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Back In Black the AC/DC Classic Rock Track

Learn this AC/DC Classic track. Every chord , every note covered in detail with videos, backing tracks and TAB parts
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Created by Joe Moretti
Last updated 4/2015
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What Will I Learn?
Learn to play the classic AC/DC track Back in Black
Every chord, every note of the classic track explained in detail
Detailed annotated videos, backing tracks and PDFs guide you through each bar
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  • Just your guitar needed and some practise time set aside!

At the end of this course you will be able to play the AC/DC Classic Back in Black.

Every note and every chord is covered in detail with:

clear TAB and notation parts,

backing tracks recorded at full and slow speeds for every bar

clear, annotated videos to take you through every aspect of this great song.

As part of this course, detailed left and right hand techniques are covered that will help you improve your playing, learning some classic guitar playing in the process - what a great way to improve your playing technique!

This course is for anyone who is passionate about playing the electric guitar.

Ever wonder how great guitarists play those classic riffs? This course will show you how!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for those guitarists with a basic understanding of getting around the guitar (basic chords etc) who wants to improve and take a systematic course (that includes all backing tracks) to learn Back in Black completely.
  • There are some tricky bits in the solos. Beginners will find the introductions and basic chords manageable but the full solo sections will be a stretch for them.
  • The course features 33 movies, 35 backing tracks and complete TAB and notation parts. Everything you need to learn this AC/DC classic!
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 72 Lectures Collapse All 72 Lectures 01:58:04
Introduction - The Main riff
17 Lectures 31:28

This tutorial will take you through the first section of the main riff. Check out the accompanying PDF and backing tracks to gain the full benefit of this section.

Preview 05:31

This is the whole track in TAB format, in section 8 you can find alternative PDFs with full notation and mixed TAB / Notation parts available.

Preview 4 pages

The complete backing track for Back in Black. There are 35 backing tracks in total with this course, full and half speed to accompany the video tutorials. Check out the PDF files too!

Preview 04:23

The full backing track at a slower speed. Rehearsing a track at a slower speed does not mean you are a weaker or less proficient player. Practising at a slower speed allows you to really focus on your technique.

Preview 05:35

Pentatonic runs are common elements of rock guitar playing. This particular riff uses open strings as part of it.

Preview 04:51

This riff can be a little tricky, take care to position your left hand to enable the stretch on to the E string.

Main riff ending. Syncopated section on A and E strings.

Backing track 5. Bars 1-2 Looped. Full speed.

Backing track 6. Bars 1-2 Looped Slow speed.

Bringing everything together so far. Remember to use the backing tracks to practise bringing the various elements learned together.

The main riff in full.

Backing track 7. Bar 2 Looped Full speed.

Backing track 8. Bar 2 Looped Slow Speed

Backing track 9. Bar 4 Looped Full speed.

Backing track 10. Bar 4 Looped Slow speed.

Backing track 11. Bars 1-4 Looped Full speed.

Backing track 12. Bars 1-4 Looped Slow Speed
5 Lectures 06:44

The first chords of the chorus, A, E and B, power chords. Watch out for the rhythm of these chords!

Chorus - First Section

The answering second section of the chorus moves to chords of G, D and A with a nice bend on the E string, third fret into a chord of A to finish!


The third section is an exact repeat of the first section, finishing with ringing G and D chords.

CHORUS - 3rd Section

Backing track 13. CHORUS FULL SPEED

Backing track 14. CHORUS SLOW SPEED
THE GUITAR SOLO bars 1-12.
12 Lectures 24:42

Its a good idea to keep listening back to the original recording when transcribing or learning a solo. It enables you to hear the nuances of the original playing on each note. I use JamVox as it allows me to slow a solo down, and isolate it from the backing so that I can hear each note more clearly

The guitar solo. Bars 1 and 2

We move on to the 3rd and 4th bars of the guitar solo. Note the repeats of parts of the riff that we have already learned. Its the phrasing and 'question and answer' style of Angus' playing that needs careful listening. He is a master of using short riffs and ideas and making the most of them.

The guitar solo. Bars 3 and 4

Bar 5 has some distinctive bent notes. Take care with these, they are whole bends; that is the string is bent up the equivalent of two frets, which needs strength in your fingers to keep them in tune. Use your ears and check that you are keeping in tune with the backing track or the original.

The guitar solo. Bar 5 in detail

The link between bar 5 and bar 6 is quite subtle, also note that you can use either your third finger on your left hand or your fourth finger. Using your fourth finger is a better technique if you can manage it!

Guitar solo. Bar 5 linking to bar 6. Bar 6 in detail with fingering suggestions

Don't forget to go back over the sections covered so far. It is easy to get lost in a long solo and forget where you and what you have learned. Note how the phrasing of the solo slowly moves up the fretboard, giving a sense of structure and building excitement to it.

Guitar solo. The end of bar 6. Recap on bars 1-6

As we move into bar 7 we start to work on some of the important bends up at the top of the neck on the G string. These are classic guitar riffs and used by many guitarists. Take the time to learn the techniques shown here, practise them with the backing tracks until they become second nature and easy to play.

Guitar solo. First half of bar 7. An important bend at the 14/15th frets

A classic bend here. The string is bent up silently, then picked and bent down.

Guitar Solo. Second half of bar 7

Bar 8 covers some classic Angus riffing, coming in just after the first beat of the bar this type of rhythmic riff playing adds a lot of excitement to the solo. A great technique to learn and use in your own solo playing.

Guitar Solo. Bar 8 The rhythmic riff on the 12th and 14th frets.

Bars 9 and 10 contain some complicated phrases rhythmically. Take the time to listen to the original before working through these two bars slowly. As you learn each part refer back to the original to ensure that you are playing it right.

Guitar Solo. Bar 9. Some complicated rhythms and bends at the top of the neck

We look at the second half of the bar in more detail.

Guitar solo. Bars 9 and 10 in detail

The second to last bar of the solo, a similar bar of complex bends and rhythms. This section is the climax of the solo and tends to be the most complex. As you learn each phrase practise it with the backing tracks at full and slow speeds.

Guitar solo. Bar 11 in detail.

The last bar of this first section of the solo contains similar elements that have already been covered. Note the small variations in phrasing which give Angus' solo its distinctive style.

Guitar solo. Bar 12.
4 Lectures 05:35

A typical contrasting section. Angus is a master of maintaining interest by using contrasting phrases in terms of rhythm and neck position - this is a great example with fretted notes played against open ringing strings.

Guitar solo. The contrasting open string section.

A similar section, note the slight rhythmic changes though and answering phrase!

Guitar solo. Second section of the open string riff with answering phrase

A similar section to lecture 36 with slight rhythmic variations again.

Guitar solo. Third section of the open string riff.

More repeated phrases with very slight changes, and an answering bend at the top of the neck. This is a classic rock bend two strings at the same time. Hit these hard and go for it! Used by everyone from Hendrix to Page...

Guitar solo Fourth section of the open string riff and answering phrase
2 Lectures 05:38

One of the most memorable moments from the track with great syncopated rhythms across the beat, one of the all time great riffs in rock music.

The middle eight riff section.

The bend at the top of the neck that takes us into the outro solo.

The two bar link
The outro solo
8 Lectures 14:13

Bars 1 and 2 in detail

Bars 1 and 2 of the outro solo

Bars 3 and 4 of the outro solo with answering phrases.

Bars 5 and 6 of the outro solo.

End of bar 6 of the outro solo.

Outro solo - First part of bar 7 in detail.

Outro solo. Bar 7 continued

First half of bar 7 put together

Finishing off bars 7 and 8 of the outro solo
21 Lectures 12:44
Backing track 15. Bars 1-2 of the solo Looped 4x FULL SPEED

Backing track 16. Bars 1-2 of the solo Looped 4x SLOW SPEED

Backing track 17. Bars 3-4 of the solo Looped 4x FULL SPEED

Backing track 18. Bars 3-4 of the solo Looped 4x SLOW SPEED

Backing track 19. Bars 5-6 of the solo Looped 4x FULL SPEED

Backing track 20. Bars 5-6 of the solo Looped 4x SLOW SPEED

Backing track 21. Bars 7-8 of the solo Looped 4x FULL SPEED

Backing track 22. Bars 7-8 of the solo Looped 4x SLOW SPEED

Backing track 23. Bars 9-10 of the solo Looped 4x FULL SPEED

Backing track 24. Bars 9-10 of the solo Looped 4x SLOW SPEED

Backing track 25. Bars 11-12 of the solo Looped 4x FULL SPEED

Backing track 26. Bars 11-12 of the solo Looped 4x SLOW SPEED

Backing track 27. Bars 13-16 of the solo Looped x2. FULL SPEED

Backing track 28. Bars 13-16 of the solo Looped x2. SLOW SPEED

Backing track 29. THE SOLO. FULL SPEED

Backing track 30. THE SOLO. SLOW SPEED

Backing track 31. The riff section twice through FULL SPEED

Backing track 32. The riff section twice through SLOW SPEED

Backing track 33. Held bent note link. FULL SPEED

Backing track 34. OUTRO SOLO. Looped. FULL SPEED

Backing track 35. OUTRO SOLO Looped. SLOW SPEED
3 Lectures 00:00
TAB and NOTATION together
7 pages

4 pages

2 pages
About the Instructor
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Joe has been a performer and teacher for over 35 years! as well as an experienced recording musician. Joe has taught 100s of students, many of whom have gone on to become performers, teachers and recording artists in their own right. A multi-instrumentalist, Joe's primary loves are the guitar, sax and clarinet, he hopes to release a series of Udemy videos for each of these instruments very soon, ranging from beginners to masterclass tips for experienced players. Joe's qualifications include a Masters in Music Technology and a degree in Music, above all Joe hopes to share his passion for music making through this series of videos.

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