D.R.E.A.M. BIG: Make a Living Doing What Makes You Happy
5.0 (2 ratings)
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591 students enrolled
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D.R.E.A.M. BIG: Make a Living Doing What Makes You Happy

Learn the steps needed to create a successful career that pays well, gives your life purpose and makes Mondays bearable.
5.0 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
591 students enrolled
Created by Nikki Robinson
Last updated 10/2013
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What Will I Learn?
  • Pinpoint your passions and life's purpose.
  • Understand how being passionate affords you a much higher chance of succeeding in ANY career field.
  • Put together a strategic plan for reaching every one of your ambitious career goals.
  • Take the necessary action to secure a well-paying career in doing what you love.
  • Connect with successful professionals who can help you climb the career ladder quicker.
  • Learn how to get others to believe in your big dreams also.
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  • folder/binder for completed assignments & career portfolio

This course is based on the D.R.E.A.M. BIG Career Success Intensive coaching program conducted by Nikki Robinson - Career Coach, published Author and Owner of www.byehighschool.org.

Build a successful career around the things that make you happy!

Our passions, or those things that "give us life", provide clues about what we're called to do here on Earth. Instead of graduating from college and working in a position that merely finances your true desires, why not put in the work to make a living doing those things that give you true joy and fulfillment?

This course offers nine tried-and-true steps and 23 focused activities that bring you closer to your dream job as you:

  • Define
  • Research
  • Evaluate
  • Aim
  • Manage

Each of those steps lay the foundation for a successful career that makes it easy to jump out of bed with energy and inspiration each day... even on Monday mornings!

Plan a satisfying, fulfilling life of work and achievement with the worksheets, videos and support materials included in the D.R.E.A.M. BIG career success course.

You get a free copy of my book, 'Building Passive Income in your Career Field.' This book is one of the top 100, best-selling career guides on Amazon.

The course content comes from years of my own trial and failure.

When you enroll today, you receive instant access to valuable information and exercises that'll fast-track you into the career you fantasize about before drifting off to sleep at night.

The most ambitious of us could probably complete the course in a few days. Others can take up to a month.

The speed at which you complete this course isn't important.

What's important is taking the time to complete each exercise correctly... and taking every step of the process seriously.

That way you identify your passions, strengths and values. All of which come together to create what some refer to as your "calling" - that which gives your life purpose while also making a positive impact on others.

There's an abundance of wealth and success available to you if you aren't afraid to be pursue your passion.

Taking the D.R.E.A.M. BIG course places you on the path to claiming your piece of the pie.

For less than the cost of a pair of popular Nike brand shoes, you get all the information you'll ever need to become whoever you want to be.

Investing in yourself now allows you to have the best home, car, fashion, etc. later.

So if you're ready to enjoy what you do - as opposed to hating life every time you clock in at work - enroll now!

Also share this course with friends and family members who desire to do more with their life. Just use the social media buttons to the left. :)

Who is the target audience?
  • big dreamers
  • unemployed/underemployed college graduates
  • career changers
  • ambitious dropouts
  • young entrepreneurs
  • people who don't yet know their life's purpose
  • people who hate their current job
  • people who are tired of working multiple jobs to make ends meet
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Curriculum For This Course
23 Lectures
Introduction to D.R.E.A.M. BIG
3 Lectures 10:08

Lecture 1 is an introduction to this course and the underlying theme: D.R.E.A.M. BIG

In this lecture, Nikki Robinson - Career Coach and Published Author - explains what you can expect from her as the instructor and what she expects from you as the student.

There are several assignments involved in completing this career success course. Each assignment serves a distinct function in excelling you toward your career goals.

Lecture 1 provides information about the course's purpose, about Live Sessions and about the requirements from you to complete this course successfully.

After viewing the lecture, be sure to leave your introduction as a Discussion on the course's dashboard. Interaction is the most important and defining feature of this course on Udemy. Getting to know your instructor and course mates better is yet another step in progressing toward a career doing what makes you happy.

Don't be hesitant to ask Questions. They will be answered promptly.

Preview 05:36

Lecture 2 introduces the Law of Attraction and how you can activate it in your life by adapting a mindset for success.

Included in this lecture is a full-length movie explaining the secret to success that's been passed down for ages by those who truly understood the power of positive thinking and the power of clearly visualizing their goals.

You will learn how to create a vision board, which displays your career and life goals.

Lecture 2 also shares dependable sources of motivation for those days when it's hard to believe in your goals. It's important to never allow negative thinking to deter you. So be sure to bookmark those websites for ongoing inspiration.

There's a downloadable PDF file included in Lecture 2 that discusses the purpose of vision boards, the materials needed to create one and an example of the instructor's personal vision board.

When you feel comfortable doing so, please share your goals with the rest of the class by posting a Discussion in the course dashboard and inserting an image of your vision board.

Preview 02:44

Lecture 3 asks you to evaluate your life in the present, so you'll know what changes you want to make in the future.

There are two worksheets included with this lecture. Both are equally important in helping you progress toward your career goals.

Take these assignments seriously. Be honest with yourself. And once you're finished with them, save the worksheets in a place you won't forget.

You'll come back to them in Lecture 22 - at the end of the course.

Getting Started
D.R.E.A.M. BIG: Define
2 Lectures 04:39

Lecture 4 is an introduction to the first part of the D.R.E.A.M. BIG concept: Define.

The video lecture explains what I mean by "define your passion." You'll learn three indicators of the thing(s) you're most passionate about. I also talk about creating a fulfilling career from one or more of those elements.

The worksheet included in Lecture 4 is meant to help you in the process of defining your passion. Keep it in a designated folder or binder for this course's assignments.

What you're passionate about is what you should be doing. When you're passionate about your career, it's easier to put in the work needed to become successful.

So take the exercise seriously, and don't hesitate to ask questions if needed.

Define Your Passions

Lecture 5 is about your values.

In choosing the route you want to take to career success, you have to be completely clear of the things you value. If you're unsure of your values, you'll find yourself going in circles until you focus in on what matters most to you.

In this lecture, you'll view a presentation that explains more about the importance of values.

The presentation includes an overview of the two worksheets you'll need to complete before moving on to Lecture 6.

Lecture 5's assignments are a foundation exercise. So take them seriously, and keep them in a designated folder or binder for this course's assignments.

In Lecture 9, you will refer back to the worksheets included in this lecture.

Feel free to leave your Questions about Lecture 5 and the assignments. They'll be answered promptly.

Don't Compromise Your Values
23 pages
D.R.E.A.M. BIG: Research
3 Lectures 36:31

Lecture 6 introduces career research as one of the most important steps to starting a career you'll love.

There are several resources openly available to you for learning about the ideal career for you. All it takes is time.

In the picture slides included as part of Lecture 6, there are URLs accompanying certain pictures. Those websites have great information for job searchers. Feel free to visit them for more information about topics related to career success and advancement.

Lecture 6 also explains how I used offline research to start a great career.

I encourage you to try at least one of the methods explained to help you gain more insight into the career path of your interest.

The worksheet below (in the Downloadable Materials) helps you keep track of new websites/blogs you discover that offer information about job openings, job descriptions, salary expectations, etc.

After conducting your own career research, please open a discussion in the course dashboard and share your new-found resources. It'll help your course mates get one step closer to their dream job!

The presentation slides are also available for you to download - making it easier to revisit the resources discussed in Lecture 6.

And as always, feel free to leave your questions. They'll be answered promptly.

Research Your Dream Job

This quiz tests what you learned in Lecture 6.

Career Research Quiz
5 questions

Lecture 7 explains the importance of reaching out to successful people in your desired career field.

The best and most dependable information about the profession you want to have comes from the course. And people who are already successfully working in your desired career field as the best sources.

This lecture includes information about:

- online research
- mailing lists
- social media connections
- and tracking career connections.

In Lecture 7's downloadable materials, you have a worksheet in which you can track your career connections. Make copies and keep in regular contact with those who can help you climb the career ladder.

You will also be able to download the presentation slides that accompany Lecture 7's video content.

In those presentation slides, there's an extra slide that is not shown here. The slide provides an example of a career interview/profile that I found by using the Google search techniques shown in this lecture.

If you have any questions, please ask them. They'll be answered promptly.

Reach Out to Successful People in Your Field

Lecture 8 is a WARNING about predatory marketers who are out to get your cash!

The main takeaway from this lecture is to resist anything that's too good to be true. I'll explain the reasoning behind that, and tell you more about some internet marketing companies that are growing in popularity.

With these companies, you can end up losing money that could be better spent in furthering your true career goals.

So don't be distracted by promises of easy, quick or free money!

Included with this lecture are the downloadable presentation slides, which include additional slides not shown in the video lecture. Be sure to review the slides for links to websites that share more information about online scams and how to avoid them.

In the External Resources, you'll find a link that leads you to a free e-book about affiliate marketing.

The e-book does a great job of explaining how it works and how much of a time investment it'll require. It's a great resource for those who are wanting to make money online in addition to pursuing a career you're passionate about.

Because I can't stress enough how important it is to be NOT be gullible, you will have a quiz at the end of this lecture. It is the longest quiz of any lecture included in the D.R.E.A.M. BIG career success course.

Discussions about your experiences with the companies mentioned are welcome, as long as they are valuable and not simply solicitations.

And as always, questions are appreciated. They'll be answered promptly.

Resist Anything That's Too Good to be True

This is the longest quiz in the D.R.E.A.M. BIG course - because it's important that you remember to stay away from shady marketers and bad business deals. Are you gullible? Let's find out...

Are You Gullible?
10 questions
D.R.E.A.M. BIG: Evaluate
2 Lectures 13:35

Lecture 9 is all about learning who you are as a worker. Assignments will help you improve how you communicate your strengths and skills.

This text lecture details a career test that gives impressively accurate results. I discuss how my test results - taken three years ago - align with my profession today.

Upon completion of Lecture 9 and its assignments, students should be well on their way to answering two important questions:

  1. What am I going to do with my life?
  2. What am I going to do for a living?

Be sure to print your career test results for future reference!

And always feel free to ask anything in the Questions section. You'll be answered promptly.

Evaluate Yourself Honestly

Lecture 10 explains how your natal birth chart provides clues about your career calling.

This lecture talks about a topic that many don't pay much attention to: astrology. But I want to shed light on the deeper elements of astrology and how they are, in fact, relevant to your career success.

In the slide presentation, you'll learn where to get your birth chart. You'll also learn what the different parts of your birth chart mean.

Although many people view astrology and horoscopes are purely entertainment, there are undeniable consistencies between planetary movements and how they affect human nature.

I ask that you not be too set in your ways to try something different.

Being aware of my birth chart placements has helped me tremendously in my own career. It's done the same for countless others who weren't too rigid to take this seriously.

Give the exercises in this lecture a try.

I'm almost positive that you'll learn something new about yourself. And you may be even more surprised to see how consistent your natal birth chart report is with the results from your career aptitude test from Lecture 9.

I'd love to hear about your findings after completing this lecture's assignments.

Open a discussion in the course dashboard to share what you've learned about yourself and your career path.

And feel free to ask as many questions as needed to get a better understanding of this lecture. Your questions will be answered promptly.

Birth Charts: A Tool for Success
D.R.E.A.M. BIG: Educate
3 Lectures 25:41

Lecture 11 stresses the importance of lifelong learning and the usefulness of online learning.

The K.E.Y. to success is to Keep Educating Yourself. This lecture describes a few of the different ways to educate yourself.

One of the most important messages given in Lecture 11 is that education is NOT limited to college campuses... meaning a college degree is NOT a prerequisite for success.

A degree is a stepping stone and only as useful as you make it.

For many who are unable to attend or who are uninterested in attending college, you CAN still have a successful career. Online learning makes that possible.

Lecture 8's worksheet is a planning exercise. Based on your own career research, you should fill out the worksheet by writing down every possible educational path to your dream job.

Then choose the route YOU want to take most.

The only way you'll create a successful career that makes you happy is if you do what you like to do - in the way that you like to do it.

That includes learning.

For some professions, collegiate studies are mandatory. But for most others, it isn't.

So keep in mind that earning a college degree is more of a glorified societal practice than it is a requirement for success.

Start a discussion in the course dashboard if you feel differently. Or leave your questions about this lecture's content. They'll be answered promptly.

Education is the Key to Success

Lecture 12 stresses the importance of continuing education in the Age of Information.

Knowledge is more accessible now than it's ever been in human history. So there's no excuse for not bettering yourself once you know the resources are out there.

Lecture 12 introduces a few of those resources for online learning.

This lecture also preaches a bit about a common misconception: that a college degree is required to have a successful career.

That's just not true.

Lecture 12 explains that further in detail. There are no assignments for this lecture.

Education in the Age of Information & Technology

This quiz tests your knowledge of the material presented in Lecture 12.

Online Learning Quiz
3 questions

Lecture 13 talks about the educating yourself with real-world experience.

I'm a firm believer that experience trumps education in the workplace.

It's good to have knowledge acquired through academic studies. But only through applied practice will you truly understand a concept.

This lecture gives information about several ways to gain experience:

- internships
- volunteering
- freelancing

In Lecture 13, you'll learn how I started a lucrative career in freelancing.

By following the same steps, many of you may be able to start earning paid experience in your desired career field also.

The presentation slides are included in the Downloadable Materials below.

Review them and visit the websites listed for locating opportunities to gain both paid and unpaid experience in your career field.

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask away. They'll be answered promptly.

Education through Experience
D.R.E.A.M. BIG: Enhance
2 Lectures 39:44

Lecture 14 is an introduction to "soft skills," which are arguably the most important factor when employers decide to hire new workers.

The most commonly acknowledged soft skills are listed in this lecture, along with suggestions on how to improve those skills.

The assignment included in the Downloadable Materials below is a scorecard worksheet.

In the worksheet, you will grade your soft skills in six different categories. After doing so, you'll be asked to list the strongest of your soft skills.

The purpose of the exercise is to make you aware of your strengths. By doing so, you're better prepared to present and sell your skills in a job interview.

Also, through evaluating your soft skills, you'll become aware of those skills that you need to work on for improvement.

In Lecture 14, I include information about scheduling your mock interview with me.

If you're interested, go ahead and schedule your interview time in the next D.R.E.A.M. BIG course Live Session (held on Mondays).

Please complete Lecture 15 before your scheduled mock interview time.

How to Schedule Mock Interview:

- attend Live Session
- request mock interview
- select 20-minute time slot from options given
- update resume & cover letter
- email resume & cover letter to me

You'll receive feedback and interviewing success tips. It's a great opportunity to prepare yourself for a real job interview for the position you'll be happy working in.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. They'll be answered promptly.

Enhance Your Skills

Lecture 15 provides success tips to students on enhancing your presentation.

This lecture covers six important areas of presenting yourself in a job search:

- cover letter
- resume
- career portfolio
- body language
- speech
- etiquette

After viewing Lecture 15's presentation and completing the reading assignment, you should be able to handle any job interview with grace and professionalism.

Included with the slide presentation is a link to my PDF guide about correcting common resume writing mistakes. Please review the guide before attending your scheduled mock interview, in which I will ask to see your resume.

Beneath the Lecture 15 slides below, you'll find a document providing a cover letter template if you aren't yet comfortable writing your own.

This lecture also includes a link to Amy Cuddy's TED talk about adopting confident body language.

Your professional presentation of self plays a huge part in your career success.

Once you know how to give your very best first impression, you'll enjoy more career advancement opportunities.

For future reference, the slides from this lecture are available for download below.

Submit your questions about this lecture if you have any. They'll be answered promptly.

Enhance Your Presentation

This quiz tests what you learned in Lecture 15.

Enhancing Your Presentation Quiz
5 questions
D.R.E.A.M. BIG: Aim
2 Lectures 09:44

Lecture 16 is a short video lecture detailing the benefits of proper career planning.

"Without a plan, a goal is just a wish."

In the previous sections of this course, you defined what it is that you want to do and what it'll take to do it.

Think about your vision board (recall Lecture 2). Get ready to make a way for your visions to become your reality.

Now it's time to figure out HOW you'll do it. It's time to develop a STRATEGY for reaching career success.

Career planning should be an exhilarating experience. It's the time to get creative about how you'll make your dreams come true!

Whatever it is that you want to achieve in your professional life, this is your chance to take it seriously. This is your time to plan the execution of your goals.

Leave your questions if you have any. They'll be answered promptly.

Proper Career Planning

Lecture 17 explains SMART career planning. In this lecture, you'll also see an example of how a vague career goal developed into a successful, strategic plan.

You may have seen or been taught about SMART goal-setting.

But this lecture explains a different method of bringing your ideal career to life. My process described in Lecture 17 places emphasis on action, rather than simply stating what you want to do.

In addition to the text lecture, there is a link below in the External Resources where students can read more about the SMART planning on the ByeHighSchool blog.

Included in Lecture 17's downloadable materials is a worksheet to help you organize your steps to success, based on the SMART planning technique described in this lecture.

If you're unclear about anything pertaining to the SMART planning process, feel free to leave your inquiries in the Questions section. Or you can attend an upcoming Live Session for further assistance.

What is a SMART Plan?
D.R.E.A.M. BIG: Manage Your Brand
3 Lectures 28:45

Lecture 18 introduces personal branding.

It's more important now than ever before to build your personal brand for career success.

The workforce has never been more competitive. Because we're now operating in a global economy, you'll have to do more than ever before to stand out and compete for your dream job.

The good news is that so many people are still unaware of the need to stand out. And many others just won't take the time to do it.

So Lecture 18 gives you an introduction into all the things you'll need to do to build your brand.

This lecture also includes an in-depth explanation of exactly what is meant by the term "personal branding."

In the Downloadable Materials below, you'll find the manuscript for my Kindle e-book entitled, The Young Professional's Guide to Building Passive Income in Your Career Field.

You get a complimentary copy of the book as an incentive for completing the D.R.E.A.M. BIG course here on Udemy.

My only request is that you leave an honest review of the e-book on Amazon once you've finished reading it.

I've provided a link to the book below in the External Resources if you'd like to view it on the Kindle marketplace.

Note: If you read the e-book before starting Lecture 19, you'll have a much better understanding of what I'm talking about in that lecture.

But still, feel free to leave your questions about this lecture's content. Or about anything you read in the e-book. They'll be answered promptly.

Introduction to Personal Branding

This lecture tests your knowledge of what you learned in Lecture 18 about personal branding.

Personal Branding Quiz
3 questions

Lecture 19 provides course takers with success tips for personal branding via social media.

In this video lecture, you'll learn more about using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to build your brand.

While those three social networks are not the only websites that you can use for personal branding, they are the top three that many businesses, entrepreneurs and career leaders use.

I'll share how I've used all three of those networks and the kind of response I've had as I built my brand online.

Lecture 19 also lists resources that'll teach you more about social media branding and that'll help you develop your own brand.

In the External Resources below, find the link to an article about how to use social media for your job search.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the designated area for this lecture. They'll be answered promptly.

Personal Branding with Social Media

Lecture 20 closes the D.R.E.A.M. BIG career success course section on branding by reminding you to always think BIG.

"Where there's a will, there's a way."

That's the mentality I want you to have as you go forth in securing your dream job.

With everything you've done so far in the D.R.E.A.M. BIG course, your confidence in your own career success should be well above what it was when you started this course.

Now it's time to make that confidence in yourself known to the world.

When you build your brand, career opportunities come to you. And once those career opportunities start rolling in, it's going to be up to YOU to capitalize on them.

In Lecture 20, I talk about continuing to grow your brand even after you've reached the career goals you set for yourself in this course.

If you'll recall Lecture 17 - about creating a SMART career plan - I mentioned the need to revise career goals as you learn and grow.

Keep that in mind as you view Lecture 20's video on making your brand BIG.

You've only got one section of the D.R.E.A.M. BIG course left to go! ;)

Making Your Brand BIG
Succeeding in a Global Economy
3 Lectures 17:07

Lecture 21 gives you all the information you'll need to complete the D.R.E.A.M. BIG course's final project: your career portfolio.

A career portfolio is a physical representation of all the things you've learned and done in pursuit of your career goals.

The D.R.E.A.M. BIG course, you've completed several exercises that have armed you with everything you need to put together a professional career portfolio that'll impress both employers and business contacts.

Watch the video lecture here for more details on how to put your portfolio together.

In the video, the portfolio pages aren't as clear as I wanted them to be, so I've included a PDF document that explains how the portfolio should be set up. This document also includes templates for several of the pages you'll need to include in your career portfolio.

You also have a career portfolio supplies list in the Downloadable Materials below.

As requested in the video for Lecture 21, I'd like to see your finished portfolios.

If you can snap a few pictures and share them in the course dashboard, that'd be awesome!

I can't wait to see what great ideas you all have for presenting yourself in your career portfolio.

I'm always open to your questions about the lecture content and assignments. Leave them in the designated Questions section, and they'll be answered promptly.

Move Forward with Confidence

Lecture 22 is all about you!

The audio lecture here offers congratulations and motivation to keep moving toward your dream job.

The assignment for Lecture 22 is an assessment of your progress since beginning the D.R.E.A.M. BIG career success course here on Udemy.

Find two worksheets below in the Downloadable Materials that you should've already seen before in Lecture 3.

Without looking at your answers from the last time you completed the Wheel of Life and Satisfaction Scorecard worksheets, complete the two worksheets again.

Then compare the results to see tangible proof of results you've gotten from taking this course.

My hope is that at least one area of your life has improved as a result of finding the work that you REALLY want to do.

Every exercise included in the D.R.E.A.M. BIG course was given to help you create a more fulfilling life doing the work that makes you happy.

Compare the worksheets from this lecture with those from Lecture 3. Then open a discussion in the course dashboard to share your findings with me and your course mates!

Assess Your Success

Lecture 23 wraps up with a list of career success coaching services I offer exclusively to course participants. This lecture also explains what I want to do for course participants who've invested the time to complete this course and start a fun, fulfilling career.

I've listed my social media accounts so course participants can keep in contact with me.

If you've taken each lecture seriously and completed all assignments, I have full faith that you can see the changes this course has made in your career.

In exchange for the help I offer in this closing lecture, I only ask that you leave an honest review upon returning back to the course's dashboard.

I love feedback. It lets me know what I can improve to better serve course takers.

Best of luck in your career!

Course Wrap-up & Additional Resources

This short quiz tests some of the most important points of this course and also what you learned in the last lecture.

Course Wrap-up Quiz
3 questions
About the Instructor
Nikki Robinson
5.0 Average rating
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591 Students
1 Course
Career Coach, Author & Owner of www.byehighschool.org


I'm Nikki Robinson, a career coach who's passionate about helping people create their own path to success.

I coach young adults into their dream jobs, while also running ByeHighSchool, a career-oriented blog that motivates and guides millennials through the terribly confusing transition phase after high school.

Titles I'll Answer to:

  • published Author
  • talk radio Host
  • social media Strategist
  • Copywriter

In every role, my brand is the same: creating YOUR success, YOUR way.

I'm self-employed and doing the things I love. My course is backed up by my own success; I practice what I preach.

Before career coaching, I enjoyed a lucrative stint in freelance copywriting and social media management. During that time, I was blessed with the experience of working at a SaaS startup in Silicon Valley.

Working closely with the startup's CEO taught me more about career advancement and success than studying Management (HR concentration) at Jacksonville University, a private, liberal arts university in Jacksonville, FL.

For the duration of my employment under the CEO - a serial entrepreneur - I learned that major players in any industry all have similar traits, priorities and habits.

I want to share those aspects with the next generation of workers, who will step into the shoes left unfilled by boomers upon their retirement.