5 Powerful Excel Skills - That Will Set You Apart

Want to command more attention in the office? Invest in learning these 5 skills & you'll be shocked at HOW EASY IT IS!
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About This Course

Published 8/2014 English

Course Description





We have centered this course around the 5 Excel skills that we believe will make the biggest impact in the daily work of a basic Excel user.


We use some "real life" examples that you might receive from your boss, to teach you how to use and apply these 5 powerful Excel skills. We provide real practice Excel files, so that you can walk alongside the instructor in each lecture!


The instructor will be monitoring the course discussion forum on a weekly basis. If you have questions on ANY of the course content, please post them!




Our course uses practical examples, and includes real practice Excel files for each course section! The 5 skills that our course focuses on are as follows:

VLOOKUP - To quickly pull info from one list to another.

PIVOT TABLES - To instantly summarize a set of information.

PIVOT CHARTS - To instantly chart out the summary from a Pivot Table!

MACROS - To automate recurring tasks in Excel.

FILTERS - To navigate and view your information more effectively.



This course could be completed in a matter of hours, if you'd like to go through everything in one sitting! You could also break up the content and take a week or two to complete it. Just think - you could be on your way to cutting down the amount of time you spend in Excel, while capturing the attention of others in the office by later this week!

Consider for a moment how STANDING OUT could impact your potential for advancement within your organization!


Remember that SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE along the way, if you have questions.

Just post your question to the course discussion forum. Other students can respond, and the course instructor will be checking in each week to answer questions.

Every student has 30-days to try this course or RECEIVE A FULL REFUND per Udemy's refund policy.



Additional detail on this course:

This course was designed for average level Microsoft Excel users, that want to take their skills to the next level. We use a combination of video lectures, slide presentations, as well as actual Excel files that can be used to walk alongside all of the instruction contained in the course! The instructor of this course will also be available to answer course related questions in the course discussion forum, to ensure you master the skills demonstrated!

The course centers around a handful of hypothetical requests that one might receive from their boss, and use Excel to fulfill. We use 5 "easy-to-learn" skills (Vlookup, Filters, Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and Recorded Macros) to learn how to fulfill these requests quickly - and go above and beyond in doing so! Dedicating just a couple hours to the completion of this course will have a significant impact on the amount of time you take to complete tasks in Excel, while also capturing the attention of those around you!

Please note that Microsoft Excel 2010 is used in all examples, and the entire course is instructed by a Microsoft Office Specialist Expert in Excel 2010.

What are the requirements?

  • Basic knowledge of Excel
  • Microsoft Excel 2010

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Take your basic Excel skills a level higher, and cut down on time spent in Excel - while raising eyebrows in the office!
  • Learn 5 critical skills in Excel - Vlookup, Filters, Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and Recording Macros

Who is the target audience?

  • Professionals with a basic understanding of Excel
  • Professionals looking for another tool to help them gain a competitive advantage in the workplace
  • Professionals seeking to learn skills that will allow them to cut down on the amount of time spent on projects and tasks in Excel

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
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Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Course Introduction and Overview of the Practice Dataset Used

We weren't kidding when we said these tasks can all be completed in a matter of minutes. This video captures our instructor completing them ALL in LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES! NOTE: The ".zip" file contained in the supplemental course material attached to this lecture contains the final version of our Excel file, after the completion of Section 8 of course.

5 pages

An overview of the course instructor, why the course was created, how it's structured and the topics that will be covered.


An overview of the data set that we'll use in this course. The actual Excel file that we'll use as a starting point in this course is included as supplemental material to this lecture.

Section 2: The First Request from The Boss - Covered by VLOOKUP, Filters & Pivot Tables

This video walks through our boss' first request. We'll use the course sections on VLOOKUP, Filters and Pivot Tables to complete what he's asking for!

2 pages

A copy of the e-mail from our boss, containing several requests for us to complete. We'll use the course content contained in the Vlookup, Filters and Pivot Tables course sections to complete these tasks! Also, attached are the practice Excel files to be used alongside of our lectures.

Section 3: VLOOKUP - The first step in fielding our boss' requests!
11 pages

An overview of the Vlookup formula and its application.


A quick explanation of what a VLOOKUP is!


An introduction to how a Vlookup formula is structured. Note: The ".zip" file contained in the supplementary material attached to this lecture contains an Excel file that can be used to walk along with the lectures contained in this section.


Our first example of using a Vlookup formula in action!


Our second example of using a Vlookup formula with our data set.

Section 4: Filters - We need these to complete our boss' first request!
12 pages

An explanation of what filters are, and a few examples of how they can be used.


A brief overview of what Filters are!


Let's take a look at how we can apply filters to our data set. Note: The ".zip" file contained in the supplementary course material attached to this lecture contains an Excel file that can be used to walk along with the lectures in this section.


An explanation of how filters can be used to sort a data set.


In this lecture, we'll walk through how filters can be used to view only records containing "0" values.


Piggy backing off of our last lecture, we'll next take a look at how we can use filters to view records containing non-zero values.


Sometimes we need to filter a data set by multiple criteria. In this example, I'll walk you through how filters can be used to do just that!

Section 5: Pivot Tables - These will help us tackle our boss' second and third requests!
17 pages

An overview of the key elements of Pivot Tables, and how they can be created.


A quick overview of what Pivot Tables are!


A quick introduction to Pivot Tables. NOTE: The ".zip" file contained in the supplemental course material attached to this lecture contains an Excel file that can be used to walk along with the lectures contained in this section.


A walk through how we can create a Pivot Table in Excel.


Properly setting up and organizing your Pivot Table are "pivotal" to it's success! This lecture explains some of the key components involved when organizing your Pivot Table.


A variety of calculations can be performed on the data contained in a Pivot Table. Here we take a look at how we can "Sum" the sales data contained in our file.


Making your work look well presented is often times just as important as it's content and accuracy! A quick overview of Pivot Table formatting is provided in this lecture.


The ability to quickly sort data is a powerful feature of Pivot Tables, and we'll walk through how this can be done in this video.


The ability to quickly filter what you're working on within a Pivot Table is yet another powerful feature. This lecture shows us how to do it.

Section 6: An Additional Request from The Boss - Covered by Pivot Charts & Recording Macros

This video walks through the second request that we've received from our boss.

1 page

Now that we've conquered the initial requests from our boss, we've received a second e-mail! This slide shows a copy of what he's looking for now! We'll use the "Pivot Charts" section to accomplish this, and the "Record Macros" section to go above and beyond the call of duty - which is sure to impress!

Section 7: Pivot Charts - They'll make our boss' additional request a piece of cake!
12 pages

A walk through of the key elements of Pivot Chart creation.


A brief overview of what a Pivot Chart is!


An explanation of how we can create a Pivot Chart based upon the data contained in our Pivot Table. NOTE: The ".zip" file contained in the supplemental course material attached to this lecture contains an Excel file that can be used to walk along with the lectures contained in this section.


A walk through some of the essential elements of Pivot Charts.


Formatting your Pivot Chart can make a big impact on how its perceived by your audience! In this lecture, we'll just scratch the surface with some of the formatting options available to us.

Section 8: Recording Macros - Now we're just showing off!
8 pages

An explanation of what recorded macros are, and how they can be created.


A quick explanation of what a recorded macro is!


A quick overview of recorded macros. NOTE: The ".zip" file contained in the supplemental course material attached to this lecture contains an Excel file that can be used to walk along with the lectures contained in this section.


A first example of creating a recorded macro, and how we can put it into action!


The second example of creating and using a recorded macro!


Now that we've created our macros, we can add "form control" buttons to our spreadsheet to allow whoever is using it (hint hint, our boss!) to quickly activate the macros by clicking on simple buttons. They won't even need to know anything about macros to benefit from their use, and they'll make you look really smart!

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Instructor Biography

Spreadsheet Clinic, We Specialize in Excel Training, Support & Projects

Being one of the most prevalent software programs on earth, it's no secret that the need for Excel expertise is tremendous. Spreadsheet Clinic (web link above) helps provide the support and training necessary for organizations and individuals to maximize their efficiency with their work in Excel.

This course is instructed by Dustin Schimek, who is the founder of Spreadsheet Clinic. Dustin has used Excel both personally and professionally in a range of capacities - from household planning to organizational budget development to revenue forecasting to regression modeling! He holds Microsoft Office Specialist-Expert certification in Excel 2010, and is an M.B.A. graduate with an undergrad degree in Economics.

As a former analyst and "go-to" Excel person in the corporate world - Dustin has provided training to professionals of varying skill levels. It's always been rewarding for him to witness the impact that just a few new Excel skills can bring to one's efficiency and effectiveness!

From Dustin's time in the professional world, he has seen first hand the additional value that those who invest in their Excel skills bring to the table. His goal is to create courses that will allow other professionals build on their Excel skills, which he knows can help set them apart in today's competitive work environments!

Course created by CSD Business Solutions LLC d/b/a Spreadsheet Clinic.

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