Adobe Illustrator CS6 for professional logo designers

power technique logo design. anyone can become expert directly
  • Lectures 32
  • Video 2 Hours
  • Skill level all level
  • Languages English
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Course Description

In this course you will learn how to create a logo in 3D style, this course is for beginners to professional, you will learn step by step how to create a logo from start to finish. so you are ready to get a job designing a logo.

  • if you are a beginner in using adobe illustrator, don't worry, you can take this course with ease
  • basic use adobe illustrator in the section 2
  • section 3 specially for logo designers
  • provide format of the logo
  • file training
  • make money online become freelance logo designers

This course specifically for logo designers. very much at work designing a logo and 85% client like logo in 3D style. but you will learn create logo design in the 2D style too.

you will also see 2D graphics that I will modify to 3D, you can certainly make a logo in 2D and 3D styles after learning in this course.

What are the requirements?

  • Adobe Illustrator CS3, CS4,CS5,CS6,CC

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 32 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  • fast way to become a professional logo designers
  • ideal for users who learn faster
  • fast techniques in the create a logo
  • step by step from start to finish in the create a logo design
  • learn Adobe Illustrator CS6 from a professional and expert

What is the target audience?

  • everyone


Section 1: about this course
about this course
Section 2: Basic Adobe Illustrator
on this part, you will learn basic create object or graphic in the adobe illustrator, this is just basic, if you want to see the professional logo design training, you can see the training at section 3 in the lecture 7-13. please tell me if you have a problem or want see other technique for other style in the create a logo?
this is basic for cutting the graphic or object in adobe illustrator, this is for beginner, if you want see the professional training for create the logo you can see the training at section 3 in the lecture 7-13
this is lecture for beginner, so everyone can follow this course, so I create step by step from beginner to professional, you can see the training at section 3 in the lecture 7-13 for professional
Section 3: the next level use adobe illustrator
this is basic create a logo design in 3D style, this is very basic, and this part for beginner, for the professional training logo design you can see the lecture 7 until 13, please tell me or email me if you need help me, I will create solution for your job and all your problem about the logo design, so I will add new lecture for new training.
this is basic create the logo in 3D style, this part for beginner, and please tell me if you have a question, and if you have a problem in the create a logo design please tell me and I will help you, and I will add new lecture for other training if you need it :)
this is part one for create a logo design in the 3D style, create a logo design in the 3D style is very enjoyable. please tell me if you have a question. and if you want other course.
part two in the create a logo design in 3D style. this is will very enjoyable. and you will get new experience in the create a logo design, please tell me if you have a question.
how to select the font for the logo, this part you will learn how to select the font for the logo, that is easy. if you have a problem about this video please tell me, I will update very soon :)
this section I will show how to use color for the font. very easy and only takes a few stages only. please tell me if you need help or have a problem for follow the step for learning.
create a shadow effect to the logo, in this section you will learn to create a shadow effect for the logo, it only takes a few tricks. and I will show it to you here. please tell me if you need help for create shadow effect
in this section I will add effects to the logo, so the logo will look attractive and nice. note the steps when I made ​​additional effect on the logo.

I add effects to the font. the same effect with the logo. so it will look great.
Section 4: Format of logo design

in this section, you will learn how to save the logo in the .Ai file

on this part, you will learn how change the .Ai file to .EPS file
in this course, you will learn change the format to PDF format
change the format to PNG file, the PNG file is format for website, the PNG file it's must transparent background.
in this section, you will learn how to combine all file of the logo become one, or create Winrar file.
Section 5: make money online, freelance logo designers
99designs is site for designers, there is many contest in different category.
logotournament is the website for logo designers and logo specifically for designers, so you can follow the contest with focus.
other site
Section 6: source file of training
first training Logo Design
Section 7: what next?
working and experiment create a logo design
Section 8: conclusion
conclusions in this training
Section 9: Update Lecture : additional training every week
this is new training create logo with name "uhealth" I just use audio/music for this training, because I think you know basic to use adobe illustrator, I has been create training basic for adobe illustrator in the section 2.
new training 2
update 3 training on this week

This training just to train more expertise in. and you can create a logo with the fast way. This just makes the logo design with a quick and simple way.


This is only to explore the technique of making the logo. The easy and simple way to make a 3D logo design. and the only basis for making 3D design.


in this training will be shown how to create a logo that is simple but looks professional.

Instructor Biography

Hafiz Tri Handoko , developer and designers

I am graphic designer, web designer, game developer, 3D character, and programmer.

visit my website and get discounts and much more information there.

my website is : mediagamedevelopment

every time you can ask to me use skype : Udemy.Hafiz

I have a lot of experience in design, game developer, programming web and game programmer. my skill is my hobby. I am always do my work at home as a freelance game developer, graphic designer, web designer, and programmer.

I made a complete training in udemy with, so everyone can have the appropriate expertise to the job.


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    • Mr Matt Bala

    Poor presentation

    Course not prepared well at all. Some lectures are missing. I am not sure how this course slipped through !!

    • Bruno Brito

    A good introduction to logo design, but...

    This is a very quick course that successfully gives you an overview of what it takes to build logos as a freelancer. This course covers not only some of the techniques used in Adobe Illustrator but will also show you some websites where you can enter logo competitions etc to make money. It also has some bonus tutorials added, which is a nice to have. You can tell English is not his first language but I had no problems understanding the course. I did, however, struggle to keep up with him after advanced features such as Masks were added into the mix. I also think explaining some of the techniques, such as using the pen tool, the difference between "group" and "unite" etc would be useful for newcomers to Adobe Illustrator such as myself. In the end, you end up with pretty much only 1 design from start to finish, which may seem like you become a one-trick pony more than a real designer. I wasn't expecting to become one by just taking this couse, but I still think there could have been a bigger effort in explaining why things were being made that way instead of just following him and take notes.

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