Toyin Akin spent 6 years at "Royal Bank of Scotland" and 5 years at the investment bank "BNP Paribas"  developing and managing Interest Rate Derivatives services as well as engineering and deploying In Memory DataBases (Oracle Coherence), NoSQL and Hadoop clusters (Cloudera) into production.

In 2016, Toyin left to start his own training, POC-D.
"Proof Of Concept - Delivered", which focuses on delivering training on
In Memory Database, NoSQL, BigData and DevOps technology.

I have started a YouTube Channel, publishing "free" distributed computing videos. These are not courses. Simply ad-hoc videos discussing various distributed computing ideas.

Within Royal Bank of Scotland ...

Responsible for engineering DEV and PRODUCTION stacks to support Cloudera Hadoop and Oracle Coherence providing deployment and realtime monitoring.

I successfully engineered an Oracle Coherence stack (Deployment/Monitoing/Managing) which has been deployed globally within the bank.

I worked with more than 20 production deployed clusters in either architecting or troubleshooting. This involved not only best practice for Coherence JVM process placement, cluster configuration and monitoring but O/S tuning, hardware selection and configuration, JVM tuning and log analysis.

With Cloudera Manager (CM v5.x), CM management servcies as well as CDH5 services were deployed into PRODUCTION via automation (calling on the CM API). 

I also utilized CM custom services (CSDs) and the parcels feature to deploy, monitor and manage in-house, custom, distributed, HADOOP services.

NoSQL - Responsible for leading a team in building NoSQL POC stacks with the aim of creating a tenanted, key/value store. POC stacks were created for Couchbase, DataStax Cassandra, Mongo, Riak, Redis and HBase.
In terms of hardware, HP Blade/Rack as well as Cisco UCS were considered

I was a member of the Data Faculty team. Responsibilities included certifying RDBMS / Hadoop / NoSQL / IMDG products that are to be officially used within the bank.

Further information can be obtained from my LinkedIn profile ...

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