

    Best practices to prepare for the video game industry interview.

  • 15
    The interview - 2

    Things you can do during a video game interview to give yourself a competitive edge and get hired.

  • 16
    How to follow-up from the job interview

    Learn how to follow-up from a video job interview.

  • 17

    1. Spend most of your time on the portfolio, continuously updating it. Specialize in terms of the job position but show

    versatility in terms of style.

    2. Get to know the people in the company through friends, associates, forums, and particpation in the gaming community.

    3. Familiarize yourself with the company and the games they produced.

    4. Be an agreeable person to work with.

    5. Don't be self-centred or about what you bring the table, not what you'll get out of the job.

    6. Make your application short and sweet.

    7. Be persistent.


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  • David H
    Solid Course

    If you are fresh out of school, or looking to break into the industry, I would recommend this course. Much of the information is also transferable to creatives in other disciplines.

  • Jed Merrill
    Great course!

    I recommend this course not just for artists, but producers and engineers! Thanks, Paul! Jed Merrill EAE:MGS

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