Creative Coaching
4.4 (17 ratings)
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1,877 students enrolled
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Creative Coaching

The Creativity Manual - Online! An NLP coaching course, illustrated by stories of adventure, based on the popular book.
4.4 (17 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,877 students enrolled
Created by Acuity NLP
Last updated 12/2015
Price: $200
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What Will I Learn?
  • enhance your sensory perception, allowing more refined creativity
  • have a clear direction towards your goals
  • have increased confidence in your ability
  • enter the 'flow' state a space of heightened perception and increased spontaneity
  • reap the rewards for perseverance and attain recognition
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  • dedication

Have you ever wondered how you could expand your creativity? How you could step beyond the forces that obstruct inspiration? How to hack your flow?

It has been suggested that it takes 10 000 hours to reach mastery in a craft. This course will serve as a catalyst for you on your journey, whether you are a creative person on their journey into their art or an entrepreneur starting up a business, a catalyst that accelerates your own mastery over your craft, business and life. It is a course based on the highly rated book: The Creativity Manual and the 5 steps outlined in the book, Self-discovery, Clarity, Confidence, Momentum & Reward. The practical tools are all beautifully interwoven with tales of travel from the author, Johan Nayar MSc. who is an Evolutionary Psychologist, a World Traveller and Creative Explorer. The course offers deep insights from NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, Tristan Henri, and it is the interaction between these two characters that brings the course to life. The stages are as follows:

1. Self-discovery

The first section is Self-discovery. Much like a singer must find her voice, any creative or entrepreneur must find a style from which they can operate best. We'll cover the following things in each section:

  • how creativity evolved in nature
  • an introduction to Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and its principles.
  • NLP eye patterns - where do people look when they are lying
  • perceptual positions- how to gain perspectives on a situation (NLP)
  • our filters on the world- deletion, distortion and generalisation (NLP)
  • an introduction to the Myers Briggs personality test

2. Clarity

Now that you know yourself on a deeper level we move onto Clarity, which is a way to gain focus on a goal. A person who is striving towards something is much more likely to achieve it than someone moving away. What we'll cover:

  • how niching works in nature and its application in business & art
  • why focus is so important in any endeavour
  • an Ayahuasca story
  • effective goal setting using SMART goals
  • personal empowerment by taking responsibility for choice

3. Confidence

Now that you have gained the focus of where you want to go, it's time to put it all into action. Confidence will accelerate this process, we will cover:

  • status in modern society
  • NLP anchoring - how to access confidence on tap
  • the success cycle - how to be more successful
  • no failure only feedback- how to reframe negativity over 'failure'
  • acting 'as if'

4. Momentum

With confidence comes a level of flow which is the state where the real magic happens. In this section we investigate ways to increase momentum, it includes:

  • an exploration of planning vs spontaneity
  • how to hack your flow, be in the zone or get in the groove
  • maximizing productivity using the Covey matrix
  • personal editing (NLP) change your unproductive memories
  • continuation of perceptual positions

5. Reward

In this section you combine all of the above processes into a single, unified force and notice how results begin to manifest all around you. We will cover

  • the evolution of reward systems
  • a summary of all the previous sections
  • guest interview with filmmaker Theo Davies
  • further learning

This course offers a hands on approach to enhancing creativity and building confidence. You will be leaving the course with so many useful techniques and a clear direction over your goals. You will be not only able to flourish in your own endeavours but be an inspirational influence to others. Read CHAPTER 1 for more information on The Creativity Manual or just sign up above, there's everything to gain.

Who is the target audience?
  • creatives
  • entrepreneurs
  • actors
  • musicians
  • writers
  • designers
  • producers
  • directors
  • fashion designers
  • dancers
  • singers
  • graphic designers
  • architect
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Curriculum For This Course
66 Lectures
19 Lectures 55:40

Meet Tristan

What am I going to learn in this section?

NLP Perceptual Positions

NLP Communication Model: Filters, States & Behaviours

Evolution of creativity, creativity in nature, connecting with your inner child

Enjoy this Eye Patterns video. Remember with great power comes great responsibility.

Eye Patterns Video

Samuel Jackson eyplains NLP eye patterns

Eye patterns Quiz (normally organised)
4 questions

Creativity in nature

The Handicap Principle

Myers Briggs Personality Test

The 4 temperaments of the Myers Briggs Test

End of section quiz
7 questions

da Vinci quote and review
9 Lectures 40:52
So whats up next?

Focus, Huna Principle & more NLP

Niching, Left brain, Right brain

NLP Cause & Effect

Changing Behaviours with NLP & Myers Briggs

The Colombian Shaman
4 pages

SMART Goals Video

SMART goals
1 page

End of section quiz
10 questions

11 Lectures 50:17
What's coming up

Status & Behaviours, NLP voice tones & commands part I

Status & Behaviours, NLP voice tones & commands part II

Success Cycle, Act as if, NLP belief change & No failure

There is no failure, only feedback

NLP Anchoring

Anchoring Preframe

Anchoring Exercise

Derren Brown demonstrates the anchoring technique.

Derren Brown Using The Anchoring Technique

The Success Cycle
2 pages

End of section quiz
8 questions

9 Lectures 30:22
In this section

Covey Matrix Simplification & Prioritisation

The Covey Matrix
3 pages

Intro to Flow and the book by Czikszentmihalyi

NLP Personal Editing & The Mental Replay Button

Flow in detail

More on the concept of 'flow'

End of section quiz
8 questions

6 Lectures 11:07
Reward - part I

Reward - part II

Bringing it all together
6 pages

Lao Tzu quote & about review

For those creative explorers who have completed this course. A fantastic opportunity to deepen the experience of the Creativity Manual with personal Skype coaching from Johan and Tristan is available. You get the 5 stages as detailed in the book and also specially tailored NLP sessions with Tristan, two coaches for the price of one. By completing the Personal Narrative form attached this will highlight potential areas that you may like to work with us on.

Not everyone likes forms however so if you prefer to have a conversation with one of us before deciding whether coaching is right for you, then this can also be arranged. Just send us an email with your contact details and one of us will get in touch as soon as possible.

Personal coaching with Johan & Tristan

12 Lectures 03:22
Xtra 1.0: The voyage of the Beagle

Xtra 1.1: Killer whales

Xtra 1.2: The flowerman

Xtra 2.0: An example of niching in nature

Xtra 2.1: travelling as Donatello heading north to Colombia

Xtra 3.0: An example of a social animal- the lion

Xtra 3.1: Johan travelling through India and Nepal (1998)l

Xtra 3.2: excerpt from the Creativity Manual - India (part III)
5 pages

Xtra 4.0: more on The Disney Strategy for creativity

Xtra 4.1: travelling as Donatello in Colombia

Xtra 5.0 Further reading

Xtra 5.1 Interview with filmmaker Theo Davies
3 pages
About the Instructor
Acuity NLP
4.1 Average rating
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3,011 Students
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Coaching Creativity

Great ideas often appear as a flash of brilliance, even though these ideas are often the result of a slow process of development as the idea gently brewed into existence. The ‘WOW’ moments are the poeticised part of creativity, yet there is also much to be attributed to the process that leads to it. Acuity are focussed on bringing heightened creativity to our clients as well as greater effectiveness in this left-brained world.

Meet The Trainers

Johan Nayar MSc. Speaker/Trainer/Author/Adventurer

Author of The Creativity Manual. The experiences in his life have shaped his perceptions of the world and triggered a curiosity in the concepts of creativity and its impact. His own transformative journey has led to the development of his book and to co founding of Acuity NLP.

Likes: Colombia, Texas Hold’ um, crystal clear seas, rocking out

Dislikes: Hot rooms, cauliflower, The News

Tristan Henri - Speaker/Trainer/Coach

During his own personal journey of discovery, Tristan came across the field of NLP. With its many tools and techniques the benefits of NLP were so powerful he decided to take the learnings that were accumulated and find a way to share them with others. A few months later Acuity NLP was born.

Likes: Making a difference, Sports, Arts, Travel & Questioning

Dislikes: Unchallenged assumptions, wasting food, pointless TV & Jodie Marsh