Foundations of Success

Learn how to build two characteristcs essential for success
90 reviews
  • High-performance coach Ian Richards Founder & Director, INNERVATE

    High-performance coach, Ian Richards, has held leadership roles in the corporate, state and education sectors in the UK, Middle East and New Zealand. He holds a degree in mathematics, a diploma in business studies and a Masters degree focused on psychology, behaviour and change.

    Ian has written numerous articles on behaviour, performance, leadership and culture and designed a wide variety of highly successful personal development and leadership programmes for use across all sectors. He has also published a successful book on enhancing the mental approach to golf.

    Ian works with leading organisations and is a respected performance coach, supporting a wide range of individuals including senior executives and top sports people.

    Ian moved to New Zealand in 2003 and now lives in Hawke’s Bay with his wife and three children.

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Foundations of Success

Learn how to build two characteristcs essential for success
90 reviews


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Foundations of Success is the first part of Innervate's highly popular Success Tools programme. This free course identifies and explains two key characteristics that seem to be high in people who have successful lives.

The good news for you is, not only do we know what these characteristics are and why they are important, but we will give you some tools to help you grow and maintain them.

The course is delivered using a range of materials including audio, video and Powerpoint plus some download self-assessments, activities and challenges.

You can also email us at any time to ask us questions

    • An open mind and willingness to take accountabilty for your future
    • Over 11 lectures and 1 hour of content!
    • Understand and enhance two key psychological characteristcs for a successful life
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  • SECTION 1:
    Welcome to Foundations of Success
  • 1
    Ian Richards welcomes you to Foundations of Success and provides a brief overview of the course
  • SECTION 2:
    Getting started
  • 2
    Introducing the Foundations of Success
    In this lecture we introduce the course, explain what we mean by having a 'successful life' and share with you two key characteristics that are essential for your future success in all aspcts of your life, both personally and professionally.
  • 3
    Self Assessment Tool
    1 page
    Here's a self-assessment tool that provides a snap-shot into your own perception of some key efficacy/esteem behaviours
  • SECTION 3:
    Power and value
  • 4
    Personal Power: Making stuff happen, setbacks and accountability
    We take a closer look at the first of our two Foundations of Success - 'efficacy'. We will see how it supports a number of key behaviours and mindsets essential for creating a successful life. The lecture provides examples and illustrations of high and low efficacy 'in action' and helps you understand the expected outcomes from enhancing it so you can judge where you need to focus your efforts.
  • 5
    Lecture notes and activities on personal power
    5 pages
    Notes, activities and challenges for Lecture 4: Personal Power
  • 6
    Personal Value: goals, setbacks and relationships

    Lecture Description

    In this lecture we take a closer look at self-esteem and how it impacts on a wide range of aspects essential to achieving a successful life. These include what drives you to settle for certain things in your life (good or bad), goal setting and coping with setbacks plus, crucially, your ability to build and maintain quality relationships – both personal and professional.

  • 7
    Pulling things together
    This lecture pulls some of the ideas about efficacy and esteem together and looks at the impact on relationships and bold goal setting
  • 8
    Lecture notes and activities for personal value
    7 pages
    Notes, activities and challenges for Lecture6 & 7
  • SECTION 4:
    Making changes
  • 9
    Tool Kit
    In this lecture we have a look at some simple but very powerful tools for enhancing and maintaining your levels of efficiacy and esteem. You can apply these across all areas of your life, both personally and professionally, and you can start to use them right away.
  • 10
    Lecture notes and activities on the tools for change
    3 pages
    Notes, activities aand challenges for Lecture 9
  • SECTION 5:
    Next steps
  • 11
    Where from here?
    Just a few thoughts about where to go from here and the importance of taking action!


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  • Hrvoje Štimac
    Few thoughts from me

    I really enjoy throughout this course because I recognized some of negative behaviours and the way for reducing them. Like Ian said, this course will not tell you some universal truth for success but it will pinpoint some aspect of your life what needs improving/working for.

  • Jan Singh
    Tools very helpful

    Course presented in easy to understand, conversational format.

  • Tan La
    Not bad, Short

    It isn't a bad course. I watch over and it was short. I learn something. I do have something not agree with is that you shouldn't take risk for being success or you are being danger to yourself and you will risk your life which is not a good idea. Success doesn't need to be follow instruction. It is you able to win another or make other listen or do your job, you are good and you will be success.

  • Carlton James Muldrow
    Foundations of Success

    The course far surpassed my initial expectations in both its simplicity and effectiveness. By focusing primarily on only two core concepts as the key determinants or drivers of a persons individual success , rather than trying to address all possible success traits I found the instructor engaging and the videos and the tools quite useful.

  • Joanna Jast
    Well-balanced and helpful

    Well-balanced content delivered in a pleasant, conversational style . Great extra resources - self-assessments, works-sheets etc. Thank you

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