W K Winai Siabthaisong

Thai Language Specialist

A Thai-English Interpreter ( Native Thai) in Ireland and Thailand was born and grew up in Thailand.

In Ireland; an Interpreter in courts and hospitals.

In Thailand; an Interpreter in courts and simultaneous/ escort/ consecutive interpreter for seminars, projects, and etc as well as a Translator for agencies ( in Thailand and Ireland). 

Extra: 9 months experience in an Ecotourism resort in Luang Prbang, Lao PDR.

Recently, an interpreter for an automotive factory in Thailand and India.

Interest: Mindfulness or Vipassana Retreat ( Buddhist Meditation).

Attending MA in English ( International Program) at Mahachula Buddhist University in Thailand. ( educational background: BE (Telecom Engineering) from SUT, Thailand + PDML in Management and Leadership from Griffith College in Ireland).

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