Ancient, Mystical Herbs for Health & Longevity
4.7 (6 ratings)
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Ancient, Mystical Herbs for Health & Longevity

Learn how to make herbal elixirs from a 5000 year old Chinese lineage called the "Gate of Life."
4.7 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
20 students enrolled
Last updated 3/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • In this course you will learn:
  • how to use the ancient Mystical Tonic herbs
  • the oldest official system of herbology in Human history
  • the philosophy of the Three Treasures: Jing, Chi, and Shen
  • how to build and fortify the body
  • about building men's and women's health
  • herbal decoction methods
  • how to source high-quality herbs
  • and you will receive a PDF copy of the book "Healing Thresholds"
  • how to use and formulate Tonic herbal elixirs
  • the oldest official health-maintenance system in Human history
  • take your and your friends/family's health to far deeper levels
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  • Interest in herbs, tonics, and health

This course reveals an ancient tradition of Chinese herbology, in a 5000 year old lineage called the Gate of Life, which focuses on the use of Tonic herbs for daily health, metabolism, reproductive health, immunity, adaptability, mental clarity and spiritual perception.

We will study the profound health philosophy known as the "Three Treasures" - Jing (physical mass and reproductive potential) Chi (driving-force of evolution) and Shen (spirit), and we will take a deep look at the ancient mystical herbs that "tonify" these energies. These herbal elixirs combined with a healthy diet can help enhance the potential to experience long lives of vitality, youthfullness, sexual potency and creativity.

The Gate of Life herbal lineage has been veiled from the west, until now; this is the first-ever course designed to bring the Gate of Life wisdom to the Western public. These 10 lessons are inspirational and non-technical. The course is designed to plant a seed by which you will see the deeper mechanisms of life, and you will continue after the course to gain clearer view of this ancient wisdom as you experience life.

Would you like to become an initiate into a 5000 year old health lineage?

This course is designed to drop a seed of truth into your palm.

The Gate of Life course is simple at the surface, but you will spend the rest of your life watching this seed grow firm roots, for only through time, observance and pure living, can one come to know the true depth of Taoist health philosophy.

Learn about the yin, grow your foundation, and nourish your soul through the Gate of Life – welcome to the first step in your journey.

Testimonials from Students:

"I am really enjoying your program. Thank you so much for offering this precious teaching! You are a gifted teacher. Your eloquent and articulate explanations and stories ignite imagination and interest and make learning fun and easy." —Marguerite Hernandez

"Thank you for this very informative course. I am enjoying the videos and learning about the wonderful things Mother Earth provides for us. The more I learn, the deeper the feeling is, for this information and also for the herbs.

You, Rehmannia, have expressed things in a very easy to understand, and enjoyable way. I look forward to my years of learning and experiencing the things that are for me to learn regarding the Taoist Health Philosophy.

For some reason, the herbs feel “holy” to me, and I hope they may become a part of me as I am ingesting the energies they have for me. Obviously, I am overjoyed with the Lessons and my new experiences." —Jewel Bowles

"I would love to Share my Gratitude for this beautiful insight into such an ancient wisdom. The insight of what Mother has to offer us for we are built of the same energies as she. Also the aspects of working on all the areas of our beings (physical, mental and Spiritual). Mother nature has so much to show us if we become still enough to observe what is going on around us. The light stored in each plant and its potential to be shared with us.

Thank you so much!" —From Mark Fulcher

"I feel very blessed to have the opportunity of studying this work you have put together with so much enthusiasm, love, and connection to nature. I see it as a code, which, like you say on the lessons, put together with other aspects of the awakening process, helps completing the puzzle of life. Words can’t say how thankful I am." —Abel Moreno

Excellent presentation by Rehmannia Dean Thomas and the health evaluation he offered afterwards was worth it’s weight in gold. The question – How did humanity deviate so far away from the truth of what nature/nurture has intended for us. Allopathic medicine is so far from the natural order of the universe.

— Jimmy Sechrest

Testimonials about The Book for the Course:

Healing Thresholds by Rehmannia Dean Thomas is an intriguing book that helps us begin to grasp the essence of profound deep life force through the art of Taoist Tonic herbalism. This book gives a beautiful account for the reader to grasp the general principles and details of this deep level of herbalism, which integrates well with the use of living foods and other more advanced approaches to longevity and optimal well being.”

– Gabriel Cousins M.D., M.D.(H), Diplomate of American Board of Holistic Medicine, Diplomate of Ayurveda

Dean has the personality of calmness and kindness. His voice is soft, his eyes deep. When he diagnoses, you trust him. His communication is soft, well intended and trustworthy. One is able tyo feel the heavens and the earth in him!

– Gurmukh Khalsa (Golden Bridge Yoga)

Hi there fellow Aquarian Age light leader! I was just thinking about you 24 hrs. ago, and thought I’d eventually write you to tell you I just finished your book, The I took my time with it over the summer, reading a few chapters at a time…but the last 40 pages I read monday night/tuesday morning. Really wonderful~~touched my soul in many ways…and felt like it was meant for me to read, as the call I’ve received to step up my helping our world as is has been intense and rapid over the last year especially. Some of your writing touched my heart so much tears rolled, blurring my vision, forcing me to take breaks from finishing the last few pages. Really beautiful work, Rehmannia Dean. Thank you for sharing your vision, imagination and wisdom all within a story that unfortunately does feel more probable than utter fantastic sci-fi….I do wish more people to read it and I will pass it on to friends and family, most definitely.

—Lisa Ann

Who is the target audience?
  • Those who wish to learn the profound use of herbs and herbal tonics
  • All levels of knowledge about herbs and tonics can greatly benefit from this course
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Curriculum For This Course
23 Lectures
Introductory materials and lessons
3 Lectures 01:13:32
Book for course: "Healing Thresholds"
401 pages

Introduction to the course (audio)

Introduction: Rehmannia and David Wolfe met at the Eden Retreat in March 2009. After a brief discussion, David asked to film Rehmannia. Here Rehmannia initiated David into many details of Taoist herbology in one of the first definitive discussions to be filmed on the Three Treasures. In this hour long presentation, he gives a brief overview of the history and origins of Taoist herbology and concise overview of Jing, Chi and Shen.

Preview 52:11
Intro & Lesson 1- Origins of Life & Herbalism
2 Lectures 45:09

Audio Course Lesson One:

Part 1: Where did herbalism begin? And how?

Part 2: Origins of Taoist philosophy: Yin and Yang

Part 3: Origins of Herbalism (2975 B.C ), Shen Nong and the Gate of Life school.

Part 4: Taoism Emerges (500 B.C.)

Where did herbalism begin? And how? (audio)

In this video, Rehmannia gives us insights into his novel explanations on the origins of cellular life and consciousness. He discusses his alternate views on extra-terrestrial origins of early evolution and the interaction of algae, bacteria and fungi as combined precursors that led to advanced conscious life on Earth.

Origins of Life (video)

Here's a quiz on the material so far.

Origins of life quiz
6 questions
Origins of Herbalism
2 Lectures 40:48

Rehmannia discusses the biological origins of plants and the primary original region where Tonic herbs evolved, and why they are therapeutically potent. He describes the origins of Taoist herbal philosophy, Tonic herbs and describes the original meaning of Yin and Yang.

Preliminary points on herbology (audio)

Origins of herbology (video)

Here's a quiz on lesson two.

Herbal chemistry quiz
3 questions
Lesson 3 – Origins of Mankind and Taoism
2 Lectures 35:25

Rehmannia discusses the early migrations of Humans into the region of Changbai Mountain and their discovery of powerful herbs that led to the legendary Hsien immortals. He revisits Yin and Yang as the foundation of Taoist health philosophy.

What is the Tao? (audio)

Origins of Taoism (video)

Quiz from lesson three.

Lesson 3 quiz
1 question
3 Lectures 01:35:24

Rehmannia discusses the first Treasure, Jing; the accumulation of physical life, its capacity to thrive, the repository of its integrity and its reproductive potential. He looks at this foundational energy reserve, how it is used and replenished. He theorizes that Jing is comprised of four generations of genetic expression.

Jing lecture (audio)

Jing (video1)

Rehmannia discusses the first Treasure, Jing; the accumulation of physical life, its capacity to thrive, the repository of its integrity and its reproductive potential. He looks at this foundational energy reserve, how it is used and replenished. He theorizes that Jing is comprised of four generations of genetic expression.

Yin Jing (video)

Here's a quiz for lesson four.

Lesson 4 quiz
8 questions
2 Lectures 38:48
Chi lecture 1 (audio)

Rehmannia discusses the 2nd Treasure, Chi, as the “process” driving evolution. It is the motivational force of life, via the use of energy for metabolism and catabolism of living organisms, and their capacity to evolve into higher states.

Chi (video)

Here's a quiz from lesson five.

Lesson 5 Chi
4 questions
2 Lectures 39:43
Shen lecture 1 (audio)

Rehmannia discusses the 3rd Treasure, Shen; the result of the healthy interaction of Jing and Chi. Shen is the lessons learned. Shen allows us to pierce into the mystery of life. He discusses how the cultivation of Shen, along with Jing and Chi, can produce vibrant life experience that is “beyond danger.”

Shen (video)

Here's a quiz from lesson six.

Lesson 6 Shen Quiz
3 questions
Protection and Adaptability
2 Lectures 48:39
Protection and Adaptability 1 (audio)

Rehmannia discusses the two aspects of protection; the bodily immunity and the protection/preservation of the healing energies. He discusses the importance of adapting to life’s stresses and teaches us about herbs that enhance our adaptability and protect us.

Protection and adaptability (video)

Test your knowledge from lesson seven.

Lesson 7 Protection, spirit/body cleansing, adaptability
3 questions
Lesson 8 – Women and Men’s Health
2 Lectures 01:07:32
Women's Health (video)

Rehmannia gives detailed insights into the mechanical aspects of female and male metabolism, blood vitality, energy, cleansing, hormone synthesis and how to maintain free-flowing Chi. He discusses herbs that support health in men and women.

Men's health (video)
Technical information about herbs
1 Lecture 24:29

Rehmannia discusses how to source high quality herbs, makes an herbal formula with David Wolfe and talks about extraction methods.

Herbal formulating, sourcing, alchemy (audio)

Test your knowledge for lesson eight.

Lesson 8 Sourcing and preparing herbs
4 questions
1 More Section
About the Instructor
Rehmannia Dean Thomas
4.7 Average rating
6 Reviews
20 Students
1 Course
Ancient, Mystical Herbs for Health & Longevity

Rehmannia Dean Thomas Is a Taoist Tonic herbalist in the Gate of Life Lineage. He received the traditional 8 year (1998-2006) master-pupil apprentiship under World recognized Taoist Master herbalist Ron Teeguarden, and earned the title “Teamaster”, as well as “Superior Herbalist.” He made teas with whole Tonic herbs daily, and came to know their deep healing powers.

In 2006 Rehmannia was called to leave Master Teeguarden, and formed Shaman Shack, specializing in whole-herb formulas.

Rehmannia is a purist and sources the highest quality herbs. You can see for yourself when you receive his products and/or take the Gate of Life course.

Rehmannia studied Traditional Chinese diagnosis at Alhambra Medical University, and holds a degree as a Master Herbalist.

He wrote Healing Thresholds, one of only two books on Taoist Tonic Herbology, and The Hsien; a fictional account of two youths who undergo a quantum evolutionary leap to become “space-steppers.” He feels this book is an inspiring and important guide tool for those of us who are in the current consciousness shift.

He is finishing his third book, Threshold to the 4th Chakra: an in-depth look at our evolutionary origins and destiny.

Rehmannia’s cohorts in the Gate of Life course include videographer and course co-designer Ron Cabrera, and course manager Michelle Wong.