Enjoy Your Summer, Experience Good Living
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Enjoy Your Summer, Experience Good Living

FFS Balance - An elegant guide that empowers people to live healthier, fuller and happier lives
5.0 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
537 students enrolled
Created by Hank Palmer
Last updated 7/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of the course you will have learned how to improve your lifestyle
  • You will know how to reach your goals, create virtuous cycles and avoid the pitfalls and obstacles of progression
  • You will learn about the intricacies of your inner body and how they affect you daily
  • You will learn how to experience good living and make this a memorable summer
  • You will learn about how nutrition affects both your physiology and psychology
  • You will know how to improve your vitality and energy
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  • Desire to learn and improve
  • 5-10 min of free time per day

Who else wants to enjoy great living this summer?

Summer is the ideal time to rejoice in all the beauty and experiences life has to offer. People are naturally filled with more vitality. Opportunities for joyous experiences are plentiful and quality of life really seems to peak during these three months.

We all dream of sandy beaches, baby blue clear water and sandy beaches, late nights with cold drinks or maybe just summer romances. We seek adventure, we seek excitement but most of all we seek happiness.

So if this is the ideal time for such pursuits, why is it that we end up, most of the time, feeling disappointed or even cheated of our summer?

Fit For Summer - Balance

The truth is that we are more and more caught up in stressful lifestyles filled with vicious cycles that drive down self esteem, health and appearance while distorting our perception of reality and impeding good living.

Fit For Summer was started with the ambition of providing you with a clear path to not only looking good and achieving your fitness goals but more importantly a guide to happiness and fulfilment. The goal was to empower customers with expert information, advice and directives that they can start implementing right away to produce positive changes in their lives.

Months of research and years of experience are packed in an elegant, comprehensive yet concise package. Quality information,advice and directives are provided with the goal of being relevant, useful and valuable. There’s no need to waste time researching every topic under the sun spending months understanding how to make the first step towards improving your mind,body and lifestyle.

We want you to truly experience good living as of today.

FFS Balance aims to teach and guide you toward understanding the relationships within our bodies as well as with our environment and how these factor dictate everything from our perception of people and our moods to health and appearance.


> high quality valuable information and advice from world-class sources

> decades of experience and research provided in a comprehensive and yet elegantly concise format

> 2 hours of life changing content provided in quick and easy to learn chunks

> flexible learning formats allowing you to learn anywhere and at anytime

> expert guidance specifically designed to help you reach your goals faster and avoid, limit or eliminate completely some of the negative and time consuming effects involved in the trial of new things

> gives you the tools to end vicious cycles that keep you from feeling fulfilled and enjoying life

Course Structure and Instructions

FFS Balance is structured so that each section provides a solid foundation for the next one. It starts with understanding energy use and needs and continues through discussing nutrition (acquiring energy), hormones (the body’s messengers), our bodies (how to shape our bodies) and we finish by discussing lifestyle (considerations, conclusions and how everything ties in). This whole structure takes you through sub-sections that vary in length but on average are 3-4 min long.

I wanted to provide you with a format that is complete and yet elegant in it’s simplicity. Some of these subjects might be quite alien to you so it is important that you don’t rush the learning process. For optimal results you should only learn a few sub-sections at a time and let their implications and teachings sink in before you proceed. At the most, one section per day should be attempted.

To assist in your learning and eliminate some of the barriers that could prevent you from putting these teaching into practice , I decided to create the whole course in 3 formats - Presentation, mp3 and Audiobook format and as a Transcript/Ebook. Like this you can learn anywhere, at anytime and in your preferred method of learning (Audio-Visual, Visual or Audio).


My team and I are confident that we have built a product that can help people enjoy their lives better and make this summer quite memorable. However, GPF and Udemy want to make sure that you actually get what you are looking for out of this course so because of that we provide you with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.

Who is the target audience?
  • Individuals that desire to have an amazing summer
  • Individuals looking to lead an exciting and fulfilling lifestyle
  • Individuals willing to experience good living
  • Individuals that want to improve
  • Individuals that are interested in learning the "secrets" of our bodies
  • Individuals new to fitness and sports
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Curriculum For This Course
36 Lectures
Fit For Summer Balance - Intro
2 Lectures 06:38


I am Sorin Olaru, in charge of Marketing here at GPF and I will be the one presenting this course. In this introductory section, I'm just discussing how the whole Fit For Summer concept came about and what you can expect from Balance.

Preview 02:07

5 Lectures 10:54

We discuss the importance of energy balance and how it relates to appearance, performance and wellbeing.

Preview 01:35

Lecture 3 quiz

Energy Balance Quiz
3 questions

We define the energy unit we use for measuring energy intake.

2.2. Calorie

Discussion on metabolism and metabolic functions.

2.3. Metabolism

Quiz on the "Metabolism" lecture

Metabolism Quiz
3 questions

Discussion on the topic of homeostasis and how the body and mind reacts to change.

2.4. Homeostasis

Homeostasis Quiz
1 question

Learn how the body creates energy and deals with supplying energy for different energy needs.

2.5. Energy Systems

Energy Systems Quiz
3 questions
5 Lectures 14:19

Introduction to the importance of nutrient balance and choice.

3.1. Importance of Nutrient Balance

Learn about the Macronutrients, or the three main categories of foods (i.e. Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats).

3.2. Macros

Macros Quiz
4 questions

Quick note on micronutrients and their role in the body.

3.3. Micronutrients

Defining and discussing antioxidants as well as talking about the importance of water and the effects of Cocoa, Tea and Coffee.

3.4. Antioxidants and Stimulants

Antioxidants and Stimulants Quiz
3 questions

Our recommendations for supplementation.

3.5. Supplements
6 Lectures 16:35

Introduction to the importance of hormones.

4.1. Importance of Hormones

Discussion about the well known but not so well understood hormone - Insulin.

4.2. Insulin

Learn about the body’s primary stress hormone - Cortisol.

4.3. Cortisol

Insulin and Cortisol Quiz
8 questions

Learn about the master metabolic regulators - Growth Hormone and Thyroid Hormones.

4.4. Growth Hormone and Thyroid Hormones

Learn about the effects of sex hormones on physiological and psychological attributes and functions.

4.5. Sex Hormones

Growth Hormone, Thyroid Hormones and Sex Hormones Quiz
10 questions

Learn about the two hormones that have the largest impact on our appetites and act as our hunger controllers.

4.6. Leptin and Ghrelin - Hunger Control
9 Lectures 35:22

What to consider when choosing your diet.

5.1. Diet

Learn about the makeup of muscle tissues.

5.2. Building Muscle - Part I

Learn what it takes to build muscle - How to stimulate muscle growth.

5.3. Building Muscle - Part II

Learn what it takes to build muscle - How to create the right environment for muscle growth.

5.4. Building Muscle - Part III

Muscle Building Quiz
10 questions

Introduction into understanding the mechanics of burning fat.

5.5. Burning Fat - Part I

Discussing the insulin-carb-effort dynamic and it’s relationship to fat loss.

5.6. Burning Fat - Part II

Other aspects of fat burning that you ought to know about.

5.7. Burning Fat - Part III

Burning Fat Quiz
9 questions

Importance of body composition and methods to achieve the body you want.

5.8. Body Re-Composition

Learn about different dietary practice.

5.9. Dietary Practices
8 Lectures 33:18

Reminder of this course’s objective.

6.1. Achieving Balance

Gender differences in applying the FFS Balance framework.

6.2. Differences between Men and Women

Principles to balance your lifestyle and put you on the path of great living.

6.3. Balance Principles

The general guidelines provide flexible and easily attainable steps that will eventually lead to impressive positive improvements in your life.

6.4. General Guidelines

Specific guidelines towards improving appearance.

6.5. Specific Guidelines

Some advice on how to take care of your mind.

6.6. Vitality & Joie de Vivre

Advice on how to better control the flow of energy throughout your daily lives.

6.7. Daily Energy

6.8. Closing Thoughts
Hank Palmer/Golden Phoenix
1 Lecture 02:11
About the Instructor
Hank Palmer
5.0 Average rating
5 Reviews
537 Students
1 Course
Olympic Finalist, World Class Athlete, Performance Coach

Hank Palmer

Hank Palmer is an Olympic and World Class athlete as well as an accomplished performance coach, motivational speaker, actor and all - around people's person. He has competed professionally around the world as a track and field athlete since he was a young man culminating in a Beijing Olympics Final appearance as part of Canada's 4x100m team. Alongside his personal accomplishments he has also helped numerous up and coming and established athletes to excel. Hank has even in appeared in a few Hollywood blockbusters, such as "White House Down" where he plays as Jamie Foxx's double.

The Athlete

At the tender age of 8, Hank Palmer fell in love with sports and competing when he participated in his first track and field competition where he won his first medal, a bronze. He enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment so much that from then on he decided to dedicate himself to improving and becoming the best he could be. As the years passed, Hank participated and excelled at a number of sports such as Hockey, Football, Soccer and Basketball, but throughout this whole process, Track and Field remained his real passion. Because of this, he eventually committed all of his efforts and available time to Track and Field. The results that followed reflected his ambition and diligence. By the time he was in High School, Hank became World High School 100m champion and fastest teenager on the planet. As the years past by, Hank went on to travel around the world and earn a living as a professional athlete breaking many records along the way. In 2008, after a great indoor season Hank Palmer showed his class all the way to the Canadian Olympic Trials 100m Semifinals in which he pulled his hamstring. However he wasn't going to let this stop him from going to the Olympics. He had 24 hours to do whatever was necessary to give him a fighting chance which involved taking a plane across the country to a speciality clinic and then get back in time for the race. Hank challenged himself both physically and mentally to ignore the odds and the pain and come in second in that final, marginally losing the race, and qualifying for the Olympics. In the summer of 2008, Hank helped the Canadian National 4x100m team qualify and compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games 4x100m Final.

The Coach

Through the process of becoming an elite athlete, Hank Palmer was exposed to methods of training and performing from many world class athletes and coaches from around the globe. He has also had first hand experience in dealing with and solving the issues and problems that athletes usually face. He realized that a large part of his success was due to the many people around him that helped in his quest with guidance, support, inspiration and resources. Being a very grounded and loving person, Hank Palmer wanted to share his knowledge and experience to help others follow in his footsteps and/or achieve their goals. As a result, in 2003, he decided to take on his first venture into this side of athletics by volunteering to work for free as the Track and Field coach at his old high school. The Track and Field program had fallen behind there, but Hank was confident that he could turn it around, and so he did. The 5 students that made up this Track and Field team became in a few years, 5 athletes that managed an impressive medal count of over 30 gold medals. In the process, the school's Track and Field program became the number one ranked program in the English School Board. With this success under his belt, Hank Palmer went on to found Golden Phoenix Fitness to help other athletes to perform or even regular people to look better and live fuller and healthier lives. Through the years, Golden Phoenix Fitness expanded and gained experience and notoriety through the results it was producing. Naturally, more and more athletes wanted to incorporate GPF training and living philosophies into their program and as a result, Hank was hired in 2008 to lead the McGill University Sprint Program. A few years later GPF was asked to develop a Strength and Speed program for the Montreal Impact (Major League Soccer Team). Through the years, Hank and GPF have helped to change and improve many lives from established professional athletes to working moms.

The Man

Growing up, Hank evolved into a curious and life loving person. This has naturally lead him to explore many different endeavours and develop many aspects of his personality and skills. Hank is now a compassionate and ambitious person that seeks to change the world and positively affect the people he meets. He cares deeply about his athletes and clients and goes to lengths to make sure they are on the right path toward achieving their goals. Hank Palmer has always been a thinking outside of the box type of person. He has always regarded the glass as half-full and believes that limitations only exist within our mind. He made it his mission to not only give back but help transform the people he meets and/or coaches to allow them to perform and live better, fuller and happier lives.