Evernote for busy professionals
3.9 (40 ratings)
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1,393 students enrolled
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Evernote for busy professionals

A comprehensive Evernote online course that will help you be more organized and in control
3.9 (40 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,393 students enrolled
Created by Radu Popa
Last updated 2/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand how can Evernote help you get more organized
  • How to get started in using Evernote
  • See a proposal of a Evernote Notebook and Tag structure
  • Understand multiple ways of putting content into Evernote
  • See how you can find the relevant information in your Evernote account
  • Sharing options in Evernote
  • Create also an open space to answer speciffic questions
View Curriculum
  • Have Evernote installed on your computer
  • Be willing to learn and apply the learning
  • Take the time to finish the entire course

What the students say

This is a great course to take if you are not familiar with Evernote but would like to be. I have been wanting to use this program for awhile but have put it off because it seemed a bit overwhelming and confusing. I wasn't halfway through his course and I immediately jumped into my Evernote account and started setting items up and creating notes. Radu Popa gave great information with great examples - it was easy to follow and understand and implement. It is a beginners course so if you are looking for the beginners starting point this is the course to take. BTW - it was delightful to see Radu Popa use himself in one of the lectures as an example of how to use the webcam part in a note. - Ruth N

The problem with information

It is hard to remember everything isn't it? You probably have a lot going on in your professional life, multiple projects and responsibilities and also at home. Maybe you feel that you are constantly forgetting something and this adds stress. Your files and documents are probably spread across your laptop, tablet, email, etc. making things harder to find.

Evernote, a complete information management system

I believe that Evernote can be a real solution in this information age to help us remember everything. It can be a central spot in which we put all our thoughts and files and give us a sense of control.

I have been using Evernote for couple of years and can say that it is a very powerful tool, not only an application but rather an extension of ourselves, an extension of our brain. I created this online Evernote course to share what I learned so far with you.

This 100+ minutes course is structured into 6 sections:

  • Getting started: if you are really new to Evernote this section will help you learn the basics
  • Evernote setup: my suggestion on how to set up a notebook and tag structure so you can quickly archive and find everything
  • Putting stuff in: how to easily add content to Evernote in multiple ways
  • Getting stuff out: how do I find information in Evernote and how can I share it with others
  • Other goodies: tools that complement the Evernote experience, Evernote Clearly and Evernote Reminders
  • Open space: a place to answer your questions

Hope you enjoy the course

Radu Popa

Who is the target audience?
  • Everyone facing challenges managing all this information around us
  • Everyone interested to get more organized
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Curriculum For This Course
17 Lectures
Getting started
4 Lectures 16:38

In this session I talk about the contents of this course and why I created this course in the first place. I believe that we have difficulties in dealing with all the information around us. If we want to improve it is important to challenge the way we work and maybe make some changes. Evernote can add great value to the way we store information but only if we are willing to make changes in our workflow.

Preview 03:17

I believe that Evernote is not just an app, it is rather an extension of ourselves. It can be a central place in which we store everything we want to remember. It is accessible on all platforms, it syncs with the cloud but it is also local, it is ever changing and it is connected to the things around you.

What is Evernote

Installing Evernote

In this session we will get to know Evernote desktop.

First, the left sidebar:

  • Announcements: a section in which we can see the latest news from Evernote
  • Shortcuts: where we can keep frequently used notes, notebooks, tags and saved searches
  • Notes: the place in which we can see all the notes that we created
  • Notebooks: the section in which we can see the notebooks that contain all our notes
  • Tags: the place in which we can see all the tags (labels) that we applied to our notes
  • Atlas: where we can see all our notes that have location information on a map
  • Market: see all the Evernote products that we can buy
  • Premium: see all the benefits of Evernote Premium

Then the top labels.

Note list area and and note views.

Note area, formatting options and atributes.

I recorded this tutorial on the Windows version, if you are using a mac you can watch this tutorial.

Get to know Evernote
Evernote setup
3 Lectures 23:12


  • Containers of text with formatting, documents, audio, pictures, etc.
  • All information in Evernote is in notes
  • To use a metaphor they are like the pages in a book

Notebooks and notebook stacks

  • Containers for notes, each note is in a notebook
  • Behave like actual notebooks, deleting a notebook deletes all the notes contained, sharing a notebook shares all the notes contained
  • Notebooks can be grouped on one level in notebook stacks


  • They are like labels
  • Unlike notebooks we can choose not to use them
  • They are useful in bringing together notes from different notebooks
Preview 06:29

Evernote structure types

  • Everything in one notebook solution: archiving is easy, locating information is not so easy as notes build up in numbers.
  • One notebook for each project: what happens to notes that do not belong to any notebook
  • One notebook for each note type: what if I want to see notes grouped by projects
  • One notebook for each person: what about categories and projects

My notebook organization solution

  • My roles in life, one notebook for each role
  • One notebook for any important new project
  • Separation between active and completed projects
  • Separation between work and personal projects

Putting that solution into practice

  • Inbox - the default notebook
  • Roles
    • Personal notes
    • Work notes
    • Household
    • Resources
    • Projects
  • Active: Evernote for busy professionals
  • Archived: Excel data analyst intermediate training
Setting up a notebook structure

Notebooks are somewhat similar with folders that we know. They alone have the folder limitation, I can put my notes either in a category notebook or in a project notebook and not both. Tags come to the rescue and enable us to see notes according to project and type.

An example of a tag structure:

  • Note types
    • Bills and receipts
    • Contacts
    • Accounts
    • Ideas
    • Recipes
    • Meeting notes
    • Contracts
    • Articles
  • People notes
    • My manager
    • My wife
    • My child
  • Clients
    • Company A
    • Company B
  • Action status
    • Do now
    • Plan
    • Later
  • Recruitment stage
    • 0. All
    • 1. Selected CV
    • 2. Interview
    • 3. Shortlist
    • 4. Offer
Tagging your notes
Putting stuff in
4 Lectures 16:34

In this session we discuss about note attributes:

  • Note title
  • Note body
  • Notebook
  • Tags
  • Created and updated
  • URL
  • Location
  • Author
  • Sync status
  • Attachments

We also cover the note types:

  • Regular note
  • Ink note
  • Audio note - can be used also from the mobile device
  • Webcam note - image notes can also be useful from our mobile device
  • Markup note
Creating simple notes

What is the web clipper, it is a browser extension that enables us to clip content to Evernote. We can find it on the Evernote website or the Chrome Web Store.

In this session:

  • Demonstrate how to use the clipper
  • See what are the options
  • Show the markup capabilities
  • See how the clipper connects our Evernote account with the Google search results
Preview 05:33

See how we can create new notes by sending them by email directly to our Evernote account. We will also see how we can specify in the email subject the exact place we want the note to go.

Email to Evernote

How can I add multiple files into Evernote and have them in separate notes? This is the question that we will answer in this session using the import folders feature.

Import folders
Getting stuff out
3 Lectures 20:29

Think about all the notes you have like a big bulk of content. Notebooks and tags enable you to filter this content in order to find what you are looking for, without relying on search.

In our everyday use of Evernote we can encounter the following scenarios:

  • I want to see all the contents in a notebook
  • I want to see everything with a tag
  • I want to see items from a notebook with a specific tag
  • I want to see items from a notebook with more than one tag

In this session we will see how to open a notebook, from the menu and from the note contents:

  • Using the sidebar
    • Show how to open notes with a specific tag
    • Show how to open notes with 2 or more tags at the same time
  • Using the filter on top
    • Select a certain notebook
    • Select multiple tags
Filtering information with notebooks and tags

What evernote lacks in folder structure compensates with the search and sorting options. In this session we talk about the way we can slice and dice to find information in 1000s of notes.

In this session we cover:

  • Search options, current context or all notes
  • Do a regular search: evernote search
  • Doing exact search with “ “: evernote search
  • Add a search operator any:
  • Search only within the title: intitle
  • Search by date: created
  • Search attachments
  • Search according to source
  • Search by to do status type
  • Saved searches
  • In note search

Learn more about Evernote Search by reading this note I prepared.

Advanced search

Sharing is important, Evernote knows that and gives the right tools to do that. When we say sharing we look both at individual notes and also entire notebooks.

In this session we will see:

  • Notes
    • How to share a single note, show all the sharing options
    • How to share it by email and then the copy link note
    • How to share multiple notes by emailing them
    • How to share multiple notes by copying the note links
  • Notebooks
    • How to share with individuals and create a notebook link
    • The create a public link option. This could be useful when we want to share not so private information like our cookbook.
    • Demonstrate the invite individuals sharing option, mention the fact that you have to be a premium user to allow others to modify your notes
Sharing notes and notebooks
Other goodies
2 Lectures 10:49

In this session we talk about reminders, a relatively new feature in Evenote.

They are useful:

  • We can have the task and the files in the same way
  • We no longer need an additional task list manager
  • The notification feature is great especially with mobile devices

Still limited:

  • No recurrent reminders
  • The reminders are grouped by notebook, this is not always good
  • Most of my added reminders will end up being deleted after being checked off, this makes me need to take an extra action
Using reminders

Use case: you are reading an interesting article, the author is a very good writer but a bad web designer. Or maybe you are visiting a website that is full of ads that distract your attention. Wouldn’t be nice to remove everything and just leave the article content. Yes we can, we can use evernote clearly, a browser extension that gets the content up in front, making it readable but that gives you much more.

In this session:

  • Show how to download the extension.
  • How to use the extension.
  • Play with the themes.
  • Show the clip feature
  • Show the highlight feature.
  • Show the related notes below the article.
  • Show the text to speech feature.
Evernote Clearly

So you made it so far, congratulations. Now let's see where is your knowledge level in using Evernote.

Let's test your Evernote knowledge
10 questions
Bonus videos
1 Lecture 06:32

A video about how I created an Applicant Tracking System in Evernote.

Using Evernote for Applicant Tracking
About the Instructor
Radu Popa
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Hello, my name is Radu and I live in Romania. That's a country in Europe :) 

I own a training and recruitment company and I blogging and online training is one of my passions. 

Even though I graduated a computer science faculty some during the last study years I decided I don't want to be a software developer but rather work in Human Resources. 4 years of volunteering experience in AIESEC got me very interested in working with people and helping them grow.

So far I have worked in 4 very different companies, a small Dutch-Romanian IT company, a multinational manufacturing corporation, a Romanian HR Consultancy company and in a Swiss-Romanian consultancy company. Now I work in my own company.

Even though I have worked as a HR professional in all these places, my computer science background made me always look for ways in which technology can help me do my work in a more efficient, better and maybe even fun way.