Toyin Akin

Big Data Engineer, Capital Markets FinTech Developer

I spent 6 years at "Royal Bank of Scotland" and 5 years at the investment bank "BNP Paribas"  developing and managing Interest Rate Derivatives services as well as engineering and deploying In Memory DataBases (Oracle Coherence), NoSQL and Hadoop clusters (Cloudera) into production.

In 2016, I left to start my own training, POC-D. "Proof Of Concept - Delivered", which focuses on delivering training on IMDB (In Memory Database), NoSQL, BigData and DevOps technology. 

From Q3 2017, this will also include FinTech Training in Capital Markets using Microsoft Excel (Windows), JVM languages (Java/Scala) as well as .NET (C#, VB.NET, C++/CLI, F# and IronPythyon)

I have a YouTube Channel, publishing snippets of my videos. These are not courses. Simply ad-hoc videos discussing various distributed computing ideas.

Check out my website and/or YouTube for more info

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