Get fit with Extreme Kickboxing Workout!

Lose weight and burn fat FAST by pouring in sweat as you learn how to punch and kick with this high intensity workout!
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About This Course

Published 1/2013 English

Course Description

The "Extreme Kickboxing Workout" will give you an incredibly effective and tough workout. It uses high intensity exercise followed by periods of rest in a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout that is the absolute best way to burn fat fast!

Not only will you burn a ton of fat while building muscle, but you will learn proper form for every punch and kick which is important to avoid injury of the joints.

It is a high energy, fun, invigorating workout that helps you build confidence knowing that you can actually throw a proper punch and kick!

The lessons consist of two parts: The lesson that teaches you how to throw the strike, and the workout drill in which you perform that strike 20 times. Each new lesson adds to the previous so that they accumulate and get bigger and bigger. By the time you get to the end, you will be throwing a massive combination of 8 strikes using both punches and kicks! KNOCK-OUT CITY, BABY!

Take this fitness kickboxing course now and get fit with extreme kickboxing workout.


What are the requirements?

  • You can do the workouts with no punching bag, but to get the most of this course, the workouts, and the fat burning effects you should go all out. In order to do so, a heavy bag is ideal. When using a heavy bag you should get good quality, dense bag gloves to protect the bones of your hands.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Provide a fun and energetic workout that will also teach you how to punch and kick with good form.
  • In this course, you will learn the Jab, Cross, Combination, Hooks to the head, Hooks to the body, and both front and rear Muay Thai kicks!

What is the target audience?

  • You do not need any knowledge of boxing or kickboxing. This is a FUN workout! It is very intense but you simply go to YOUR max and rest as needed. Everyone is different.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

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Lifetime access.

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Section 1: Intro

The "Extreme Kickboxing Workout" is designed to give you an incredibly effective fat burning workout while making sure you are punching and kicking correctly. Because it consists of high intensity exercise followed by periods of rest, it is a HIIT style workout (High Intensity Interval Training). This is the absolute best way to burn fat fast!

Not only will you burn a ton of fat while building muscle, but you will learn proper form for every punch and kick which is important to avoid injury of the joints.

It is a highly energetic, fun, invigorating workout that also helps you build confidence knowing that you can actually throw a proper punch and kick. Treat this as an awesome workout that just happens to have an extra bonus!

The Master Drill is the main workout. You can go straight to it, but I recommend you do the individual lessons and their drills first so you learn how to throw each strike. This is important because in order to burn maximum fat, you need to hit the bag with POWER. This requires proper form to avoid wrist sprains or hyper-extensions.

By the time you get to the Master Drill, you will be throwing a massive combination of 8 back-to-back strikes, done twenty times! KNOCK-OUT CITY, BABY!


Be sure to print out the Extreme Kickboxing Workout pdf so you can have it near your workout area. It outlines the workout Drills in order for you to follow along in case you lose your place in the video course.

Heavy Bag Recommendations
Gloves are necessary if you are going to be hitting a heavy bag like I am. You don't have to actually hit a bag; you can do "air punches and kicks" but to get the most from this course, I highly recommend a heavy bag. You can get them with a stand at most sporting goods or a boxing supply in your area.

Making contact with a heavy bag is recommended because you can go all out and use maximum energy which will burn maximum calories. In fact, hitting faster and harder burns more calories than hitting slower or softer as will be evident from how much you will sweat when going all out (after you learn proper form for safety).

Glove Recommendations

Learning proper form for kickboxing is essential for the safety of your own body. Your joints, bones, ligaments and muscles will thank you. You might not intend on ever having to use your punching and kicking skills, but if you are hitting a heavy bag a few times a week over the course of months, you need to be using proper form. You don't want repetitive stress injuries.

Standing correctly is also important in order to be able to move fast and efficiently whether you are avoiding punches or just working out by moving in and out of punching range.

I will teach you the proper stance to be able to deliver punches and kicks and move back and out of the way in case you are in trouble. Don’t worry, I know you will most likely not get into a fight but the confidence you will gain from being able to move like a pro will carry onto all aspects of your life.

Section 2: Workouts!
Ahh so here it is in all its glory. The full Master Drill you have learned by going through all of the lessons. Congratulations, you earned it.
In this Lesson, we learn how to avoid punches by "bobbing and weaving". This video includes both the Lesson and Speed Drill for Bob and Weave. You will workout your legs by squatting down and coming back up while ducking and moving left and right.
This is the Lesson that shows you how to do the Speed Front Kicks Workout. View this before doing the SPEED DRILL: Front Kicks.
This is the Speed Drill Front Kicks Workout. Play the video while you do the workout for inspiration and to have a trainer doing it along with you.
This Lesson shows you how to do the Speed Drill Rear Kicks Workout. View this before doing the SPEED DRILL: Rear Kicks.
This is the Speed Drill Rear Kicks Workout. We're going to throw the powerful Rear Kick 20 times, back to back FAST! Do these much faster than when you did the Rear Kick Solo Drill. Your foot hits the bag, comes back down, and immediately goes back up. Touch and go!
This video includes both the Lesson and the Speed Drill for Double Body Hooks. Both hooks equal one rep. Do 20 super fast, super powerful reps. GO!
Section 3: Lessons - Learn How to Punch & Kick!
The jab is the most basic punch in kickboxing. It's your lead hand, your quick punch, usually your left, your precursor that sets up the more powerful right hand.

Once you learn and practice proper form, it's time to get into it. Follow along and get your sweat started by throwing 20, yes 20, jabs back to back. GO!

The Right Cross is your power punch, the KO hand. It comes from the rear with much power and force and is usually set up by the left hand. Learn how to move your feet to get maximum power when throwing your Right Cross.

Use what you learned to practice throwing your right hand 20 times, just like the jab.

We will now learn a combination. If you've watched a boxing match, you have seen the classic 1, 2 combination; a jab and a cross. 
Throw the left, then the right, and that's one rep. Do 20 reps of this combo.
This lesson shows you the third strike; the Left Hook to the head. There are wrong ways and there are right ways to throw the hook. We show you the right way. (in case you were wondering) 

In this drill we will incorporate all that we have learned so far; the jab, the cross and now the hook. All three strikes are one rep. Again, do 20 reps.


You're going to learn how to hit the left side of your opponent's head with your right hand. Like the Right Cross, the Right Hook is a powerful punch! Aim for the chin or jaw and say good night.

OK, so by adding the Right Hook to our drill we are now up to 4 strikes and the drills are getting good! Remember to exhale at the point of impact; don't hold your breath. GIVE ME 20, SOLDIER!
The first kick, Yay! This is the leg's answer to the jab.

Let's add the front kick to the drill. Once you're done with the four punches, add the cherry on top; the front kick. SWEET!

If you thought the Front Kick was fun, try the Rear Kick on for size, the Grand Daddy of Muay Thai kicks! 

This Lesson shows you the Rear Kick by itself, how to throw it for maximum power, maximum energy, and maximum impact to your opponent. It will also give you maximum calorie and fat burn since it takes more energy to throw the rear kick, specially with force.
Here's the Rear Kick Drill to make sure you throw it so often that you'll be throwing it in your sleep!

You should prepare apologies for your significant other now.

Now I teach you how to incorporate the Rear Kick into our Master Drill. It's going to follow the Front Kick, but first you need to know how to walk like a crab.
This Drill is different from the Rear Kick Solo because it incorporates all of the strikes that you have learned so far and adds the Rear Kick as the finisher. "FINISH HIM!"

But wait—your opponent isn't down yet! We're going to end the drill with two parting gifts for your opponent; Double Body Hooks. 

Two for the road!

You learned how to "crab step" and how to throw double body hooks, so put them together into a 20 rep drill. ATTACK!
Section 4: Cool Down Stretch
After a long, tough workout it is necessary to cool down and stretch. This quiet, peaceful video allows you to relax, get your heart rate back down, and stretch your warmed up muscles.

We'll be stretching our arms, legs, torso, butt, neck, and lats. Use this as the much needed yin to the yang.

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He has been training in fitness and kickboxing for over a decade and is passionate about helping others achieve their goals by giving fun, invigorating workouts, nutrition information and encouragement.

Bum believes that everyone can get healthy and achieve the body they want with the right workouts and support. 

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