GCSE Chemistry: Edexcel C1 part 1

Learn the key ideas of the first half of the Edexcel GCSE Science C1 unit.
  • Lectures 31
  • Video 4 Hours
  • Skill level all level
  • Languages English
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Course Description

The course is designed to reinforce the key ideas of the C1 chemistry unit for the Edexcel GCSE Science. The revision is designed to give you a range of resources to use either on demand or with live lessons with a CRB cleared and quality assured teacher. The on demand learning uses recorded mini lessons with tasks, short revision key idea boosters, quizzes and past exam style questions. The live lessons are run six weeks prior to examinations, helping you to have expert help just when you need it.

What are the requirements?

  • Key stage 3 Science

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 31 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
  • The course covers the evolution of the early atmosphere, today's atmosphere, rocks, limestone, acid reactions and electrolysis.

What is the target audience?

  • GCSE Science

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Section 1: Introduction
Understanding SOLO
Lego SOLO - Helping you understand how it works
Section 2: Topic 1 - The Earths Sea and Atmosphere

The lesson covers the evolution of the early atmosphere and how the levels of the gases have changed over time.

The Evolution of the Atmosphere - How did it happen?

The lesson covers the composition of our atmosphere and explains how you can investigate the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Percentage of gases in our current atmsophere
Quick quiz - The Earth's sea and Atmsophere
10 questions
24 slides
The presentation includes a range of past exam questions linked to the first two lessons on the Earth's early atmosphere and the current atmosphere. If you write your answers on paper then improve these using a different coloured pen then you can see what you need to improve. I have included appropriate times to have a break and you do not have to attempt all the questions in one go. The presentation is on autoplay so use pause button to move through the questions at your own pace.
Past exam questions model answers (foundation level)
Past exam questions - Higher level
19 slides
1 page

If you RAG the specification (RAG is red, amber and green) for how confident you are at the key points. All you have to do is colour the specification points or write R,A or G next to show you where you need to revise in further detail.

Section 3: Topic 2 - Materials from the Earth

The lesson covers the three main types of rocks and how these are formed.

Rocks recap

The lesson covers the uses of limestone and goes through the advantages / disadvantages of building limestone quarries.

Advantages and disadvantages of quarrying

The lesson goes through the thermal decomposition of different carbonates and how calcium oxide reacts with water.


Here is a great video from youtube showing the thermal decomposition of copper carbonate.


The lesson covers the key ideas of atoms and why the mass before and after a chemical reaction is the same.

Quick quiz - Materials from the Earth
10 questions
Past exam questions 2 - Foundation level
26 slides
Past question questions 2 - model answers
1 page

Try to RAG the specification again to highlight the areas that you are confident at and identify what you need to revise further.

Section 4: Topic 3 - Acids

The lesson covers the basic hazard symbols and introduces the concept of acids, alkalis and neutralisation.


The lesson covers stomach acid, indigestion and how we can investigate the effectiveness of indigestion tablets.


The lesson covers the reactions of acids with metal oxides, hydroxides and carbonates.

What are ions?

The lesson covers the process of electrolysis with a number of examples.


This is an excellent video from youtube covering the electrolysis of brine.

Quick quiz - Acids
10 questions
Past exam questions 3 - Foundation level
20 slides
Past exam questions 3 - Model answers
Section 5: Part 2 introduction

The lesson covers the key ideas of the topic covered so far.

What does the C1 part 2 revision include?

Instructor Biography

Wayne Harrison , Managing Director, Learning consultant, Science teacher

I graduated with a 1:1 BSc (Hons) Science Education in 2005 and went onto teach in a number of secondary schools with a track record of outstanding teaching. I then became an external teaching and learning consultant supporting schools in a North East LEA before becoming the Managing Director of Celearning Educational Services LTD. I currently teach Science in a North East school and I am passionate about using technology to support learning outside of the classroom.

I am experienced in online teaching through my work in developing online tutoring and in the use of online technology in teaching and learning. 

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    • Willow Belham

    Very good

    Very well explained, and easy to use. Thank you.

    • Arkadiy Deliev

    Simply Great

    A really great course with understandable material and a good instructor. Worth learning from!

    • Benjamin Jesse Stanley

    Perpetuation of a Failing Education System

    I really do hope that this can be helpful to some people, but I doubt it. This reminded me of the good old days of memorizing random facts to regurgitate on tests without a focus on real learning. I'm really interested in learning about this subject, but I found the material in this course boring and highly unsupported. Students who take this course can expect some extra practice on preparing for their exams in school, but I don't think they'll learn much. They may memorize facts, but I don't think they'll learn the concepts. It's a shame, because I feel the instructor is really interested in helping people to gain that greater understanding.

    • Kieron

    Excellent resources for GSCE science students!

    This revision course provides, well presented content and essential exam question practice and technique.

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