How to Pitch Your Business in Under 2 Minutes: The 118 Pitch
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How to Pitch Your Business in Under 2 Minutes: The 118 Pitch

Learn to create a great 118 seconds (or less) elevator pitch and tell your story, with Bloomberg TV’s Jeffrey Hayzlett
3.9 (20 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
713 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • In the world of 10,000 messages, you've got to have a story that stands out from all the other likes, tweets and pokes. Make your message matter, and create the elevator pitch 2.0 - designed for the digital age.
  • Understand the secrets of confidence, influence and persuasion, as you discover how to deliver your story in a way that's compelling and powerful.
  • Influence and Persuasion from Jeffrey Hayzlett: Fortune 100 CMO. Bloomberg Contributing Editor. International business celebrity.
  • Learn about influence and persuasion from Jeffrey Hayzlett: Fortune 100 CMO, Bloomberg TV contributing editor, and the man Forbes magazine called "The Celebrity CMO".
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  • You have a story to tell.
  • You have someone you want to influence or persuade.
  • You realize that a compelling message is the key to leadership and personal success.

In business, whoever tells the best story wins.

What would it mean to you, your branding and your business, if you knew how to tell your story in a way that was persuasive, clear and confident? Here are the storytelling secrets of marketing expert Jeffrey Hayzlett - Fortune 100 CMO, Bloomberg TV contributing editor, and international business celebrity. Building on the success of his best-selling book, Running the Gauntlet, Hayzlett shows you the secrets of the 118 - the elevator pitch for the digital age.

An elevator pitch (or elevator speech) is a short concise intro to a person, product or idea - delivered in 118 seconds or less. But more than just a statement of features and benefits, the 118 is a new and modern retelling of your story - a story designed to persuade and influence. With instruction from Hayzlett and national elevator pitch champion, Chris Westfall, the 118 Pitch Course is your step-by-step video guide to powerful and compelling messages - whether you tweet it or tell it - for increased revenues, better branding, and enhanced business performance.

Who is the target audience?
  • Designed for anyone who has a story to tell - because whoever tells the best story, wins
  • From sales to the C-suite, marketing pro's and entrepreneurs: get clarity on your personal message, and learn how to deliver your story - whether you tweet it or tell it.
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Curriculum For This Course
30 Lectures
Introduction to the 118 Pitch Course
3 Lectures 09:11
Here’s how to get clear on your message, and create a story that’s clear, concise and compelling.  An elevator pitch is something that’s supposed to take place in an elevator ride, and here’s Jeffrey introducing the key elements of the 118 – a modern and convincing conversation for the digital age. 
Preview 02:53

When you change your expectations, you can change your results.  In this module, find out how to focus your attention on what really matters, so that you can create the outcomes you need.  Here, Chris Westfall shows you where to put your attention, so that you can create that initial connection that is critical in your 118 pitch.

Take The Focus Quiz
4 questions

How do you know if you’ve got a great 118?  In this short module, start the thought process of considering the outcomes that you want to create.  Criteria for your best 118 is discussed by Chris Westfall, as he shows you the basis of a great elevator pitch.  And, it’s probably not what you might think!


Take The Action Quiz
1 question
3 Lectures 10:38
Introducing Johnny Vegas – the last person you want to deliver your 118 pitch.  Focusing your attention on your value statement is the key to keeping your story relevant and interesting. Nam dropping and other feeble attempts to impress your listener will not work.  Authenticity is the only real solution.  

Taking Johnny Vegas out of the mix means understanding some of the key challenges you will face in a persuasive conversation.  How can you make sure that your story has a “lean-in” factor, without resorting to verbal gimmicks or bragging?  The key to your communication is clarity, not clichés.  In this learning module, Chris Westfall shatters some of the myths about what a “pitch” really is.  In the digital age, the idea of speechifying someone makes about as much sense as a football bat.  Find out what you need to know, to get the results you deserve, in this module.

Recognition and Clarity

The best elevator pitch starts with what your listener is thinking.  While “What’s in it for me” is a universal theme for every audience and every customer, there’s a way for you to frame the conversation to create an initial hook.  Don’t try to “pitch” an idea – start the conversation in a way that creates the lean-in factor that Jeffrey Hayzlett has discussed.  The 118 Pitch is a modern message, so here’s how to begin a new elevator pitch.  Connect your message to your listener in a way that makes your audience say, “Tell Me more…” 

Preview 04:52
So What? with Jeffrey Hayzlett
3 Lectures 12:00

Telling your story doesn’t always start with your most impressive accomplishments.  Unless you create a connection with your listener, your story won’t resonate – even if you are the Chief Marketing Officer of one of the most iconic brands in history.  Jeff tells a personal story from his days at Kodak, that helped him to understand how to begin remaking the brand.


There are three questions on every listener’s mind, and you’ve got to answer these three questions before you get on that next elevator.  In this module,  Chris Westfall shares an example from his personal experience, working at a top-rated MBA program on how to create a compelling message.  Are you ready to ask yourself the tough questions?  If you don’t, you can bet that your customer will!

"So What?"

The High Concept is not some joke about recent legislation in Colorado.  The high concept is the central theme that begins your 118 pitch – a theme that’s easy to comprehend.  Find out if you can create a message that’s simple to grasp, without being too simplistic.  Here, Chris Westfall introduces the idea of creating an unexpected opening.  By delivering something unexpected (without being “Johnny Vegas”) you can create a connection that makes your listener say, “Tell me more…”

The High Concept
Emotional Connection
3 Lectures 11:33

If you want to connect to your listener, you’ve got to get connected to your message.  When you create common ground, you can deliver uncommon results.  However your message has to be relevant and compelling.  The first eight seconds of your 118 is critical, in terms of creating the engagement you need.  Here, Jeffrey Hazylett talks about what he learned when he was struck by lightning (a true story), and shares his insights on the importance of an emotional connection to your audience. 


Human beings are, by nature, visual creatures.  And, when people talk about leadership, often the conversation centers on “vision”.  What’s yours?  Get clear on your story, and choose the words that help you most as you deliver you message.  Inject emotion and passion into your message, in a way that puts your listener at the center of your story.  

Preview 04:58

Great storytellers understand that where a story begins doesn’t have to be where it starts.  Have you ever heard a pitch that starts off with a history lesson?  If you want to your story to be relevant and right now, why start it in 1966?  Sure, where you’ve come from is important – but what’s most important to your listener is where you want to start.  That’s your “Point of Attack” – a storytelling technique that can make a difference in your message.  Take a fresh look at the start of your story.  Here’s how to make your message matter in a modern context, by changing your Point of Attack.

Point of Attack
Engage Your Listener
3 Lectures 12:34

Find out how to find even greater authenticity, with strategies from Jeffrey Hayzlett.  You’ve got to be who you say you are, and express yourself in a way that’s enticing.  Jeff talks about how you can establish who you are, and who you’re for, with a story from his early career in politics.  Before others can get comfortable with your message, you’ve got to get comfortable with your unique and persuasive solution.  Keep in mind what you can do for your listener, and here’s how to create that engagement.  


If you wish to transform behavior, you’re really talking about inspiration.  But, how can you know what inspires someone?  Engaging your audience requires some form of inspiration, but how can you know what inspires your listener, your team, your customer?  In this module, find out a practical method for creating a consistent level of inspiration.  Chris Westfall reframes inspiration into a new way to create that real engagement that Jeffrey Hayzlett is talking about. 


Words are merely the tools that we use to create the 118 – but the outcomes you deserve are expressed as part of your vision.  Here’s another look at shaping your vision – reinforcing some of the prior learning on persuasion and engagement.  

Picture This - Another Look
No One Dies
2 Lectures 07:11

When the stakes are high, so is the adrenaline.  Fear and anxiety are a natural part of delivering your message.  In this module, Jeffrey Hayzlett shows you how to cope with the natural pressures that are part of delivering your message.  Mistakes are going to happen, but how you cope with the inevitable is the key to your success.  And, through effective practice, you can minimize the mistakes while maximizing your impact.  Eliminate the fear, with advice from the Celebrity CMO, as you understand how to change your message to fit your audience.  


When you are able to put your message in its proper perspective, you can overcome your anxiety and create something powerful and compelling.  In this video segment, Chris Westfall shows you how to put Jeffrey’s message into action.  Key elements from Running the Gauntlet are introduced, bringing Jeffrey’s best-seller into the 118 Pitch Course, in a way that helps you to overcome your preconceptions about an old-school elevator speech.

To Tell the Truth
3 Lectures 10:34

Find out how marketing expert, Jeffrey Hayzlett, defines a brand. More importantly, find out how Jeff’s strategies on branding can impact your personal message. Whether you are transforming a company, changing a customer’s buying habits or inspiring your team, the idea of “branding” always comes into play. Find out why you’ve got to concentrate on your brand on multiple levels, and who really controls your brand. In this video, Jeff explains how branding is the key to your connection and your effectiveness, in the 118 pitch.


What kind of company are you?  Filling in the blanks for your customers will help you to create a compelling message, whether you tweet it or tell it.  In this module, Chris Westfall looks closely at some of the specific accomplishments of Jeffrey Hayzlett, arguably one of the most effective change agents in business today.  By becoming venturesome in our ventures, we can create a brand message and corporate culture that leaves no blanks unfilled.

Blank Company

Find out what kind of company you really represent

Blank Company
1 question

As human beings, we share a common set of responses to change – any change.  Understanding human nature around change is the subject of this learning module.  With an emphasis on Running the Gauntlet, Chris Westfall shows you how to turn Jeffrey Hayzlett’s strategies into actionable results.  Make change a source of inspiration, and lead others to new alternatives, with this step by step guide to the key themes in Running the Gauntlet.

Find Your Inner Cowboy
3 Lectures 13:17

A great 118 pitch gets your listener’s attention, and presents a compelling value proposition.  Here’s some cowboy wisdom from Jeffrey Hayzlett, on the importance of that new value proposition.  Before you saddle up and ride, you’ve got to think about the best way to get people aligned with your vision.  Here’s how Jeffrey Hayzlett can help you to avoid the pain that comes with change.


In order for you to present your ideas in new ways, you’ve got to develop a new approach.  Your approach to your message can be transformed when you use these strategies and tactics to overcome the fears that are holding you back.  Whether you call it anxiety, fear, nerves or whatever, these feelings can keep you from tapping into your full potential.  Chris Westfall unlocks some key concepts that can transform the way you deliver your message.

Fight the Fear

Trust is the centerpiece of persuasion, whether you wish to persuade online or in person.  Here’s a module on how to get clear about the things that you consider to be true, important and authentic.  Chris Westfall, the national elevator pitch champion and grand prize winner in the 118 pitch competition, takes a deeper look at using honesty to express a compelling vision for your listener. 

Authenticity - Another Look

Understanding How to Be Honest and Disarming in a High-Stakes Pitch

Take The Authenticity - Another Look Quiz
1 question
Show Stoppers
2 Lectures 05:58

A show-stopper can be one of two things:  first, an event that literally stops the show, because it is so incredible or spectacular.  And second,  something that stops the show because it’s incredibly bad.  In this interview, Jeffrey Hayzlett discusses the kinds of show stoppers you need to avoid, so that you can create the kind of performance you really want. 


Body Language
Change with Jeffrey Hayzlett
1 Lecture 02:54

The challenge of our time is to be heard above the likes, tweets and pokes.  There are millions of distractions, and millions of opportunities, that can provide you the chance to deliver your message.  Coping with change is the central theme of Running the Gauntlet.  In this interview, Jeff talks about commitment as well as flexibility, in terms of leading through change.  Here, Hayzlett explains how you can create an authentic message, whether you’re online, or on the trade show floor.  

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About the Instructor
Chris Westfall
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Westfall and Associates LLC

Learn how to make your message matter: Chris Westfall is the US National Elevator Pitch Champion. His strategies have created multi-million dollar revenues on four continents, and he's helped businesses to land on Shark Tank, Dragons Den, and the new Shark Tank Australia (to be broadcast in 2015). An expert career coach, he's helped college students and executives to land new roles and new opportunities in a wide variety of industries. An award-winning instructor at a top-10 MBA program in the USA, he's the official "pitch coach" at Texas A&M University. His books include "The NEW Elevator Pitch" and "BulletProof Branding".

Jeffrey Hayzlett
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Global Business Celebrity

Jeffrey Hayzlett is a global business celebrity and primetime television show host on Bloomberg Television. From small businesses to international corporations, his creativity and extraordinary entrepreneurial skills have enabled him to lead ventures blending his leadership perspectives, insights into the c-suite and business strategy, mass marketing prowess and affinity for social media. He is a well-traveled public speaker, the author of the bestselling business books,The Mirror Test and Running the Gauntlet, and one of the most compelling figures in business today.

Mr. Hayzlett was recently ranked second on Forbes's list of "The World's Top 40 Social Selling Masters."