Beyond eBay - How To Build An eBay Buyers Email List - eBay
4.3 (42 ratings)
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Beyond eBay - How To Build An eBay Buyers Email List - eBay

Go Beyond eBay. How to add your eBay customers to an email list so you can sell to them off eBay, over & over again!
4.3 (42 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
417 students enrolled
Created by Dave Espino
Last updated 2/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course, you will know the step-by-step process for adding your eBay customers to your email list so you can market related products to them over and over again.
  • You will be able to "create sales at will" by simply sending out one email blast to your past customers, sending a flood of traffic back to your eBay listings, Amazon listings or even to your website. (no eBay fees!)
  • You will have a real business because you get to take your customer database "with you", wherever you may go!
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  • Basic understanding of eBay selling.
  • Willingness to learn a new strategy and implement it.


"Beyond eBay - Leverage the power

Hi Dave just got done going through this course... This information is priceless. Wish I would have known about it when I first started."


Although millions of people across the U.S. saw me on my eBay infomercial, what a lot of people don’t know is that, prior to being “discovered” and asked to appear in that infomercial, I was quietly making up to $15,000 a week on eBay using one extremely powerful strategy.

At the time, I called it going “Beyond eBay” because it allowed me to sell my collectibles “OFF-eBay” and sell them a LOT faster than on eBay by using the power of email marketing…

It was a revolutionary “hybrid” eBay / Internet Marketing strategy that literally transformed my eBay business overnight… And I will show you how you can do the same...

I mean, instantly upon implementing these super simple steps, you'll be able to:

  • Dramatically accelerate your eBay sales. (I sold out of my entire eBay inventory within 48 hours by simply sending out ONE EMAIL!)
  • Watch your PayPal account flood with cash.
  • Transform your single-purchase eBay customers into ongoing, repeat customers (some of my repeat customers went on to happily spend many thousands of dollars with me)
  • Pump your auction prices much higher by sending a FLOOD of crazed bidders to your auctions (this applies to ALL of your auction items)
  • Increase the sell-through rate on all of your FIXED PRICE items, as well!
  • Get rid of those high eBay fees – legally – by sending your customers to your own website!
  • Gain far more control over your eBay business
  • Be able to “take your customers with you” – away from eBay, if need be and onto your own website, your Amazon listings or any other marketplace you wish.


This is the same exact strategy that turned my little $1,200 a month vintage Hot Wheels “hobby” business into a $15,000 a week BEHEMOTH of a business, complete with hungry, ready-to-buy, repeat-customers who have bought from me over and over and over again over the last 14 years!

…And the funny thing is, it is SO SIMPLE to implement; I'll show you how, step-by-step, in this course!

But Dave, How Do We Achieve These Powerful Results?

It’s simple, we use a “hybrid” marketing strategy…

As you know, the word “Hybrid” just means a great combination of two or more distinct elements.

Well, in this hybrid strategy, we are going to combine the awesome power of eBay (to generate new, first-time customers) with another super-powerful strategy – email marketing.

That’s right, we are going to create an email list of your eBay customers so that you will be able to easily email them (all at one time) to let them know that you have listed new, related items on eBay – each time you list.

And that’s it! I told you it was simple!

Once you’ve created your list, (following the simple steps that I lay out for you in these videos) you can now:

  • Send your eBay customers to your latest eBay listings
  • Send your eBay customers to your Amazon listings (oh, the irony…)
  • Send your eBay customers to YOUR OWN WEBSITE, (where they can buy from you over and over again) without you incurring eBay fees
  • Send your eBay customers wherever you want – you have complete control

    Believe me, this strategy looks almost TOO SIMPLE… (and it is easy to do) but oh, how POWERFUL it is!

By the way, I've purposely left several of the lectures unlocked and available for you to check out because I want you to see the insane benefits of adding this powerful strategy to your eBay business.

In one of the lectures, you will see results like this:

  • The increases in number of bids – from 25 bids to 69 bids!
    (a 176% increase in ONE DAY!)
  • The increases in number of “watchers” – from 64 to 163 watchers!
    (a 154% increase in ONE DAY!)
  • The increases in total bid amounts – from $122.12 to $816.04
    (a 568% increase in CASH, in ONE DAY!)


  • Check out the increase in the bottom item – Hot Pink Turbofire

    (a 2,383% increase in that one item’s bid amount – IN ONE DAY!)

One more point...

The SOONER you begin to do this in your business, the better.

When I first discovered this strategy, I realized that I had “lost” the ability to communicate with about 500 of my customers – simply because I didn't discover and implement this strategy earlier!

Had I started from the beginning (getting EVERY customer onto my email list) I would have been so much better off.

So, whatever you do, do not hesitate to learn and implement this in your eBay business AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

This way you will be able to capture ALL your customers onto your email list and be able to market to all of them, not just a small portion.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who sells or wants to sell on eBay and wants to kick their business into hyperdrive.
  • Anyone who is interested in innovative and creative marketing solutions for selling a lot more product on eBay.
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Curriculum For This Course
13 Lectures
Introduction To The Beyond eBay Strategy
2 Lectures 07:07

In this section, you'll learn about your instructor and the origins of the Beyond eBay strategy.

Preview 02:41

In this lecture, you'll learn about one of the most powerful marketing concepts in business: "Lifetime Value Of A Customer" and how you can use email marketing to maximize it for your business.

Preview 04:26
Benefits Of Implementing Beyond eBay In Your eBay Business
1 Lecture 01:56

The benefits of implementing this strategy are almost too many to list.

When you can harness the power of email marketing to your existing customers, there are few limits to what you can do in your eBay business.

Any established eBay seller will get really excited about these benefits!

Benefits Of Implementing The Beyond eBay Strategy In Your Business
An Exciting Discovery - The Beyond eBay Story
2 Lectures 11:03

This lecture sets the stage for the story of how I discovered this amazing strategy.

The Beyond eBay Story

In this exciting lecture, I relive the exciting moment when I realized that I could easily email my entire list of customers and the results that I experienced as soon as I did.

How I Discovered This Powerful, Hybrid Strategy
Grid Comparison Of Pre-eBay Results, eBay Results and Beyond eBay Results
1 Lecture 02:16

This is a walkthrough of the results I experienced across three different selling methods.

It compares my days before I started selling on eBay (I sold my collectibles out of an antique toy shop) and then when I started selling on eBay and then it shows the dramatic results from when I went Beyond eBay!

Before eBay - eBay - Beyond eBay
The Instructor's Real-World Examples
1 Lecture 11:32

Here, I walk you through my real-world screen shots of the dramatic increases in "watchers", bids, bidders, ending values and more!

This is a snapshot of a 26 1/2 hour period and you can see the dramatic results for themselves.

I also walk you through an auction of two valuable vintage Hot Wheels cars and how dramatically the numbers shoot up - immediately after I sent out ONE EMAIL!

Preview 11:32
Implementing The Beyond eBay Strategy In Your Business
4 Lectures 01:09:00

In this lecture, I walk you through how to create your email list.

Once this is done, we can move on to connecting our eBay transactions with this email list.

Implementation - Creating Your eMail List

In this lecture, I walk you through how you can configure a simple app to work with PayPal.

By connecting this app with PayPal, your eBay transactions can trigger an addition to your email list.

Implementation - Configuring A Simple App For Single Item Sales

How would you like to build multiple niche email lists - one for each type of product you sell?

For example, let's say you sell Star Wars collectibles, weight loss DVDs and nutritional supplements on eBay.

You want to have three email lists, one for each main product line, right?

Well, in this lecture, I show you, step-by-step, how to do that.

You can literally use eBay as your front-end marketing machine and build unlimited email lists in as many categories as you want!

Plus, you also get the step-by-step breakdown in a document that you can review, as well!

Implementation - Configuring A Simple App For Multiple-Item List-Building

Enjoying this course?

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This video walks you through the simple steps to posting a review for this course.

Your review will be seen by future students and it is where you get to tell future students what you thought about this course.

Your honest reviews are greatly appreciated!

How To Add Your Review For This Course
1 Lecture 02:11

This lecture concludes the course by reviewing the benefits - now that you've seen the entire strategy laid out for you.

Beyond eBay - Conclusion
BONUS - Get discount coupons to my other eBay courses here
1 Lecture 00:18
Get discount coupons to my other eBay courses
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