William S. Peters MD

Theoretical Human Biology and Evolution

Dr William Peters is an inventor, author and cardiovascular thought-leader based out of Auckland, New Zealand. With a Doctorate in Medicine (Monash), Dr Peters has over 25 years experience in clinical and preclinical research, covering surgical correction of congenital and acquired heart diseases, heart and lung transplantation and mechanical circulatory support. Dr Peters invented and developed dozens of devices and methods to allow key-hole cardiac surgery. This technology is used in hospitals across the world. Dr Peters also invented and developed an implantable non-blood contacting heart assist device for treatment of chronic heart failure and mentored first-in-man surgeries in Australia, USA, Canada, Germany and England. He has scores of issued patents, published manuscripts and book chapters regarding key-hole heart surgery and heart-assist devices. In 2015, Dr Peters published his first book, 'Per Sanguinem Nostrum', regarding a unique view of the closed circulation of blood in vertebrates as a quantum-shifted electron-delivery circuit bounded by the geomagnetic field. A thesis was subsequently peer reviewed and published in Human Genetics and Embryology in 2017 (click on the 'globe' icon to access the free PDF and book details). The basic science model describes the physical evolution of the human blood circulation from fish via a reptilian transition. Dr Peters’ seminal thesis positions the topologically-organised redoxing haem circuit alongside vertebrate mitochondrial energy production and body-wide cellular expression, providing a new insight into human evolution and embryogenesis. A world-first VR computer animation demonstrating the evolution of the circulation from fish to man will be released in late 2017. Dr Peters is currently an honorary senior lecturer in surgery at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and previously was the inaugural clinical research fellow in minimally-invasive cardiac surgery at Stanford University, California. 

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