Dr Peters has a Doctorate of Medicine (Monash) and  over 25 years of clinical experience and preclinical research, covering surgical correction of congenital and acquired heart disease, heart and lung transplantation and mechanical cardiac assist device surgery.  He is currently an honorary senior lecturer in surgery at Auckland University, NZ.  Dr Peters was the inaugural clinical research fellow in minimally-invasive cardiac surgery at Stanford University (1994-95). and has many published manuscripts and issued patents regarding key-hole heart surgical devices and methods  as well as regarding an implantable, bloodless mechanical circulatory support device. Dr Peters has mentored surgeons through related first-in-man surgeries in the USA, Canada, Germany, England, Australia and NZ. He published his first book, 'Per Sanguinem Nostrum', on the circulation of blood, in 2015. Research interests include the physics of the redoxing blood circuit and its relationship to vertebrate growth and form. 

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