Vincent Bongolan

Data Scientist | Data Analyst | Statistician | Entrepreneur

Data Scientist with more than 13 years of experience in Research and Statistics. I spent most of my careers in Analytics by providing insights to our stakeholders. I am the Data Science Director at Statisticsdoctor Consultancy since 2014.

I have done a projects where Predictive Modelling technique was used (US Hotels, US Tollgate, India Airlines, Sneakers-Adidas, Sunglasses and E-commerce). I have also applied Forecasting Techniques in our projects such as Multiple, Linear and Logistics Regression; as well as ARIMA and Time-Series Analysis. I have also done Sentiment Analysis for one of the sneaker brand and e-commerce company. Other projects also used Segmentation Analysis, Cohort Analysis and used Google Analytics for other projects such as GARMIN, Fitbit and Apple. I am also a lecturer/speaker on Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), Descriptive & Inferential Statistics, Data Visualization and Basic Statistics with computer hands-on application such as SPSS and Excel. I also teach in several universities in the country. I have written a book on Methods of Research and Statistics. I also have helped researchers to present their researches in the National and International.

To become a world class Data Scientist, I am continuously developing my skills and competencies in R/ RStudio, Python, SQL, QlikView, QlikSense, Tableau and other programming tools. I also enjoy attending training-workshop for Data Story Telling, Data Visualization, and Predictive Modelling conducted by DataSeer to maximize and discover more about my technical skills and competencies.

In the next coming years, I am aiming to become a world-class Data Scientist. My profile will give insights of my personal, academic and professional background. 

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