App Development: Marketing Hacks

Secrets to App Store Success in iOS 7
18 reviews
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App Development: Marketing Hacks

Secrets to App Store Success in iOS 7
18 reviews


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Ever wondered what it takes to get into the top charts of the app store? What are the top apps doing that you aren’t? Is it luck? Just because you’ve built a great app doesn’t mean that they will come. It hasn’t been that way for years.

Traditional marketing will have you creating dull and boring press releases. It will tell you that you need to be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly pay-per-install campaigns, and lots of other things that are impossible for today’s indie dev. You might have paid someone to tweet about your app once thinking that it would help. Or spent your hard-earned cash for someone to send a press release to their “list” of websites. Whatever your story, the end result is often the same: You do all hard work, and someone else makes the money. There is a better way.

At Serenity App Solutions (, we believe in taking the power back. As app developers and marketers ourselves, we have learned quite a bit of exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to app marketing. We’ve put our heads together with some of the best and brightest in the field, and learned that there are many simple and incredibly effective tricks to increasing your app’s exposure and downloads without spending thousands. And we created a course to teach you everything we’ve learned.

Find out how many small indie developers are able to go head-to-head with Fortune 500 companies. Discover the tricks and hacks they use in their apps, in the app store, and in social media. Our course contains hours of content designed to make you an app marketing guru.

    • A familiarity with Apple's platforms and the App Store
    • A basic knowledge of programming is not required, but is helpful
    • A desire to succeed
    • Over 28 lectures and 4 hours of content!
    • Learn how to give your app the tools to make it succeed in today's App Store
    • Become an expert in App Store Optimization (ASO)
    • Learn to market and increase downloads for your app by using simple and proven techniques.
    • Add battle tested "App Hacks" to your app to give it a cutting edge in marketing and increase revenue
    • Indie Developers looking to market on a shoestring
    • App marketers who want to stay up with the latest and greatest
    • Anyone who wants to increase exposure and downloads for their app


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  • SECTION 1:
    Introduction to the Course
  • 1
    Introduction: Your app is a powerful marketing tool

    Welcome everyone! This brief introduction video will explain just exactly what we mean by the term "App Hacks"

  • SECTION 2:
    App Hacks - Making your app market for you
  • 2
    The Secrets of Top Chart Apps

    In this lecture, we'll be discussing the common things that succuessful top chart apps all do. And why you should be doing them yourself!

  • 3
    How to boost your downloads by 128%

    Learn of an effective app hack that has been proven on average to boost downloads by as much as 128%

  • 4
    Make your app available anywhere!

    Learn of a quick little trick that can help you be available to a wider range of users.

  • 5
    How to get great (and real) app reviews

    Find out the best way to get GREAT AND REAL reviews from your user base!

  • 6
    How to help your users

    Find out some of the ways you can effectively provide support to your users

  • 7
    Getting your users to market for you

    This quick little app hack will help give some of your more loyal fans the means to help spread the word about your app.

  • 8
    How to turn users into devoted fans

    Ever wonder why some apps have such an impressive fan base? Learn some of the secrets of turning your users into fans

  • 9
    Creating value for your users

    In this lecture, we discuss some of the pros and cons of making your app universal, and why you may want to consider it

  • 10
    How to REALLY use in-app purchases

    Learn of all the little tips and tricks that the pros use to maximize their profits with in-app purchases

  • 11
    Unleashing your greatest marketing weapon

    In this lecture, we discuss a method which if done correctly, can become one of the most effective (and cheapest) marketing tools you'll ever use

  • 12
    Track everything!

    Find out why using metrics in your app might just make the difference between going nowhere or becoming the next app store hit.

  • 13
    Your app's url

    Learn of the different ways that you can use to app's link to do more than just go visit the app store.

  • 14
    The power of an in-app sale
  • 15
    Push notification secrets

    Discover the 2 biggest mistakes made when sending push notifications, and how you can create more productive and effective pushes

  • 16
    How to create repeat customers

    Discover why you should be leveraging the power of cross-promoting your other apps inside your application.

  • 17
    Conclusion: Bringing it all together

    Bring together everything that you've learned to make your app a marketing powerhouse

  • SECTION 3:
    ASO Hacks - Getting found on the App Store
  • 18
    Introduction: What is ASO and Why Do You Need It?

    Find out what App Store Optimization entails and why it's so important to include as part of your marketing plan

  • 19
    Cracking the App Store algorithm

    This lecture runs through what the App Store Algorithm Consists of.

  • 20
    How to Make an Incredible App Icon

    What makes a great icon? Especially with regards to iOS 7? We'll review what you can do to make your icon stand out with the latest advice straight from Apple.

    Also, the link to the actual Prezi for this lecture has been included so you can access the list of resources shown at the end. Just zoom in on the Prezi and click on any of the links shown.

  • 21
    What's in a Name? App Title Hacks

    Learn how to choose an awesome app name and how this relates to ASO

  • 22
    The Secret to Awesome Screenshots

    Learn what the top apps are doing in with their screenshots, and some basic rules to really stand out from the crowd

  • 23
    Write a Compelling App Description
    31 pages

    Hey there everyone! for this lecture, we are going to mix things up a bit. Go ahead and download the pdf document we’ve created, which highlights some of the finer points of writing a good and compelling app description. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the comments if you have any questions. We’ve love to hear from you!

    - Serenity App Solutions

  • 24
    Pricing Your App Just Right

    The pricing model that you choose plays a huge role on whether or not your app will succeed. We'll go through the most popular pricing models with you as well as teach which are the most lucrative

  • 25
    The Power of Reviews

    We've already covered how to get the reviews, but now we discuss why reviews matter so much to ASO.

  • 26
    Keyword Optimization Guide

    We run through everything you need to know about Keyword Optimization, including a step by step checklist.


  • 27
    Conclusion: ASO Cheat Sheet
    17 pages

    A quick summary of everything you've just learned! Keep it handy when you start ASO.

    TIP: You are able to download the ASO Cheat Sheet

  • SECTION 4:
    Final Conclusions
  • 28
    Wrapping it all up
    7 slides

    Great work! And stay tuned for more great new content coming your way soon!


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  • Kelenda Baird
    Great information, very useful

    Great course, has a lot of useful information and is a good comprehensive overview teaching some of the main skills you need to succeed in the App Store. Some of the lecture reading is a bit bumpy but overall it's really helpful and worth the money.

  • Jason
    Really practical and getting the point

    Well prepared and organized lectures about every single aspect for app marketing. Awesome job! Thanks for your works.

  • Vic Dinovici
    in-depth and useful

    A friend of mine told me about this and oh, boy, all I can say is WOW! A lot of stuff to be learned especially like newbies like me. great jog guys, please come back with more iOS tuts! Thanks! VD

  • Larry Meadows
    Very good details on how to get the most

    Very good details on how to get the most out of an app. I really enjoyed this lesson. I actually knew some of this information but have been lazy about adding it in my apps. After watching this I plan to rethink my entire app making process. and employ as much of these details as I can. Watch, Learn, employ what you learn

  • Srdjan Lukic
    All in all a good course

    I learned a lot, during this course. And as app developer, i'm sure I'll be using most of it for my next app. Thanks a lot!

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