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G-school: Improve your relationship and sex life

Designed to help women rediscover their raw sexuality & reignite the flame between you & your partner.
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What Will I Learn?
How to get killer confidence!
How to deal with the effect of kids on your sex life.
Learn the secret to great sex.
How to deal with sexual baggage.
How to deal with the balancing act of life and still have great sex!
Learn to love yourself the way he does.
Mastering your relationship by exploring the unique connection between you and him.
Spice things up in the bedroom as we show you hand stimulation techniques that will have him begging for more.
Mastering foreplay (you and him).
Learn why sex is good for you.
Learn all about tools and toys and how ordinary household items can be transformed into sexy bedroom aids.
Learn about love games, seduction techniques and much more.
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  • Participants should be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • All homework assignments to be completed on a weekly basis.

This course is an online version of a women’s workshop that has been successfully running for over 10 years. It is designed to be fun, educational, discrete and above all classy!

My passion lies in transforming relationships for the better and reigniting that spark that you once had as a couple. Created by everyday women with families, jobs and responsibilities, this course is practical and easy to follow.

Although the subject matter is predominantly about sex, we receive amazing feedback from students on how the course has transformed their relationship with their partner and even saved marriages in some cases.

We have nothing but positive feedback on how this course makes a difference in peoples lives and we would like to make a difference for you too.

Join now and see how we can transform your relationship too. Who knows you may even have a little fun in the process :)

Course Modules:

There are 6 modules that are designed to be completed over a 6 week period. There is weekly homework (don't worry it is fun ) that must be completed. The course is presented in a series of short videos and assigments are completed by downloading the assigment sheets in PDF format.

Module 1: One of the keys to great sex is killer confidence! In this module we’ll start by looking introspectively at ourselves and as well as looking past the cellulite, wrinkles, varicose veins and what not. It’s all about learning to see and love yourself the way he does – focussing on what you do with your body rather than what you see in the mirror. to ultimately unlock the rocking goddess within!

Module 2: The second secret to having great sex is to really learn to understand his needs. Men are wired in a completely different way than women, and often it’s because we treat them the way we want to be treated ourselves, that both are left unsatisfied. In this chapter we’ll be taking an in-depth look at what makes hubby tick and how you can go about making him the happiest man alive. Remember: Great sex starts with selflessness.

Module 3: A relationship is the very foundation on which a good sex life is built. Without it, sex is nothing more than an empty, meaningless, unsatisfying and lustful act. In this module, we’ll be putting everything you’ve learned in the first two modules into a single melting pot, to truly understand what it takes to make a relationship work and ultimately explore the unique connection between You & Him.

Module 4: The foundation has been laid which means it’s time to get cosy between the sheets! In this module we’ll be discussing probably one of the most important aspects of great sex: Foreplay, before we finally broach the topic of Sex in full colour. Normal sex, oral sex, hand stimulation – things are about to get hot, so pour yourself a tall glass of ice water and get comfortable.

Module 5: Tools and toys is a topic that most women shy away from but one that can markedly build excitement and exhilaration in the bedroom. Spoiler alert: This module will introduce you to a number of ways to turn everyday household items into feisty bedroom aids that will make you go nuts and leave him panting for more.

Module 6: This module is all about exploring and having fun together as a couple. If you liked the homework sheets up to now, you’ll love what we have in store this time around! Prepare to learn a host of titillating love games, seduction techniques and dares. We’ll also be looking at aphrodisiacs – the commonly known aphrodisiacs and the aphrodisiacs you didn’t even know were aphrodisiacs! Buckle your seatbelts, ladies and gents, because you’re in the fast lane now.

Bonus Material: Other than the fabulous content and information provided in the 6 modules above, you will receive bonus information on boudoir photo shoots, a talk from Pastor Christian McCabe where touch on the spiritual side of sex plus more tips and advice. We will add more material as the course grows.

Who is the target audience?
  • Women over 18 years of age in a relationship.
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Curriculum For This Course
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12 Lectures 20:14

So, let’s start off by asking this simple question: “How often are you having sex?” Twice a week, once a week, once a month, every so often? Whatever your answer is, the fact is: it doesn'tmatter and it’s OK, so STOP STRESSING! Quantity means squat - nothing - zilch - nada - if you're stuck in the same boring routine, night after night. 

So let me rephrase the question: How often do you have exciting, mind-blowing, bed-shaking, toe-curling sex? The answer? Probably not enough.


Maybe you've hit that post honeymoon phase where there's suddenly a noticeable lull in the bedroom. Or you've been married for a few years, maybe you have children, maybe you don't. 

You may have settled into your career or even started your own business, or perhaps there’s just never time. Whatever the case may be, we've all hit that “oh no” moment when that Just Married honeymoon phase spark is just not there any more.

Preview 02:44

Ask yourself these simple questions: Why are you NOT having earth-quaking, headboardshaking sex? Is it the kids? Are you ashamed of cellulite? Weight-gain maybe? Is it work? Deepdown, do you perhaps hold a grudge against your husband? Or, perhaps - it’s the same old “I AM SOOOO TIRED” or “I have a headache” excuses?

Maybe you've reached a point in your marriage where the flame has been extinguished and hubby's not giving you much reason to WANT to get in the mood anymore. But honey, there's always a reason to have sex!
Why sex is good for you

Unlike men, we need a little more than just a visual stimulant to get our burners popping; we need to ignite the trigger in our own brains to get that knot in the gut, that tightening deep in the core and the tell-tale wetness down below. If you're further along in life, your body isn't exactly the sex machine it was when you first got married. But that's OK! These days there's nothing that can't be overcome or that should keep you from having mind-blowing sex.
Understanding Your Body

This is the turning point in this course – bet you expected it to come a little later, right? The fact of the matter is that, how well you dedicate yourself to achieving this subsection of the course, will immediately start reflecting in the bedroom. Because this is such an important section, we've split it into two videos, so you have some time to mull over the points and really give it time to hit home.
Boosting your self-confidence Part 1

Boosting your self-confidence Part 2

This is an exercise that you can do on your own or you can get your partner involved. Don’t rush it and make sure to really pinpoint the TOP 5 Things and not just random 5 things. Follow steps provided.


Assignment - 5 THINGS ABOUT YOU
1 page

Affirmations are words or phrases that one repeats to oneself on a regular basis and has the potential to bring out the best in you. The point of affirmations is to harmonize your actions with your ideal goal. It is also said that an affirmation, if read and written correctly, can help you create the energy to turn your dreams into reality.

2 pages

1 page

STOP beating yourself up about imperfections or any faults YOU think you have and focus on 1 to 3 things that you think are beautiful/awesome/pretty on you!

1 page

Sensuality is mostly in your head. This is GOOD NEWS for you! It simply means YOU CAN learn to be sensuous, so let’s get going!

2 pages
10 Lectures 15:48

In the previous module the focus was on you and learning to love you the way HE loves you. The second secret to having great sex is to really learn to understand HIS needs.

Men are wired in a completely different way than women, and often it's because we treat them the way we want to be treated ourselves, that both are left unsatisfied. In this chapter we'll be taking an in-depth look at what makes hubby tick and how you can go about making him the happiest man alive.

Preview 00:45

It's often been said that men are simple and uncomplicated creatures, yet us as women still don't seem to understand just how true this really is.

Preview 02:00

You’ll probably agree that men and women differ fundamentally. Exactly how fundamental these differences are, is still unknown. Just look at all the books that have been published on the topic – you might have read some of them, and you'll agree that most are very one sided and often only succeed in re-enforcing the distrust and disgust towards the opposite sex.

How men and women differ

As we discussed in the previous video, men and women experience sexual encounters on completely different levels. But why is that exactly?

Understanding HIS body

This entire subsection about your man's needs can be summarised in one short and sweet little sentence: “He needs YOU.” Not in a mama's boy fashion, but in an “I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby” kind of way.

Understanding HIS needs

Men are visual creatures. It's not new information, it's just something we've forgotten and something we need to remind ourselves of regularly.

Hot Spots

We have spoken about YOUR Hot Spots in the previous module plus we have discussed his HOT SPOTS in this module’s videos. Now it’s time to identify HIS Hot Spots, make note of them and then do something to or with him!

2 pages

In the next module, we will be covering a few ways to improve your relationship, but before we get there, we want you to look at everyday scenarios that impact your relationship.

2 pages

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a common complaint for where there is seldom a physical problem. It is the situation where your man ejaculates before you would like him to. This may range from before penetration to a point just after penetration. This may leave you both unsatisfied.

1 page

This is a diagram to help you understand your partner’s nether regions in a little more detail just to ensure you know where everything is. Perhaps show him what you have learnt – you could possibly teach him a thing or two. Enjoy!

1 page
10 Lectures 21:31

It's here where you'll learn to truly understand what it takes to make a relationship work and ultimately explore the unique connection between You & Him. Let's get cracking!

Preview 00:13

Now that you've had a chance to look at both you and your spouse's wants and needs from individual angles, it's time to get the two of you into the same bed and figure out what makes you tick as a couple.

Preview 01:42

Every man and woman has an emotional love tank that needs filling. To receive love is a primary human need that every child is born with, and no matter how old we get, it follows us throughout adulthood and marriage, never fading away. To be in love feels great but that eventually dies down, leaving a void in its wake – an emotional tank that must be filled with a deeper, more meaningful love. When you and your partner's love tanks are full, you’ll feel safe in your love and content in your relationship.

Love Languages

Communication is a vitally important part of any relationship and the key to a good sex life, yet so often in relationships communication is what's lacking both in and out the bedroom. For many couples, sex is a physical act with minimal communication. However, to be comfortable in your sex life and relationship, it's absolutely crucial that you start talking about it more.


We all have emotional, financial and sexual needs. This is the tripod on which a marriage is balanced. Finances and emotions are constantly on a rollercoaster ride and often we lose complete control over these two aspects. Sex is the one leg of the tripod however that you have a certain measure of control over and can therefore secure. In other words, keeping your sex life strong is the same as investing in your relationship. By simply working at it and making it a priority in your life even when the emotional or financial side goes astray, you can ensure that your relationship stays strong no matter what life throws at you.

The balancing act of life

Let’s face it, the arrival of a baby is a great shock, whether you are prepared for parenthood or not. Kids are a blessing to a happy couple, but these little blessings will change everything. So, first let's look at the various ways in which kids can impact your relationship and sex life.

The effects of kids on your sex life

The best thing about love making is that you are not alone. You have a companion who, if you work at it, loves you, admires you, enjoys you and with a little practise will learn how to give and receive as much as you do. This is the kind of relationship where you can build a bridge of intimacy that reaches into both your hearts, minds and souls.

Letting loose

Understanding your partner's love language and more importantly when you communicate it, a deepest emotional need will be fulfilled and he’ll feel safe in your love.

2 pages

Understanding your own love language is just as important as understanding HIS Love Language. Once you have identified his love language, you need to identify yours. Identifying your Love Language will give you an understanding about yourself, plus you may be surprised to discover that YOUR Love Language isn’t what you thought it would be.

2 pages

1 page
12 Lectures 31:06

The foundation has been laid which means it's time to get cosy between the sheets! In this module we'll be discussing probably one of the most important aspects of great sex: foreplay – before we finally broach the topic of Sex in full colour.

Preview 00:35

We all know the basics of sex. Unfortunately that’s where we were left. Our mothers didn’t teach us much and as luck would have it, your lover did not come with a manual either. So, now what? You may be happy with the way things are, but we can all do with a little more excitement and something different from time to time.

Preview 01:41

Sex is just the tip of the iceberg. The key to exciting sex lies in prolonged and thrilling foreplay. The before, the build up, the suspense is what really pushes sex over the OK boundary right into the middle of “blow your mind” county. It’s here where the skills and know-how is vital.

Foreplay for HER

While foreplay is of greater importance to women, it doesn't mean that it's not important for men too – so don't keep it all to yourself!

Foreplay for HIM

The act of lovemaking comes naturally to us as humans, though it's up to us to make small adjustments here and there in order to really enjoy it and fully submit ourselves to our partners. Sex does involve a high level of trust between the two of you, which is why it is such an intimate emotional act.

The Hot Action

Hand stimulation techniques are easy to learn and fast to administer, but the effect it can have on you and your man is enough to make him fantasise about you for days after.


Hand stimulation techniques

Now the last technique that we'll be discussing in this module is oral sex, or the infamous blowjob. When you do it for him, it's known as fellatio. And when he does it for you, it's better referred to as cunnilingus.

Oral Sex

The orgasm is the goal or peak of the sexual act. In short, it can be described as the build-up of tension which climaxes during orgasm with a total release, followed by a fulfilled and satisfied feeling of relaxation. Total bliss! This climax brings indescribable pleasure which makes us want to go there again and again, thus also assuring the procreation of our species. When it comes to orgasm however, men are often completely clueless – so don't leave it entirely in his hands! It's time to take action yourself and make things happen.

Orgasm for HER

In this module, we discussed hand stimulation techniques. To help you put the hand stimulation techniques into practice, we now introduce you to “Mr Stiffy” and show you a few hand stimulation techniques you can try at home.

1 page

This is an information only document for you to go through if it prostate stimulation is something you would like to try with your partner.

2 pages

This week’s module is packed FULL of information for you to watch, listen, take and apply to your sex life. We strongly suggest you watch each of the videos and make a note of everything you have learnt and most importantly, what you could change or adjust to improve your sex life, if anything.

2 pages

Read through the sheet and follow the steps to work on identifying what helps you reach and have an orgasm.

Assignment - YOUR ORGASM
1 page
9 Lectures 34:51

Tools and toys is a topic that most women shy away from but one that can markedly build excitement and exhilaration in the bedroom. Spoiler alert: This module will introduce you to a number of ways to turn everyday household items into feisty bedroom aids that will make you go nuts and leave him panting for more.

Preview 00:38

Tools are one of those elements of sex that most married couples have an aversion to – not really surprising, considering most of us grew up with a grocery store or a bakery on every second corner and not a sex shop. With the success of the Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James, there has been a remarkable surge in the area of tools and bedroom add-ons to. This has made the world more daring and aware of the sexual side of relationships but as mentioned before – a simple surge is not enough to bring back that spark for good.

Preview 02:05

Let's jump right in with the first blush-worthy topic – yep, we certainly don't beat around the bush, do we! Now, there is this common stigma of adult sex shops being these dingy holes where the antichrists go to pleasure themselves. But that is just so WRONG! The first thing I want you to do is SCRAP this thought from your brain. Yes, some sex shops do look a bit dodgy, but these are not the ones we'll be visiting! These days you'll find that most cities have a number of high class adult toy shops with extremely helpful assistants who are just waiting to introduce you to an adult wonderland.

Adult Shop Toys

This is my favourite part of the course as it really illustrates the whole mantra we've been talking about: turning the ordinary into Extraordinary. Right now your home is just cluttered with potential sex toys, so let's have a look at what you can bring to the bedroom.

Reinventing the ordinary

This section might sound clinical and cold like a badly written hospital drama,but when implemented correctly, it’s anything but. Of course the occasional sweaty encounter after a day on the beach or on the hiking trail is great, but good personal hygiene is important for good sex.

Hygiene & Lubrication

Samuel Butler once said that, “Eating is touch carried out to the bitter end” which is why it comes as no surprise that food is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs around. Yes, you’ve heard that oysters are supposed to boost the libido, but in actual fact you can turn just about any type of food into something sensual - it’s all in the way you interact with it and eat it.

Licking your lips and fingers seductively, taking small and secret bites, “accidently” dropping a berry down your cleavage can be a major turn-on for him. Pamper the palate. Cook for him or feed him and let him lick of your fingers, or dip his finger in your glass of wine and lick it off. Even more enticingly, anything that is spreadable and anything edible can be used erotically. If you are worried about your bedding, throw a shower curtain or a towel over your bed and just enjoy the moment.

So, see it as boosting your immunity and your health, while enhancing your togetherness and your communication. Good nutrition has never been this important.


These days there are so many ways to get social and have fun, especially on the internet. There are Facebook pages, Twitter profiles – so many people to follow, so much to read up on! Sex has always been a bit of a taboo topic and some people are highly embarrassed about it.

But as people are starting to talk about it more often, more opportunities are popping up where we can actually start getting social and indulging in a little naughtiness around the topic. This course is a prime example!

Social Antics

The last 2 modules of G-School are all about finding out more and if you’re up for it, experimenting a bit. This week, we encourage you to think “out of the box”. Try something new and be daring based on what you’ve learnt.

Assignment - THINGS TO DO
1 page

This week, we strongly recommend you choose a book or books you fancy and start reading and enjoy the escape (even if you only get a few pages done per day).

1 page
7 Lectures 23:40

This module is all about exploring and having fun together as a couple. If you liked the homework sheets up to now, you'll love what we have in store this time around! Prepare to learn a host of titillating love games, seduction techniques and dares.

Preview 00:32

We've now reached the sixth and final module of the course and by now you should be feeling much more confident in yourself, your partner and between the sheets. Now, you've learned the tricks to having great sex, we've discussed the tools at your disposal, and I'm sure you've experienced a major change in the bedroom and hubby is loving it, right?

Preview 01:17

Love games are a fun, interactive and imaginative way to keep things interesting between the sheets and not just between the sheets.

The simplest of all sexual plays, love games are a great way to explore, enjoy and play together while at the same time pushing your own boundaries far beyond where you ever imagined yourself going.

Love Games

So we talked about grooming Mr Stiffy, but now it's time to look at your own personal grooming methods. When it comes to waxing the va-jay-jay, there are a number of different waxing styles available or to choose from at salons now-a-days.

It really comes down to how much you want taken off. While some daring goddesses prefer to do the waxing yourself, you can also go to a salon or beautician – perhaps a better option if you're doing this for the first time.

Goddess Grooming

Now, as we mentioned in Module 1, sex is a fantastic form of exercise – it's good for burning calories and gets those endorphins going. PLUS, a good session and a few great positions can firm your butt, thighs, abs and a whole lot more!

Sexual Exercises

When it comes to spicing up your relationship and your sex life, there is no fixed rule on what you can and can't do. As we have kept repeating throughout this entire online course, it’s all about finding yourself, experimenting and, above all, enjoying yourself – in three letters, F-U-N! Sex wasn’t made or intended to be boring - it’s supposed to be enjoyable, beautiful and something that you and your partner can share. Let loose!

22 ways to get closer

Human beings have a highly developed sense of touch. Touch is not only a physical pleasure, but a biological necessity. The power of touch can calm a crying baby minutes after birth when the mother holds it for the first time. So, through our entire lives we crave some form of touch.

2 pages
8 Lectures 22:30

Hand Stimulation Technique - Massage

Hand Stimulation Technique - Stroke & Release

Hand Stimulation Technique - Fire Sticks

Hand Stimulation Technique - Ball Sports

Hand Stimulation Technique - Anatomy

Boudoir Photography

About the Instructor
4.7 Average rating
8 Reviews
662 Students
1 Course
Speaker for G-School

I am a wife, mother of 2 boys and an entrepreneur. Living in the Western Cape of South Africa and running multiple small businesses, my passion lives in making a difference in people’s every day lives.

I believe there’s a need for women to explore their sexuality and be empowered with who they are as individuals and as a result, have good, strong relationships. It was this belief and drive that resulted in the birth of G-School.

4.7 Average rating
8 Reviews
662 Students
1 Course
G-School Sex Coach
Jeanne Keyser, originally from Gauteng, but now living in the Western Cape is wife, mother, business owner and also the family & youth leader at her church. Running a full time jewellery company with her husband, Jeanné made time to follow her dream in coaching and reaching out to women, who wanted to “keep the flame burning” with intimacy and sex in their relationships amidst a busy lifestyle. She built up her knowledge over the last 20 years in the topic of relationships and how it relates to intimacy and sex. After running numerous successful workshops on sexuality, marriage and intimacy, it made total sense to take it online and make it available to other women!
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