Beyond Professional Burnout: Find new purpose in your career
5.0 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Beyond Professional Burnout: Find new purpose in your career

Build self-awareness and learn skills to integrate your life and career experience with the desire to do purposeful work
5.0 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
31 students enrolled
Created by Stephen Dynako
Last updated 7/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the attributes and feelings of the exhausted achiever
  • Feel energized by the prospect of pursuing work or new opportunities in alignment with a renewed purpose
  • Become more aware of your inherent strengths and natural talent
  • Understand how the power of your story is foundational to personal transformation
  • Be prepared and enthusiastic to take what you've learned to the next level in your life and work
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  • I highly recommend you complete the exercises in the Resources document that accompanies this course, which can be printed out or completed electronically in MS Word

If you’re an accomplished professional in the mid point of your career, and you’re feeling burnt out by the work that used to energize you, you’ll benefit from this course. Additionally, if you’re seeking greater purpose and meaning in your work or in your life, this course will guide you into that next level of exploration.

Many of the concepts in this course are based on psychology, mythology, and empirical science. However, all of these are presented in terms that are clear and easily understood.

The course outline is as follows:

  1. I’ll provide a detailed profile of the “exhausted achiever”
  2. I’ll explain why the old approaches of self-motivation no longer work
  3. I’ll introduce the concept of your “original talent” and how reconnecting with it provides you with new energy.
  4. I’ll discuss the concept of The Hero’s Journey and the transformative power of your story. 
  5. I conclude with a discussion of how to take your quest to the next level.

Most of the material in the course is video-based, along with suggested exercises for further self-exploration that you may complete on your own, plus a list of resources that support the course content.

The course consists of 22 lectures that take a total of 1 hour to view. If you choose to complete the highly recommended exercises as you go, factor in a few extra hours to a full day to the total time for completing the course.

Because this course is all about reconnecting with your inner sources of energy and supporting personal transformation, I believe you’ll find it inspiring. I’ll engage you in some thought-provoking activities and give you some practical tools to use on your journey. This course provides learning not just for your head but for your heart, as well.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is ideal for the successful mid-career professional who is experiencing burnout and curious to explore pursuit of a renewed purpose in work
  • This course is probably not suited for professionals who are satisfied with their current career trajectory
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Curriculum For This Course
Welcome to Beyond Burnout
1 Lecture 01:32

In the first section of the course, I’ll outline the course agenda, share the beginnings of my professional experience, provide a definition of the exhausted achiever, and I’ll review how the exhausted achiever typically feels.

Preview 01:32
Course introduction and overview
5 Lectures 08:07

In the introductory section of the course, I’ll review the course agenda, start to tell a little bit about my story as an exhausted achiever, and summarize the core feelings associated with being an exhausted achiever. This will provide you with a basis and a point of comparison with your own experience.

Preview 02:08

I was once focused on climbing the career ladder. At some point I got turned off. I no longer bought into climbing the ladder as a way of serving myself. Instead, it became expending myself in service of the something else. Perhaps you have felt this way about a role which you play or have played in your life.

It is important for me to note that I share my story as an example to reinforce what I teach in this course, but in no manner do I insist that the path I’ve taken is the one that you must, as well. Consider me a guide and a helper on your journey.

Preview 01:53

I review the attributes of the exhausted achiever. By identifying with these, you may begin to come to realize you are not alone in your experience of burnout.

These attributes include but are not limited to: being a self-made professional, being a leader, being responsible, feeling less energy, keeping up appearances of going strong though you may feel the opposite.

Preview 01:18

If the definition of the exhausted achiever resonates with you, consider the level to which afflictive feelings are prevalent.

These feelings include but are not limited to: being tired and anxious, non-motivated, feeling like the excitement for work has worn off, emptiness.

Preview 01:30

I lead you through a breathing exercise that serves as a demonstration of the pace at which an exhauster achiever goes and stops and goes again. This is a helpful metaphor to enhance your self-awareness of just how energy draining the busyness of achieving can be.

Preview 01:18

This quiz will reinforce your awareness of the various feelings experienced by the exhausted achiever.

Understanding the exhausted achiever
3 questions
2 Lectures 05:12

In psychology there’s a concept known as “introjection.” At its most basic level, introjection is accepting or agreeing with a “should” or a “must” that comes from outside ourselves. Those “shoulds” and “musts” become a problem at a soul level when we no longer agree with them.

When this happens, our energy level shifts. We get this increasingly gnawing  - and restless - feeling that there must be more to life. 

Shoulds and musts

I discuss the typical ways of finding motivation that eventually lose their allure to the exhausted achiever.

In the past, the next big initiative, the next big business challenge, the next promotion, was the thing that motivated and energized the exhausted achiever. Motivation came from something that held the promise of more stimulation. When the motivation goes away, how can you be kind with yourself through the self judgments that arise?

The typical ways of finding motivation

This quiz will help reinforce the learning about restlessness and how that relates to levels of energy.

3 questions
Call to make purposeful change
3 Lectures 05:03

When accomplished professionals struggle with boredom or being non-motivated, there are usually a few go-to approaches or activities - or antidotes - in the attempt to put wind back in one’s sails. At some point, these no longer provide relief.

For instance, overeating and binge eating serve as psudocomfort. Another antidote can be vacation, which is not a bad thing, of course. However, it’s not uncommon for someone to feel that, “I need a vacation from my vacation,” These are potential signs that something deeper needs to be explored.

The typical antidotes to solving the energy problem

Regard each of your thoughts as energy. Every thought that you have has an energetic expression.

By way of socialization and education, humans are taught to be stressed. The issue with humans is that we’re so clever, we can think our way into a state of stress. Through mindfulness and logic, you can develop awareness that many stresses are all together created only by you. 

The energetic power of thought

For exhausted achievers, the call to make a purposeful change in one’s life often occurs when you find yourself straddling worlds. Build awareness of what these worlds are and pay learn to pay attention to the discomfort you may feel as a result.

Straddling worlds

This quiz will underscore your learning about understanding what moves one to make a purposeful change in life.

Making purposeful change
3 questions
Nature and intuition
5 Lectures 12:33

I lead you through a second breathing exercise that you’ll find to be extremely simple and enlightening. It comes down to being aware of your natural breathing rhythm. This will help you to build awareness of the true human nature of both doing and being.

Breathing exercise 2

I discuss the principle of life and how that relates to the true nature of human beings. In human life, growth and health are influenced by the sources and quality of nourishment. Psychologically, when work is no longer nourishing, our souls will begin to have hunger pangs for better quality food. We learn this is a natural process that should not be judged.

The principle of life

Do you have an “original talent,” the thing you were always good at and which came naturally to you? At this stage of your life, can you be your essential self? Can you do what comes naturally, which can be your original talent, or it might be an inherent strength or ability that expresses through you?

Your original talent

I provide insight on how your essential self and your gift naturally want to emerge. A person’s soul says, “You were put on earth for a certain purpose and to give a certain gift.” We consider in what kind of environment is it best for you to evolve.

Emergence of the essential self

Think of your body as if it were a musical instrument. When your instrument is in tune, the various mental and physiological systems in the body are in harmony and we perform at our best. 

I'll teach you a simple technique for tuning your body and neutralize the emotional charge of stress.

Tuning your body

This quiz will support your learning about how nature supports the purposeful growth of human beings.

Nature and intuition
3 questions
The quest for better
5 Lectures 15:08

I illustrate how the framework of the Hero’s Journey is an appropriate template for the process of personal transformation. Looking at your life through this lens, I can help you build insight on the meaning of straddling worlds and invite you to explore inner world more deeply. We review the key milestones of the Hero's Journey, which include:

  • The call to adventure
  • Crossing the threshold to the unknown world
  • Challenges and temptations
  • The abyss
  • Transformation
  • Atonement
  • The gift of the Goddess
  • Return to the known world
The Hero's Journey

I shed light on the difference between power and force. Force is based, often, on a win-lose model of engaging with others, whereas power is benevolent and supports win-win. We will also explore other aspects of the differences between these, such as:

  • The language of force
  • Power-over
  • Power-with
  • Egotistical versus collaborative achievement
Power and force

I introduce the often misunderstood concept of the shadow, which might be regarded as "bad" or to be avoided. Instead I offer that there is value to understanding the shadow part of ourselves, which can give us insight on the following:

  • Using the shadow's power for good
  • The shadow's role as messenger
The shadow

I emphasize that - especially for achievers - our strengths always seek to emerge. We will see how strengths emerge in the following contexts:

  • Times of crisis
  • As foundational to experience
Preview 01:08

I emphasize the power of telling our stories. Storytelling helps us become all the stronger for our experiences. I will review the following aspects of the power of story:

  • Neurological benefit
  • Self-development
  • Growing through our experiences
The power of story

This quiz will support your learning - and yearning - towards creating a more self-aware and fulfilling life.

The quest for better
4 questions
From self-awareness to practice
1 Lecture 02:13

It’s not enough to simply know the inner dynamics  that are compelling you to change, you must also implement practices that support your continued growth and awareness. In my final message to you, I offer some next steps on your quest to transcend being an exhausted achiever and becoming a courageously conscious achiever.

Moving from self-awareness to practice
About the Instructor
Stephen Dynako
5.0 Average rating
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35 Students
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Writer, Speaker, and Courage Builder

Greetings and thank you for your interest in what I do.

I passionately bring to the world my gifts of communication and leadership. Over the course of my professional career, I have used these gifts in my various roles in the financial, technology, and media industries. In service, I have applied my gifts of communication and leadership in the realms of counseling and the ministry.

I have presented to thousands of people in a variety of formats and venues. These include speaking engagements, workshops, webinars, classes, retreats, sermons, and radio and television programs. I am the author of two books, The Self Aware Lover and His Living Teachings Support My Modern Life.

I have provided leadership in ways beyond managing people, projects and strategy. I’m interested in what inspires people, not only what motivates them. I feel energized by the self-perpetuating energy of collaboration and by encouraging people to trust themselves and act upon their strengths.

I’ve worked in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments for over 30 years.

This includes leadership positions at large companies such as IBM, JPMorgan Chase, and BMO Harris Bank; plus as founder or co-founder of companies that variously developed online learning solutions, published information that aimed to bring transparency to the hedge fund industry, and guided business planning for start-up ventures.

In service, I have been a Sunday speaker and workshop leader at various Unity churches in the Chicagoland area, I interned as a hospital chaplain at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, and I have practiced as a Pastoral Counselor. In the city of Valparaiso, Indiana, I am involved in C-Lab, a network of locally-based teams which use citizen-led initiatives to foster civic engagement, greater social capital, and community wealth-building.