Zaki Badr

English instructor

My name is Zaki Badr. I am an online English instructor as a part-time job.I have been teaching English  for  6 years to many students around the world. I am talented in teaching English. I am currently studying Electrical engineering.That's great!

I had finished these courses : 

TOEFL Introduction.

 English grammar professional writing.

General English.

 Three American accent courses.

Speak English like an American course.

 English phonetics.

Communication skills.

Berlitz English  Language for Live .

A project management course.

Skills I have:-

I can teach easily.

I can teach English to all levels (Beginner, intermediate and advance).

I can translate English movies into Arabic.

I am a story teller.

I have a perfect body language and a  fun voice.

I can translate documents from Arabic into English or English into Arabic easily.

Personal merits:-

1- Polite

2- Patient

3- Never shout at someone ; No matter what happen.

4- Friendly

5- On time . I always check the messages everyday . If there some questions, I always answer them as soon as possible.


I was once a clever student.  I know what mistakes students would make; I know how to help them.

I have been teaching English for a long time to different people around the world. For example, Iraq,Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and France.

My page on Facebook has more than 30 thousand students.

I'm also working  as a project manager at Enactus HTI  Oct.

I had worked with Google Ad-sense. Currently,I'm working with many other companies.

I  had made lots of  English conversation club  programs at IRC in the American embassy in Cairo.

 I'm looking forward to meeting you.

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